Me becoming a hotwife – Part 4

This is the fourth part of me becoming a hotwife, and it is a continuation of part 3 Me becoming a hotwife – Part 3 . You can read Part 3 before, so you can understand this better.

After that week, I had my period, and later, when that period was over, my breasts showed up. We were waiting for him the whole week, and he showed up exactly on time for Aarti. We had our usual aarti, during which he fucked me behind while doing it and abused and humiliated me. This time, it was different. As the aarti was over, He kept his dick in my pussy and asked my husband to bring that mangalsutra that my bull bought for me, and he took me in front of the mandir and got me in doggy style while keeping his dick in my pussy and said that we are getting married here.

I was certainly excited to experience how this was going to be. He took the mangalsutra and tied it around my neck, then used it as a way to pull my neck towards him while he was fucking. I was getting choked, and then he used to let it go for me to breathe. He then asked me to stand up, and then he took me in his arms. He picked me up and told my husband to slide his dickens in my ass. It was not very useful as there was no lube on there, so he told my husband to lick his dick and then try it again. He licked his dick and did it. It went in, and then he made seven rounds in a circle and said seven prayers were done. Then he placed me down and took some sindoor and put it on my forehead and said the marriage was done, and now I am his wife and a personal slut.

After that, he smacked me in the face and told me to be ready on Friday. He went away. I sat there naked in front of the mandir and looked at my husband, and we both laughed. He was happy and said that now he was my second husband. I told him yes, and I told him that I still loved him more because he was my actual husband, and I would never leave him alone.
A few days later, on Friday, I was ready. He didn’t say anything in particular to be ready about, so I was thinking it was going to be my anal destruction or something like that, but it wasn’t. He told me to get ready and put some make-up on, and he told me to be naked. And he sat in the living room, waiting for me.
I went in and put some makeup on my face and some foundation, then went into the living room. He told my husband to bring something, but I wasn’t listening to what he said. He went in and brought the burkha we purchased last week.
He told me to wear it without anything else inside. So I was naked inside the burqa, and it was actually thicker than the normal burqa, so it wasn’t that visible.

He told me we were going to his home, and my husband was staying here only. I wasn’t expecting anything at this point because it was all new and I didn’t know what was going on. We went upstairs, and he pushed me down and told me to pray to God. like a Muslim. So he actually placed his leg on my neck and pressed it so I was putting my head down, and then he lifted it up and did this again and again till he was done.
Then he told me that he was going for his prayer to the masque and he will be back with one of his friends and I have to entertain him, and I was like, “Super shocked.” I didn’t want that to happen, so I said no and it pleased him very much that he wasn’t listening to me. He said to stay in the house and he would be back as soon as possible. He took almost half an hour or 45 minutes. I was just terrified and scared of thinking what was going to happen, and it was like a test for me. And I was so nervous. I was just looking at his home and seeing what all stuff he has. And then she sat on the sofa just waiting. I was feeling humiliated by this burqa. I am a Brahmin, and this was really making me angry.

After some time, he was here and welcomed his friend. He brought him in, and he asked, “Is that her?” and my bull said yes. Then his friend said stand up, and I did; then he told my bull to put some music on, and he sat on the sofa and told me to dance for him like a stripper. I have seen some strippers dance in the western movies, and I just shared my ass and stuff, and he said stop. He told me to come closer, lifted the burqa, and asked my bull for a condom.

He gave him one, and he got me on the sofa and pushed me down so I was on my knees in a doggy position, and my hands were on the back of the sofa. He rubbed my asshole and spanked my ass, then went and took some cooking oil from the kitchen and rubbed it on his dick and my asshole. It wasn’t clean this time, but he went for it anyway and pushed it in. His dick was a little smaller than my bull, but it was a lot thicker than him. He pushed it and it wasn’t going in, so he grabbed my shoulder, put all the pressure on it, and pushed it again, and it went in this time.
He asked my bull where he found this tight asshole slut, and he said it was a secret and yelled that she’s a Brahmin slut for Muslim dicks. I made him wear a burqa to humiliate her and fuck her with you; don’t hesitate to tear her asshole apart.

