How cousins turned into lovers

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Hello everyone this is Danish this side. I am a great fan of sex4stories and a regular reader as well so I decided to share a real life incident that happened in 2004 between me and my cousin sister (Masi’s daugther) who is about 6 years elder to me.

Since the incident is very old I might have forgotten some minute details but the whole experience is still fresh in my mind and thinking about it still makes me hard. The whole story built up is lengthy so please bear with me.

So I was about 21 years old at that time and was staying in Delhi preparing for an entrance exam. I am decent looking guy about 6 feet tall, well built and at that time I had a good physique as well, as I always was into sports and all.

My cousin sister Deepti (name changed) is 6 years elder to me and is my real Masi’s daughter. She got married at a very early age, may be at the age of 22-23 years and had a love marriage. She was staying at Faridabad at her husband’s house. She and her husband, both were in the same line of work and about an year and half back from the incident, her husband decided to shift to another country and the plan was that once he is settled there, he would arrange for her also to shift there and work, however, it had already been more than a year but he could not arrange for her to shift with him or may be he didn’t want to arrange but anyhow, she was practically staying alone at Faridabad with her in-laws occasionally visiting her.

I had come to Delhi in 2003 around June and was supposed to stay there till April-May, 2004. I was staying at a PG and would meet her at-least twice a month and once a month, I would go to her place for overnight stay. Her real brother, who was younger to her but elder to me was also studying in Delhi only but he too was staying with his friends in a rented accommodation. So every now and then we all used to meet and once in a while we all stayed together at her place and many times I alone used to go and stay with her for a day or overnight.

Now, let me describe her and my relationship with her in brief. She was short heighted around 5’4”, petite, very fair with excellent features. She had big eyes and protruding lip, boobs were round and firm, not shaggy and waist size was 28. Her hips were not too big and were round. Overall she had great figure and looked like a model except for her height. She was always very stylish and dressed very smartly. She would wear shorts at home and skirts while going out and always kept her arms and legs perfectly waxed. She was a real head turner. From a very young age I was attracted towards her. From the time I remember, I was attracted towards her but of course never dared to do or say anything to her before the incident. We all cousins (her 2 brothers, me and her) were very close to each other and liked each other’s company and she being very emotional, was affectionate towards her younger brothers (me and her real brother). I always liked her company and would find ways and means to be with her but nothing happened beyond that ever.

Coming back to the story now, in early Jan, 2004, I met Deepti for lunch near the place I stayed and during our conversation she proposed her that in-laws would be going back by end of this month and if I want to, I can shift at her place for the rest of my time left in Delhi. She said so out of her concern for me but I was more than happy to accept the offer because apart from her company, staying at her place would mean a much better and comfortable life compared to the life at a PG. So I informed the PG owner about leaving the PG next month and in Feb first week I shifted at Deepti’s place.

I was given the guest room and she used to sleep in her room. I used to study at night and sleep during the day and would generally meet her only in evenings as before she would wake up in the morning I had already gone to bed. On weekends we would go for outings like movies or dinners or just strolling to nearby markets and occasionally her brother would also join us. She had her husband’s car but didn’t know driving so I would drive her around. The first month of my stay was not very exciting except that every evening when she was back from office, she used to give me a tight hug and I kind of started enjoying that. In the evening we used to chit chat for some time as she cooked dinner for us. I then realized that her married life was not going well and her husband did not treat her well. In fact she told me that it was her decision to stay back in India despite the fact that she too was getting a good offer from the company her husband had shifted to. I found out that her husband even used to physically assault her and it really hurt me. How could anybody do that to a girl like her. We were bonding well with each other and this was the first time that we had spent so much time together alone. At times I would offer to make something for dinner, like omelet with coffee or maggi etc. and would ask her to relax, I would also give her a oil head massage or a simple shoulder and neck massage. On weekends, I would help her with dusting of the house and doing other household chores and all. She liked my little gestures.

With the onset of summer it started getting hot in Delhi and since her flat was on the top floor it used to get really hot during the day. The evening were relatively pleasant and cool breeze used to blow but there were too many mosquitoes in that area so we could not open the balcony door or widows for long.

