Sex with my cousin sister

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Hello , i am narrating a true story between me and my cousin sister. My name is jay and my cousin sister’s name is Isha. She lives her alone in her own flat and i am living in p.g , Mumbai. But every weekend i go to her house to stay.

One Friday night i went to her house late night. Next morning we had talk and everything as usual. In afternoon she went out and i was alone studying . I am 19 and she is 23 . Her figure is 36 30 34. She is fair white with big boobs . She drives me crazy in her sexy dress. So that day i was looking for some book to right and i looked in my sister’s bag , and i found out condoms .

I knew that she do hookups or not but why she carried that night she came and then later some noise came from her room. I could see from that key hole and she was naked and masturbating . My dick got erect and i couldn’t control so i straight went to bathroom to masturbate. I came out and had watch she still was masturbating and i became more horny.

Luckily sge didn’t close the door , so i went and she couldn’t cover herself. She stopped and placed her hands on boobs and pussy. She asked me what was i doing. I told that some noise came and so i came to look.

Now what to do , i told everything was fine. Then i removed my shirt and she told me what was i doing . I said everything was normal. I went near her gave har liplock and tookoff her hands .i was starring at her massive boobs .

Then i took one boob and started playing and licked the other. Then i removed my pants and we both were naked she becae horny and then we started oral. Then she put the condom i saw and i finally inserted my dick in her pussy . She was moaning so loud and i fucked her very hard. While kissing i took her to the sofa and i fucked her there on the wall .

I had great sex and she was also satisfied . I have to tell guys she has big white boobs that also much soft and seductive to play and suck them.

Thats all guys

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