A little trick creates a big problem for brother

A little trick creates a big problem for brother

“You sure you want to go home, Tammy?” Brenda glanced into the back seat while she waited at the red light. “It’s only ten, we could hit Dusk, lot of boys there on a Friday night.”

“No, I think I’m done,” Tammy replied. “I did a few shots and shared a fat as fuck blunt with Jill and her sister, I’ve had enough.”

“So, if Mitch’s parents hadn’t shown up unexpected, you were going to stop partying?” Donna asked from the passenger seat. “This is your first Friday night off in three months, and you said you don’t have to work until tomorrow night, right?”

“Yeah, so?”

“You’ve been bitching about how bad you need to get laid for the last month.” Brenda reminded her. “Before that party crashed you had more than one guy around you that would have been happy to help you out, but you said you wanted to come with us.”

“I don’t know them.”

“Since when are you such a dud? I’ve seen you get down and dirty with guys you just met.” Brenda looked to make sure no one had pulled up next to her, brought her pink and purple glass bowl to her lips and flicked her lighter, firing it up and inhaling deeply.

“That was before she met Rick and became a good girl,” Donna giggled while accepting the bowl and lighter from Brenda “Six months with just one dick, never thought I’d see the day.”

“Hey, I’m not a slut, you know,” Tammy said defensively.

The word had come out “shhlut” causing both her friends to laugh, and driving home the fact she didn’t need any more to drink.

“I didn’t say slut,” Brenda spoke while taking the right towards Tammy’s neighborhood. “But don’t act like you’ve never spread them after a party or after hitting the clubs.”

“I’m still in single digits you know,” Tammy said indignantly even as she reached for the bowl and lighter Donna had turned in her seat to hand to her. “Twenty and under ten guys makes me virgin material compared to half the girls at URI.”

“Under ten since we started college, what was the high school tally?” Brenda smirked at her in the rear view mirror.

“Single digits,” Tammy fired up the bowl and sucked the pungent smoke into her lungs.

“Single digits plus single digits equal double digits.” Donna laughed so hard she snorted, which caused her to laugh harder, and the other two girls to join in.

“Look how much fun we’re having!” Donna told her. “You’ve been working and hitting the books for three months after you caught Rick fucking that skank tutor of his. Come to the club, find a hot guy.” She giggled. “You can start another single digit list, the after you were a good woman for six months list.”

“You’re not telling me you wouldn’t have gone upstairs with someone.” Donna circled back to the original topic.

“Maybe, but it would be in a house full of people. I’m not going to a place I don’t know with a guy I don’t know.”

“You could have them take you back to your house, your folks are gone until Sunday, right?” Brenda was barely doing ten miles an hour, drifting down Tammy’s street as she tried to convince her to stay out with them.

“I could, but Jimmy’s home, and that would be weird.”

“Jimmy’s weird,” Donna reached into the back seat, but Tammy fired the bowl up once more before handing it back.

“He’s not, he’s just kind of nerdy and shy.”

“Really shy, kid’s still a virgin at 18,” Brenda whistled. “No wonder he’s weird, got all that tension in his balls.”

“Maybe you could help him with it,” Donna suggested. “He checks you out when we’re over. You could throw him a pity suck, I mean how long could it take?”

“Leave him alone, he’s a good kid.” Tammy defended her brother. “Just needs to meet the right girl.”

“Send him to comic con, lot of nerdy girls there,” Brenda quipped.

“Hey, I go to comic con!” Donna explaimed.

“Only so you can get guys to look at you in your slutty Poison Ivy costume.” Tammy laughed.

“Your point?” Donna snickered.

“Anyway, I’m in charge this weekend, so even if I got lucky at the party, I was still coming home by midnight. I’m not bringing a guy home.”

“Because Jimmy would rat you out?”

“Jimmy never rats me out, we’re mad cool with each other,” Tammy explained.

“Not doing it because it would be mean, right?” Donna asked. “He’s never had sex so if he saw you bring someone or heard you it would make him feel worse?”

“Yeah,” Tammy answered warily, waiting for the smart ass follow up comment.

“You’re a good big sister.” Donna surprised her by turning serious. “My big brother’s a d-bag, gets me in trouble and we fight all the time.”

“I’m an only child and proud of it.” Brenda chimed in. “But I think its sweet you stick up for Jimmy, he is a nice kid, I’m busting you up, not him.”

“Nice enough to give him that pity blowjob?” Donna giggled.

“Why don’t you do it for practice, I heard you suck at sucking.”

“Your dad just said that so your mom wouldn’t feel bad.”

Tammy rolled her eyes at the witty exchange in the front seat and blinked at the passing streetlights which seemed brighter than usual. Between drinking and smoking she had a strong buzz, and in general was feeling damn good.

It was a shame to cut the night short, but she wanted to be home to check on Jimmy, who if things went well, might be having a big night of his own. As if on cue, Brenda pulled up in front of Tammy’s house and pointed to where just her silver Nissan sat in the driveway.

“Hey, where’s your brother on a Friday night? Playing D&D with the other dorks?”

“So much for you two being nice.” Tammy opened the door to the car. “He’s at a party.”

“A party? Donna asked. “A real one, like with girls there?”

“Yes, he was invited by a girl he tutors at school. Hoping it’s because she likes him, maybe tonight can get him out of his shell.”

“Maybe she’ll put out for him!” Brenda clapped her hands. “Go get some, Jimmy.”

“It’s not all about sex,” Tammy shook her head. “Just being out and around people and having fun will be good for him.”

“Sex would be better, or at least some head.” Donna pressed.

“But not from me,” Brenda added.

“Night!” Tammy stepped out of the car and had to catch the door with her right hand when a sudden head rush made her dizzy.

“You okay, party girl?” Donna asked. “Want me to walk you in?”

“I’m good,” Tammy took several deep breaths of the cool fall air. “Just stood up to fast.”

“Last chance, sure you don’t want to come to the club? If Jimmy is out you don’t have to worry about him.”

“I almost fell getting out of the car, think that’s a reason not to.” Tammy told her. “Thanks though, you guys have some fun for me.”

“We will, what about you? Hitting the sack?”

“Maybe after some me time with the vibe,” Tammy sighed. “I’m horny as fuck, but I don’t have it in me to spend two hours at the club.”

“Then I guess the only thing in you will be plastic.” Donna laughed. “But hey, at least you can shut it off when you’re done and not have to listen to them yap about how good they thought they were.”

“Glass half full, right?” Tammy shut the door and tapped the top of the car. “Have fun, but be careful.”

“I’ll call you tomorrow,” Donna shouted as Brenda pulled away. “Maybe we’ll hang out.”

Tammy waved then turned and walked up the path to the porch. She walked slowly, as her head swam from the combination of Jack Daniels and weed. The cool air helped clear her head somewhat, and by the time she reached the front door and let herself in, her head had cleared enough she was no longer worried about staying on her feet.

She turned the porch light on for Jimmy and sat down on the couch. She fished her phone out of her purse and sent him a text.

“Having a good time?”

“Jeez, what am I turning into, mom?” she asked herself.

No, just excited for him and hoping the party went well and her borderline recluse brother would make some new friends, hopefully a special female friend. Tammy leaned over and tugged on the ends of the strings tied behind her ankles, then slipped off the black fuck me shoes she’d worn to the party.

She lifted each leg in turn, rubbing her sore feet. The shoes were brand new, and the insane heels the highest she’d ever worn. She stared at them on the floor thinking they’d have looked damn good over a hot guys shoulders or in the air with her staring up at them while getting it good and hard.

Tammy really did need to get fucked. She’d broken up with Rick months ago and with work and school didn’t have any time to go have some fun. Most likely she would have gotten some tonight if the party had kept going.

They’d partied at Mitch’s huge house before and between the four bedrooms, spare room and finished basement there were several rooms couples could slip off to. She’d know, seeing she’d had a couple of hot encounters there over the last couple of years.

Tammy didn’t see herself as a slut, but the girls were right, since her first time and up until she dated Rick, she’d had her share of guys. She just saw it as having fun, same as they did, and she got annoyed at the double standard a guy could screw anyone and it was cool, but girls who did one nighters were trashy.

Rick was the first guy she’d been serious with, even her first time had been with Ben, the boy who lived across the street. His family was relocating for his dad’s job, and he’d come over to say goodbye.

They’d smoked a doob in her room, laughed, talked, then out of the blue he kissed her. Their goodbye had turned into not just her first time with sex, but sucking cock, and getting her pussy licked. It wasn’t Ben’s first time, and he’d been damn good between her legs, making her come three times during their two hour romp.

The seal broken; Tammy had never been shy about getting what she wanted. She wasn’t stuck on herself in anyway, but knew she was a pretty girl and from the neck down, she had plenty to offer, especially her impressive tits which strained to burst from the form fitting black micro dress she’d worn to the party.

The ‘girls’ were one hell of an ice breaker at parties and the clubs, or anywhere else for that matter. Tammy wasn’t shy about flaunting them anywhere there was a chance she could find someone worth taking for a ride.

