The Adventures Of Carly, Part 1

The Adventures Of Young Carly
Part 1
By August

My name is Carly Rabinowitz. In the next few stories, I would like to share my sexual history with you. I hope you will enjoy reading about it, as much as I enjoyed experiencing it.
I was born in 1975, in the suburbs of Irvine, which is in Orange County, California. I have a brother who is 3 years older than me, and a sister who is five years older. So yes, I am the baby of the family. Our parents divorced when I was 5, so we were raised by a single mother.
This story starts one Thursday night, in the spring of ’86, when I was 11. I was a cute little girl, 4ft 9, skinny, with shoulder length brown hair, and I wore glasses. I hadn’t gone through puberty of any kind yet.
That night, I saw something that would change my life. It was. My brother had a bunch of videotapes, in those days. I was looking through them, looking for something to watch. He didn’t really like me going in his room and looking through his stuff, but I didn’t really care. Nothing was really of interest to me anyway. It was mostly like sci-fi and fantasy movies, stupid shit he liked.
Then I found it. In the group, I saw a video box with a really colorful picture. It showed a black woman in a pink bikini eating cotton candy on the cover. I thought, that looks like something fun. I popped the movie in his VCR, not knowing what to expect.
I couldn’t believe what I saw! In the first few minutes of the tape, she met a guy at the beach. Then she took him to her house an d started fucking him! It was just a few minutes after they met. Then in the next scene, she had sex with a woman! I never saw anything like this before. I just knew I liked it.
I slipped my right hand into my shorts and panties, and found my hairless cunnie. I knew recently from going to the bathroom and rubbing it with toilet paper that doing that can feel really good. It did. Watching all the hot action and rubbing my prepubescent pussy made me feel warm all over. I moaned. Then I started to shake a little. I now know that I was having my first orgasm.
Then the door opened, and my 14 year old brother Aaron walked in. “Oh my God!” He exclaimed. “What are you doing?” I quickly pulled my hand from my shorts, and turned off the movie. I froze a bit, and he did too. Then I said, “Sorry,” and ran out of this room.
I went to the bathroom, and closed the door. I had to pee anyway. I pulled my shorts and panties down, sat on the toilet and started to piss. As soon as it was done, I started to wipe. Then I rubbed my pussy some more, hoping to get that feeling again. Then it did happen, another small orgasm. I wasn’t sure why, but I took my hand to my mouth to taste it. I stuck two fingers in my mouth, and tasted the mix of my piss and girl juice. I loved it.
The next morning, we saw each other at breakfast before going to school. We didn’t say anything about what happened the previous night. We barely spoke to each other or made eye contact. I guess we were both just so embarrassed, and felt if we ignored it, it would go away. Our 38 year old mom Carolyn said, “Gee, you kids are quiet today! We should have more days like this.” Aaron said, “Sorry mom.”
I rode my bike to the school where I attended sixth grade. The classes were pretty much the same as always, and I talked to a few friends at lunch. Then it was time for fourth period, which was gym class. In the locker room the girls and I changed into our gym stuff, as we do every day.
But today was different. I couldn’t help but look at the other girls when they were changing. I tried not to be noticed as I was staring at them, but I don’t know if I succeeded. They were all so cute. Most of them had underdeveloped bodies like me, no tits or pubic hair to speak of. But some of them were beginning to blossom already. Sally Tran, one of my closest friends, had the lovely beginnings of breasts on her chest. She had a wisp of hair on her crotch, and I could still see her slit. She actually bent over at one point, oblivious to my stares, and I saw her little butt hole. I liked that the most.
The one person who seemed to notice was our p.e. teacher, Ms. Johnston. I now know she was a lesbian, probably in the closet in those days. She was a black lady, and had short, close cropped hair. Her tits seemed really big to me, and I hoped to grow like that soon.
She tapped me on the shoulder, startling me. “Sorry Carly,” she said, “But you had better get dressed for volleyball now.” “Okay, Ms. Johnston.” I thought, how much did she see? I now know she loved looking at all of us girls too.
After my last class of the day, I went to the school bathroom. I went in to the stall, and made sure the door was closed and locked behind me. I sat on the toilet, and after I peed, I masturbated again. I was quickly becoming very good at it, and I came two times. I heard the other girls coming and going, so I tried to be quiet.
I thought about that scene in the movie when the actress did it with the other girl. Suddenly I wished I could do those things with Sally, kiss her, suck on those large nipples, and eat our her pussy. I’m sure she would do the same back to me. Then I thought about Ms. Johnston, and I got even more fucking hot.
