Me becoming a hotwife – Part 3

This is the third part, and you can read the first and second parts before reading this to better understand it. I am sure it will be fun if you read all the parts.
Me becoming a hotwife – 2 part (PART 2)

So it was our first anniversary, as it is the biggest celebration for a newlywed. But I was not in a good position to celebrate this.
We got a ton of congratulations, and our parents came to greet us. It was a fun day, but we were not able to truly celebrate it as our parents were here, so as they left, we planned to celebrate it in our own way.

Two days later, our parents were gone, and we were alone again.
My husband took a week off from work as a form of celebration for us.

So to celebrate this milestone, my bull came in the early morning, and we were all clean and fresh. We then headed for an aarti, as we wanted to pray for his blessings. As usual, we were now very often having sex during Aarti, and it was very regular. So while my husband was getting the aarti thali ready, my bull was putting his condom on and using Vaseline for sex.

We started off, and he was fucking me in the dog position. After our aarti was over, my bull decided that I had to be naked the whole day and do all the housework naked. I made some breakfast for three of us, and it was poha.
My bull then asked my husband to stand up and cum on my food. He didn’t get that, and my bull said it again. He thought he would never get involved while he was here, but he did. He stood up and masturbated while standing beside me, cumping all over my poha. I had to eat that. After my birthday, I was being made to eat cumin every time my bull was here. He chooses one dish every time and cooks it for me to eat. It was like my training. He said I needed to eat some Muslim cum for being a true Muslim slut.

But this time it was different; he asked my husband to cook it. I didn’t ask anything and just ate it as usual. I was naked and they were wearing clothes, so it was very weird for me.

After we were done eating breakfast, we decided to watch a movie, and we didn’t have a Netflix subscription, so my bull decided we needed to go to the theater. My bull went in my wardrobe and chose the shortest and slouchiest outfit in that. and with no undergarments as rules.
I quickly wore them while he was watching me wear them, and we went out. As usual, I sit behind with my bull while my husband drives.
Some famous film was released a couple of days ago, and it was very crowded. My bull bought tickets for that film, and we went in. I sat between my husband and my bull and It has to happen. This is how I gave my first blowout. He knew I had never done this, and it was very gross to me, but he insisted, grabbed my hair, and pushed my head on his shaft. It was only halfway in, and my mouth was already full. It wasn’t going to go any further.

I grabbed my husband’s hand, and we held each other’s hands; my other hand was on the hand of my bull, from which he was holding my head. It was huge, and I wasn’t expecting that I would ever enjoy getting my mouth fucked.
He fucked my face with his only half dickens and then pushed it harder. It went in, and I felt it touch the back of my throat. It was touching my throat, and I was concerned about my mouth today. He coughed finally, and it all dropped down on his seat and lap. He pushed my head as far as he could, and I licked it up.

In my mind, I enjoyed it, but my mouth didn’t, as it was painful, and I felt like I lost my voice. My husband was staring at me, and when I asked him what happened, he said I was good and he was proud of me. I blushed, and my bull grabbed my head from behind and shoved it in my husband’s face. We were lips-to-lips now, and I knew my husband was now tasting my blood from my mouth. We kissed passionately for a few minutes. He started pushing his tongue into my mouth and licking it. He loved the cum.

I then spat in his mouth, and he just gulped it down. I was terrified about this behavior, thinking he was gay or liked men, and that’s why he made me cuck him. I thought too much about this and asked him when we were having interval. My boyfriend went to the washroom, and I didn’t need to go, so me and my husband stayed outside the washroom waiting for him. I asked him about everything about him that I overthought, and he cleared it all up. He wants me to get fucked, and he likes to get me manhandled. I asked him if I did something wrong or if I made a mistake, and that’s why he’s taking revenge by making me get manhandled; he said no, and it was his fetish, that’s all.

My bull was back, and he asked my husband how the cum was. He laughed and said he liked it. We went in again, and this time it was very bad for me.When we sat down, my bull grabbed my hand and put it on his dick. And then he pulled his pants down and placed them on them. He was wearing a condom. He said, “Get in my lap.” I said no. We were in the middle of the theater, and everybody behind us could see what we were doing. The seats were getting steeper with every step, and the people who were up could easily spot me if I even stood up or got out of the theater.

