Megha, My Sluty Younger Sister

Hi, everybody. This is Rahul with my first and true story of my life. This is the story of me and my younger sister, how one trip changed our relationship and thinking. I am 28 years old and this incident took place in April this year.

My younger sister Megha we usually call her Meghu, since she is the youngest in our family. I got married 2 years back and my sister cleared her 12th class exams this year and now she is doing her B. Com Hons. Our family consist of only five members i-e- me, my beautiful wife, 10 years younger sister, my mom and Dad. I being so elder to my sister always used to take care of her like big brother. I am very possessive about my sister. I used to love her like a small kid. I never had any wrong intentions about her.

OK let me come to the story. I am working at a very good position in a MNC in Jaipur. Whenever we are required to go for any conference outstation I used to take permission to take my wife along with me and being on good position I was always allowed. In April this year my sister was free after her 12th class exams.

That time I had to go for conference to Mumbai. Like always, I got the permission to go with my wife. I and my wife were very excited for our another honeymoon since at home we can have romance only in our bedroom otherwise there are restrictions of family being around.

As usual my wife packed all the hot nighties, bra, short skirts etc. we were in full mood of honeymoon. Purpose fully I booked the tickets of 1st A.C. rather than flight, so that we can enjoy to the fullest, even in journey. Things were all set. But who knows what is there in destiny. Just the day before my wife slipped in bathroom and got fracture on her left foot. I took her to hospital and doctor suggested 1 month bed rest.

We decided to drop her and I will go for conference alone but I don’t know why my wife suggested to take Megha along on her ticket as she is also felling bored at home. Megha said “Bhabhi but you are not well and I will be required to take care of you”

Then my Mom mentioned that she will take care of everything if I don’t have any problem then she can go. Megha said it is very difficult to do packing at 11th hour. My wife said, “ My packing is already there why don’t you go with my luggage. We have same size for clothes. Only take your tooth brush and rest use my clothes.” Well every one agreed and Megha got ready to go with me. My wife suggested me that don’t behave like a big brother at all on the trip rather try to behave like a friend. This is the first time she is going out on trip like this. Try to make her enjoy more and more. I said OK.

Finally we went to Railway Station and took our seats in our cabin. There was full privacy in the cabin. Train started and till 10 O’ clock we were free from TC and Dinner and decided to sleep. Megha said Bhai I am very sorry that your Honeymoon is spoiled because of me. I said you have not done anything. And it was simply a recreational trip not a Honeymoon. Megha “I understand u are not able to give sufficient time to Bhabhi at home. These are your private moments” To dilute this I casually mentioned “ My wife has told me to be your friend on this trip and that’s why this is my trip with my girlfriend so relax and enjoy this trip. Moreover you are my wife according to ticket and bookings in Hotel.”

I changed myself to shorts and T-shirt and Megha also wanted to change. I asked her to go in toilet and change she said that it is very difficult handle clothes in small toilets of train. Then I suggested that I will go out of cabin and she can change and hence I went out asked her to lock from inside but she said she is afraid of being alone in cabin then she said we can put off the lights of cabin she will change there itself and also commented after all I am your wife on papers and friend as per instructions of your wife. We laughed at this and said OK. We switched off lights of cabin and it was fully dark and she start undressing.

In between train was passing to certain place there was light outside and at that time she was full nude. I had never seen her like this. But tried to avoid behaved normal. She changed to shorts and half T-shirt. Naval part of her body was visible. Looking at this I became horny and my dick started saluting but I controlled and we went to our seats for sleeping. Till now I was not having any wrong intentions about her. She was lying on her seat and I was on mine. We were talking casually but my eyes were enjoying her beautiful body. Her almost naked legs. Her T-shirt just trying to cover her boobs.

An angel was lying in front of me but she was my 10 years younger sister. My cock was making tent in my shorts. And I think that she noticed that and also she was feeling that I am staring her body with some different intentions. She again said “ Sorry Bhai your private trip with is spoiled.” I said “ Why are you feeling sorry. Rather I am thankful to u that you r accompanying with me on this trip. Otherwise journey by train in 1st class are quit boring” She said “But with girlfriend or wife its quit interesting” Both of us laughed at it and said and I m fortunate to have both with me.