“Mitch’s goddamn parents,” she muttered as she leaned back on the soft couch and stretched her long legs out in front of her. “Another half hour and a couple more shots these would have been wrapped around you, Kirk,” she frowned. “Kenny? Kyle?”

She released a stoned giggle. “Guy with pretty green eyes who ground his cock into my ass when we were dancing.”

Should have went to the club. She was sitting here close to squirming just thinking about what could have happened. After tomorrow, she had a Sunday shift at Appleby’s then class every day this week, two yoga classes and Thursday she tutored the young girl across the street in English. Then her grandparents were visiting for the weekend so after work she’d have to be home.

At least another week of jilling off and killing batteries. Tammy stared down at her red painted toes thinking it was a shame they wouldn’t be on what’s his name’s chest. Instead, they’d curl into her sheets when she got herself off.

That would be after Jimmy got home. Her self-pleasuring could wait until she heard how his night went. She really hoped it went well. Getting lucky would do wonders for his lack of self-confidence, but even some socializing, especially with the girl who invited him would be a big boost too.

Tammy leaned forward, picked the remote up from the coffee table, and then settled back into the couch as she searched Netflix for something to watch while she waited. Hopefully, her little brother’s Friday night would end up being a lot more satisfying than hers.

Chapter 2

Tammy woke up with a start when the volume on the TV went up during an explosion. She sat up, holding her fingers to her temples as the motion caused her head to spin. She blinked several times to clear her blurry vision then picked up her phone to see it was 11:15.

She noted Jimmy hadn’t replied to her, but she had a text from Brenda. She clicked on it to see it was a selfie she’d taken with Donna and two hot guys, “Should have come out to play!” was the message.

“Bitches,” Tammy grunted, then shut the TV off and stretched.

Jimmy not being home yet was a good sign, he must be enjoying himself, maybe even someone else. Tammy scooped up her shoes and headed for her room, planning on changing into something more appropriate than a dress that pretty much declared “free lunch”.

Not that Jimmy ever said anything about how he’d seen her dressed before, or her sneaking in late, reeking of pot and occasionally drunk on top of it, but she didn’t need him to see how his big sister put herself out there if she could avoid it.

It was more than that, and she knew it. The last few months, Tammy had seen him looking at her, not as in casually looking, but looking. Tammy understood, he wasn’t just a virgin, but had gone on maybe a total of a half dozen dates in his life and that included proms which he went to with a female friend whose boyfriend lived a state away and didn’t go to the school.

Except for porn, the kid had never seen a woman naked, or even close to it except for when some of her friends came over to use their pool in the summer. Tammy had no worries he was being pervy in the sense he thought about her in a sick way, it was curiosity heightened by lack of experience.

But that didn’t mean she had to encourage it and once she’d been sure she’d caught him staring at her boobs and her ass several times, and the fact she was missing a red and black lace bra, she’d tried to be more careful around the house.

She’d never confronted him about it, no sense in embarrassing him, and Brenda had once mentioned being pissed when she found one of her thongs under her brother’s bed with nasty stains on it. She’d gone to her mother who had told her, “Boys will be boys, he’ll be fine when he gets a girlfriend.”

So Tammy wasn’t too concerned about it. Of course had he already come home, he’d have seen her on the couch in her hey, ho, let’s go, dress, but she’d been pretty fuzzy when she’d first gotten home.

She left the lamp on so he wouldn’t be coming home in the dark, then went to pull down the blind Jimmy had left open. Tammy grabbed the string, then frowned when she spotted the 2015 VW Jetta their parents had bought Jimmy for his graduation.

He’d come home and hadn’t woke her up to talk. Why wouldn’t he? Tammy now shut the lamp off and headed down the hallway. She saw light from under his door and listened for a moment.

She swore she heard faint moaning coming from the room. Had he snuck someone in? If he had she’d be fine with it, but now she needed to know. She knocked softly, and when there was no response, banged louder.

“Hey, you little shit, open up, I know you’re in there.”

“I’m busy!” he called back to her.

“How was the party?”

“Great, tell you tomorrow, night, Tams!”

He sounded nervous and out of breath, he did have someone with him!

She knew she shouldn’t, but couldn’t help herself. This would be so damn priceless to catch him with a girl. Not to mention she wanted to see who she was and what she looked like. Tammy grasped the doorknob and turned it.


He never locked his door; that all but sealed it.

“Who you got in there?” she knocked as she spoke. “Hey, I’m Jimmy’s awesome sister, come out and say hi!”

She heard footsteps and Jimmy opened the door, but only part way and he was standing behind it so she could only see his face.

“There’s no one in here!” He sounded annoyed. “Go to bed!”

“Nice try, I heard moaning and you’re,” her red lips spread into a huge smile. “All red and sweaty, and your glasses are off.” She lowered her voice. “Good for you, bro! Is she pretty? What’s her name?”

“Molly Minx, okay?”

“Huh?” Tammy frowned. “That’s not her real name.”

“No, its her porn name, because I’m watching porn,” Jimmy sounded more than annoyed, he seemed anxious.

“Really, you’re alone?”

“Oh, for god’s sake,” Jimmy opened the door wider showing his bed. His laptop was on it, and Tammy could see it paused on the image of a woman being fucked doggy style. “You happy you made me show you I’m jerking off like a fucking loser as usual?”

“Hey, don’t get mad at me, and you’re not a loser, so stop talking like that.” Tammy put her hand on his arm, the only part of him she could see other than his face. “You’ll meet someone.”

“You sound like mom, and you need to stop, I don’t need pity from my sister.” He went to shut the door, but she moved her hand, placing her palm on the door.

“Calm down, I’m just trying to talk to you.”

“I know, but I don’t feel like talking.”

“How was the party?” She continued. Probably not good from the way he was acting, and now she wanted to know what happened that he seemed angry.

“It was fine, Tammy. Not as fine as yours judging by the way you smell, but fine.”

“Then why are you pissed off.”

“Don’t worry about it, everything’s cool.”

“Except you,” Tammy put her hand on his cheek. He flinched back, but not before she felt how warm his skin was.

“You okay, Jimmy? You’re sweaty, and you’re all flushed.”

“I…yeah. I mean no, I feel kind of weird.”

“You have anything to drink?”

“Yeah,” he grunted in disgust. “I did, and that’s the problem.”

“It made you sick? What did you drink, how much?”

“Just leave me alone, okay?”

“I want to make sure you’re alright,” Tammy pressed the issue. “Someone slip you something funny?”

“Tammy, I know you care, but I just need to be alone.”

“Can’t be too sick seeing you were jacking off,” Tammy pointed out. Something was off here. “Sure everything is cool? We can talk if you want.”

“I don’t want to talk, I just need to take care of something and get some sleep.”

“Seems like you really need to take care of it,” Tammy grinned, trying to lighten the mood. “She must have really got you worked up at that party.”

“Yeah, that’s it, I’m really worked up.”

“You need to show me a picture of this little hottie.”

“Tomorrow,” Jimmy looked down, and his eyes narrowed. “You wore that to the party you went to?”

“I did, and I know, its kind of trashy.”

“Its…something.” His eyes were lingering on the abundance of cleavage she was showing off. “Dad would shit.”

“Dad won’t know, right?”

“Yeah, right.” His eyes dropped to her long legs. “Not much of a dress that’s for sure.”

“Hence why they call it a micro dress.”

“You put the girls at that party to shame,” he was breathing hard as if he’d been really exerting himself and sweat dripped down the sides of his face. What had he drank, fireballs?

“Thanks, and Jimmy?”


“My eyes are up here.” she put her finger under his clammy chin and lifted his head.

“Oh, shit, sorry. I mean I wasn’t looking at anything just the dress, its…”

“Forget it,” Tammy waved him off. “How about I go get you the Thera-flu? You can take a dose and go to sleep,” she giggled. “You know, after you ease some tension.”

“I said I’m fine.”

“Fine, you’re fine. Question is how fine is she, and you going to see her again?”

“I’ll never see her again,” Jimmy’s normally mild brown eyes flashed with uncharacteristic anger. “I’ll never see any of those people again.”

“Whoa, what happened?” Tammy tried to grab his hand, but he pulled it away. “They do something shitty to you? I’ll go there right now, and I’ll smack that bitch right in the…”

“Good night, Tammy, I’ll see you in the morning.”

“But…hey!” she yelped when he slammed the door in her face.

She heard the lock click and his floor creak as he walked away from the door.

“Jeez, talk about a buzz killer.” Tammy mumbled, wondering what had gone wrong.

She raised her hand to knock again, then decided against it. If they’d done something mean to him, or he’d somehow made a fool of himself, that was what was making him mad, and her trying to get him to talk would make it worse.

But something like that wouldn’t explain him being all red and sweaty, and if he didn’t feel well why was he jacking off?

