Wife Anne Chooses Her First Lover

My name is Anne. I am 23 years old. I am 5’4”, petite muscular, 34DD, long brunette curly hair, and hazel eyes. My husband’s name is James age 50. We have been married for two years. He travels internationally for a large corporation. He is gone most of the time. I am alone a lot of the time. I have a degree in computer science and work for a major corporation in their computer department. I found that my husband cheats on me when he travels. I have his passwords for his phone and computer when he was home. I told him he has a choice. Expensive divorce or we have an open marriage. He liked open marriage. We had an attorney create an official document signed by both of us. I am now an emancipated wife.

I told James I wanted to consummate my new relationship with our friend Dave. He is a handsome,thin muscular 60 year old man. He is 5’9”, salt and pepper hair, with blue eyes. He is a highway superintendent in his township. Dave likes me and privately has told me he loves me. We kissed and hugged.

It was Saturday late morning when Dave stopped at our house to say hello. He brought a bottle of scotch that he and James likes. We invited him in. I made the guys a drink. Dave likes 2 fingers or double shots of scotch. I started to do refills on the drinks when James said, “Now is your chance to be with Dave.”
I said,”Are you sure?”
James replied,”Yes.”

Anne went to the bedroom. In a few minutes she called my name. I told Dave, Anne wants to talk to you. When he got to the doorway of the bedroom he said,”Oh,Oh My!”

I laid across the bed naked on my stomach waiting for Dave. I held my chin with both hands smiling at him. I said, “You have wanted me. I am yours.” Dave undressed quickly. He moved me up on the pillows kissing me. We French kissed. His fingers found my pussy. He licked, sucked my neck, breasts and nipples. He stimulated my clit, pussy with his tongue and fingers. I was orgasming. I told him I wanted to consummate our relationship. He placed my legs on his shoulders. I took his cock and pushed it into my pussy. He kept saying how beautiful I am. As he fucked my pussy he whispered how much he loved me. I whispered back after today my pussy belongs to you to do with what you want. I put my arms around his neck kissing him.

When he squirted my pussy with his sperm we French kissed and I was having multiple orgasms. Dave held me as my body spasmed from the orgasms. Dave told me he wanted me to leave James. I told him no. I reminded him he is married and his wife would take everything he has in a divorce. I reminded him I will be available for his needs when he wants me. We showered together and he fucked me again in the shower. I was making squealing sounds as I orgasmed.

We finally dressed. We went back to the dining room for one more drink. Dave thanked James. James smiled and said, “Anne loves you. She is yours.”

The next time Anne and Dave got together was at a motel as his wife was suspicious of his activities. In a few months Anne had Dave find 2 more guys to meet her needs.

Anne is now a HotWife.

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