I tasted my fingers again. Then I had an idea. I hadn’t flushed the toilet yet. I’m not sure why I had this instinct, but I stuck my right hand into the toilet. I brought it to my mouth and tasted my piss. I loved the taste. I still love the taste of piss to this day, my own and other girls’.
I pulled my t-shirt over my head. Of course I didn’t need a bra yet. I started rubbing my small red nipples. I noticed they felt hard for the first time. I wished I could suck on them, but I wasn’t able to yet. I came a third time, this time kinda loud. I don’t think there were any girls out there.
Then I decided to get home, so I dressed. I rode my bike home, and I felt pleasure from the bicycle seat for the the first time. I went to my room and started my homework. I heard Aaron and my sister Anne come home from high school. Our mom was still away at work. My siblings were fighting a bit, as they often did.
He started to go to the bathroom, and passed by my open door. He looked in, and I looked up from my social studies book at him. He said nothing. I noticed he had a bulge in his jeans. I tried to break the tension, and said, “Hey, Aaron! Take a picture, it will last longer!” He laughed a bit, and I laughed too. “Hi Carly. How was school?” “Okay, same old thing. I don’t have too much homework today. And oh, I’m sorry I watched your video last night.” “Oh, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it. I’m going to take a shower.”
He walked to the bathroom, closed the door, and started the shower water. I tried to concentrate on my homework, but all I could think about was my brother. I liked seeing the bulge in his pants. In school health class, we learned about erections, but I had never seen a real penis before, just drawings. I wondered if his cock was as big as the guy in the video I had seen.
That video had really inspired me. I wanted to have those same experiences, and I wanted to start right away. I started to cry a little, but I knew what I had to do. I pulled my t-shirt and my shorts and panties off. Then, I took a deep breath. I walked to the bathroom and opened the door. The shower was running, and Aaron couldn’t hear me come in. I pulled the shower curtain back.
My brother was facing away from me, and the first thing I saw was his cute teen ass. He quickly spun around, and his eyes were wide open. He wasn’t the best looking guy in the world, but I knew he would do. I tried to get a look at his dick, but he quickly covered it with his hands.
His voice cracked a bit, and he exclaimed, “What? What are you doing? You’re naked!” “Well, yeah,“ I responded, “So are you.” “I’m taking a shower!” I felt so proud of my body, as I displayed it to him. I spun around, and said, “Do you like what you see?” “Well, um, yeah. You’re real pretty. But you should go.” I appreciated the awkward compliment, and ignored the second sentence.
“Aaron, I have a question. Have you ever done it before?” “Done what?” “You know, like those people in your video. Are you still a virgin?”
“Um,” he muttered, “Well, no. I’ve done it, lots of times.” I knew he was bullshitting, but I nodded yes. “Aaron, do it to me. Make me a woman.” He responded in shock, “Carly, no! That would be like so wrong. You’re my sister.”
I walked closer to him, stepped into the shower, and pulled the curtain behind us. The water was still running. I took my right hand, and touched his cock. It was really hard. I was proud that I was able to do that to him. It felt so good in my hand. He moaned. “Oh Carly. Do that some more. Stroke my dick.” I continued doing it for a few minutes.
Then I knew what else I wanted to try. I got down on my knees, and took it in my mouth. I had never given a blow job before, of course, but I think I did pretty well. “Oh my God!” he exclaimed. “Suck it. Suck me off good.”
After about five minutes of this, I knew it was time for the main event. I got up, put my hands on the shower wall, and pushed my ass towards him. “Do it to me,” I commanded. He said, “But it might hurt you.” “I don’t care. Just do it, okay? Fuck me.”
He put his hands on my shoulders. I felt his cock rub against my pussy. Then he started to push it in. Further and further. Then he did it, he thrust it all the way in, bursting my cherry. It did hurt, but in a good way. Blood came out of my cunnie, and ran down the shower drain, just like in “Psycho.” Tears were streaming down my face, from the pain and pleasure. He kept pumping me. He came after like two minutes. I felt him spew his cum into me.
Then he pulled out, grabbed his towel, and ran out of the bathroom. I was a bit puzzled by that behavior. Was it going to be awkward between us again?
But no matter. I was so proud that I wasn’t a virgin anymore. I loved the feeling of being fucked, and I knew I wanted more of it. I wanted to be a real slut, just like the girl in the video. I knew there were plenty of boys at my school I could try it with. There were more high school boys, and even grown men. Plus I knew I wanted to try it with girls.
This was the beginning of the end for me.

Part 2 coming soon.
For any comments or questions, you can reach me:
August at [email protected]

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