Maid from Heaven – Part 35

Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 34 ). Now let’s continue

After our class got over she caught my hand and gave me a naughty smile. I knew because of dad we both had missed our bedroom adventures from last night and today morning.

Uma tugged at my hand again, I asked “what do you want now”? She shyly said “I need you now”. I asked again “for what do you need me”? She still tugging my hand said “as if you don’t know why”.

I knew how horny she could get because of lack of sex so I smiled and held her waist while walking to my bedroom. Uma quickly removed my clothes and hers and got in the bed with her on top.

For sure she was horny like crazy and did not rest till we had sex twice back to back. Then we tested for some time in each other’s arms. Resting her head on my chest, she asked “what will happen now Krishna”?

Unsure of what she was referring to, I asked “what are you talking about Uma”? She said “I am talking about Papa”. Sounding totally pissed I said “please don’t ruin the moment talking about that idiot. Mom is there and she will do whatever is right”.

Then we went to have a bath where we had another round of intense sex under the shower. Today Uma was on fire not sure why. Then we got dressed, Uma was back to wearing western clothes again.

I said “Uma I have some work and will take about two hours, so I will be back by 2pm and then we can have lunch together”. I winked at her while saying it expecting her to return a naughty smile but nothing.

She just said a plain ok, she asked “what would you like to have for lunch today”? I said “you already know everything about me, so you decide and cook whatever you want”.

She very innocently said “I might need to order some groceries then”. I said “fine do it, you have done it so many times right. Call Aslam and he will deliver everything”.

I thought this was hint enough for her but she did not take it. Uma said “well if I call him then you know what will happen right”. I asked “why you don’t like him? Does he not make you happy and satisfied”?

She silently nodded yes, I held her hands and sat her down on the sofa. I held her face and asked “tell me you don’t enjoy sex”? She nodded yes, I asked “tell me you don’t enjoy with him”?

She whispered “yes I enjoy”. I asked “then what is your problem especially when I am supporting you to enjoy without rules”? Now she held my palm which was on her cheek with both hands and placed it on her chest.

I could feel her heart beating like a bass drum in trance music. She softly said “Krishna I want to tell you something”. I said “yes go on”, she said “see I have you and really enjoy with you. Then I have Rizwan and Aslam also and I really enjoy with them too”.

I said “come to the point Uma”. She said “Now I do not know if it is right for me to have so many men in my life…” leaving her sentence unfinished. To lighten up the mood, I laughed and said “oh you forgot to add Chetan”.

She smiled and playfully patted my chest saying “please don’t make fun of me Krishna, get serious”. I said “fine, now tell me your problem seriously”.

She stared into my eyes for a moment before getting up to leave. I held her hand and pulled her making her fall in my lap. I held her tight so she does not try getting up again, I teasingly asked “so you were saying something”?

Showing mock anger, she replied “I am not going to repeat myself”. I kissed her cheek, I said “ok, see Uma, I think I understand you pretty well. You are a very nice woman and a beautiful person to be with”.

She interjected, I cut her. I said “you also enjoy sex like it is the end of the world and cannot have enough. Now I also know I alone cannot satisfy you and I don’t want to leave you thirsty”.

“So when you told me about Rizwan and how you had a good time, I decided this is surely a good way forward so both of us can be happy. Then you told me about what happened between you and Aslam”.

“Again I was happy because you have found likeminded men who cared for you and will not hurt you”. Again she interrupted, I continued “I will not defend Chetan for his actions and leave it for you to decide”.

“Maybe I am the mad man who gets a crazy kick listening to your sexcapades. But that is true as long as you come back to me after everything. I trust this clears your head about what to do or not to do”.

She said “I understand what you said and as long as I am alive, I will always come back to you only because I cannot live without you. But what about safety”?

I replied “I know when and with whom you are with, so I will always be there for you when you call me. So don’t worry about safety”. Now Uma looked into my eyes and smiled ear to ear giving me a very long passionate kiss.

Surprisingly I was hard again and as she was in my lap she felt it too. Without wasting a second she unzipped and took out my hard cock and got back on my lap straddling me.

She pulled her thongs aside lowering herself and started riding me slowly. She quickly opened her blouse shirt and bra throwing it next to us and placed my hands on her boobs.

Now I was ready for this bout myself. I played with her tits and other sensitive areas while Uma moaned loudly and wildly. After sometime of our horny adventure, I got up carrying her and lowered her on the sofa.

I too seemed to have found new energy and we fucked the daylights out of each other totally oblivious to the world. Uma climaxed repeatedly like crazy milking my cock with her continuously convulsing vaginal muscles.

When I was about to cum I pulled out and she quickly replaced her pussy with her mouth continuing her actions. Unable to hold anymore my hard cock erupted in her mouth like a fountain.

Uma was no less and she expertly sucked me till the last drop. Then I got to eating her pussy to return the favour. She tasted very nice today not sure why.

We rested for some time with me seated with her feet on my lap for a while. I was gently massaging the undersides of her feet while I sat there making her begin to squirm again.

Uma naughtily said “if you continue doing this any longer then make sure you have the energy to satisfy me again”. We both had a hearty laugh at this. Then we headed to my bathroom and cleaned.

We came back and rested on the sofa with me lying down and Uma on top. I asked “so do you want to order groceries now”? Uma raised her face to look at me and nodded yes.

I kissed her and said “go ahead, you already know where the condoms are kept”. She continued to look at me smiling naughtily and nodded yes. I said “wear some one-piece party dress for him today, he will like it”.

She held my face and kissed me lovingly. Right then she took her phone and called Aslam on speaker. She asked “where are you Aslam”? He said “I am preparing for another delivery Madam, why”?

Uma said “I too need to urgently order groceries, so how quickly can you finish this delivery and come”? He said “madam this is a very big customer and very big delivery, so I cannot say. But you don’t worry I will do something”.

She hung up the phone and looked at me with questioning eyes. I smiled and said “maybe after all three is not enough….”. Uma playfully patted my chest before getting up.

I too got up and after correcting my clothes left from there. I knew for sure I had pushed Uma to open a Pandora’s box but I was not sure how far she would go about it and what would happen to me.

I reached my client’s place for the meeting. I finished quite early, so decided to go to my regular electronics store to look for cameras because I did not want to go home early and interrupt Uma’s adventures.

Then Uma called on my phone, she said “Listen Krishna, Chetan had called, he wants to come and meet me now”. I asked “what did you decide”?

She said “I don’t know, but I don’t want to meet him alone”. I said “fine, invite him for lunch today, I will also reach there soon”. Uma replied “ok fine”, I asked “has Aslam left”?

After a moments pause she said “you come back, we will talk about it later”. Then I bought many hidden nanny cams to place them in various hidden places in my house and Uma’s house.

I wanted to watch over her in case she got in trouble. After all I was the one pushing her to do all this for my own voyeuristic satisfaction. I reached home a little past 2pm and Uma took some time to answer the door.

To be continued….

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