“Boys,” Tammy replied aloud as she turned and walked down the hall to her bedroom. It would take more than not feeling well to stop an 18-year-old guy, especially a sexually frustrated one from needing to get off.

Maybe the girl that invited him got him all hot and bothered, then shut him down, cock teasing him. That would make him mad and humiliated but need to get it out of his system. Hot and bothered enough to be staring at his sister’s rack.

But he couldn’t do that if she weren’t flaunting it so she couldn’t be too mad at him. Tammy entered her room, closing the door behind her, and making her way carefully over to her bed to turn on the lamp next to her bed.

She tossed the shoes into her open closet, then walked over to stand in front of the mirror over her bureau. Still feeling the effects of the weed and JD, she smiled at her reflection then puckered her full red lips and blew a kiss to herself.

“Hey, baby,” she purred. “You like what you see?”

She touched her chest, and feigned a look of shock.

“What, you want to see my titties? That’s very forward of you sir,” she giggled. “But okay!”

She grabbed the hem of the dress and after slowly pulling it up over her hips, revealing her black thong, she pulled it quickly up over her head and tossed it to the floor. She hopped up and down, smiling at the way her big tits jiggled, then cupped them.

“I know, they are amazing, aren’t they?” she asked. “Yes, they’re real, look.” She lifted, then dropped her heavy breasts making them bounce. “Fake tits don’t move like that, baby!”

“You want to suck on them?” Tammy stroked her large, deep pink nipples. She gasped. “You want to fuck them?”

She pressed them together. “Maybe I can help more?” she lowered her head and flicked her tongue at the imaginary cock sliding between her tits.

Lifting her right breast higher, she tongued her nipple, eyeing herself in the mirror as she did it. The contact from her soft wet tongue sent a shiver through her and she released her breast.

“Damn,” she whispered.

Her worry over Jimmy was taking a back seat to the horned out feeling she’d had all night. Tammy ran her hands down her flat belly, pausing to flick the silver pendent dangling from her naval.

She slipped her hand into the thong, and moaned when they slid over her aching clit. Tammy sucked on her lower lip as she imagined it was what’s his name’s hand as he stood behind her, his arms around her slender waist, his fingers exploring her.

Tammy removed her hand, pressing her fingers to her face, inhaling the scent of her smooth pink slit. She sucked on them, her eyes rolling back as she tasted herself. Too bad it was from her fingers and not a big dick that had just been pounding her.

“So romantic,” she laughed at her crude thoughts.

Tammy reached up and gathered her long auburn hair, lifting it over her head, posing for herself. She let it fall, liking the way it felt cascading down her back and shoulders.

“What a waste,” she lamented as she stared at her reflection.

In addition to her most attention getting asset, her boobs, the rest of her was nothing to be ashamed of. Her long legs, slender waist, and small, but perfectly shaped and firm little ass, combined to give her the kind of body that could pull off dresses like the one she’d just taken off.

Between her body, her light green eyes, full luscious lips, and long hair, Tammy had never had trouble finding fun when she wanted it. One guy had told her she had the body of a porn star. She’d rewarded that remark by fucking him like one, but never gave him her number, because until Rick she’d preferred one and done.

Tammy wanted hot sex and no drama, so she got the former, and didn’t give them a chance to become the latter. She found it easier to cut loose and be a sex crazed wild cat if the guy didn’t know her or anything about her.

Rick seemed to prove she was better off. Those guys had gotten one great night out of her and they parted ways. She’d given Rick the best of her for months, just for him to start banging his tutor who was three years older than him, and had her own place.

It was his loss, but it was still humiliating to let her guard down and care for someone. Even say “I love you,” for the first time to a man not her father or brother, and he was banging another girl.

She doubted she was going to get serious again anytime soon. How did she know she wouldn’t get hurt again? There was no guarantee even a nice guy wouldn’t eventually decide he wanted someone else, or find another way to break her heart?

“Deep shit, there girl,” Tammy tapped her head, then turned away from the mirror.

She slipped out of her thong, noting how the sticky crotch peeled from her pussy. She picked up a plain pink t-shirt and pulled it down over her head before crawling into her bed and pulling the sheet up to her waist. She shut the light off and lay there for a couple minutes, her mind turning back to Jimmy and whatever made the party go south for him.

She looked over at her nightstand where she kept her purple vibe and a pulsating silver bullet. All night long, and even a couple minutes ago she’d been horny, but the mood seemed to have passed. A side effect of smoking too much, sometimes it put her in a heavy mood when the buzz began to fade.

She felt bad for Jimmy even though she didn’t know what happened yet, had gotten herself thinking about getting cheated on, and was now thinking that for all her looks, and for in general being a good person, she was alone in bed on a Friday night, a night like any other the last few months.

Tammy sighed and closed her eyes, rolling onto her side and facing away from the nightstand. She’d killed her own mood. Whenever she thought about Jimmy being alone, she always felt she was better off because she’d had sex, a lot of sex.

But in a way she was alone as he was. Rick was the first guy she’d slept with in the literal sense of spending the night in his bed. It was nice to go to sleep and wake up with someone, and not just because they could have sex before and after sleeping, but the contact and closeness in between.

“Should have went to the club.” Tammy muttered before closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep.

Chapter 3

Tammy slowly opened her eyes. Had she just heard something? What time was it? She listened, but didn’t hear anything. She closed her eyes, then yelped when something touched her shoulder.

“Its just me!” Jimmy said next to her.

“Jesus!” Tammy rolled onto her back and found the base of the touch lamp, turning it on.

“You ever hear of knocking?”

“Sorry, I um,” he looked nervous, no more than nervous, he looked scared.

“You okay?” She asked as her racing heart slowed down. “You’re still all red. You have a fever?”

“No, I just uh…” he looked around evasively.

“What the fuck is that?” Now that she was fully awake, she noticed Jimmy only had on a pair of black boxer briefs. It wasn’t him being in his underwear that caused her reaction, but the obvious bulge in them. “Oh my god, bro, are you fucking hard?”

“No! I mean, yeah, I mean,” Jimmy ran both hands through his hair, something he did when he was anxious. “I don’t know what I mean.”

“Why the hell would you come in here like that?” She pointed to the door. “Go do something with that.”

“I can’t!” His voice cracked from nerves.

“What do you mean you can’t?” Tammy pushed herself up into a sitting position. “Just jack off like you always do. That’s what you were doing when I came home.”

“I know, I did that.”

“She must have cock teased you pretty good for you to be all worked up again,” Tammy shrugged. “Just do it again.”

“I did! I did it twice, and look at this!” He pointed down to his crotch.

Tammy’s eyes reflexively followed, then quickly looked away, but not quick enough that she couldn’t help notice how big the bulge was. Apparently her skinny geeky little brother was packing a big surprise down there.

“Tammy, I need your help.”

“With what?”

“Um, well,” he glanced down towards his crotch.

“With that? Ewww!” Tammy’s face scrunched up in disgust. “What the hell is wrong with you? I’m your goddamn sister!”

“Please?” He adjusted his glasses, another of his nervous tics. “God, Tammy, it’s so hard it hurts!”

“It’s going to hurt when I punch you in the balls for being a fucking pervert. Did you take something at that party? Someone slip you something?”

“Yeah,” Jimmy said softly.

“What?” Tammy’s disgust gave way to concern. “Do you know what it was? Should I take you to the ER?” Her parents were somehow going to blame her for this, if he ended up sick.

“Viagra.” Jimmy admitted and sat on the edge of her bed.

“Someone put Viagra in a drink?” Tammy frowned. “Why would anyone do that? I mean unless they wanted to take advantage of it.”

“Or pull a mean prank.” Jimmy said glumly.

“Prank.” Tammy repeated.

“Kim, the girl who invited me, it was her house, and I guess she’d found her dad’s Viagra. She was being super nice to me, danced with me a couple times even though I can’t dance and started telling me that maybe we could go upstairs to her room later.”

“Teasing bitch.”

“Yeah, and I was nervous but excited. I should have known it was a set up. The kids there were like the who’s who of the cool kids club.”

“Won’t be so cool when I get some of my friends to…”

“Let it go, sis.” Jimmy told her. “I don’t need to look like a bigger loser by my big sister handling my problems.”

“But they can’t just do that to people.”

“Anyway, she brings me a drink, a Captain and Coke. I make myself look like an idiot by saying I’m not old enough to drink. But she just smiled while the other kids are laughing, and tells me I have to be a man someday and if I drink up, maybe she’ll help make me a man.”

“I drink it and people are laughing and grinning. I figure they’re making fun of me having a hard time getting it down, because I don’t think there was much coke in there. Few minutes later I start sweating, and my damn nose starts running.

“I go in the bathroom and I’m all flushed. I think it’s from the drink being so strong. What do I know, I’m the straight arrow; you’re the partier in the family.”


“But then I start getting, um, excited.” Jimmy continued. “Really excited. Couple minutes later I start seeing a blue tinge out of the corners of my eyes. I know that’s not booze. I start to leave and Kim comes over and asks me if I feel okay.

