Me becoming a hotwife – Part 7

He was hitting hard. He was very angry. He grabbed my hair and pushed his dick in while pulling it. He was pushing it into my pussy. It was the first time after my deception. Me becoming a hotwife – Part 6 It felt so good to have sex after so long, and I was … Read more

Me becoming a hotwife – Part 6

This was the best sex of my life. I will never forget this feeling. He fucked me for almost an hour, and he couldn’t hold it anymore and gave a final huge thrust and pushed his dick as deep as it could be and creampied. Me becoming a hotwife – Part 5 The feeling of his … Read more

Me becoming a hotwife – Part 5

This is the fifth part of my story; I would recommend reading the earlier parts first to understand and enjoy this. Me becoming a hotwife – Part 4 Continuation … He told me that sex is never to be done in public, but as slutty as I am, he will not follow that rule. He … Read more

Me becoming a hotwife – Part 3

This is the third part, and you can read the first and second parts before reading this to better understand it. I am sure it will be fun if you read all the parts. Me becoming a hotwife – 2 part (PART 2) So it was our first anniversary, as it is the biggest celebration for … Read more

Me becoming a hotwife – 2 part

This is a 2nd part of my story and you can read the first part first to understand this one . Me becoming a hotwife (PART 1) It was getting me wetter and wetter everytime he said it . He lifted me up while keeping his dick in my pussy and took me out of … Read more

Wife Anne Chooses Her First Lover

My name is Anne. I am 23 years old. I am 5’4”, petite muscular, 34DD, long brunette curly hair, and hazel eyes. My husband’s name is James age 50. We have been married for two years. He travels internationally for a large corporation. He is gone most of the time. I am alone a lot … Read more

My wife found my links

My wife found my links and cheating wife photos and cheating wife stories on my computer. She was upset with me and insisted cheating was cheating and has no place in a proper relationship. However, I know she enjoys flirting with a friend of mine and occasionally with other men she has known. She likes … Read more

Routine check up : Doctor’s love

Hi friends, It’s my sixth year of married life as my mom, mother-in-law with my hubby started making me think to conceive a baby and so i started making love with my hubby without using contraceptives,so Bina mishra ,a 28 years lady with a nice figure of 36-28-38 is attractive,as her lovely tits are in … Read more

He made Rashmi squirt all night

Hey folks, this is my third story about my beautiful busty wife Rashmi. This one just makes me hard as I write it self as this was a fantasy turned reality. Rashmi and I have had extremely below average sex life. Though love marriage, we never were sexually compatible and as any other cuckold with … Read more

Me as a cuckold watched my wife getting fucked

Myself Mr. dinesh, working in top management of one MNC. My wife Vidya is a sexy and beautiful lady at 50 now. She is very lusty and wants to experiment new things in bed with different guys. One of her strong fantasy is that I should become a cuckold and watch her when she is … Read more

Dons mistake turns to total satisfaction

Dons mistake turns to total satisfaction :- Chapter one Amber stood at the top of the stairs, she wore very little and she loved it, she’d done this many times in her twenty year marriage. It had become a part of there superb sexual fantasy world. It had started about five years after they were … Read more

Cuckold on vacantion

It was our first proper vacation in years. I breathed a sigh of relief as I gazed out our suite window towards the calm ocean waters of the gulf. After seven years of marriage and a limited amount of time off it felt therapeutic to finally have a week away all to ourselves. We had … Read more