Hot Neighbour Aunty And Mom – Part 1

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Hi, my name is Ajay. I am from Bangalore. This happened when I was studying my degree final year. I am very interested to see the boobs of aunties and have a fantasy to fuck them badly.

My neighbour aunty Pooja is a sex goddess. She has big boobs and brown pussy. She is so beautiful and her age is 40. Her husband already passed away and she has a daughter who is 22 years old.

My mother Shobha is also sexy and her age is 46. She has big boobs and big round ass.

Those two are the heroines of this story.

Coming to the story, my father is a businessman who is in Delhi and comes home once a month. My mom and Pooja aunty are too close and both families helped each other.

When my fifth semester was completed, I got some holidays and I was at my house. Every day I keep observing Pooja aunty’s boobs and her beauty. I was waiting for a chance to seduce her and fuck her.

Pooja aunty had sent her daughter to her grandmother’s house at that time as she had holidays too.

One day my mom went to attend our relative’s marriage and she requested my neighbour aunt to take care of me for two days. I was so excited thinking it was the golden opportunity to seduce Pooja aunty.

After mom left for the marriage, Pooja aunty called me. When I reached her house, she welcomed me and told me to wait while she brought me coffee.

While giving coffee, she bent down. I saw her huge boobs without blinking my eyes. She smiled and sat beside me. I was surprised by this.

Pooja: Ajay, I want to ask you one thing.

Me: Tell me, aunty.

Pooja: I saw you looking at me many times when I bent or walked around, why do you do so?

Me: Aunty..Aunty that is.. (I was shocked and trying to find words to answer her).

Pooja aunty kept her hand on my lap and said, “Don’t hesitate, tell me the truth.”

Me: Okay aunty, I will tell you the truth. You are so beautiful and you have sexy boobs. Whenever I look at your boobs, I feel aroused. I have jerked off many times in the bathroom by imagining fucking you.

Pooja: Then why didn’t you tell me this before?

Me: I was afraid that my mom might come to know this if I told you.

Pooja: What if your mom comes to know this?

Me: Please aunty, don’t tell this to mom.

Pooja: If you don’t want to tell your mother, then you have to fulfill your fantasy. You know, I haven’t had sex since from my husband’s death. I need a cock and I trust you.

I was on cloud nine after hearing that.

After getting the green signal from my neighbour aunty, I quickly grabbed her and kissed her lips!

Pooja: Come on my Raja, I have been waiting for this long time. Please fuck me and make me your slut.

I never thought Pooja aunty was this bold until that moment.

I and Pooja aunty got naked within minutes. Pooja aunty then took me to the bedroom. She knelt in front of me and took my cock into her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. I was so excited about my dream of fucking this sexy lady coming true.

Pooja aunty jerked off my cock and dragged me down and kissed me. I sucked her huge boobs which were like ripe mangoes. I enjoyed sucking her boobs while she sucking my cock in 69 position.

Then she asked me to lick her pussy. She opened her legs for me and I sucked her clean shaved pussy. She was moaning, “Ahhhh…come on my Raja..Suck like that..Suck your mom’s friend.. suck your aunty.. make me your randi. Suck baby, please suck deeper…”

Her moans were making me more horny and soon, she spilled her juice. It was too tasty.

Now it was the time for the final action of inserting my hard dick into Pooja aunty’s wet pussy. Pooja aunty dragged me and spread the legs and asked me to insert my rod slowly.

As I was inserting, I was like in heaven. Pooja aunty kept moaning, “Yeahhhh…fuck me, my Raja…hmm fuck…fuck your aunty…fuck harder yeah… I am your slut from now…”

I got even excited and began to stroke faster. She was in heaven and moaning non-stop.

Then I asked her to stand in doggy style. I went behind her and inserted my dick into her cunt. She shouted, “Wow, that’s too good.. fuck your aunty..yeah fuck.”

After fucking her for almost 30 minutes, I shot my hot cum inside Pooja aunty’s sweet pussy. She smiled and kissed me and we slept naked.

Pooja: Ajay, I am so happy to have sex with you. Thank you so much. From now on, I am your wife and you are my husband you can fuck me whenever you want.

Me: Thank you, aunty. My dream came true today. What if my mom comes to know this?

Pooja: Don’t worry, I know your mom. She is also very horny for sex as your dad is mostly away. If you agree, I will arrange your mom to add to our fantasy!

Me: But, will she agree for this?

Pooja: So you have the desire to fuck your mom too, right?

Me: Of course, aunty. I saw her naked many times while bathing and is so excited to fuck her. But I am afraid about whether she agrees or not.

Pooja: Do you know, your mom also has a desire to get fucked by you, but she hesitates to ask you. That’s why she asked me to seduce you so that she can join us later.

I was shocked to hear this. I felt so happy that my mom also had the same feeling as I had and told Pooja aunty that I want to fuck both of them in a threesome.

Pooja: When your mom comes back, let’s plan that.

Me: What about your daughter?

Pooja: Don’t worry, we will make her join our fantasy later and let her enjoy our sexual relationship.

My cock was ready for round two hearing all these. I hugged Pooja aunty and kissed her. She kissed me back passionately and we started our second session. I

I sucked her boobs and she moaned. She then quickly got down and sucked my rod and made it fully erect. Then I sat on the couch and she sat on my lap. She inserted my dick inside her pussy. Wow, what a sexy position was that!

Aunty started bouncing on my dick and was enjoying it. I was fucking her fast for a while. Then I lifted her and let her pussy get fully down on my dick. My dick was going deeper into her pussy now and she was in ecstasy.

After fucking my neighbour aunty for 40 minutes, I unloaded my cum in her pussy again. We went to the bathroom, took a shower together. The next two days we fucked the whole day and night.

After that, my mom came back from the marriage function. I was so excited about fucking my own mom soon.

Hot Neighbour Aunty And Mom – Part 2

I will share the story of how we had a threesome with mom and aunty in my next story.

If any aunties and unsatisfied aunties in Bangalore want to enjoy, mail me [email protected] I will help you and satisfy your fantasies.

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