Avinash, His Sister Megha and his 2 best friends Keshav & Raju

Hi, readers, my name is Avinash 22 yrs. old from Chennai I am currently doing my final year of engineering in Coimbatore. This is a sex story of how I and two of my roommates (Raju and Keshav) seduced and fucked my sister in the hotel during a trip. I was living with my friends on the college campus and my sister Megha 18yr old was also doing her 1st-year arts at a private college in Coimbatore.

My parents accepted to send her out of Chennai only because I was there to take care of her, my parents made her stay in hostel out of her wish. She uses to visit my room on weekends and even use to stay in the night in my room and watching movies with my friends, we cook together and sleep together. She started to become close to them and treated them her best friends.

Things started to change when one fine morning after a night over, I wake up and came went to the kitchen when I was returning to the bedroom, I noticed both Raju and Keshav commenting on my sister’s boobs whose still in her sleep. I heard it and felt awkward and didn’t say anything. Later Megha left our place and we all went to college, the comments they made on my sister initially disturbed me but later I felt happy when I pictured her boobs in front of me, that evening I went back to the room and I saw my friends talking something about Megha.

I asked them what’s going on they told me that lets have party tonight we will drink as much as we can I too said okay, everything was going smooth suddenly Keshav asked me can we bring in a call girl and fuck her together, I told them no, what if Megha gets to know about it, they tried to convince me since I was drunk then they told me why can’t we fuck your sister, she’s here only for u, she is damn sexy and why can’t u use this opportunity to seduce and fuck her.

I was damn angry on him and told him to stop this shit, but Raju too joined with him and told me dude yes, we will seduce her and can make use of her body till we stay here, we both never had sex with a girl, do this for your friends, please. Seeing my anger they now started to beg me literally and also told me that your sister is not a virgin as she had sex with her bf in her college which we got to know from my friend studying in her.

I didn’t say anything, that night, I pictured Megha getting fucked by me and my friends. I got an on erection next morning and felt some shock passing through my body and told them dude I am okay with you guys seducing my sister. They both thanked me and told me we both will make a plan to fuck her and I was eagerly waiting to see my sister naked, in the evening they told me that lets tell ur sister that we all are going to trip to Ooty and me and Keshav will seduce her into bed then later u can join us.

I said OKAY but make sure she doesn’t tell anything to our parents, I told her about the plan and she was happy as my parents don’t take us to tour generally.

We all reached Ooty and booked a single 3-bedded room and decided to sleep and will go to visit places next morning. We went to many places that day and returned back to the room in the evening around 6:30 pm, I noticed that Raju and Keshav getting close to her and touching her boobs during the photoshoot, but she was casual with them.

After we reached the room, I asked them what the plan, they told me that Raju has bought sleeping pills which will be mixed with juice and will be given to Megha so next day, she will be waking up late so let’s tell her to stay back in the room and we will go out and u stay out somewhere and me and Raju will seduce her and will fuck her, so u can join us when we send u an SMS.

After dinner we all had dinner, she drank juice mixed with pill and slept very early, we all woke up at 7 am, except Megha and we all left to visit places, Raju told me that “Avinash you stay, me and Keshav will go to room and will enjoy with your sister”, I also told them to be slow and be gentle and use condoms, as I also care for her since she’s my little sister.
Raju told me not only this we are going to take video and can watch it later. They went to the room and Megha was wearing a pink t-shirt and black track pant, they asked her whether she had her lunch as it was around 3 pm, she said yes Anna, where is Avinash Bhai, they told her that he is buying stuff for you and your parents.

Raju: – Isn’t it too cold here, why can’t you wear jacket and jeans.
Megha: – I’m feeling so lazy and tired after sleep, so I’m comfortable with this dress.
Keshav: – Its ok, you look so cute in this t-shirt, she smiled and replied thanks, Keshav.

The conversation was going on and when Raju asked her about her college life and we cracked many jokes and made her laugh, she said u guys are so awesome and I feel like giving a kiss to you both guys. Raju told her why can’t you give us, we will be happy to get a kiss from our sister, then Keshav too nodded his head and so Megha placed a kiss on Raju’s cheek and then to Keshav.

Megha then told them that she is having a severe headache and feels to get a head massage, so Keshav replied her shall I give you sister? Megha in hesitation said no if my brother sees it, he will shout at me for getting close to you guys, for that Raju replied that don’t worry dear the door is been shut, even if he knocks, we will take care.
Megha told them OKAY then but don’t tell anything to Avinash. Keshav told her to lie down on the bed and made her comfortable, Keshav sat behind her head and started to apply balm and massage her, and Raju was sitting near her legs watching her enjoying his massage.

After 5-7mins, Raju signalled him to proceed further, so he touched her eyebrows then went to her neck slowly, moved his hand inside her t-shirt, she got angry and told him what are you doing? Keshav said her that this is a part of the massage, don’t panic, just enjoy. Raju told Megha, that it will be so awesome, just sleep and enjoy don’t panic during the massage. She didn’t say anything but remained calmly, in the meantime Raju placed his mobile on the table opp.

To their bed and started to videotape the moves, Keshav started to touch her upper boobs, then went to her nipples, now she was moaning slightly holding his hands, but she didn’t bother about Raju. Then Raju was smiling and touched her legs and pressed it casually, and asked her how is she feeling. She told them “It’s awesome, I use feel to the pleasure more please don’t stop guys”.

Then he started to press her inner thighs, she was biting her lips and Raju without any lag removed her black track pant and noticed that her panties were wet, he asked her shall I remove it Megha? She replied that please don’t do it we are crossing our limits.!! But Keshav told her it’s okay baby only for today then Raju removed them, they both we watching her pussy like animals.