After that I said “Its 11 now I think we should sleep now.” She said “ Bhai will you mind if I come on your seat. I don’t know why but I am feeling afraid in cabin.” In some corner of my heart even I wanted the same and said OK. Now we were on one seat. Both of us were lying facing each other. My bare legs were touching her. Her boobs were pressed on my chest. Her one hand was on my back and mine was on her but her T- shirt was covering only half part of back and hence my hands were feeling softness of her body. Both of us were behaving normal but both of us were on fire. My dick was hard and touching her pussy area but she was not reacting at all. Her nude body was coming in front of my eyes but I was feeling ashamed as she is my sister. With all these confusions in mind we reached Mumbai and checked in 5star hotel as Mr. & Mrs.

Since we are husband and wife we had to share same room. It was evening and I told Megha that I am going for swimming. She said “Bhai will you mind if I also join for swimming.” I said “You are not required to take permission for everything here. You have come for enjoying. Enjoy as you wish. Moreover don’t call me Bhai again and again. If someone comes to know then there could be problem. “OK then I will call you ‘yaar’” she said. I said that’s OK. Get ready. You can find swimming costume in bag because your bhabhi also like swimming. I went to pool and she followed me.

I was in pool and when she was coming towards pool in her two piece costume I could not take off my eyes from her. She was almost nude in front of me. Her clothes only covering her pussy and half of boobs. My dick was hardening. She entered the pool came close to me and said “yaar why are u staring me like this. Biwi ki yaad aa gayi kya.” I said “Nothing like that. Actually first time I saw u like this. So I was shocked.” She said “lets play catching each other.” I said lets go. We started playing.

While playing we were touching each other on every part. She touched my dick many times. I was touching her boobs, pussy and other parts of body. She was behaving normal even I. But now I was convinced to enjoy my honeymoon with my new so called wife/girlfriend.

After an hour we went back to our rooms. I said “Change quickly, lets go for market.” She said we are tired lets go for it tomorrow. SHe also thanked me for bringing her to this trip and unfolding new relationship of friendship among us. I said Ok I m going for shower since pool water has chemicals. Then I said “Megha will you mind putting soap at my back since your bhabhi is not here.” She said “OK but you too have to put soap at my back.” We agreed and went to bathroom. Both of us were under one shower she was in bra and panty and was in my frenchie. We were putting soap on each others body. My hands were moving all around her body and her hands on mine.

Then suddenly she said “yaar do you bath same way with bhabhi or do something else” I blushed and didn’t said anything but tried to change the topic. “Meghu I thin know we should move out of bath.” She “Don’t change the topic. We are friends now and there are no secrets in friends.” I said “She don’t wear so many clothes while bathing with me.” She said “And you” I said “Even I don’t. But you are my sister not wife.” She said “but on this trip I am in place of your wife.” I said “You are in place of my wife but not my wife.” I wanted to tear off her bra but controlling myself. For sometime we kept on playing with each others body then we took proper bath and came out.

At 8 O’Clock I asked her will she mind if I take 1 or 2 pegs of whiskey. She said whether I will mind if she also join. I was shocked. “Do you drink?” She said “No but I want to taste it. ‘ I said “Ok you are here for enjoying moments of your life. If you want you can.” Then she said that “let’s order for food also in room itself. I don’t want to move out after drinking.” We ordered for food and wine. She changed to night dress black nighty with net, red bra and panty. She was looking dam hot.

We started TV and start sipping wine. I was in T-shirt and shorts. After two pegs were in some hot scenes were coming on TV. I asked her “do you have a boyfriend.” She said “2days back I was not having but now I have you. But my friends have.” I “Do they tell you anything about their physical relation” She said “yes they kiss each other and do everything. They even share their boyfriends.

Few of them enjoy sex with 2-3 boy together.” I “Do you feel to experience all that.” She said “sometime I feel but since don’t have any BF and moreover I am afraid that this may spoil my life if some wrong will take my pics or so ………” Suddenly she said “can you make me feel the experience of Kiss.” I “Mean” She “Can you kiss me.” I “No way. Even if I m your friend but u r my sister.” She “here everyone knows that I am your wife. Moreover you have promised bhabhi that you will take care of my enjoyment on this trip. You promised her that you will behave like a friend and not as a brother. I can’t trust anyone except you.” I “But” She “I think you need one more peg of wine to get courage.”

