My mom and friends

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My friends and Mom-part 1-Accidental Exposure

My name is Vaibhav and I am studying in the final year of school in Gao, India. During the summer season it is sweltering hot and sweaty inside the house as we don’t have air conditioning. Hence I go up to the terrace to study under the light next to the stairwell. We live in a 4 storied apartment building and the terrace is shared by 36 other apartments.

There are about 24 such apartment buildings in our area. There are lots of young students in college and schools in our area and many come up to the terrace to study, workout or simply for fresh air, as we are all in the same income group and hence our living conditions are similar.
My Mom works in the Government and has a steady 9-5 job and hence will help me in my studies as she has a Masters degree. We have our own nook up in the terrace which is hidden from others and we have a concrete bench to sit under a light resting against a water tank. There are some water tanks all over the terrace which hide us from the neighbouring apartments and hence we can study in peace.

As this is a very important year in school and I have to take the competitive exams for engineering admissions at the end of this academic year, my Mom and I take my studies seriously and she gets information from the internet and her other friends at work whose sons have scored well in
competitive exams.

My Mom is 40 years old as she got married at 18 (as is normal here in India) and I was born within a year. For me she was MOM and hence I thought she was like every other Mom’s except that I noticed that grownup men would behave like imbeciles in front of her and would smile widely if she just looked in their direction. I guess she is pretty but for a post puberty schoolboy women are just women and Moms are just Moms. My older friends always talked about girls but I didn’t see what the fuss is about.

My house always had visitors and my friend as well as the older boys in our area were all my friends and visited me often and let me hang out with them even though I was a few years younger. I had a lot of friends especially among the older teens of 19 or just 20 who were in University doing Engineering and Medicine. My Mom also encouraged me to make friends with these boys and asked me to learn from them so that I will also get admission with a scholarship in some good Engineering college.

My Dad was abroad in Dubai and my Mom stayed back because of her job and for my education. I am the only child hence my parents wanted the best for me.

One night as usual we were studying on the terrace and we went down to our apartment and had our supper and were back on the terrace even though it was late at night and people had gone to bed (in this city people go to bed by (9:30 or 10pm). My Mom was reading a magazine and I was busy studying when we heard footsteps and saw that it was Shekar. He was an 18 yr old engineering student who was my friend and was well built as he went to the gym to workout. My Mom liked Shekar as he was a studious and nice guy. He had a skipping rope and started skipping and after 5 mins my Mom got up and took the rope from him and started skipping as fast as he did. Her huge boobs were bouncing up and down and her skirt was flying showing her fair thick thighs. Both Shekar and I were watching with open mouth.

We were impressed and my Mom said,” what did think about me? I was an athlete in University”.

She then sat down on the bench and folded her legs. She was wearing a skirt and loose T-shirt. Shekar then told my Mom that he can do a one hand push up 10 times and started doing them in front of her. He was looking up at my Mom all the time and took his time and did the push-ups slowly. He then came and sat next to her.

I then got up and said that I can also do push-ups and started doing normal ones in front of them. When I looked up I was stunned to see that I could see my Mom’s panties clearly as she had folded her legs and her skirt was parted fully. I then realized why Shekar was excited when doing his push-ups.

He looked at me and smiled and winked at me. My Mom was not aware that her skirt was parted and she was fully exposed. She got up saying that it was late and she was going to bed and Shekar can help me with my studies-which he readily agreed.

When she left we both watched her swaying large buttocks and for the first time I saw my Mom as a woman and noticed her sexy ass. I realized that I had a hard-on and Shekar also noticed that. He immediately commented that My Mom was hot and asked me if I saw her sexy panty. I told him that she was my Mom and we should not be speaking about her in this way. He then pointed to my hard-on and smiled and left.
When I saw the look of lust in Shekar’s eyes for my Mom, I realized that my Mom was really sexy.

Shekar was a popular guy among the girls as he was handsome, tall and well built. He had a beautiful girlfriend but he never looked at her the way he looked at my Mom. That made my Mom all the more desirable. From that day onwards I started masturbating thinking about my Mom and tried at every opportunity to see more of her body.

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