There was no chance. of that happening, so I said no to him. He said it will be rough if I decline this, and I said please, which pleased him and made him agree that we can have sex if we go to the parking lot. He agreed and then told my husband to watch the film and then come to the parking lot after that, and we were in our car, he said.
He took the keys from my husband, as he was the driver, and took me to the car parking lot. We looked at each other as we saw our car, and then he looked at the ceiling for the cameras. There were cameras on every corner, so he said that we needed to have sex in that car. I told him that’s been the plan from the start. He said no, he planned to fuck me out in the parking lot, but because there were cameras, we had to have sex in the car.
I was shocked at his plan, but eventually we did have to have sex only in the car. We entered the car, and he made the two front seats bend over and make it like a bed. and then I pulled my skirt up. It was a mini skirt with no pants and a tight blouse, which was making my boobs bounce, and the nipples were clearly visible because of my dark areolas.

He actually broke the buttons on my blouse by pulling them, and he didn’t even say sorry. He started to open the window, and I said why. He didn’t listen, and then he threw my blouse out of the car. There was no car on that side of our car, so it went to the other parking spot. The parking lot was very empty, so I was very calm, but the cameras were still stressful.

He then started to fuck me, and we had sex. He got in the condom and then grabbed another one from his pocket, and we had another round of sex. The movie was over, and my husband was coming. He called on my phone, and my bull took the call and said where the car was. My husband rushed and, while entering, saw the blouse outside, but my bull said no, don’t pick it up, and then saw me and said she would pick it up and bring it back.

He opened the door and pushed me out. I kept one hand on the skirt while my other hand was trying to pull it down, but it wasn’t getting down. So I grabbed my blouse and quickly ran towards the car. My bull closed the door. door and said he would not open it. He told my husband to drive the car in a circle and then came here again. He quickly turned the car on, and they went. I was hopeless, and I quickly ran towards the huge pillar and put on my blouse. The buttons were on the back, so I was able to keep the blouse in position by my underarm and then quickly pull my skirt down from the backside.

I waited till they came to me, and he opened the door, and he too wore his pants. It was a very tragic moment, and I will never forget the tension and stress I got from that incident. As we were leaving, we passed by the security, and I could clearly see how thirsty and nasty that security guy was looking. He definitely saw everything, and he asked my bull in a silent voice if I am a whore, and he giggled and said yes, and he would bring her back soon for him. His face went from thirsty to happy insanely quickly. We went straight to the mall from there, and this time my husband dropped us off at the entrance, and he went for parking alone. I was anxious as I didn’t know if this parking lot had a camera or not. If it didn’t, then it would be bad, so I mentally prepared for any situation.

I was now not able to talk very much because of my sore throat. I wasn’t able to yell at him when he left me there and when he said I was a whore.
We went shopping, and my bull bought me a lot of gifts. He bought lingerie and a burkha, and then he bought a mangalsutra for me. This reminded me of that Sindoor moment. This was really turning me on, and I was getting really wet. My husband was with me the whole time and said nothing. He was getting hyped and excited, and when the staff asked if he was with us, my bull literally said he was our driver. It made me laugh, and then I controlled myself. He then took me to a mobile shop and bought me a new phone, and then he bought a couple of new skirts and a new top. I had to wear that there and then only because I was roaming in this mall with my blouse button broken, and we even went to a gold shop with that broken. I don’t know what impression we had when we entered the store.

After we were done, we went to a restaurant and had some lunch, and then we went to a lake and had a beautiful date. It was a date the whole day, and it was getting evening as we wasted a lot of time in traffic. I asked my husband, “Why isn’t the driver driving fast?” and we all laughed a lot. He then drove quickly. We went to a beautiful restaurant, and my bull cooked a candlelight dinner for us. I asked the manager of the restaurant to serve the driver and put the expense on the same bill.