“I told her no, and I’m leaving.”

“Do you think she gave it to you because she wanted to fuck you?” Tammy asked. “Maybe it wasn’t just being mean? But she thought you’d be nervous or something?”

“No because she asked me if I was leaving because something came up, and started to laugh. One of her friends was there and yelled that Kim shouldn’t be giving me a hard time. Another girl told me to lighten up, and why was I so stiff?

“Then this guy, big jock looking creep, comes over and puts his arm around Kim, turns out he’s her boyfriend. He asks me to let him know how many times I’ll have to jerk off because he and the other guys had a bet going.”

“I…I just about ran out the door, and this kid stops me, and tells me, he heard Kim say she put two pills in that drink, and you’re only supposed to take one every 24 hours. He said if I can’t get it down I better get to a doctor.”

“Jesus Christ,” Tammy leaned forward and put her hand on his shoulder. “I’m sorry, Jimmy. Those people are fucking garbage.”

“I think even the kid that warned me was in on it, trying to scare me. But he’s right. I, um, took care of it, right after I shut the door in your face, and it didn’t go down. I did it again, and it did and I fell asleep, but I woke up a half hour later like this.

“Then do it again.”

“I tried, but it doesn’t work.”

“How can it not work?” Tammy asked.

“I got off twice, maybe my hand’s not enough. I tried for a while, just couldn’t…” he looked away from her. “You know, get there.”

“Use lotion, it’ll feel a lot better.”

“I did, didn’t help, and I watched porn, and that still didn’t help because I’m not horny I’m fucking frustrated. My balls are aching from being like this.”

“Wow, TMI, bro.” Tammy smiled, but it faded when she saw how upset he was. “Sorry, not trying to make fun of you, just trying to get you to relax.”

“Does that look relaxed?” he pointed.

“I’m not looking at that,” Tammy told him. “You could have worn sweats or something. You didn’t have to try and show me proof.”

“Just not thinking straight. I’m scared, Tammy.” He looked up and she saw he wasn’t kidding, his eyes were wide and she could feel his shoulder quaking under her hand.

“This sucks and it was embarrassing, but why are you scared?”

“I went online. We see those dumb commercials for this stuff, and they have that warning that if you’re hard for four hours see a doctor.”

“It hasn’t been four hours,” Tammy pointed out.

“It’s been over two!”

“Calm down, you just need to keep going until you wear it out.”

“I can’t get off!” He yelled, his eyes wide behind his glasses. “And you know what they do if it won’t go down?”

“Jimmy, it will go down, don’t get crazy, and you know looking things up online always makes things worse.”

“This is true though! The doctor has to cut it to get it to fucking deflate and there’s a good chance you might never be able to get hard again!”

“Don’t get crazy over it. You’ll take care of it. Hey, you’re a pro at getting yourself off.”

“Why did I even come in here?” Jimmy went to stand, but she caught his arm.

“Okay, no more jokes, but try and take it easy. Tons of guys use this stuff, that four hour thing is really rare.”

“Most guys who take it are older and have trouble. I’m 18, seeing a girl’s foot can get me hard, and she gave me two of them! The dose is one!”

Tammy frowned and poked at her lip, her own nervous habit when she was thinking. He made two good points. Guys her age could go three or four times a night without any help, and the double dose.

“Yeah,” Jimmy pointed to her. “See? You’re thinking about what I just said.”

“Because you’re scared, and I’m taking it seriously, but I know you’ll be fine.”

“Tammy, I’m a goddamn virgin! If I have to have that done I might never have sex in my life!” His voice cracked again and she swore he was a minute away from crying. “Look at me! I’m mad, I’m scared, and I’m hard as a damn rock! This isn’t going away on its own.”

“Then you help it go away. Use your left hand.”

“Funny. I’m telling you my hand isn’t enough. Or is that piece of plastic in your drawer as good as a real dick?”

“Whoa, no need to be rude.”

“I’m saying it’s not the same, and women can only play with themselves so many times, before it’s not going to do it anymore too.”

Tammy bit back the remark that he didn’t know anything about women other than the internet and his friends, but there was truth to it, she’d had nights of masturbating where she reached the point she was numb to her own touch.

Tammy looked over at her alarm clock.

“It’s twelve thirty. That amazing super store on post road is open until 1 on Friday’s and Saturdays.”

“How do you know that, and why does it matter?”

“I know because that’s where I buy my toys, and it matters because if you’re hands not doing it, I’ll go and buy you a fleshlight or something.”

“Ugh,” Jimmy put his head in his hands. “Those things are gross looking and nasty.”

“Sex doll? Pocket pussy?”

“Stop it!” Jimmy snapped. “It’s no better than my damn hand.”

“Then why do guys buy them?”

“I don’t know!” Jimmy whined. “I need something real. Something I never did before.”

Tammy resumed poking her lip. Something real.

“I got it!” she snapped her fingers.

“What is it?” Jimmy looked at her hopefully.

“I have a hundred dollars stashed away, and Mom and Dad left me a hundred in case we wanted to get some take out over the weekend.”


“Billy from work was telling me his parents are divorcing because his father was banging all these hookers. He got them from a site called Erotic mistress. We’ll go online and find someone to come take care of you.”

“A hooker?” Jimmy looked at her as if she’d lost her mind.

“Sure, you get your problem taken care of and get your first time!” Tammy beamed. “Grab my laptop for me.”

“You’d really want me with a hooker? Seriously?”

“I have condoms in the nightstand.”

“Tammy, don’t you think I’ve been humiliated enough tonight?”

“Why is this bad?”

“I’m an 18 year old kid. I’m skinny, I’m geeky, and any woman that comes here is going to know I’m a loser paying for his first time.” He mimicked her expression of disgust from earlier. “That my big sister paid for and will be down the hall when it happens.”

“Well…its not perfect, but you don’t want a sex toy either, and say you can’t do it yourself again. What’s left?”

“Besides, cops are all over those sites. We could get in trouble, plus some of those girls are okay, but some are kind of you know, on drugs or drunk, or just skanky even.” He put his hands out. “And let’s get back to me being a l…”

“You’re not a fucking loser, stop saying that.” Tammy snapped at him. “You’re a little skinny sure, but glasses are in these days and you’re cute, and you’re sweet, and you’re smart. Only reason you don’t have a girl is you’re too shy and wrapped up in being a loser to meet one. Stop wallowing, and start getting a life, Jimmy.”

“I guess that was supportive,” he gave her a weak smile. “You’re a good sis, and a good friend, you know that?”

“Don’t go Hallmark on me, we still have to help you out.” Tammy sighed. What else was there? Did she have a friend she could talk into…no, what was she thinking? Too many Donna jokes about Brenda giving Jimmy a pity BJ.

“You could help me.”

“Huh?” His words pulled her from her thoughts. “I’m your sister, Jimmy. I love you and do whatever I can to help when I can, but this? Is not something a sister can help you with.”


“What’s wrong with you?” Tammy demanded. “I know you’re scared and messed up right now, but you’re out of your mind if you think I’m going to fuck my brother.”

“No, no!” He put his hands up defensively. “Of course not! Not sex!”

“Then what? You better not think I’m going to suck your dick.” Jeez was she really having this conversation? Maybe she was still asleep and having a Mary Jane and JD driven fucked up dream.

“Wow,” Jimmy whispered, an odd look on his face.

“Wow what?”

“I don’t know, just hearing you say suck my dick was kind of hot.”

“Out!” Tammy pointed to the door. “That shit’s put the little head in charge and making you a serious fucking perv. Go stroke it until it goes down.”


“I offered to get you a toy, I even offered to try and find you an escort and help pay for it.” Tammy crossed her arms over her chest.” Chump don’t want no help, chump don’t get no help.”

“Tammy, please help me with this!”

“You can do it yourself, you’re just being weird and trying to get pervy with me.”

“You’re my sister, why would I be trying that?”

“I’ve seen you looking, Jimmy. You were staring at my tits when I was talking to you earlier and looking at my legs.”

“No, I wasn’t!”

“You sound like a little kid. I’ve caught you checking out my ass and boobs a few times. I didn’t say anything because I figure what the hell, you’re a boy and you haven’t gotten laid yet.”

“Tammy I swear I never…”

“Where’s my black bra?” she asked. “Under your mattress? In one of your drawers? Why not just use that for some inspiration?”

“I…” His shoulders slumped. “Okay, I’ve looked at you a few times. I know I shouldn’t. but you’re really pretty, and you’re super-hot.”

“Just when I think this can’t get any more awkward.”

“And you’re right, maybe if I’d had sex and had girlfriends I wouldn’t have looked or,” he looked away from her. “Done something bad with your bra.”

“Nasty,” Tammy grimaced. “But at least you admit it.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to creep you out or make you feel funny. I never thought anything bad about you. You’re always mad cool with me and I know you stick up for me when people make fun of me and I love you for that.”

“That’s sweet,” Tammy smiled. “You’re a good guy, Jimmy, you’re going to make a lucky girl real happy when you get out of your shell and find her.”

