Me becoming a hotwife – Part 4

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This is the fourth part of me becoming a hotwife, and it is a continuation of part 3 Me becoming a hotwife – Part 3 . You can read Part 3 before, so you can understand this better.

After that week, I had my period, and later, when that period was over, my breasts showed up. We were waiting for him the whole week, and he showed up exactly on time for Aarti. We had our usual aarti, during which he fucked me behind while doing it and abused and humiliated me. This time, it was different. As the aarti was over, He kept his dick in my pussy and asked my husband to bring that mangalsutra that my bull bought for me, and he took me in front of the mandir and got me in doggy style while keeping his dick in my pussy and said that we are getting married here.

I was certainly excited to experience how this was going to be. He took the mangalsutra and tied it around my neck, then used it as a way to pull my neck towards him while he was fucking. I was getting choked, and then he used to let it go for me to breathe. He then asked me to stand up, and then he took me in his arms. He picked me up and told my husband to slide his dickens in my ass. It was not very useful as there was no lube on there, so he told my husband to lick his dick and then try it again. He licked his dick and did it. It went in, and then he made seven rounds in a circle and said seven prayers were done. Then he placed me down and took some sindoor and put it on my forehead and said the marriage was done, and now I am his wife and a personal slut.

After that, he smacked me in the face and told me to be ready on Friday. He went away. I sat there naked in front of the mandir and looked at my husband, and we both laughed. He was happy and said that now he was my second husband. I told him yes, and I told him that I still loved him more because he was my actual husband, and I would never leave him alone.
A few days later, on Friday, I was ready. He didn’t say anything in particular to be ready about, so I was thinking it was going to be my anal destruction or something like that, but it wasn’t. He told me to get ready and put some make-up on, and he told me to be naked. And he sat in the living room, waiting for me.
I went in and put some makeup on my face and some foundation, then went into the living room. He told my husband to bring something, but I wasn’t listening to what he said. He went in and brought the burkha we purchased last week.
He told me to wear it without anything else inside. So I was naked inside the burqa, and it was actually thicker than the normal burqa, so it wasn’t that visible.

He told me we were going to his home, and my husband was staying here only. I wasn’t expecting anything at this point because it was all new and I didn’t know what was going on. We went upstairs, and he pushed me down and told me to pray to God. like a Muslim. So he actually placed his leg on my neck and pressed it so I was putting my head down, and then he lifted it up and did this again and again till he was done.
Then he told me that he was going for his prayer to the masque and he will be back with one of his friends and I have to entertain him, and I was like, “Super shocked.” I didn’t want that to happen, so I said no and it pleased him very much that he wasn’t listening to me. He said to stay in the house and he would be back as soon as possible. He took almost half an hour or 45 minutes. I was just terrified and scared of thinking what was going to happen, and it was like a test for me. And I was so nervous. I was just looking at his home and seeing what all stuff he has. And then she sat on the sofa just waiting. I was feeling humiliated by this burqa. I am a Brahmin, and this was really making me angry.

After some time, he was here and welcomed his friend. He brought him in, and he asked, “Is that her?” and my bull said yes. Then his friend said stand up, and I did; then he told my bull to put some music on, and he sat on the sofa and told me to dance for him like a stripper. I have seen some strippers dance in the western movies, and I just shared my ass and stuff, and he said stop. He told me to come closer, lifted the burqa, and asked my bull for a condom.

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