We had a candlelight dinner, and I don’t know where they served my husband, but I didn’t care about him and enjoyed myself as much as I could. He was talking about his business and how it was going very well, and then he talked about his wife. He said they were all happy and living peacefully. He then rambled about his feelings toward me. Then, finally, after the whole day of me not talking, he finally asked me why I wasn’t talking, and I told him that he nearly destroyed my throat by fiddling with my mouth. He said he was sorry, and he wanted to be the one who used my throat first.

We had a good dinner and went to our car. My husband was already there. I asked him if he ate something or not. He said he ate, and we went home. It was night, and I thought it was over, but it was just getting started.

My bull was planning something unimaginable. He took me to the bedroom and pushed me on the bed as soon as we were home, then jumped on the bed. He went to my wardrobe and took four dupattas, then quickly tied me up with my face down. I asked him what he was doing, and he said it would be fun. He said to just wait a few minutes, and it will be fun. My husband was standing in the doorway. My bull then tied me to the four corners of the bed, and I was upside down. And my legs were spread apart. He has clear access to my pussycat. He took a condom and placed it on his dick. And then I went out of the room and talked to my husband about something. I was just quietly lying there and thinking about what could possibly go wrong.

My husband quickly went somewhere out of sight, and my bull came in the bedroom again and took a panty and gagged me with that. I screamed and moaned and asked what happened and what was going on. He said it was all fine and it would be fun.
My husband bought a big bowl, and there was a bottle he brought. I was very confused, but my mind didn’t work. My bull started filling up the bottle with water and then placed the bowl under my crotch and told me to poop. I said no. He said “poo” immediately, and it was an order. I tried applying some pressure. I wanted to poop, but not like this or on my bed. He spanked my butt and said “poop immediately,” and I applied some pressure and pooped. It was going straight into the bowl, and my bull was holding that in place. I quickly tried to empty my ass, and I knew he was going to take my anal virginity.

I mentally prepared myself for the worst things to happen and did as he said. He said if I do as he says, then everything will be fine and smooth. He washed my ass from above, and then my husband took the bowl and flushed the poop in the toilet and brought it back again. He placed it under my crotch, and then it was time. My bull asked me to loosen my ass, and then he inserted one of his fingers. My ass wasn’t opening, and then he said again to loosen my ass and stay quiet. He inserted his finger again, and it went in. He tried ficking my ass with that one finger, and it was all covered in shit when he pulled it out, and my ass closed again as nothing happened. He then pushed two fingers and started fingering me, and then he asked my husband to pass the bottle of Vaseline, which he did. He put some on his fingers and spread it all on my ass and started opening my ass. He was constantly telling me to keep it loose and it would be fine. He then inserted three fingers and tried to spread his fingers in my ass. It was painful. He took the bottle and put some Vaseline on the opening of it, then pushed it straight into my ass. The water was dripping because it wasn’t in my ass, and he was holding it in the opening of my ass, so he applied pressure, and finally it went in. It plugged into my asshole, and I was now crying, and I had a small pool of my tears around my head. My husband sat with me and said it’s fine.

It was not fine. It was painful, and the water was getting in my ass. and it was filling me up. He held the bottle in that position for some time until the water was all gone in my ass, and he said, “Hold the water in my mouth.” I wasn’t able to. I thought I was going to explode. He told my husband to hold the bowl, and he quickly pulled the bottle out. The water leaked and I wasn’t able to hold it in, so I let go of my asshole and the water slowly poked out, and then my bull said to push it out and put pressure on it, and I applied pressure. I squirted out all the water, and I was still feeling like I had some in my ass. I told him to please let go of my hands at least, and he opened the knots in my hands. I quickly sat straight on the bowl and applied as much pressure as I could. I peed myself doing that, and when I saw the water, it made me want to throw up, but I controlled myself, and then my bull pushed me and told my husband to throw the water away. My ass was ready to get destroyed now.
He called my husband and asked him if he wanted to see this closely, and he said yes. He grabbed my both arms and told him to quickly get naked and lay down in a bed under me with his face towards my pussy, and then he let go of my arms and told my husband to grab them and never let me go. So he held me tight in my position, and I felt like it was a huge operation he was doing. He pushed my ass down on my husband’s face and told him to keep licking my pussy.

