Aleenama the Witch

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I called my granny, Aleenama because that how she was called by all others. And there is a reason. She was a fortune teller who was branded a witch sometimes. She used to make prdictions and give taweez for good fortune. My father was her only child. She became a widow at 40 and lived alone in her village home. The village was not far from the town we lived. One interesting thing was that whenever father faced a financial strain he used to take help from her. He behaved very obediently with her. My family visited her often. Another interesting thing was that her house temperature felt warm in winters and cool in summers. When I became old enough to drive a motor bike, I started going to her house on my own.

When I was 18, she perhaps was 58. Despite having some grey hairs, she looked younger. She had a beautiful face, wheatish complexion, big breasts and big buttocks. The house she lived in was surrounded by a fence made of standing boards. On enterence there were two ropes. Stripes of cloths hanged as if it was a shrine. A big room was reserved for visitors. In that room there were two photographs on wall. One of Aleenama with grandpa and one with my family. By looking on those photos I felt that grandmother in the picture, did not change much. On the upstairs there was a room with some books. I like to spend my time reading books left by my grandfather and father.

After my intermediate level exams, I had a lot of free time. I decided to visit Aleenama in village. One day she went for shopping with me on my motor bike. On return it started raining. As the wind picked up speed the rain became heavy.

“Hyah!” I heard her shouting in happiness.

By the time we reached home we were soaked. After entering the house she took a dry handkerchief out of her bag and asked me to wipe.

“I’m good, Aleenama you wipes first.”

I looked at her and was shocked. Her dress was so wet that it was clinging to her body, her bra and panties underneath it could be seen through. First time I’ve seen her in wet clothes. It was like scene from a movie. Her wet cloths were making her look naked. I tried to tell my mind that she was my grandma but a sensation ran through my groin. My cock became erect. She approached me and wiped my face and arms with the handkerchief she had.

“Tell me what are you nervous about?”

“Sorry but if I am excited despite being your grandson, guess how worse it can be for other men.”

She came near to me and spoke in a strange voice.
“I know why you are excited? Because you are a reincarnation of your grandpa, my dead husband,”

I smiled at this remark but fact was that I got born just after his death. As Aleenama touched my cock over my dress, her face came close to that of mine. I kissed her and she opened her lips to accept my tongue. We hugged each other and exchanged wild kisses. She took me to her room. Once inside we removed our dresses and became nude. My big cock was standing erect like an iron bar. My grandmother held my big cock on her hand and gave a few strokes. I sat down in front of her and licked her pussy. She started panting and screaming like a teenage girl. She fell on her bed. I never looked at her in an erotic way before but suddenly I wanted to fuck her.

Looking at her exposed breasts, I starteded playing with them. She lifted her legs up and spread them wide in invitation. I moved in between legs. I was not a total novice. I rubbed my cockhead up and down on her wet cunt lips. Then I inserted my cock inside her cunt. It slipped in eadily. She was soft and wet. She wrapped her arms around my neck and legs around my waist as I continued fucking her. To my surprise she was moaning in pleasure, “Ahhhh … you are a wonderful fucker, I am your bitch.”

I was too excited, or I couldn’t put up with it in a minute or two after inserting my cock. I gushed violently into her vagina.

“Twenty years…it’s been twenty years.” She moaned

I knew I came inside her but thought that due to her age it was not risky. I once slept with my mother but felt no lust in my body. Why it woke up for my grandma? I asked myself. Did she performed some magic to seduce me.

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