He was quiet and asked me if that was true, and I nodded. He grabbed the niqab and pulled it. He saw my face and was shocked. He wasn’t able to see my face till now, but as he did now, he was shocked, and he grinned and said now it was going to be interesting. He said if he knew earlier, he wouldn’t have used any lube on her.

He started fucking my ass then, and he was so rough that I felt like I was going to die that day. It was painful and enjoyable at the same time. I felt so humiliated, but I liked it at the same time, and it got me wet every time they called me a slut for a Muslim dick.

He then stopped in the middle of it and pulled it and showed my bull my ass. It was gaping; he took his condom off and then pushed it. It was my first raw anal sex, and it was painful as he didn’t put any oil on his dick and the only lube was the oil from before. It was enough and made it a lot easier for me, but it didn’t stop him from destroying my asshole. He got up on the sofa, put his hands on my back, placed his dick on my asshole, and pushed it. It was just like a real dog having sex. It was the same position, and the angle made it worse for me. It was feeling a lot deeper and a lot more painful. He put three of his fingers from both his hands in my mouth and pulled it towards him. He used it as a hook. and fucked me for so long. And then he came in my a**. It felt like he shot his cum as deep as he could. It felt like my ass was filling up like I felt during that enema a week ago.

I was feeling his dick pulsating in my ass, and I just peed myself. I wasn’t able to control it, and I peed all over his sofa. He pulled his dick out and said, “My bull, he can take his turn now.” He told me to get up and come to him. He was sitting on the other side of the sofa. He told me to sit on his dickey, and while I was sitting, his friend pulled the burqa all the way up, and I was now naked.
He told me how big my boobs were and pinched the nipples. My bull grabbed my ass from behind, aligned my pussy with his dick, and pulled me towards him. It went straight into me. My friend was already wearing a condom.

His friend asked if I was able to give a blowout. He said yes, and he asked him if he would mind double penetration. He said no, and then he grabbed my face and told me to open it for his dickens. He slapped me across the face and said, “Open it and take it in your mouth.” I opened it, and he pushed it in. It was so thick that my face was hurting while I kept my mouth open like that. He started fucking me like that while I was riding my bull. This was my first double penetration.

He slapped my ass hard and told me to hold the cum in my ass because it was leaking and it was all over my bull dick. So if I get pregnant somehow, it will be my fault. He pushed his thumb into my ass and continued to bounce me on his dickey, and he climaxed. It was finally over, though. But it wasn’t.

After that, they drank some water and gave me some Then she asked if I needed to poop; I didn’t feel like it so I said no, and then it started.
His friend grabbed my face and said, “What am I?” I didn’t know what to say. Are you a Hindu slut? I said yes. He spat on my face and said, “What are you?” I said I was a Hindu slut. He pushed a finger in my pussycat and asked if I was getting wet, and I said yes.

My bull went into his bedroom and took a small rope. It was enough, he said, and tied my hands together. Then they slapped my boobs, spread my legs, and slapped my pussycat. It was my first time experiencing something like this. Two men were fucking me and humiliating me. It was feeling like heaven at that point. I was feeling like I wanted and needed this.
I was wet, and then they made me stand up and pulled my hands up. I was standing with my hands up, and then my bull came to the back side of me and lifted my right leg up. as much as I can. And then his friend took a condom and came up in front of me. It was just as I thought. They were double penetrating me. My bull was getting in my ass, and his friend was rubbing his dick on my pussy lips and pushing it in.
I was feeling like I could die peacefully now. I felt their dickey touching through my holes, but there was a wall in between. They were in sync at first, but then my bull slowed down and his friend kept fucking.

It was like his friend thrust his dick into me, then my bull pushed his dick into my ass after that, his friend pulled out, and then my bull pulled out, so there was friction in between, and that gave me a huge orgasm. His friend was saying how much of a whore I am, and if he knew me, he would have fucked me daily and seeded me with his Muslim pure cum.