This was the first time he ever licked my pussycat. He never put his tongue around my pussy. He licked me everywhere except my pussycat and asshole.

He did as he was ordered, and then it was time. My bull grabbed some Vaseline and put it on my ass and pushed it in. It went in smoothly for him, but for me, it felt like I was getting my ass torn apart. It was the most painful thing I have ever experienced in my entire life. He then pulled it out and pushed it again. and did this again and again until he was completely in my ass. I was breathless; I was crying continuously; I was even bleeding from my ass, and it didn’t stop him. I screamed at the top of my lungs, but the gag worked pretty well. He kept his dick in my ass for some time, and my husband was just licking and licking my pussyfoot continuously. His dick was just ahead of my face, and if I pushed my face, it would be in my mouth. I was in a 69-position with him. His diaper was leaking cumin, and we were close to Cumberland. My bull then started fucking my ass, and I hit the best orgasm of my life. I was shaking so badly that I wasn’t able to be in that position. My husband was keeping me in that position by holding my hands, and my pussycat was landing on his face. That’s why I didn’t need my knees. I almost passed out. He kept fucking, and then he cummed. He moved his condom and pushed me ahead, so my ass was now on my husband’s belly and my boobs were on my husband’s dick. He asked my husband to open his mouth, and he made him eat that cum.

I just lay there unconscious and went to sleep. I don’t know what happened after that. My body was completely shut down.
I asked my husband the next morning what happened, and he told me how he ate all the cum from the condom, and after that, he untied my legs and put a blanket on me, and then my bull left, my husband masturbated sitting beside me and cummed so hard that it shot the cum, and then he cleaned it up and slept beside me. He said he wanted to try my ass, so he did it while I was asleep, and it was so big that I wasn’t even feeling it, or my ass was so destroyed that I was sore. He kept his dick in my ass for some time, then pulled it out and went to sleep.

It was a very hard day for me as well as my husband. He said how hot and horny he felt seeing me and my bull having dinner and having fun.
We talked about yesterday, and then I tried getting up. My whole body was giving up. I wasn’t able to get off my bed, and walking was impossible with my destroyed ass. I tried applying pressure, and I actually pooped myself on the bed itself. It was just so smooth and quick that I didn’t think I was pooping. It felt like I had some disease that made me poop easily. I felt so embarrassed, and my husband was laughing at me, and then he quickly grabbed my arm and took me to the toilet. He then cleaned up the bed and took the mattress out.

I pooped a lot, and then, while washing my asshole, I felt it. how big my ass was now. It was a huge hole now, and I was easily able to push three fingers into my ass without any hesitation.I tried fingering it, and it was all shit on my finger. I felt gross and washed myself. I took a shower and then got ready, and then my husband got fresh and we did our pooja. I was still exhausted yesterday, but my husband was very energetic.
I asked him how he was feeling when I lost my anal virginity and how he felt when I gave my first blowjob. I asked him about him eating cum and all that. He said he was very proud of me and how much progress I have made. He told me that I should satisfy my curiosity however he wants me to be and never back out. He told me that he loved me a lot, and I, too, loved my husband a lot.

I felt like it increased our love instead of decreasing. It was the day to remember, and I could have never had a better anniversary celebration.
I asked my husband how long we had to do this, and he said he wanted it permanent and wanted me to be a Hindu slut for my Muslim bull.
After that, he started to show me cuckold porn and how it was, and we used to watch it daily. I was so hooked on that that I started watching it whenever I had time, and I watched hours and hours of cuckold porn and real-life stories and stuff.

It was interesting, and I was now understanding my husband a lot more easily, and I got to know what he likes and what he wants. He shared some hslut porn and Muslim stud pictures with me, and it used to make me horny, and I used to masturbate whenever I saw them.

That’s it for this part. If you’d like to read about my life experience, you can comment or email me at [email protected].

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