“Tried being out of my shell tonight, look what happened.”

“Not every girl is a bitch and not every guy an asshole like Rick. But sometimes good people find the bad ones, and we don’t know it right away.”

“But at least you’ve had sex, a lot of it.”

“Hey, watch it!” she warned.

“I just mean what happened with Rick sucked, but you had a lot of fun before him and since.”

“Not the since part, not yet.” She put her hand up to cut him off. “This has been a good talk Jimmy, but I had a lot to drink and smoked too much, and I’m tired. Sorry I can’t help, go do what you need to. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Tammy you have to help me!”

“Stop whining, its annoying. I gave you two options you don’t want them.”

“I’m not sticking my dick in a piece of plastic or someone who’s had half the dicks in the state inside her.”

“Fussy!” Tammy rolled her eyes.

“I need your help, sis, seriously.”

“Jimmy, you’ll be fine.”

“How long have I been in here? Twenty minutes?”

“I guess.”

“Twenty minutes of talking, being upset, embarrassed, arguing with you, just talking to you, right?”

“Point?” she rubbed at her stinging eyes.

“Point is look at this!” he rose from the bed and pointed down to his crotch.

Tammy couldn’t help but look at the big, no, damn big, lump in his boxers.

“I’m so goddamn scared I want to cry, but I’m as hard as I would be I was going to have sex. I can’t get rid of this on my own.”

“Jimmy, I don’t know what you want me to do. You’re my brother, I can’t touch you like that.”

“You don’t have to!” Jimmy said quickly. “I just need something to turn me on enough to get off.”

“I turn you on?” Tammy caught herself still staring at the problem at hand. The boxers were tight and it looked like his cock was bent inside them, and she wasn’t seeing its full length outlined. How big was this kid’s dick?

“Yes, well no, I guess kind of.”

“Please stop, Jimmy. This just keep getting worse.” Because you keep staring at your brother’s boner for fuck’s sake!

“Please? You don’t even have to do anything!”

“Then how is that helping?”

“Just lay there and,” he swallowed nervously. “Let me jerk off on you.”

Chapter Four

“You want to what?” Tammy tapped her ear. “Come again?”

“I’ve come twice and it hasn’t help.”

“Don’t get smart with me! This isn’t funny.”


“Stop begging like you’re asking me to lend you money or swap chores. This is sick shit you’re asking.” On the note of sick shit, she pulled her eyes from his disturbingly impressive bulge.

“You don’t have to touch me.”

“I know I’m not going to touch you.”

“I’ll just do it myself, but have you to look at.”

“Pay attention.” Tammy spoke with exaggerated slowness. “I am your sister. Brother’s don’t jerk off on their sisters.”

“I know who you are, but you’re a super sexy girl.”

“Who happens to be your…” she raised her eyebrows.

“I won’t see you that way. Look, Tammy, I’ve never been with a girl. Just having one in front of me might be enough so that I can make it happen.”

“This is nuts.” Tammy muttered. “And I don’t want to see your nuts.” Although she was curious about his dick in the sense of how big could it possibly be? The kid was six feet and weighed 150 pounds if he were lucky.

“You don’t have to. Come on, Tammy. I’ll do anything you want! Your chores, your homework. I’ll wash your car!”

“I can’t, it’s just not right.”

“What Kim did wasn’t right either! This isn’t my fault, and I wouldn’t be in here if I thought I’d be okay. Please help me? Please? I don’t want to go to a doctor! Even if I’d end up okay, you know how humiliating that is?”

Tammy nodded, and he went on.

“Then Mom and dad are going to see the bill for whatever medical doesn’t cover, and they’re going to ask why I went, and I don’t want to tell them the truth. Please sis? I Had people laughing at me, I’m scared it won’t go down, and I’m so low I’m begging my sister to help. I don’t have much dignity left. I don’t need an ER Doctor thinking I’m a loser and making me a story he tells his friends for laughs!”

Tammy put her hand up to stop him. “You’re right, its not your fault. That was a mean thing to do to you and I get you feel pretty low right now, but…”

“Tammy, all I need is to get off!”

“You got off twice and look at you. What if it doesn’t work?”

“Then I promise I’ll let you take me to the ER. Just give me one more chance to take care of it. Deal?”

He stared at her imploringly, and she wavered. This was wrong on so many levels it wasn’t funny. On the other hand, the poor kid was the victim of nasty prank that now had him feeling even worse about himself, and she couldn’t imagine how bad he felt.

Coming to her couldn’t have been easy, and he’d made a good point about their parents wanting to know why he’d gone to the hospital. Tammy could spin a lie, and stick to it, but Jimmy would end up blurting out the truth.

Their parents would be ripshit and want to talk to Kim’s parents, setting Jimmy up for ‘snitches get stitches” at school This was his freshmen year at URI and he’d just been the butt of one joke. All the jerks would have him in their sites if their parents found out and took action.

“Okay,” she said quickly, before reason took over and made her keep saying no.

“You’ll help?”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this, but yes. How are we doing this? I am not watching you whack off.”

“I get it.”

“And I’m not getting naked for you. Or…”

“I get it!” Jimmy raised his voice to interrupt her. “How about,” his hand trailed down to touch himself through the boxers and she wondered if he were aware he was doing it.

“You wearing anything under that nightshirt?”


“Tammy if you’re going to help me, please just help me.”

“No, only thing under this shirt is me.”

“Then roll over, and just um, pull your shirt up enough for me to see your ass.”

“You are not seeing my ass!”

“Its just your ass! You can keep your legs together so I don’t see anything else.”

“That’s nice of you.” Tammy replied sarcastically. “How about you jack off on my feet?”


“There’s a lot of guys into feet. I got a pedicure so they’re soft and my toes are painted red.”

“Feet don’t do anything for me,” Jimmy protested. “I need to see something, that, you know, would really get me going.”

“My ass will get you going? I hope a side effect of those pills is making you so horny you can’t think straight, because you shouldn’t be saying shit like that to me.”

“I’ve never seen a girl’s ass except for porn.” Jimmy kept trying. “You said you’d help.”

“I did, but I’m already regretting it.”

“Please don’t change your mind.” When Jimmy saw her waffling he add, “Come on, sis, we had a deal!”

She took a deep breath. “Okay, but you better not tell anyone about this.”

“Being so pathetic I asked my sister if I could jack off over her ass, isn’t something I’d brag about.”

“True.” Tammy drew her leg up and kicked the sheet off. “I’m not exactly going to consider this a high point in my life either.”

She rolled over onto her stomach and rested her chin on her folded forearms. She crossed her ankles to keep her legs pressed together and make sure he couldn’t see between her thighs.

“Can I take these off?” he asked. “If you want me to keep them on I will, but it’ll feel better if…”

“Do whatever you have to, I’m not looking.”

She heard Jimmy sliding his boxers down his legs and a moment later felt him get on the bed behind her. Her eyes widened when the bed shifted, and she felt his legs pressing against the lower part of her thighs as he straddled her.

“Can’t you just kneel on one side of me?”

“I don’t want you to be able to see me out of the side of your eye,” he said behind her. “Besides this’ll be a better angle and…”

“Whatever, at this point I guess it doesn’t make things any worse.”

“Can I?” He tugged on the sides of her shirt.

Tammy closed her eyes and took a few seconds to tell herself there was no turning back now.

“Go ahead,” She lifted her hips so he could slide her shirt up.

She held her breath as she felt the soft material of the shirt going up the backs of her upper thighs then her ass. He stopped when it was over her hips, and she felt her face flush from the idea her brother was now staring at her bare ass.

“There’s lotion on the nightstand,” she said. “Use it, it’ll feel better and you’ll be quicker.”

“Trust me, I’ve got more than enough lube, I’ve been dripping for the last…”

“Okay, okay, just you know, get it over with.”

“Damn, you have a fine ass,” he said softly. “Like holy shit, fine.”

“Less yapping, more fapping.” She replied, wishing she’d thought to grab her phone and her earbuds during this so she couldn’t hear him.

“Taking the sexy right out of this,” he sighed.

“There was never any sexy in it, get going before I change my mind.”

Jimmy didn’t respond but the bed was now shaking slightly and she could hear him breathing louder over her. He hadn’t been kidding about having enough natural lube because she could hear a wet slapping sound as he stroked his cock.

Tammy knew if she looked to her right she’d see their reflection in the mirror and was annoyed to discover a small part of her wanted to look. Unlike the decision to let this happen, the right thing to do won out and she focused on the headboard in front of her.

She jumped when Jimmy grabbed her left ass cheek, squeezing it.

“Wow, your ass is tight! That Yoga stuff must really work.”

“Don’t touch my ass you little perv!” Tammy caught herself moving her head to look over her shoulder. “I didn’t say you could touch.”

“But it helps!” This time he lightly caressed her cheek with the palm of his hand. “Please?”