He was getting me hornier, and they both came together. My bull wasn’t wearing a condom, so he cummed straight in my ass, and his friend was in my pussy, so he was wearing a condom, and he oulled out and gave me his precious cum in my mouth. I drank it all, and he then noticed the mangalsutra. He said it was a chain and asked me if that was a mangalsutra. I said yes, and he was laughing and said to my bull, “Look, she’s a married woman.” He said he knows, and then he said, “Why didn’t you tell him earlier?” He said he would have gotten this bitch (me) pregnant. My bull said I was a regular whore for him, and he didn’t want me to be gone for some time because of pregnancy or anything else. He understood and sat on the sofa, and I sat down on the floor itself. My bull opened the knots, and my hands were free.

His friend asked me who I was married to—a Muslim or a Hindu. And he continued his question: “Is there a Hindu sissy who can’t satisfy his wife? That’s why I’m here.” He was straight to the point with this one. I nodded yes, and he giggled.

He said come to him and asked me to sit in front of his legs, and then he grabbed my face and pushed it on his dick. I was sitting in front of him, kneeling, and he was using my face as a fuck toy. He cummed in my face and kept it in till the last drop was down my throat.
It was now over, and I was all covered in sweat, and my face was covered in mud. My bull made me stand up and pushed the niqab on my face, then gave me the burqa and pushed me out of his main door.

I was all naked, and anyone could get there any second, so I quickly put on the burqa and started walking down the stairs to my home. As I was making sure that my niqab was alright, a devious man came by and asked for a flat no. I told him it was above and went to my home. It was a very tense moment. He was close to seeing me naked.

I ran to my home and went straight to the washroom, and my husband was out for his work as soon as I entered the home. He said to tell me everything later in the evening when he will be home. I quickly pushed all the cum that was in my ass and shat a lot.
I was so wet that I masturbated again and again for some time and wore some casual clothes I usually wear at home.
It was a tiring day, and I was super tired. I never expected him to share me with his friend, but I kinda did as he shared his own wife with his brother, so who am I?

I went to the main door, and I was just looking to see if his friend was going. I stood there for half an hour and saw him go.
As I saw him again, it made me horny again, so I pulled my leggings down and masturbated right there, and then I went in the bedroom and slept.
My bull called me to his home. I quickly went to his flat, and he said he was proud of me and how well I did. He said I have to have sex with him once a month, and if I don’t then he will tell him that I live just below his flat and he will fuck me in my home, and if he leaks where I live then it will not be nice for me.

I said alright, and he gave me some painkillers for the asshole they destroyed, and we just hugged and slept on his sofa at his flat.
It was nearly night, and my husband was just on his way home by that time. I told him I needed to make him some dinner quickly, so he said just make it at his apartment only, and I said ok. He was having meat at home in the fridge, so I just grabbed the vegetables from it and cooked something from that only. My husband called me, and I told him to come upstairs for dinner. He got fresh and came.

He and I had dinner together and then played some card games while sharing what we did in the afternoon. He was enjoying it and wanted to masturbate, but he didn’t. I could see the bulge he was getting while listening to all of this.

We started playing, and if I lost, there was punishment, but if I won, I was safe. And as I have never played cards, I lost, and I had to get naked and sleep on the floor.
My bull fucked me after the game was over, and he told us to sleep at his house only, so my husband slept on the sofa, and I slept on the floor next to my bull’s bed in his bedroom.
The next day we went to our home and had a pretty normal day. My husband went to work, and I did all my housework as normal.
The next day, my boss decided what to do in the long term and what my husband really wants to do about this.
My bull came for dinner at our house and talked about this. He straight up asked my husband if he wanted this long term and if he was really interested in a long term cuckolding.

He said he would be very honest about it and started talking. He has always been a target of Muslim boys in his school days, and he was always bullied by them. He told us about how those boys used to talk about Hindu women and say how they would destroy a Hindu woman’s womb if they got a hold of it.

He said that his bullies used to take him in the bathroom and humiliate him because he has a small dick. And those boys had a huge dick. He wasn’t able to stand up for his own respect as he was very nice and sweet. He wasn’t man enough. He told us about the time when his mom (my mother-in-law) came for the parent-teacher meeting and how those Muslim boys saw her with lust in their eyes, and the next day they humiliated him and told him how sexy and hot her mom was. They masturbated in front of him thinking about his mom in the washroom, and it made him like this, and he started fantasizing about his mom getting manhandled by this Muslim dick.
But it never happened, and as we were getting older and older, the internet was getting very famous. So he started looking up cuckold porn. And some Hindus watch slut porn and masturbate while watching those.