I laughed and took another round of wine. She came closer and gave a deep lip lock kiss to me and said I think this is enough to give you confidence that your honeymoon is not spoiled but has brought greater fun for you. I placed my lips back to her lips and smooching her badly. She was also responding well, we were sucking each others saliva. Putting our tongues in each others mouth. Exchanging saliva. We forgot that we are brother and a sister. We kept on kissing each other for almost 10 minutes.

Then I asked “Can I see you in the dress that you were wearing in pool.” She said “Why not the one you see in the train.” I was shocked. I said what do you Mean. She said “I know you have already seen me nude in train and since then you are staring at me as if you want to see it again. We are friends now and I am on this trip in place of your wife.”

Saying this she put her hands around my waist and pulled off my T-shirt and said “Pulling off my clothes is your job. I am yours and you are mine. Take me like a man takes a women, I have been kid for a long time.”

I opened her nighty and she was in bra and panty only and was in shorts. I start kissing her on each and every part of her body. She pulled out my shorts and start playing with my erected dick. I started pressing her boobs over the bra and took off her bra and panty. Her two soft melons were in my hands now I was crushing them and she was moaning. I was playing and sucking her boobs and she was playing with my dick. I asked “Can I have a pleasure to taste your pussy.” She said Everything is yours, use as you wish. My fees is in my hands.”

We came in 69 position and I was licking her pussy , she was giving me a good blowjob. After sometime she came in my mouth and I came in her. We drank each others juices but kept on continuing in same position. After sometime we again came into charge and again came in each others mouth. Then again we started playing with each others body. I started finguring her pussy and she was masturbating on my dick. Then she said come on now fuck me hard. I said Ok.

I placed my dick on her pussy and was trying to put it inside slowly. She said “Don’t have mercy on my virginity. I want your dick to be inside me in first shot. This time comes only once in life. I want enjoy this pain of pleasure. Come on go in first shot. Fuck me as whore. Give me pride of womanhood. I gave a hard push but only 1/4th of my dick could enter her pussy. She shouted loud AAaahhh ……. And said take it out give much harder shot. I want whole of it inside me one shot. I took it out and gave a hard shot. This time I broke her vagina.

It was bleeding heavily. She shouted loudly. Her eyes filled with tears. I stopped once but she said “don’t have mercy on your slut sister fuck me like a whore. Fuck me hard. I started fucking her. I increased my speed but she was saying more faster, fuck me more, make me whore, I am your slut, fuck me aaaahhh I love you . I kept on fucking her for almost 10 minutes. I asked her “I am about to cum” she said “ come inside me. Fill my womb.” I cum with full load inside her and lied on her with my dick inside her pussy. I started kissing her on lips. She was also cooperating we kept on kissing each other and after some time I again fucked her in same position.

We went to bathroom cleaned each other and came out to have our dinner. I asked her “when did you thought of getting fuck with me.” She said “I wanted to feel man since long time but was afraid getting misused by boys. I never thought of You but in train when I observed that you have seen me nude and were staring me while talking, I decide to fulfill my wish with you and make your honeymoon enjoyable. I wanted to do that in train itself but you took such a long time to except your feelings.” That night I fucked her five more times in different positions. When I asked her for back entry. She said “I am yours now, enjoy as you wish. After all bhabhi said take care of your sisters full enjoyment.

Next day morning we wake up took bath together had breakfast. I had to move for conference. I asked her what will you do whole day? She said she will be in the room and see TV. I suggested going out and enjoying shopping and sightseeing of beaches and other part of Mumbai. I was giving my credit card but then I gave my entire wallet to her as I thought she might need some cash also and I was not required to carry it in conference. I left for conference after giving a sweet kiss on her lovely lips. She wish me buy just like my wife and said I know how bhabhi say good bye to you every morning.

