Wife fucks her ex while husband watches

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Spring had sprung and Jolene and I needed to step out for a night of fun, deciding to go to a jazz club about a 20-minute drive from our home. I slipped into a nice pair of slacks, some loafers and a neatly pressed long sleeve shirt, I was feeling pretty good about myself as I left Jolene still deciding what to wear. My wife had just finished her make-up and was standing in her closet going through her clothes. I stopped at the doorway to take in her long tanned legs, fine firm ass and very supple tits, my cock began stirring as she told me to go away and let her dress in peace!! I reached for her chest as she pushed the door closed telling me I was a dirty old man!! I responded that was why I married a pretty young slut!!! As I turned the corner I thought I heard a shoe hit the door! Man I love my wife!!

I was sitting in the family room surfing cable when my wife entered through the kitchen. I just about knocked my beer off the coffee table as I sat up to take in the sexiest woman I know. Pretty red toenails were exposed under her strapped sandals that were clinging to her little feet. Moving up her calves to above her thighs I saw Jolene was standing before me in a short black flouncey mini skirt that revealed most of her tanned thighs and barely covered her firm round ass cheeks as she turned slowly around in front of me. Stopping to put her hands on her hips I admired the long sleeved white shirt that draped from her body, one of mine that she liked to wear. The white shirt is not quite transparent, is very soft and looks great on her fine body. The lower three buttons were buttoned leaving the upper four open, just about revealing her large breasts that were held in place by a white lace shelf bra, her hard nipples pressing against the shirt above the bra. As my wife bent down to turn off the remote to the TV I had a very nice view of her hard nipples as the shirt fell open. I had a feeling this was going to be a great night.

As I helped my wife into the car I noticed a small light pink thong covered her neatly shaved pussy as her legs parted and she swung into the passenger seat. Her skirt rode up on her thighs just about revealing her panties to anyone who could see into the car. As we drove cross-town to the jazz club my hand slid up and down my wife’s thighs and lingered occasionally on her panty-covered pussy. I could feel my wife’s pussy getting hot as my fingers rubbed over her neatly trimmed bush through the thin material. Jolene turned and lifted one leg onto the seat allowing me to slip a finger under her panties and into her slick pussy. Leaning against the door my wife opened her blouse and began tugging on her nipples as I finger fucked her while trying to pay attention to the road. Pulling off the highway I stopped at a signal light and really worked her pussy watching as my wife came against my finger. Hearing a horn behind me I came back to reality and made a right turn waving my cum covered fingers to the car behind me in thanks. It was just a short distance to the jazz club and by the time we arrived at the valet parking Jolene had buttoned her shirt back together and turned in her seat to check her lipstick in the mirror. The odor of sex was definitely in the car as we pulled up to the valet parking area.

The young valet met our car at the curb and quickly opened the passenger door taking in the site of Jolene’s long legs as she swung them one at a time from her seat. By the look on his face it was obvious he was focused on my wife’s pussy. I could only guess he was also treated to a nice view of her tits as she stood up while holding his hand. Taking my wife by the hand we entered the jazz club finding it not too crowded with several tables still available. We found a table about two rows from the large dance floor and settled in, sitting next to each other facing the band. Looking around the room I noticed several men taking in Jolene sitting with her legs crossed next to me. The waitress stepped up and took our drink orders as the band began tuning up. The lights dimmed slightly, the candle on the table casting a glow on my wife’s white shirt, her nipples now as hard as rocks in the cool air of the club. As the band began it’s first set with a slow number I took my wife by the hand and headed to floor with a few other couples. We danced a couple of songs and returned to our table to finish our drinks. Over the next couple of hours we danced and sat and danced some more, really enjoying the music and the club. As we were headed back to our table after a set we heard someone call Jolene’s name through the dispersing crowd.

Turning to look back we both saw a man approaching with a big smile on his face, again calling my wife’s name. Jolene looked at me then at the man and then at me and began laughing while pulling me closer to her. By the time this guy made it to our side of the dance floor I recognized him, Jolene’s first husband Chris. They had been married for about a year but broke it off several years before Jolene and I got married. I had met Chris once before and he was an all right guy, Jolene had admitted she still considered him a friend. I had asked my wife about their relationship and she said they had only dated a week before they got married, had great sex but realized she could not be his wife. I had asked Jolene why she couldn’t be his wife and she had told me he wanted to tag every piece of ass he saw and that kind of bugged her although she enjoyed fucking him. As he approached I could see his eyes roaming my wife’s body from head to toe. So here he was now standing with us smiling down into Jolene’s large breasts and reaching out to shake my hand.