He wanted a wife that would cuckold him on the first day of the marriage, but he said we had an arranged marriage and he wasn’t free enough to tell me these things. He used to dream of having a Muslim man take his wife away, fuck her, and even impregnate her, then leave him the kid and impregnate her again and again.
My bull looked at me, and I looked at him at this point and just gestured “no” with my head. He said okay.
My husband continued and said how happy he was when I finally had sex with my bull. It made him so hard that he thought his pants were going to tear apart. He revealed that when I was upstairs getting fucked by my bulls’ friends, he cummed in his pants multiple times just thinking and listening to the moans. He wants his wife to be owned by a Muslim man, including sexually.
He then said that at some point he even thought of getting his ass fucked by a Muslim man and submitting his ass for him, but he wasn’t gay. He started fingering his ass, thinking that someday it would happen, and he used to cough immediately. He then said how much he admires Muslim men, and if he were a girl, he would have been a Muslim man’s slut for his life.

I was very shocked by this interaction, as he never mentioned any of this to me, and he then said that he is ready and wants my bull to own his wife completely and fuck her whenever and however he wants. He is even ready to submit himself to a Muslim man and be his bitch.
He then said how much he loved me, and I said that even I loved him a lot and I would never leave him.
My husband then said how he likes being humiliated, and when he was called a driver, he was getting horny, he said. It all made sense to me why he acted like this.
I yelled at him for not telling me this all before marriage, but he said he didn’t want to lose me, and he truly fell in love with me on the day he saw me. He said it doesn’t matter who makes me sexually satisfied; he said he wants me to be there for him and love him emotionally, which I used to do.

He said sorry that I had made you a slut for a Muslim man, but he said that he would never leave me and love me a lot, however I am.
I just said to him that if he had said it earlier, I would have married someone else or my bull only. I told him that’s ok, and it’s all fine as long as my bull is the one sexually satisfying me.
My bull asked him if he wants to sign a contract that he will not touch his slut for the rest of his life or if he will just take my word for it and not do it anyhow.

I interrupted him and said that the contract was not needed and let my husband speak. He said that he was satisfied the first day he saw me have sex with my bull, and he doesn’t need to have sex with me anymore. He said he would not be having sex with me.
I told them both that if he felt horny and needed sex, I would at least give him a handjob or a blowjob. I don’t want my husband to be stressed out over not getting sexual satisfaction. I want him to be happy and satisfied. My bull said, “Do whatever you want, but all three holes in my body are his, and he can’t touch them or try to do something without his permission to do so.”

So he actually listened to me and didn’t have a contract for it. I saw my husband finally calm down and eat dinner carelessly as all the burden on his mind was gone, and he was not completely open with us both.

It felt good to know my husband was very honest with me, but in my mind, I was still mad at him for not saying he always wanted his wife to be gone, so why not just be single?

I asked him why he even married me if he always wanted to let Muslim men fuck his wife. He said that his parents were not listening to him and they wanted him to get married because it would not look good in our society, and because of their old mentality, they had to make sure I was with a Brahmin girl.

This was the most intense conversation I’ve had in my entire life. It has never been this serious. My bull said to call him Jaan, from now onwards and to call my husband by his name.

After that, he taught me some rules and what I had to do every time we were together.
He told me that I should be clean and take a shower every time we were done having sex. and be clean every time.
After he told me that I should be ready to have sex or do whatever he wants me to do, I should always be ready.
Then he said, “I should never refuse for sex, and if I did, it would be bad.”

Then he told me that there are some ways to make love in Islam and rules to it, but they are not that important and they could be broken as per me because I was a slut for him and not his wife, so he said he will do whatever he wants to me.

This is it for this part, if you like them, you can give your feedback, and I will write my autobiography as fast as possible. You can also mail me at [email protected]

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