In the evening at around 5’Oclock I was free with conference. I asked her “Where r U?” she said “in swimming pool.” I went straightway to swimming pool. There we enjoyed for sometime then I said “shall we go to our room?” she nodded her head in yes. We went to our room I fucked her there in bathroom. Then we planned to go to disco bar of the hotel. There we took two rounds of drink and were enjoying dancing. In the mean time two semi-old people came to me and asked “Do you belong to Mumbai” I said “No, but who r U?” They said “don’t worry, You are lucky to have wife like her.” I said “What do you mean by that? How do you know my wife? What concern do you have about my wife?” Actually I was afraid that someone has caught us of being brother and sister and it might spoil my reputation in company.

They said “cool down, We are here for some business meeting. We are from Canada. We saw your wife in the swimming pool in the evening. Let us come straight to the point we can pay you Rs. 50,000 per person if you can spare your wife for us for one night.” I said “What rubbish? How can you speak like this for my wife?

We are reputed people and by God grace I am earning good salary. I need not to do all this to earn money. And don’t even dare to speak like this for my wife. Why don’t you contact hotel people, they can arrange call girl for you.” They said “Call girls are never safe and interesting. We don’t want to hurt your feelings. No one knows you or us here. It is quiet safe and confidential. We just want to enjoy. If you want then arrange call girl for yourself for that night and we will pay for that. You will also have different experience. Only thing you have to convince your wife.

Moreover after this meeting we are not going to meet each other in life. Take your time we will not force you it will be totally your decision.” I was four peg down was not able to react properly to the situation. I saw Megha dancing in full mood. She came to me and pulled me. I started dancing with her but was in big tension. At around 9’O Clock we took dinner and went to room. She asked me “Bhai why r u looking tensed. IT’s OK. Before being your sister I am a girl. After all someone will fuck me some day and if it is you, then you should not feel guilty.” She gave me good smooch. I said “I am not tensed due to that.” And I told her whole story. She said forget it and lets enjoy our evening and she started kissing me I got aroused and we had a good session.

At around 11’O Clock she said “Bhai I forgot to tell you that I have lost your Wallet today. I said No Problem. But is my credit card safe. She said no it was there in wallet itself I have only 3000 Rs. Left in my purse. I said “I have around Rs. 10,000 kept in bag. But that it is not sufficient.” We were in big fix since we had to pay all the hotel bills etc. and had to survive for another 5 days in that luxury.

By this time we were out of hangover up to certain extent. We were nude but our sex feelings were washed out. I don’t know why but I said “We have only one option left now” She said “I am your sister and not slut.” I said “I remember you told me that you get excited when your friends talk about group sex. You are here for enjoying and these are strangers. You just enjoy your trip to the fullest.” She smiled and said “I didn’t knew that my brother care so much for me and my enjoyment but I want you too along with them.” I said “will you be able to handle 3 people at a time.”

She said “If you are there I can handle anything. And want you to make video of that. I want to see that how your sister look like a slut.” I got aroused we started smooching licking sucking and fucking. Next evening we again went to disco. We were just enjoying and waiting those people to come and approach me. After half an hour they were seen in disco but I deliberately ignored them and was dancing with Megha.

After 15 minutes I took some distance from Megha so that they can approach me. Same thing happened and they came to me. I immediately said “I think I was clear yesterday.” They said “We will pay you 1lakh per person plus we will bear all the expenses of your honeymoon. “ I said “But” He continued “See we can be very beneficial for you in your career as well if you wish.

But everything has its price. And it is all secret. You will not loose anything except for one night between us and your wife.” I said “Ok I will talk to her but I want to be present in that room.” They said “No problem, you can even join us and we will pay for you as well. Means you will earn Rs. 3,00,000 in one night plus all the expenses of your trip.” I said “Ok you can come to my room at 11’O Clock. By that time I will convince her and she will be yours till 2’O clock in the night. Then you have to leave.” They said Ok and I gave my room no. to them. We enjoyed for sometime there and then went to our room.