The handshake was firm but quick as Chris turned and embraced my wife, giving her a long tight hug. If you have read our other adventures you will know why my cock began stirring in my pants. Jolene had frequently told me stories of Chris fucking her with his long curved cock and how she loved when he fucked her bent over a table or chair. Most of these stories were at my prompting and she never disappointed me. Jolene and Chris began talking as we continued to our table; them arm in arm and me following my wife’s barely covered ass with nasty thoughts running through my deviant brain. My wife was between us at the table giving us both the treat of her fine body and as we ordered another round of drinks Chris was telling us he was in town for a few days and had come to the club with some friends of his. He was staying with a buddy and his wife while he was here on business; they were here as well as a couple of their friends. Jolene excused herself from the table to use the restroom leaving the two of us alone. We had some small talk about the weather and sports then Chris asked what I thought about Jolene and I told him she was the greatest woman in the world for me, not only smart but sexy too. He smiled as I asked him what he thought of Jolene, a smile that was deep in thought about a past memory. I was a little shocked when he came right out and said Jolene was the best sex he had ever had, how much he missed her large tits and tasty pussy.

I had not quite caught my breath as Jolene returned, not allowing me time to respond to Chris’ comment. My wife took my hand in hers and slipped me something warm, damp and silky. My hand was clutching my wife’s wet thong as she drew me to her and planted a long kiss on my lips. My mind was racing knowing this was a signal that Jolene wanted to fuck Chris; my cock was hard as we broke our kiss. My wife turned to Chris and asked him if would like to dance, taking his hand and guiding him to the dance floor. I stuffed my wife’s panties in my pocket as they held each other close to the slow beat of music. In the dance floor lights I could see them talking and smiling, laughing and holding each other closer. Chris’ hands had moved to the small of her back and my wife’s arms were draped around his neck as they swayed together. My cock was hard watching my wife press her body against her ex-husband as they danced. Their legs were just about locked together as they danced, I was sure Chris wanted to fuck my wife. The set ended and as they made their way back to the table Chris was holding my wife tight around the waist causing her shirt to open revealing most of her fine tits. Chris held her chair for her as she sat down letting him take a long look at her legs as she paused with them slightly spread.

As my wife and I danced the next set she described how she could feel his hard cock pressing against her and how it made her pussy wet. She went on to tell me Chris had told her he wanted to fuck her before he left town if she was up for it. Jolene said she slipped her hand down between them and felt his cock as she whispered back she wanted to fuck him too. Jolene looked into my eyes and told me she wanted to feel his cock in her pussy again, I let my wife know it was fine with me and asked if they had anything arranged. Jolene smiled and said Chris wanted to meet her somewhere the following day. I told her we could take Chris home with us tonight or she could meet him the next day, but I wanted to know all the juicy details. At the end of the set we headed back to our table as Jolene said she would leave it to me, as she wanted me to watch them fuck.

Over the next hour our so Jolene danced with both Chris and I to the sensual music. I took advantage of every opportunity to let my hands roam over my wife’s body and noticed that over time Chris was doing the same. The temperature in the club, or at least at our table was heating up as we were wearing my wife out dancing. When Jolene and Chris came off the floor just before 11:00 PM I was waiting, telling them I had paid the tab and it was time to go. Chris looked at me with a question on his face and my wife snuggled up to me and smiled at me then at him. I looked directly at Chris and told him to go tell his friends goodbye and that we would give him a ride back later tonight. As we watched Chris move quickly across the dance floor I let my hand fall to my wife’s ass and slip under her skirt to feel her naked ass. Jolene looked up, we kissed, and she asked me what I had in mind. I told her I thought I should chauffer them home tonight and wanted to watch her suck and fuck her ex-husband.

Chris joined us as we turned to walk out of the club, waiting at the curb for the valet to bring our car. As the car came to the curb the valet opened both the front and rear passenger doors and was a little surprised to watch my wife slide in behind Chris in the back seat, making no effort to hide her now naked pussy from his view. As I tipped the valet I smiled at him and told him thank you, his eyes were still glued on the back seat where my wife was now sitting almost on top of Chris. We headed back home with the sound of kissing in the rear seat. I turned the mirror to take in Jolene and Chris locked together, her shirt was almost completely off, his hands roaming her tits and squeezing her nipples. As we entered the highway I watched my wife’s head disappear from view and Chris’ head fall back against the headrest. My wife sucks great cock and by the sounds of her slurping at Chris’s cock she was giving it her best. Jolene was now on the rear seat of the car with her knees under her, her nipples resting on Chris’ thighs and his fingers slipping into her wet pussy.

Pulling off the highway my wife sat up and they began kissing again, my view of her ex-husband’s fingers sliding in and out of her pussy is still burned in my mind. Ten minutes later the garage door was closing behind us as I watched my wife sit up and peel off her shirt and bra. In the rear view mirror I watched Chris sucking on my wife’s nipples while she held his head close to her. Jolene said she needed to be more comfortable and began reaching for the door handle of the car. We all fell out of the car about the same time, making our way into the living room. My wife directed Chris to sit on the couch as she stood in the middle of living room in only her sexy little sandals and her short very mussed up mini skirt. Jolene’s nipples were large and swollen; she had the look of lust in her eyes. My wife directed me to take off my clothes and sit in one of the large chairs as she strode across the floor and lowered herself onto Chris’ lap. Her skirt was bunched up around her waist and her wet pussy was pressing against his cock which was still restrained by his pants.