“This is crazy,” she muttered, then spoke so he could hear. “If it helps you get off faster, fine, but keep it to my ass, you try to get your hand between my legs, I’ll kick you out of here.”

“Don’t have to be mean.”

Jimmy’s hand slid over her ass fondling her other cheek, then giving it a squeeze. His breathing was louder and heavier, and wanting to get this over with, she wiggled side to side, shaking her ass for him.

“That’s so hot,” he breathed. “You got the finest ass I’ve ever seen.”

“It’s the only ass you’ve seen that’s not in a porn,” she sighed. “Please stop telling me I’m hot.”

“You are though,” he gave her ass a little smack that made her yelp more in surprise than any type of pain.

“What the fuck?” she hissed. “You do not spank me!”

“Your ass barely moved, god it’s so firm!” he gave her another swat that had Tammy vowing she was going to smack his face when this was over.

But she didn’t say anything. At this point any protest on her part would make this last longer. He shifted behind her, and Tammy felt something soft and hairy slide along the back of her thigh.

Christ, his fucking balls were rubbing on her. The little shit was going to owe her big time for this. The sound of him beating off grew faster and his hand trembled where he now had it resting on her left ass cheek.

She wiggled faster, trying to help him along and she heard him whisper. “So fucking perfect,” as he switched his hand over to the other side of her ass.

Tammy’s body jerked when something sticky poked into the left side of her ass. She grimaced when it slid across, tracing the curve of her ass and leaving a sticky trail.

“Get your dick off me, you little jerk!”

“Sorry, I’m close and I’m just trying to get over the edge,” Jimmy said. “Just a little more, promise!”

“Whatever.” Tammy mumbled, trying to find something else to think about other than her brother whacking off while playing with her ass.

She flinched again when this time Jimmy didn’t just press his dripping spongy head into her cheek, but slid his dick over her ass. His flesh was hot and hard. Very hard, and as repulsed as she was to have his dick on her, she couldn’t help notice how long it seemed.

Tammy’s head turned towards the mirror, but she stopped herself, and lowered her forehead onto her arms. The bed rocked as Jimmy was now thrusting his hips, sliding his hard dick over her soft cheek.

“Come on,” he whispered. “Please finish, please!”

He sounded more frustrated than aroused and Tammy realized he wasn’t exaggerating about not being able to get himself off, and how frustrating it must be. He was young, but if he’d already come twice, maybe his body was too tired to do it again, but the drug was keeping his dick from deflating.

Maybe she needed to do something to help him get through. An image formed in her mind, something she’d seen in a couple of porns.

“Put it between my cheeks,” she blurted.


“Slide your dick through my crack, you know, like you’re fucking my ass cheeks.”

Jimmy didn’t hesitate to slide his dick over, and Tammy inwardly cringed at the feeling of it nestling between the cheeks of her ass. He slid his cock through her crack several times, then put his hands on her ass, pressing her flesh tightly around his cock. He pumped his cock through her soft skin, moaning loudly as his hips thrust faster.

“They call this hotdogging.” Jimmy said, his voice coming out in a breathy wheeze as he fucked her butt cheeks.

“Of course you’d know that,” Tammy shook her head.

“This feels good!”

“I asked you to stop talking.” She released a long breath. “I was hoping I’d have a naked guy behind me tonight, but wow did that take a wrong turn.”

“S…sorry,” Jimmy wheezed. “You think I wanted to be the first girl’s ass I ever touched to be my sisters? I’m more pathetic than you.”

“Stop that woe is me shit, and just fucking come, okay?” Why did she have the feeling none of her friends had ever uttered that line to their brother.

“Yeah,” Jimmy pumped harder, the bed now rocking from his efforts.

Tammy tried not to keep thinking about not just how hard his dick was and that there was now no doubt there was more than a few inches working her cheeks. Why did she keep thinking about it? Note to self, don’t mix hard liquor with weed.

“Yeah,” Jimmy moaned, his fingers tightening on her cheeks to the point it hurt, but she didn’t want to stop him. “Fuck, I’m so close!”

His thighs trembled against her legs and his cock rapidly thrusting into her as he sped up in an effort to finish. Tammy frowned at the thought of where did he think he was coming? This was bad enough, she didn’t need his load on her ass, or her nightshirt.

But he seemed to be right there, and she didn’t want to interrupt him, she was just going to have to deal with an additional layer of shame when he squirted all over her.

“Come on,” he groaned. “Come on!”

His thrusts were shorter and harder and both them, and his voice, had an air of desperation. Gritting her teeth, Tammy pumped her hips as much as she could with his weight on her legs, shoving her ass into his strokes.

He released a pathetic whimper and she winced when his fingers were now gouging into her and he was moving his hips so hard the headboard was hitting the wall.

“Right there, right there,” he gasped. “Please, oh, please.”

The poor kid was begging to come, and she felt her annoyance giving way to pity. She’d been thinking of herself and how gross and wrong this was. She hadn’t considered what he’d said to her a minute ago, that this had to have him feeling pretty low, asking your sister to help him and knowing she was doing it reluctantly.

“Fuck!” he shouted, and rolled off of her. “Fuck, I can’t, I fucking can’t!”

“Easy, easy!” Tammy sat up, pushing her shirt back down over her sticky ass. “Relax, maybe you’re trying too hard.”

She turned to see him sitting on the edge of the bed, his back to her. He was breathing hard and he had his head in his hands.

“It’s not going to happen. Your ass looked and felt so good, and I know it sounds bad, but doing that was the hottest thing I’ve ever done. I was close, but I’m too tired. My frigging balls are aching.”

“Take a couple minutes, catch your breath.” Tammy spun on her knees so she was behind him and put her hands on his shoulders. “I’ll let you try again.”

“I don’t think I can again.” His shoulders slumped beneath her touch. “We made a deal, and this didn’t work. Will you take me to the ER? I don’t want to go alone, especially if they have to…do that to me.”

Tammy’s heart broke at the dejection and fear in his voice, and she squeezed his shoulders.

“No, we’re going to take care of this here, I promise.”

“No offense, sis, but I don’t think that was enough. I don’t know what I need, but it’s more than what you did, and we can’t do more than that.”

“Maybe we can,” Tammy spoke slowly, wondering if she could go through with what she was thinking.

“I’m going to stand up and put my underwear back on. You might want to look away.”

“Thanks for the warning, even though I should get to see your ass because you saw mine.” She tried to joke, but he shrugged.

“If you want to look, I don’t care.”

He rose from the bed, and Tammy did turn her head. She’d lost track of where she was on the bed and when she looked away from him, she was confronted with their reflection. Her kneeling on the bed, and Jimmy standing there naked looking on the floor for his underwear. Tammy’s eyes widened and she gasped.

“Oh, my god, bro!”

Chapter Five

“What’s the matter?” Startled at how loud she yelled, he turned towards her and Tammy’s jaw dropped.

“What is it?”

“I…holy fuck!” Tammy blurted. “Your dick is fucking huge!”

“I..uh…” he looked down, and she imagined he was blushing, but his face had been red all night so it didn’t really show. “I guess.”

“You guess? Christ, Jimmy, you watch porn, you never looked at thing in your hand and realized you’re bigger than a lot of them?”

“No,” he went to turn back around, but Tammy leaned forward and caught his wrist.



“I…” she stammered. What was she going to say? I want to keep looking at your dick?

But she did. She’d never seen a bigger cock in person or in any porn she’d seen for that matter.


“Just stay there, I’m thinking of something.”

Thinking how did this scrawny kid have enough blood in his body to keep a dick that long hard. Tammy couldn’t believe her eyes. Jimmy’s cock wasn’t just long, but so thick she wondered if she’d be able to get her fingers around it.

Why would that thought even enter her head?

“Nothing to think about,” he leaned over to grab his boxers. “You’re staring at me.”

“Because…” she whistled. “Bro, if Kim or any of those other bitches knew what you had down there, they wouldn’t be making fun of you, they’d be lining up to hop on.”

“Okay, I get it, you didn’t like me telling you I thought you were hot, so now you’re doing it to me.”

“No, I am not kidding, damn.” She caught herself starting to lick her lips. “You’re so fucking hard.”

“That’s the problem!”

Tammy nodded absently, her eyes lingering on the oozing head of his cock which was so purple it looked bruised. No wonder it ached, something that big staying hard for a long time had to be painful.

“I’ll go get dressed, and we’ll go to the doctor.”

“How about if I showed you my tits?”

“What did you say?”

What did I just say? Tammy was as surprised as he was, but that cock! It was like driving by a bad accident, you knew you shouldn’t look, but couldn’t help it.

“You said it wasn’t enough. Bet you could get off if I took my shirt off.”

Was she still buzzed? Tammy liked cock as much as the next girl, but she’d never cared much about size, but then again she’d never seen one like this. The fact it was on her brother should have her covering her eyes, but in a weird way it seemed to be adding to her fascination of it.

“I can’t ask you to do that.” Jimmy said the right thing, but she saw his eyes drop to her chest, which with no bra was prominently displayed in the shirt, especially her suddenly erect nipples.