So with summer coming in, she asked me to sleep in her room as there was only one AC in the house and she again started wearing shorts in the house. She looked absolutely stunning in those and some of her shorts were really short and sexy and I could see her juggling ass while she walked around. She looked absolutely killer in those clothes and it was become increasingly difficult for me to not stare at her ass. I remember once she wore low rise shorts and I looked at her with my jaws dropped, it took me a few seconds to come back to my senses. I could not take my eyes off her legs and her ass and I know that she could clearly see what was happening to me but she kept behaving normally. It was not that she was trying to seduce me, in fact thats how she was. Wearing such short clothes was like a routine for her but for me it was an unusual and erotic experience.

Summer was getting really hot and it became increasingly difficult to use any part of the flat without AC so during the day time I would mostly sleep in her room or even if after waking up, I would be in the room only.

I think it was second half of March or may be end of that month, when on Friday when she came back from office, she informed me that she will be going to office tomorrow (Saturday) as one of her friends from office has changed to another company and it her last day in office so they need to wind up a few things and that on Sunday night some of her office friends are coming over for dinner as they are giving a small farewell to their friend who was leaving. So she needed my help in cleaning the house on Sunday and setting things for the night.

Basically she wanted me to adjust my sleeping schedule for the weekend so that I can help her during the day on Sunday. So next day I did not sleep on my usual time in the morning and was awake when she got up. As she took bath I made her breakfast and tea which made her really happy. I offered to drop her to office as I was going to be awake till evening and told her not to wake me up if she finds me sleeping in the evening. We both had breakfast and I went to drop her to office and while getting out of the car she gave a hug and big kiss on my cheek. It gave me an instant hard on and the first thing I did after reaching home was to jerk off.

I was awake when she came in the evening but slept soon after she came back home and woke up around 9:00 am the next morning. When I went to the kitchen she was preparing breakfast and tea and on seeing me she greeted me with a smile and good morning. I was still groggy and sat on the dining table right in front of the kitchen looking at her. As my mind started getting active I noticed that she was wearing nice pink coloured loose shorts and I could see her white thighs. She was wearing a thin cotton t-shirt which just reached her navel and suddenly my eyes got fixed to her boobs. Oh man, I was struck by lightning, she was not wearing any bra inside and still her boobs were so firm and that they poking out of her t-shirt. The sunlight coming from the window of the kitchen was falling directly on her t-shirt making the shape of her boobs clearly visible. I was hard instantly and wanted to just hold and suck those boobs right there and then but didn’t have the guts to do such a thing. What if she feels disgusted about it. Not only my relation with her would be spoiled once and for all she can screw me really bad if she tell my parents or her parents or her brothers. I just went to the washroom and relieved myself.

I came back from the washroom and sat of the dining table again and she was sitting in front of me. I could clearly make out the shape of her nipples which were slightly visible in that white t-shirt. My little boy was troubling me again and getting hard but somehow I manage to distract myself but time and again my eyes would get glued to her boobs. She noticed me a few times but did not react or do anything, I also tried to remain casual and behaved normally. After having breakfast we got down to cleaning the house and setting the things for night and all this time I kept stealing glances of her boobs and her ass. I even got chance to feel her boobs with my elbow a few times while helping her but there was no deliberate attempt on my part to touch her or to be physical intimate or close to her. There was this constant urge in my mind to feel her body and make her mine but I kept myself under control and didn’t do anything foolish. We fixed the old desert cooler, she had, in the balcony which made the whole lobby area quite pleasant.
All this while I kept thinking if she was doing it deliberately or is this normal for her to be like that when home. I understand that it was quite hot there and by afternoon the flat had become really hot and we both were sweating so it was natural for her to wear light clothes to beat the heat but why she didn’t wear a bra. I mean she could clearly see me stealing glances at her boobs all the time but she still didn’t put on a bra.

By afternoon we had set everything for evening. After taking bath we both set down for lunch and she asked me to rest for some time. Her friends were to arrive around 7:30 pm so we had enough time rest.

In the evening I changed to jeans and t-shirt as I didn’t have fancy clothes and started putting plates and stuff on the dining table. She was getting ready and came out of her room around 7:00 pm. She wore an orange short dress which reached her knees and had a deep back and had kajal in her eyes and a pinkish lipstick. Her lipstick was matching with her dress but was not orange. She was looking absolutely stunning and I am sure she could read that in my eyes. I could not stop myself from giving her a complement that she was looking very pretty. She blushed and said thanks. She was smelling really nice. I really wished if had been my girl friend, I could just make love to her the whole day. I simply wanted to kiss her and make love to her there in the lobby. I wanted to play with her boobs and lick her thighs and suck her pussy. I just wanted to fuck her. That moment I decided to do something about it but obviously I had no clue about how to seduce her. All I knew was that she was definitely sex starved but would she be fine with having sex with her younger cousin brother but I was sure that I had to take chance and if I really wanted her, I must think and plan something.