It was so tight and trimmed, Raju kept his face on her thighs, kisses, then started to kiss her hole she held his head and was moaning, while Keshav was pressing her boobs. Megha was in cloud nine, she couldn’t even tell them to stop as she is enjoying and they both too decided to fuck her as soon as possible then Keshav removed her pink t-shirt then her black bra.

Wow, my friend’s sister is having such an awesome boob said Keshav, it was around 34C size brown nipples neatly shaven boobs and armpits. Keshav started to suck her boobs from behind. She told him to continue till she tells to stop, Keshav was happy hearing it.

Raju took off his shirt and pant, he was nude before her, Megha was staring at his 7″ Cock trimmed and erect, he told her to hold it forcefully. He told her to suck it, she didn’t, she said, “no way, I can’t”, Raju said its okay and decided to fuck her in her pussy hole, he entered her pussy all of a sudden which she didn’t expect. Megha was about to stop him and shout, Keshav took his cock out and placed in her mouth, she was trying to escape but he didn’t let her to.

She was crying in pain but after3-5 mins, she stopped and was moaning with Keshav’s cock in her mouth. Then Raju continued fucking her for 10mins then Keshav took his chance and fucked her in doggy style. In the meantime, Raju asked her “Megha are you a virgin?”, She replied, “no my boyfriend have fucked me like 4-5 times”. Megha asked me why don’t you guys’ condom, Keshav told her it’s okay we will get you contraceptive pills tomorrow don’t worry.

She smiled and started to suck Raju’s cock while Keshav was fucking her. Then they took turns in fucking her for around 2hours and Raju gave a missed call to Me (Avinash).
Later that day when Raju gave me a missed call I was very eager and happy to fuck my sister along with my befriends so I rushed to our hotel in an auto I reached there around 6:15 in the evening, I knocked the door and peeped in, suddenly Megha stopped the act and asked Keshav whose that stop it now, then Raju told its okay its Avinash only, Megha replied what the hell is going on, I am done he is going to kill me and u all.

Raju said “no way he knows what’s going on here and he too wanted to fuck you and we all planned this together only and now he have come to fuck you”, while he was saying this I was stunned seeing Megha nude, she turned back and said “anna, Enna Nagamuthu”, what he is saying I told her yes we all wanted to fuck you, even I had a thought to fuck you but never got an opportunity to fuck you, now it’s my turn. Megha said no its wrong you can’t sleep with me, I am your sister, I said its okay no one is going to tell anything they are my best friends. I went near her as she was sitting in one side of the bed, body covered with blanket I kept my hand on her head and told her please Megha just one time and I won’t ask you please…

She remained calm, I signalled Raju he took her blanket slowly revealing her boobs to me, it was 34C,i said Megha your boobs are so cute she said please shut up, I went near her and kissed her, fingering her she was saying no, please no, leave my. I said its ok it will be fun, now I pulled Keshav to fuck her pussy he inserted his cock into her pussy in missionary style while I was playing with her hairs sitting next to her, she was looking at my eyes and later I was kissing her while he was fucking her and I told her to turn and lay on her tummy facing bed, I removed my shirt and pulled my jean down and inserted my dick slowly in her pussy, she grabbed Raju’s thigh whose sitting next to her head, he told its Avinash your anna is going to fuck you now. She said “mmm, please be slow its paining, I said yeah i will take care Megha, then I fully inserted my dick in her pussy and was fucking her for 10mins, I cummed twice inside her pussy itself.

Then, I took my cock out and said “if anyone want to fuck now take your turn”, Keshav said yes I will come in louder noise, he made her to stand and fucked her from her back while she was holding his head ,I was sitting in the bed and pulled them both and was sucking her nipple, she moaned heavily and kept the other hand on my head and kept my head close to her tummy, it took other 40mins to get satisfied, in the climax we all cummed on her body. We all got dressed up except Megha and thanked her and to me too.

We were talking casually and Megha went to bathroom to take bath, we three were very happy and they thanked me for allowing them to fuck my sister as they both were virgin, they enjoyed a lot.30mins later Megha came out of the bathroom with towel wound around her body, we three were staring at her, she came smiling and hit Keshav’s head gently and told him anna close your mouth do u guys want more. I said yeah, we all want to fuck you daily, she said hmm, okay. If time permits, we can and she took her clothes from her bag, it was a yellow t-shirt and jean pant, she was not wearing bra, I asked her why, she replied that her nipple is paining as someone bitten it hardly, I laughed and told her oops it’s me sorry Megha. she said go away you idiot its paining a lot, I said sorry and pulled her and made her to sit on my lap and we were talking about dinner, they all gave some list of food they want to eat as we all were hungry then I said OKAY come we three will go later. I went near her and kissed her forehead and told her to sleep.

Around 8pm me, Keshav and Raju decided to go out to get dinner, she called me and said Avinash Bhai go to medical store and get me “I-pill”,I said don’t worry, we will get you just sleep we are bringing dinner for us, I said Megha thank you so much for giving a chance to me , she said you are my brother still, just keep it a secret and tell them too, come to room soon. I said OKAY bye coming. I discussed with Raju and Keshav who were walking next to me, they said Avinash your sister is damn great, we should fuck her often, I said we will try but don’t forget to keep up this secret as she is my sister, remember this.

Keshav told yes, I know, he said we will buy a gift for her, then they entered a showroom and bought her a t-shirt and we gave to her. we then reached to hotel, she was still sleeping in tiredness, I woke her up and gave her the dress, she smiled and thanked us, told its pretty thank you so much. Then we had our dinner, and left back to Coimbatore next morning after checking out. Once we reached my room she took the tablet, and thankfully nothing to worry. Next day we all left our college and our routine continued, once in a week me all had a foursome. We later had many encounters since we both are away from our home, I even earned money because of her.

Next to be continued….

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