“You’re not, I’m offering,” she giggled nervously. “Taking one for the team, helping my brother, all that good stuff.” She was speaking fast, too fast, but she doubted he noticed.


“I’m not going to let you go to the hospital,” she slid her legs out from under her so she was sitting on the edge of the bed. “I’ve never met a cock that didn’t give it up for me.” She laughed and she swore she wounded giddy.

“Wow, now who should stop talking?” But Jimmy made no move to put his boxers on, just stood there with that big dick bobbing between his legs.

“Sorry, I thought maybe me saying things like that might help.”

Tammy pulled the sheet around her to cover herself from the waist down, then lifted her hips to get the shirt out from under her.

“Come here,” she pointed to the floor directly in front of her. “Get nice and close so you get a good view.”

“You sure?”

“You came in here asking me to help, you want to jerk off to my tits or not?”

“This is so fucked up,” he sighed, “But yeah, I mean, you know because I need to do this.”

“And I need to help you do this, so it’s just a big sis helping out her brother, it’s cool, right?” she asked as she crossed her arms and gathered the bottom of the shirt in her hands.

“Right, it’s kind of messed up, but it’s for the right reasons.” Jimmy agreed as she moved so he was in front her, the head of his cock less than a foot from her face.

Tammy slid the shirt partway up her stomach, and took a deep breath. This was getting out of hand, but she was doing it for the right reasons…or was she now just telling herself that to cover for up for being suddenly, and disturbingly obsessed with her brother’s dick?

Before reason, and decency, took over, Tammy stripped the shirt off and dropped it on the bed next to her. It was Jimmy’s turn to stand there with his mouth open, his eyes wide behind his glasses as he was confronted with his sister’s impressive breasts.

“Jesus,” he managed to get his mouth closed. “I mean I could tell you had big tits, but damn, Tammy.”

“Looks like we’re both pretty well endowed, huh?” she lifted her arms over her head and turned side to side, shaking her tits around. “Real and all natural, baby.”

“Baby?” he grinned. “I like that.”

“What about these?” She lifted her tits, offering them up to him. “Like these?”

“They’re….amazing,” he reached out, then caught himself.

“Yeah?” She teased her thumbs over her swollen nipples, trying to get him more excited. “What about these? They amazing? Nice and suckable?”

“Yeah,” he swallowed hard, his eyes glued to her tits the same way hers were to his cock. “They are.”

“Then show me how much you like them. Stroke that big dick and empty those balls all over them.”

“Damn!” he blinked. “That’s dirty!”

“Bro, you just fucked my butt crack, for Christ’s sake, I think we’re past dirty here.”

“Good point,” Jimmy gripped his cock in his right hand and pumped it.

Tammy’s breathing picked up as she watched his hand glide along his long thick shaft. Jimmy had big hands, but there was plenty of cock sticking out over his fist as he jerked off. She held her tits up for him, bouncing them to make them jiggle for him.

“They’re so fine,” he whispered. “Can I touch them?”

“Go ahead,” she answered, her prior inhibitions seemed to be strangely absent as she watched her brother jerk off.

He ran his left hand over her right breast, gently squeezing it. His fingers grazed her nipple causing her breath to hiss between her teeth. Jimmy’s hand slid over the head of his cock, working his pre cum into his palm.

He resumed stroking, the pre cum making his hand slide faster along his now slick cock. Tammy sucked on her lower lip as her gaze remained fixed on his now glistening shaft.

“First tit I touch and it’s my sisters,” he muttered.

“Best tits you’ll ever touch.”


“Um, nothing,” she giggled. “But I do have a damn fine rack, don’t I?”

“You do, and you’re right, I look at them a lot.”

“You do, don’t you, my naughty little brother.” She looked up into his eyes. “Made a big mess in my bra, didn’t you?”

“I did, sorry.”

“Don’t be, but how about you make a big mess on your sister’s big tits? Show me how much you like them?”


“Yeah,” she slid her pink tongue across her lips for him. “All over them, paint these titties white for me.”

Jimmy’s hand moved faster, and she continued talking dirty, trying to work him up enough to come.

“Drain those poor swollen balls all over your sister’s tits and pretty pink nipples.” She released a soft moan. “I love that. Love guys squirting on my tits. The cum slides down over my nipples and onto my belly and my thighs and it gets me so hot and wet!”

She went into a series of moans a porn star would be proud of and they weren’t entirely fake. Tammy was working herself up, and not just with her talk, but watching Jimmy play with himself.

Tammy wanted him to come, and no longer just to help him, but she wanted to see that monster cock explode. She didn’t care if he got it all over her. To the contrary the newly awakened horny part of her wanted it all over her tits.

“Fuck that sounds good.”

“It’ll feel better.” She jiggled her tits and put her hand over his, pushing it into her breast. “All that cum shooting from that cock. It’ll feel so good, you’ll be so relieved when those balls empty on me.

“I’ll like it too, all that sticky warm cum on my big titties.” She moaned again. “Come on, little brother, come for me. Come for your big sister! I want it, baby! I want it so bad!”

“Jesus,” Jimmy’s hand was blurring along his shaft making that wet slapping sound that now sounded so much better than it had before.

“I’m waiting,” she whispered. “It’s not nice to make me wait,” she gave him a convincing whisper. “Please? Please come for me? I’m being so helpful! Reward your helpful sister with a big load!”

Jimmy gasped several times, and Tammy lifted her tits higher, ready for the cum shower she expected from a dick that size. Instead, he kept stroking, and his gasps turned into higher pitched whining.

“I just can’t!” his hand slowed. “Its not going to…”

“Slap it on my tits,” she suggested. “Smack them with it and keep jerking, you can come for me, baby, I know you can.”

Jimmy whacked his cock onto her right tit and she flinched when pre-cum splattered into her chest. The feeling of it sent an unwanted shiver of excitement through as did his striking each of her tits with his cock.

God, he was so fucking hard! His entire cock was red, the veins standing out from being erect for so long. His cock looked angry, like it was looking for something to take it out on, and Tammy had a quick image flash through her mind of that big angry dick forcing itself into her…

“Keep going,” Tammy whispered, trying to cut off that last thought. This was her brother, her younger brother. She was only doing this to help him, it wasn’t about her. “Stroke it faster!”

“I…my damn arm is getting tired.”

“Use your other hand.”

“I suck with that hand, I think…”

“Titty fuck me!” Tammy slid her hands to the sides of her breasts. “Just put it between them, and go to town.”

“You sure?”

“Now’s not the time to be shy, Jimmy. Stick that ginormous cock between my boobs and take what you want.”

Jimmy looked surprised at her words, but placed his cock between her tits and thrust his hips. Tammy pressed her boobs tightly around his shaft.

“So hard,” she purred. “I can feel it throbbing!”

“Too hard,” he mumbled while staring down at his cock sliding between her breasts.

He put his hands under hers, cupping the power portion of her tits as he fucked them.

“There you go, baby,” she cooed in her best phone sex voice. “Give me a nice messy pearl necklace!”

“Fuck,” Jimmy moaned. “This is incredible.”

“Yeah it is, that big hard dick between my big soft tits. Hmm,” she moaned. “You’re getting them all sticky, but not as sticky as they’re going to be!”

“Can’t believe I’m titty fucking my sister,” Jimmy gasped. “I want to come so bad!”

“I want it too!” Tammy lowered her head and wagged her tongue over his cock. “Give it to me! Maybe if you come quick you’ll get some in my mouth!” she wiggled her tongue again.

“Want that? To shoot some cum in my mouth? If you come fast, I’ll let you, wait too long I’ll move!”

Jimmy whimpered as he strained to cum while Tammy found it difficult not to lower her head more and get a taste of the head of his dick. What the heck was wrong with her? She was being pervier than Jimmy ever could be, and he was the one with the problem.

A big problem, a problem so big and delicious looking his own sister wanted to play with it.

“Goddamn!” Jimmy stopped stroking and eased back, letting his cock slide from between her tits. “Its too much. I can’t keep moving, my heart’s racing and I can’t catch my breath.”

“Know what they say, want it done, do it yourself.” Tammy grabbed Jimmy’s cock in her right hand.

“Whoa!” Jimmy exclaimed as she wrapped her fingers around his shaft and pumped it in her fist. “Y…you’re jerking me off!”

“I’m taking this personally now,” Tammy told him. “I’m way too good to not get a load out of those balls.”

Jimmy started to laugh then moaned when she moved her hand faster. Tammy watched her hand slide up his shaft. Her fingers couldn’t touch around him, even her fingernails were barely in contact with each other.

She slid her palm over his head, gathering some precum and making him gasp when she rubbed the sensitive spongey head. She resumed jerking him, her hand moving easily along his slick dick.

“So long,” she whispered, and added her other hand, putting her fists together and using both to jerk him.

There was still some of his cock protruding from them! Tammy hadn’t been kidding, if girls knew how hung he was they’d be taking numbers to fuck him. Figures, biggest dick she ever saw, and was now touching, and it was her dorky brothers.