Her friends started arriving, around 7 people were invited. 3 males and 4 females and all her female friends were hot chicks but I was too mesmerized by Deepti to notice them much and my eyes were on her only. I think I was just trying to figure out if she is seeing any of the guys or is she having some other man in her life.

The party went well but we got very late, I think it was 12:30 am or so when we wound up everything and came to the room to sleep. We were so tired that within 10 minutes of lying down we both fell asleep. I got up late the next morning and by the time I got up she was leaving for office. She told me that she had made sandwiches for me and had kept them in hot case. She then hugged me and kissed me on the cheek and left for the office. I got hard again and after she left I jerked off remembering her.

The day went by like any other day but I had the memories from the previous day to cherish and make me horny.

In the evening when Deepti came back she looked really tired and exhausted. I inquired and she told me that as she could not get enough rest during the weekend she is feeling really exhausted and wanted to rest. So she asked me to order food from outside as she didn’t have the strength to cook today. I told her not to worry, I’ll order something from the market. I made her sit on the dining table chair and started massaging her neck and shoulder. I knew she really enjoyed the massage. After about 15 mins or so I told her to take bath and relax in the room and that after dinner I would massage her legs as well. I had no ill will in making the suggestion, I simply wanted to make her feel better. So after dinner when she was lying down on the bed, I started pressing her feet. She felt very relaxed and after that I slowly started pressing her calf muscles. I could feel that her muscles were very stiff and I told her that she should get them massaged regularly or start yoga or something. I was pressing her legs only below her knees but abruptly told me to stop and that she is feeling sleepy now. So I stopped the massage and went outside to continue my routine of studying at night.

I had a very strong sense that she got aroused by my touch and that she didn’t want things to go further and that is why she asked me to stop. I now knew that this massage thing might turn out to be my path to her body. If I get more chances to massage her, I’ll definitely be able to arouse her to the extent that she herself surrenders her body to me. Now I atleast had a plan in my head, it might or might not work out but I wanted to take a chance and it was kind of safe as well. She would not get suspicious about my intentions till the last minute but I had to be slow and take only one step at a time.

Day – 1 (Tuesday)
I prepared everything for the evening before she came back from office. The plan was to first put hot water soaked towels on her legs and then massage her but I would just confine myself to below the knee. She came home, cooked food and as soon as we finished our food, I stood behind her back and started massaging her back and neck. She thanked me and I told her that I have something more for today. She was surprised and asked me what? I told that you are stretching yourself too much, you need to slow down and take care of yourself as well. You are deteriorating your health. It would trouble you in long run. I asked her to change and come to the bedroom.
I had already laid towels on the bed so that it doesn’t get wet and when she came I asked her to lie straight on her stomach. I felt her calf muscles and told her that they are very stiff and need to be softened first. So I covered both her legs uptill her knees with hot water soaked towels and started gently pressing over them. She was enjoying it and told me that it is very relaxing. After keeping the towels for about 10 minutes, I removed the towel from her left leg and put a few drops of oil and started massaging her legs. I massages her foot as well in the process. I noticed that in between she would move her crouch and press herself to the bed. She probably was trying to press her pussy on the bed because she was feel aroused by the massage. I massaged her leg for about 10-12 minutes then shifted to the other leg and massaged that also for about the same time.
After finishing the massage I gently run my fingers over her legs. As I finished the massage and told her that it is over, she reacted as if I have woken her up from sleep and I felt that she didn’t want the massage to get over so soon but she didn’t say anything, thanked and went to the washroom.

Meanwhile, I wound up everything and sat on the dining table pretending to study. The washroom was right outside her room and the door opened in the gallery leading to her room from the lobby. The other room too had a separate washroom but that opens, both in the room as also in the lobby, but the washroom being used by her didn’t have direct connectivity to her room and it opened in the gallery of her room. As I sat on the dining table I realized that was taken more than usual time in the washroom. One doesn’t need that much time to pee. I changed by position on the dining table and sat in a way that I can see her when she comes out. After some time, when she came out of the washroom her face was red from cheeks and she looked at me, smiled and said good night and went to her room. I was sure that she was masturbating in the washroom and that the massage is working its magic.

