Hot Neighbour Aunty And Mom – Part 2

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Hi guys, I am Ajay. In my previous story, I have shared how I fucked my neighbour aunty Pooja. If you have not read that story, please click here and read it first.

Coming to the second part of the story – as I already informed, my mom also had the same sexual desires that I had. I came to know it from Pooja aunty.

After two days, mom returned to our house after attending the wedding. After having breakfast, I went outside to play cricket. Mom went to Pooja aunty’s house. Pooja aunty told mom about what happened between me and Pooja aunty two days ago. Mom was so surprised but also excited to know this to know that I also had sexual desires on her.

They talked and decided to make it (our threesome sex) happened. They took bath at Pooja aunty’s place, cleanly shaved their pussies, and waited for my arrival.

After 12 pm, I came home and saw mom was not home. As I saw mom at Pooja aunty’s place, I realized mom must have learned the whole story by then.

I went inside, took a bath and came out. Mom and Pooja aunty had come to my house in the meantime. I saw mom and Pooja aunty sitting in the bedroom and talking. They saw me and smiled. I too smiled. Pooja aunty showed thumbs up signaling mom was on board with this idea. I was so excited and I went to my room.

When I went to my room, Pooja aunty followed me.

Pooja: Hey darling, I talked to your mom. She is so excited and ready to be fucked by her son!

Me: Really?! Thank you so much, aunty! I am also so excited, but I got shy when I saw her face.

Pooja: Your mom also said the same. That is why she sent me here. I have planned something.

Me: What is it?

Pooja: I will tie a cloth around your eyes and blindfold you and then take you to your mom. She will also be blindfolded. So both of you can meet with feeling shy. Once both of you are ready, I will remove it.

Me: Wow, nice idea, let’s do it.

Pooja aunty went to mom’s room and came back after a few minutes. She then blindfolded me and took me to my mom’s bedroom. Mom was is in her room. As I went in, she welcomed me and Pooja.

I went and hugged mom and kissed her and said, “I love you, mom.”

Mom: I love you too, baby. I have seen you jerking off many times in the bathroom. I have planned to get laid with you since then.

But I hesitated and kept quiet. Finally, I spoke.

Me: Even I have seen your naked body many times while you took baths which created the desire in me to fuck you. When Pooja aunty told me that you also had the same desires on me, I couldn’t believe it.

Mom: Hmm, come on son, enough of chit-chat. Today you should fuck me hard and make my dream true.

Pooja: I think both of you aren’t shy anymore. So, open your blindfolds.

We both opened blindfold. We looked deeply into each other’s eyes and then kissed. Pooja aunty interrupted us and asked with a smile, “Can I join, guys?”

Me: Come on aunty, you are the director of this incest show.

Mom removed my clothes and I removed hers and make her nude. I was so aroused after seeing my mom’s coconut-like boobs and her shaved pussy.

Mom: Wow Pooja, my son has a good dick and it is too hard after seeing me naked.

Pooja: Yeah, I can say that it is a good one and can dig pussy so well from my experience.

Mom: I want to taste that rod badly.

Saying so, mom made me lie down and took my dick in her mouth and started giving a blowjob.

Me: Yeah mum, suck it..yeah hmm ha super..yeah mom..suck it, suck it.

Meanwhile my neighbour aunty came to me and sat on my face making me lick her pussy. As I was licking Pooja aunty’s pussy, aunty started moaning, Yes baby..suck me deep..suck.. please suck yeah…Ahhh yeah..”

Mom: Wow, it seems my son licks pussy so well. Let’s change the positions.

Mom came and placed her pussy on my mouth and Pooja aunty went to suck my dick.

Me: Mom, your pussy is so tasty.

Mom had already started moaning, “Yeah baby..suck…this is too good.. your dad never suck my pussy like this. Wow, yes son.. suck your mommy’s pussy deeper..”

After 15 minutes, we got up and I started to suck my mother’s boobs. They were too big. Mom’s nipples had got hard and she was rubbing her boobs and moaning.

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