We had dinner and took out sim cards from our mobile. I placed mobiles in room in such a way that we can make video of room from three different corners. We kept only one mobile of Megha on so that anyone can contact us. I forgot to tell that both of us have two mobiles each.I don’t know what, but a different kind of feeling was running in my body and my mind. I was going to see my little younger sister being fucked by two aged people. I asked her “are we doing the right thing” she replied “we don’t have any option. Bhai forget about everything and enjoy the moment.” She came closer and was looking into my eyes. I started kissing her and we had one round of sex. I asked her shall I make your back hole also easy. She smiled and fucked her ass also.

Then we kissed each other and she wore beautiful sexy dress. Both of us were sitting in our room and watching TV. At around 10:30 someone knocked our room. Unexpectedly it was those 2. I welcomed them into our room. Megha smiled towards them. We sat on sofa. They gave me Rs. 5,00,000 and said that whether 200000 will be enough for our trip expenses. I said OK. Then I ordered wine. We had some wine and they were behaving normal but staring at the beauty of Megha again and again. Everyone was quit. I broke the silence and asked may I know your name? They said, “Sorry we are not here to exchange our identities.

Neither we are asking your name nor should you. Let’s our identities be secret to each other for safety reasons.” They turned to Megha and said, “You are young and beautiful. You may call us with any name you like and we will call you sara tonight. We are not here to trouble you but we are here for enjoyment. Can you come and sit closer to us. Megha followed their instructions and sat between them. I was having a different kind of feeling that time. On one hand I was excited to see what is going to happen on other hand I was feeling guilty and worried about my sister.

One of them put his hands on her thighs and other one was moving his hands on her melons. Both of them were now enjoying the feel of her body. Her face was turning red and she started moaning slowly. I was also getting excited seeing all this. I didn’t know that my sister could so shameless in such a situation. They pulled off her upper, she was not wearing bra. She was now topless. They also pulled off their clothes start licking her all around. She was enjoying like heaven.

One of them took off her lower garment and start licking her pussy she was moaning loudly. Dam God what a scene was that, one of them was licking her melons and other was licking her pussy. She was moaning heavily. I was getting horny by seeing all this and took out my cock and started masturbating. One of them said, come closer she can do it for you. I went near to her and gave my cock in her hand. She did it for some time and then hold it strongly. I could realize that she is going to cum now. She released all her juices and that person licked it all.

Now other person came down and started licking her pussy. First person put his cock in her mouth. Now she was enjoying mouth fuck by one of them and licking of pussy by other one. I started licking her boobs. All of us were enjoying every moment to the fullest.

Within next 15 – 20 minutes he came all the load on and in her mouth and she was drinking all the load inside her mouth and don’t know what happened to me but I licked the load which was there on her face. She also came again and second person drank all her juices. Now was my turn to lick her pussy. Second person went to put his cock in her mouth and first person kept enjoying all her body licking all around.

After this round first person kept his cock on her pussy and gave a hard stroke. His dick was all inside her in one stroke. She shouted loud with pain but since my cock was inside her mouth that time her sound was stuck inside only.

To my surprise second person kept his cock on her asshole and gave a stroke his cock went inside her ass in four strokes. Now all of her holes were busy in getting fucked. I was there in her mouth, first person in her pussy and second person in her asshole. She was been fucked all around and enjoying with her loud moans.

After almost 25 – 30 minutes all of us came with our juices and loads and changed the positions. All three of us kept on fucking her all the holes together by changing our turns. I can’t explain much about every moment since my main focus was fucking her hard and enjoying.

We kept on fucking her till 3 O’clock. After that those two person were about to leave. They gave me another five lakh rupees and said this is a gift from our side since they enjoyed a lot and also asked me to keep it highly secret as this is a question of their reputation. Also one of them gave me one visiting card and told that if I am interested in exploring my career I can meet this person and just give this card. After this they left. I look towards Megha but was lying on bed as if there is no life in her body.

Then she uttered bhai I want to go for washroom but I am not able to stand even. I lifted her and took her to washroom. There she pissed and took shower. Then we came back to bed and slept. In the morning I saw that she was still tired. I asked her are you alright? She said that she is feeling better now. I asked her how the night was. She smiled and said that she will not forget this night for whole of her life. I told her about another five Lacs and to my surprise I found my wallet kept on the table.

We enjoyed our trip to the most for remaining days…

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