Day – 2 (Wednesday)
The previous day’s experience gave me more confidence and I was sure that the plan is working. So today I decided to take the next step forward. So after dinner I again asked her to lie down on her stomach and she readily did it. She was wearing loose shorts today and the fabric was light. I mean, one could push the legs of the shorts up without much difficulty. So when she lied down, I started putting towels on her left leg. I first covered her calf muscles with hot towels and then started covering the upper portion of her leg. I pushed her shorts little up to put the towels. She reacted a little when I pushed her shorts up but I pretended as if I didn’t notice and continued to do my work and she also did not stop me. I repeated the exercise as yesterday, pressed her leg over the towels for about 10 minutes, removed the towel from her calf area and after re-soaking it put it on the other leg. Massaged her calf with little oil for 5 minutes, then I removed the towels from the upper portion of the leg (back of thighs) and after putting some oil, I started massaging her leg from down to up. I was conscious enough to stop just inched away from her pussy and even though I was not touching her pussy but her body movement clearly told me that she was getting turned on. I massaged her leg for 10 minutes and then repeated the same exercise on the other leg. By the time I finished the other leg she was already clinching her pillow tightly with her head buried in it. Though I didn’t want to stop and wanted to make her cum but I decided to stick to my plan and told her that the massage was over and that she can now go to sleep. She thanked me and as expected she went to the washroom to relieve herself.

Day 3 – Thursday.
Everything was going as planned and today I had to take the most significant step i.e. touching her pussy while massaging. Everything would depend on her reaction and I knew that if she doesn’t stop me today then her pussy and boobs are not far and I would soon be enjoying by elder sister’s body. To my surprise, she came back from office early and there was a sense of excitement in her voice as if she was looking forward to the massage session but was pretending that it was just a routine for her. After dinner, I moved as planned as I started placing the towels on her leg. I pushed her shorts up and a part for her ass got exposed but she didn’t react. After massaging her calf area for some time I started to massage her upper leg now from down to up and this time I took my hands up till the end of her leg. She did not stop me or react but her body shuddered when I touched her sensitive spot. After massaging from down to up. I held her thighs in both my hands and massaged in circular motion around her thighs. In this action the side of my knuckle was touching her pussy continuously and her body started twitching. After doing it for about 10-15 minutes I shifted to the other leg and repeated the same exercise. All this while she was simply digging her head in the pillow and held it tightly. Probably she was trying to suppress her moans. As I finished the massage and told her to get up and sleep, she kept lying there with her head in the pillow for a few minutes. I could clearly make out that she wanted to reach orgasm but as I stopped the massage she was left high and dry. So after some time, she got up and went to the washroom to relieve herself. I was giving her only a limited dose so that she craves for more from me. I didn’t want her to resist or refuse me when I would ask for the forbidden fruit.

Day 4 – Friday
Today was the day when I wanted to make by final move and make her mine. The next day being her off, it suited me as we would have the night with us and the next 2 days of free time to explore each other. I was not a virgin at that time but I won’t say that I had a lot of experience. During my college days I remained in relationship for around 18 months till my GF moved abroad. During our relationship, me and my gf had sex couple of times, may be 8 or 9 times and that too in the last 7-8 months of the relationship. Now for the last about more than a year I hadn’t had sex so I was not quite confident about how would I perform in bed with her, especially taking in consideration the fact that she was way more experienced than me. I was under kind of performance anxiety. I spent the day sleeping and was preparing myself for a long night. I kind of sorted in my head that if I want to succeed today then I had to make sure that she doesn’t cum on her own and that I make her cum. If I am not sure about being able to make her cum with my dick then I should first give her a oral because it was necessary that we break that barrier of inhibition and decency today and once that happens she would start taking me as a man and not simply her brother. So, hoping for the best, I moved ahead with my plan and waited for her to come back from office. I could see the excitement in her eyes as if she too was anticipating something today. Since it was a Friday, we decided to order food from outside and sat down chit chatting and all throughout my mind was simply re-running the whole sequence to events that I planned for that day. So I was simply listening to her office stories.