I was stroking my cock as my wife and her ex-husband were making out just a few feet from me, his hands roaming her breasts and barely covered ass. Jolene slid down from his lap, loosened his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled them and his underwear off his legs. Smiling back at me over her shoulder she turned again to face Chris’ hard cock just in front of her. His cock was about eight or nine inches long, fairly thick but with a pretty radical curve to the left. This was the large curved cock my wife had told me about many times while we fucked. I watched as my wife’s lips circled his cockhead, her tongue playing along the ridge of his cock. Jolene lowered her head down slowly over his hard shaft until she had just about the whole thing in her mouth and throat. Taking her time she began sucking and licking his cock, moving from the base to the tip, her juices shiny on his dick. Chris had her head in his hands and guided her up and down his long cock as he began telling her how good it felt and how much he missed her cock sucking. I watched my wife’s cheeks fill and collapse as she sucked and could hear the slurping noise as she began an all out assault on her ex-husband’s curved cock.

Jolene pulled her head from Chris’ cock and told him to take off his shirt while she stood and removed her little skirt and sandals. My now naked wife climbed back on Chris’ lap, this time taking his cock in her small hands and guiding it to her very wet pussy. Mesmerized by the site of her pussy being stretched by his curved cock as she settled down on it I continued to stroke my own dick. Chris now had my wife by her hips and they began fucking together, both of them grunting and breathing hard. Jolene’s large tits were bouncing up and down as she demanded Chris fuck her hard and as she let go in an orgasm I could see Chris begin to contract his leg muscles as he pumped his seed into my wife’s pussy. With each of the next strokes I could see his cum mixed with her cum around his cock as they continued fucking. I had just about cum in my hand when they slowed their pace and settled to a stop, their naked bodies breathing hard against each other.

As my wife slipped off of Chris’ cock a string of cum dripped from her pussy to the tip of his shaft. Jolene scooped the cum up with her fingers and sucked them clean as she sat on the couch next to her ex-husband, her legs spread, revealing her cum filled cunt. Without having to ask me I moved to my knees between her thighs and began licking her freshly fucked pussy. First with slow circles of my tongue then sucking her swollen clit into my mouth I began sucking her pussy clean. Jolene held my head against her pussy as she came in my mouth; Chris was sucking her right nipple and pinching the left nipple between his finger and thumb. I had to fuck my wife and instructed her to get on her knees and spread her legs. Jolene was in front of Chris’ semi hard cock, still covered with their cum, on her hands and knees as I spread her ass cheeks and slid my cock into her juicy pussy. Taking my wife by the hips I took long slow strokes in and out of her pussy, feeling the mixture of juices with each stroke. My cock was engulfed by her hot juicy pussy, the feeling of her cum filled pussy was unbelievable as I paused with each stroke into her.

Jolene was now cleaning her ex-husband’s cock with her tongue and lips as I continued to give her a long slow fuck, enjoying the scene in front of me. Here was my wife’s fine ass; long narrow back, slender neck and luscious lips encircling a hard cock only a few feet from me. As Chris’ cock began to get harder my rhythm quickened and while my balls slapped my wife’s ass I began shooting my cum into her very fuckable pussy. It seemed like I was going to cum forever as I watched my hot wife suck on her ex-husband’s dick, her small hands jacking him off as her tongue swirled around his cockhead. My cock became flaccid as I sat back on my legs letting it slip from Jolene’s pussy. Chris was ready to fuck again and asked my wife to lie back on the carpet. Jolene was spread eagle in the middle of the living room waiting for his hard curved cock to fuck her again. I began kissing my wife and fondling her tits as Chris pushed his dick deep into her pussy. Chris was not moving as he enjoyed the feeling of his cock buried in my wife’s pussy, he was just pressing against her swollen pussy lips and telling her how good her pussy felt.

Breaking our kiss I watched as Chris took his time fucking my wife, long slow strokes, stopping occasionally and moving his hips only, really enjoying the opportunity to fuck Jolene. I was leaning against the chair watching as my wife wrapped her legs around her ex-husband and met each of his thrusts with her own. They fucked slowly and deliberately for quite some time before they began really getting into it. Chris was holding himself above my wife as he began rapidly pounding his cock into her pussy, grunting with each stroke until his ass clenched and he dropped his second load into my wife. Jolene’s rapid breathing and continued moaning of “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.” continued as she had another orgasm beneath her ex-husband. Chris was spent as he pulled his soft cock from my wife’s pussy. I was a little surprised as Chris kissed his way down her flat stomach to her cum filled pussy and began licking and sucking her very sloppy cum filled pussy. Jolene was rubbing his head with her fingers and moaning as she turned to me and asked if Chris could spend the night. My cock was getting hard again watching my wife enjoy herself and her ex-husband. Who was I to say no?

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