Me becoming a hotwife – Part 3

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This is the third part, and you can read the first and second parts before reading this to better understand it. I am sure it will be fun if you read all the parts.
Me becoming a hotwife – 2 part (PART 2)

So it was our first anniversary, as it is the biggest celebration for a newlywed. But I was not in a good position to celebrate this.
We got a ton of congratulations, and our parents came to greet us. It was a fun day, but we were not able to truly celebrate it as our parents were here, so as they left, we planned to celebrate it in our own way.

Two days later, our parents were gone, and we were alone again.
My husband took a week off from work as a form of celebration for us.

So to celebrate this milestone, my bull came in the early morning, and we were all clean and fresh. We then headed for an aarti, as we wanted to pray for his blessings. As usual, we were now very often having sex during Aarti, and it was very regular. So while my husband was getting the aarti thali ready, my bull was putting his condom on and using Vaseline for sex.

We started off, and he was fucking me in the dog position. After our aarti was over, my bull decided that I had to be naked the whole day and do all the housework naked. I made some breakfast for three of us, and it was poha.
My bull then asked my husband to stand up and cum on my food. He didn’t get that, and my bull said it again. He thought he would never get involved while he was here, but he did. He stood up and masturbated while standing beside me, cumping all over my poha. I had to eat that. After my birthday, I was being made to eat cumin every time my bull was here. He chooses one dish every time and cooks it for me to eat. It was like my training. He said I needed to eat some Muslim cum for being a true Muslim slut.

But this time it was different; he asked my husband to cook it. I didn’t ask anything and just ate it as usual. I was naked and they were wearing clothes, so it was very weird for me.

After we were done eating breakfast, we decided to watch a movie, and we didn’t have a Netflix subscription, so my bull decided we needed to go to the theater. My bull went in my wardrobe and chose the shortest and slouchiest outfit in that. and with no undergarments as rules.
I quickly wore them while he was watching me wear them, and we went out. As usual, I sit behind with my bull while my husband drives.
Some famous film was released a couple of days ago, and it was very crowded. My bull bought tickets for that film, and we went in. I sat between my husband and my bull and It has to happen. This is how I gave my first blowout. He knew I had never done this, and it was very gross to me, but he insisted, grabbed my hair, and pushed my head on his shaft. It was only halfway in, and my mouth was already full. It wasn’t going to go any further.

I grabbed my husband’s hand, and we held each other’s hands; my other hand was on the hand of my bull, from which he was holding my head. It was huge, and I wasn’t expecting that I would ever enjoy getting my mouth fucked.
He fucked my face with his only half dickens and then pushed it harder. It went in, and I felt it touch the back of my throat. It was touching my throat, and I was concerned about my mouth today. He coughed finally, and it all dropped down on his seat and lap. He pushed my head as far as he could, and I licked it up.

In my mind, I enjoyed it, but my mouth didn’t, as it was painful, and I felt like I lost my voice. My husband was staring at me, and when I asked him what happened, he said I was good and he was proud of me. I blushed, and my bull grabbed my head from behind and shoved it in my husband’s face. We were lips-to-lips now, and I knew my husband was now tasting my blood from my mouth. We kissed passionately for a few minutes. He started pushing his tongue into my mouth and licking it. He loved the cum.

I then spat in his mouth, and he just gulped it down. I was terrified about this behavior, thinking he was gay or liked men, and that’s why he made me cuck him. I thought too much about this and asked him when we were having interval. My boyfriend went to the washroom, and I didn’t need to go, so me and my husband stayed outside the washroom waiting for him. I asked him about everything about him that I overthought, and he cleared it all up. He wants me to get fucked, and he likes to get me manhandled. I asked him if I did something wrong or if I made a mistake, and that’s why he’s taking revenge by making me get manhandled; he said no, and it was his fetish, that’s all.

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