As she laid down for her massage session my heart was racing faster than ever and it was a make or break moment for me. I started putting towels on her left leg and pushed her shorts up. I purposely pushed it quite up to reveal her ass as much as possible but Deepti did not object. After massaging her calf area, I started with the upper portion like I had done yesterday. I was continuously touching her pussy while massaging and she he body was twitching. I did it for 15 minutes or so and then shifted to the other leg and repeated the same thing. She was totally turned on and it was my time to make the final move. I tapped on her shoulder and asked her to turn around and lie down on her back with her face up.

She obliged and laid on her back. Her face was red but she kept her eyes closed. My eyes fell on her chest and I saw she was not wearing any bra and her nipples were already hard and poking through her t-shirt. I put some oil on her legs and started massage. I was concentrating on her thigh only. Without asking her I simply spread her leg a little bit and continued the massage. I could see that she was wearing a panty under her shorts. Now with every slide on her thigh my hand was touching her pussy and at one point when I gripped her thighs to massage them in circular motion the side of my hand was completely touching her pussy and I massaged her thigh. She was clearly trying to control her moans but was not able to do that completely and as and when my hand touched her pussy a moan would escape from her mouth. I kept shifting between the thighs for some time and when I felt that she is almost at her orgasm I stopped. Then I shifted to her side and lifted her t-shirt till her boobs. Her sexy tummy was now exposed to me and it was looking just perfect. I poured some oil and started massage her. In the process I pushed her shorts a little. She had eyes closed as if inviting me to take her and make her mine and my dick was also now completely hard. I felt that the moment has come and that I should now make the move.

I was massaging her tummy with my left hand and with my right hand I just opened the button of her shorts and before she could react or do anything my hand was already inside her panty and was pressing my pussy. As soon as my hand touched her pussy she left a loud moan and as a reflex she caught my hand with both her hands but it was already too late. Her pussy was dripping wet my middle finger already playing with it, often entering her hole. She clutched her legs but my hand was already in position.

With my left hand I pushed her t-shirt above her boobs and took her boob in my mouth. She left another loud moan as I sucked her boob. Now she was in my complete control. I sucked her nipples hard one by one and while doing so my right hand started pushing her shorts and panty down. She was not co-operating till that time and I was unable to push her shorts down with one hand. She was not stopping me also but was also not participating actively as yet. So I had to think quick to get her panty off. I had her one boob in my mouth and I held her panty with my right hand from one side and held the other side of her panty with my foot fingers and with one push, her panty and short reached around her knees. I then put my foot in between her legs and pushed the shorts and party down and out of her legs.

I immediately placed myself in between her legs and straightaway put my lips on her pussy. She was moaning very loudly now with the sound of ‘Ummmmm’ and ‘Oooooooo’ and she raised her back in excitement. I kissed her wet hole, it was clean with very little growth and was pink and juicy. I started sucking it vigorously like a hungry dog and she was moaning like anything. I put my tongue inside and kept licking it and sucking it. It was absolutely a heavenly experience. Suddenly she held my head and started pressing it on her pussy. I knew she is now reaching her orgasm so I continued to play with her clit with my tongue and in just a few minutes she burst out and it was a long orgasm. I felt that she squirted but I was not but she had a great orgasm. I put my finger inside her pussy and kept my thump on her clit and continued to play with her pussy like that. While continuing to do that I got up and reached up to her face on my knees. I simply lowered my boxer in front of her face and my dick just sprang out. I caressed her forehead and she open her eyes and without any thought or resistance she just took my dick in her mouth. I must say, she was a pro in giving blowjobs. She would take my whole dick in her and make a pop sound while taking it out of her mouth. She was licking it and kissing it and then sucking. She too wanted a dick for long now and was enjoying the moment without really thinking about whom is she having sex. I took my dick out of her mouth and indicated her to such my balls, she looked at me in the eyes and started licking my balls and sucking them. I was in heaven. After letting her play with my ball for some time and I against offered her my dick to suck and she obliged. I told her to make me cum and she increased her pace. I a few minutes I was ready to cum and I told her but she kept sucking and was looking at me. She wanted me to cum in her mouth. In some time I exploded. I can’t explain in word how I felt. I just came in her mouth and she sucked me dry. My hand was still playing with her pussy and it was still wet asking for more.

I removed my clothes and she removed her t-shirt. I lied down with her and kissed her on lips and she reciprocated. We passionately kissed each other. I could smell my cum from her mouth and it was kind of erotic. I was pressing her boobs and kissing her and we were eating each other’s lips like there is no tomorrow. We were sucking each other’s tongues like we were long separated lovers.

I kissed her neck, her shoulders, feeling and licking her soft skin. I sucked her ear lobes and she started moaning again. I went on to such her boobs now. I wanted to feel and lick each part of her body. I sucked them hard and she her hands were only hair. I took them in my mouth one by one. They were so juicy. She pushed me on the side and put her leg on me. She kept her boobs hanging near my mouth and when tried to take them in my mouth, she put her thumb in my mouth. She was playing games with me and wanted me to crave for her melons. I too like it and played along. When I could not take it any longer I held hand behind her back and started sucking her hanging boobs. We both were totally into each other.

She then grabbed my dick and started to massage it. I was hard again. She then went south and started sucking my dick again and did it for about 5 minutes. She came up again and kissed me on lips. I pushed her back on the bed and started kissing her body from head to toe. I kissed her flat tummy and went on to kiss her white thigh till her feet. Then I started planting kisses on her pussy and started sucking it again. She was moaning in pleasure now. She lifted up my face and said ‘I want you inside’. I obliged and put my dick on the entrance of her hole and started pushing it inside. She was tight but extremely wet and greasy. I inserted my dick inside her pussy and was now feeling the her warmth around it. I was fucking her slowly and enjoying every moment of it and she too was enjoying it and moaning. Now I was sure that she had not fucked anybody except her husband coz she was really tight. I increased my pace and her moans increased with the pace. I kissed her on lips and she responded. Now I was ramming her vigorously and she was moaning like hell. In some time, she started saying that she is cumming, I too was almost there. Her nails were almost digging in my ass and she was screaming in pleasure and she came. It took me another 2 minutes to cum and I came on her tummy.

She cleaned herself and we just kept lying down hugging each other. She was hugging me, resting her head on my arm and keeping her leg on me. Her hand was on my chest. No words exchanged we kept lying like that for some time and in between I kissed her forehead.

I wanted more of her, though I knew I have her for the whole weekend but I hadn’t had enough of her as yet but at the same time I was not sure if she wanted more or if she is wanted to rest. So we just kept lying as it is waiting for our bodies to recover a bit. About 10 minutes of just lying down, I lifted her chin kissed her pick lips, she also responded and kept her hand at the back of my head as if waiting for me to make the move. Within minutes we again were kissing each other passionately. She started stroking my dick and I was pressing her boobs. I then turned her around and her started kissing her back and neck. She was now lying on the bed on her stomach and I was kissing and licking her back. I moved down kissed her ass and sucked her butt cheeks. I kissed her all over. I then started sucking her earlobes again and now my right hand was squeezing her boobs. She turned her face and we started kissing again.

She turned around, pushed me and came on me and started kissing me all over. She sucked my nipples, kissed my stomach and proceeded towards my dick. After planting several kisses on my dick she started sucking it again. She would lick it, lick the balls and then suck it. She would look me in the eyes and she looked so sexy. After about 5 minutes or so, I pulled her up and asked her to bring her pussy near my face. She came over my face on her knees and offered her juicy and wet pussy to me to eat. I sucked it and licked it. I then told her to take my dick in and she obliged. Oh man she was an expert in this as well, she was riding me so erotically and it was a total out of the work experience. I kept squeezing her boobs and pinching her nipples and she increased her pace. After some time of riding, she came and lied on my chest but I was still midway. So I asked her bend and let me enter her from behind. She came in doggy position and I started fucking her from behind. I held her hair and started fucking her vigorously. She was screaming again and I too was about to reach my climax, I told her that I am about to cum and she told me to cum inside her. I increased my pace and came inside her but kept pumping her and within seconds she also had her orgasm.

We just kept lying down on the bed exhausted. After some time, she got up and switched off the lights and came and hugged me. We kissed each other and slept hugging each other.

The next 2 days were Saturday and Sunday and I would write another story about how we spent those days and our new found love. I stayed with her for another about 2 more months and those were probably the best 2 months of my life. I would love to share all my experiences with you guys. Waiting for your feedback and comments.

Comments and feedback are welcome and I can be contacted at [email protected].

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