“Damn,” Jimmy moaned. “That feels good! Better than my hand.”

“I’d be pretty bad if it didn’t feel better.” Tammy pumped him harder and pointed the head of his cock between her tits. “Give it to me, Jimmy. Your big sis is working hard for that load! I want it, baby! I want your cum all over my chest and my tits!”

Jimmy’s hips were moving of their own accord, pushing through her hands. Tammy’s left hand left his cock and slid under it, cupping his heavy balls and gently rubbing them. Jimmy moaned louder than he had before as she worked his balls, trying to coax the cum from them.

“Yeah, that’s it, baby. Let me have it, let me have all of it!” she moaned. “Nice big load from my little brother! I need it, Jimmy! I’m getting so wet playing with your big dick!”

“Oh, oh!” Jimmy grunted as she pumped his tortured cock.

“Need more?” Tammy really was feeling like this was a challenge at this point. “Here!” she grabbed the sheet, and yanked it away from her.

She lifted her right leg from the floor, putting her foot flat on the mattress to expose her freshy waxed hairless pink slit. “Look at that pussy, Jimmy! First one you’ve ever seen.”

“Oh my god,” Jimmy’s eyes looked like they were going to fall out of his head. “That’s…Oh my god!”

“Touch it!” Tammy hissed, grabbing his wrist, and pulling his left hand down between her legs. “Go one, feel your sister’s pussy.”

She groaned and her hips jerked when Jimmy’s fingers slid through her tight pink lips.

“You’re wet!” he exclaimed, and his cock jumped in her hand.

“That’s from playing with your big dick,” Tammy whispered. “Go ahead, baby, play with it, put your fingers inside!”

Tammy was acting like the one who had been slipped something. She was acting far more lust crazed than the guy who had swallowed two Viagra. She couldn’t blame the drinking or smoking, she’d done more of both in the past and she’d never acted like this.

Or had she? All of Tammy’s one night stands and wild encounters in the back rooms of parties had been nights she’d hit both the booze and the bowl hard. She’d been horny as hell all night, coming from only a couple minutes with her vibe, before falling asleep.

Her pussy was wet, and both her nipples and clit were erect and aching. Jimmy’s fingers awkwardly probed the lips of her slit, and she groaned each time they met her clit.

“Look at you, getting jerked off by a naked girl while you play with her pretty pink pussy!”

“My sister,” he whispered, and his cock jerked again when he said the word sister, telling her he didn’t feel too bad about who was jacking him off.

Tammy pumped him harder and faster to where it bordered on rough, wondering what it would take to get him to pop. He seemed ready to. His legs were shaking violently, and his fingers trembled between her legs.

His hips rocked into her hand, and hers were now moving into his, pushing his fingers through her lips and wishing he’d stop fumbling around and get a finger in there. Only to help him come of course, she told herself.

That was the only reason she’d exposed her pussy and let him touch her, he’d never done any of this so all of it was an effort to get him that desperately needed relief. That was her story, and she was doing the best she could to delude herself into buying it.

“You like that, don’t you?” she kept egging him on. “You like because I’m your sister!”

“No!” he said so quickly she hoped she hadn’t screwed things up, but a moment later he sighed. “Yes, I…I don’t just look at you, sometimes I’ve thought about you.”

Tammy pushed away the idea of how concerned she should be about that last remark, and instead fed into it.

“And here I am. Naked, Jimmy. I am totally naked and you’ve had your dick in the crack of my ass, between my tits, and now I’m giving you a hand job while you touch me.”

“Oh, yeah, I’ve jerked off to you before. Thought about you when I had your bra.”

“Real thing right here, baby, and I want that load! If you could make a mess in my bra then you should be able to make an even bigger one on me!”

“I want to so fucking bad!” he moaned. “Its right there, but…I just can’t and my dick is starting to hurt and…”

“Oh for fuck’s sake!” Tammy stood up from the bed, and grabbed him by the arms, trying to turn him around.

“What are you doing?” he asked, startled by her sudden move.

“Just turn around.” She sucked in a sharp breath when his cock slid along her leg and for a moment was between her thighs his shaft sliding along her pussy.

The look of nervous excitement on Jimmy’s face told her he’d noticed the contact, but he did as she asked, turning in a circle so his back was to the bed.

“Now sit down.”

“Why? What are you doing?”

“I’m helping, now sit down.”

She gave him a shove, causing him to fall back so he was sitting on the bed. Ignoring the part of her that was screaming at her that she shouldn’t be doing this, she dropped to her knees between his legs.

Taking his cock in her hand, Tammy opened wide, lowered her head, and took him into her mouth.

“Holy shit!” Jimmy cried out.

Tammy, her mind racing, caught between this being as wrong as it gets, and pure lust, moaned as she slid the spongy head of his cock between her lips. He was so thick! She opened wider just to get past his head and be able to slide her lips down his shaft.

Her mouth had never been so full! She made a gagging noise when some of his precum slid down her throat at the same time she forced another couple inches into her mouth. She angled her head, and was able to take about two thirds of his considerable length.

Above her, Jimmy was moaning like a porn star just from being in her mouth. Tammy turned her eyes up to him, and slowly bobbed her head. She wasn’t doing it to tease, the mission here, because that’s the only reason she was so unselfishly sucking his dick, was to get him off, not take her time.

But he was so big she had to work her way up to going faster to avoid choking on his cock.

“Oh, my god,” Jimmy moaned. “That feels even better than fucking your tits.”

Tammy winked at him, then moved her head faster.

“I can’t believe I’m getting a blow job,” Jimmy breathed.

Tammy slid her mouth from his cock, drool and some pre cum sliding down her chin.

“You better not tell anyone.”

“How the hell could I?” Jimmy had a good point there, then grinned. “But I could tell them a hot girl with big tits gave me a blow job.”

“Sure,” Tammy rolled her eyes, then took him back into her mouth, this time much more easily

Her eyes then rolled back as she was able to better enjoy the sensation of having something this big and hard between her lips. Tammy bobbed her head faster than she had before, taking him a little deeper each time.

Her hair fell in front of her face, and she pushed it back, tucking it behind her ears so it wouldn’t get in her way or obscure Jimmy’s view of his big sister giving him head.

“Just like in the movies,” he whispered. “You’re good at this.”

Tammy once again wished he’d stop talking. But he was right, she loved to suck cock. She enjoyed making a man moan, and feel him tremble and hear him say her name as she teased, and licked and sucked his cock.

She loved taking a hot load in her mouth, the warm sticky cum, the way their dicks twitched in her mouth and how they gasped and their hips jerked when she kept working the sensitive tip of their cock after they came, swirling their cum around their head before swallowing it, or if she were really stoned or drunk and feeling dirty, drooling it out on her chin and tits.

This was by far the biggest cock she’d ever sucked, and as she took it further than she had the first time, she wondered what it would feel like inside her. That fat head stretching her lips, pushing into her, forcing her tight hole to expand around it.

Her hips were grinding as she sucked, and her clit throbbed between her legs. She was going to need to come after this, and there was no doubt that no matter how hard she tried not to, she’d be coming to the thought of her brother’s cock in her tight twat.

Tammy took him too deep and gagged, spit bursting from the corners of her mouth. She pushed herself to go further, stretching her mouth as she made wet gurgling sounds. She eased back then drove forward.

The head of his cock hit the back of her throat making her release another sloppy gagging sound, but she repeated the motion again, then again. She gripped his cock in her hand, her fist following the wet trail left by her mouth.

“Oh, that’s oh, Tammy, that’s so good.” Jimmy groaned. “Keep doing it, please keep doing it.”

Tammy released his cock, this time with pre cum laced drool spraying from her mouth and dripping onto her tits.

“I’m going to keep sucking.” She spit onto the head of his cock and stroked his full length. “I’m going to suck your cock and you’re going to come you little shit, you got that?”

“I want to!”

“You will. You’ll come from your big sis giving you your first blow job, not just the first, but the best you’ll ever get.”

She hawked another glob of spit onto his head and added her second hand jacking him with both fists again as he moaned and squirmed on the bed.

“I’m not losing this game, Jimmy, and if you get close and think you can’t? I want you to think about where you’re coming, because you’ll be coming in my mouth.”

She wagged her tongue at him.

“Every drop right in my mouth. Ever been mad at me? Think I’m a bitch? Well just think about this smart ass bitch choking on this goddamn horse cock of yours and filling my mouth with your load.”

“Goddamn, you’re nasty.”

“I am, I’m your nasty big sister. But I’m a good big sister too because I’m doing this for you.”

“I’ll do anything for you, Tammy. I promise!”

“Then come for me.”

She took him back into her mouth and went full porn star. She took him as deep as she could, and bobbed her head rapidly while jerking him off. Her jaw and throat were beginning to hurt from the effort of taking so much.

The head of his cock repeatedly banged into the back of her throat and she was now shamelessly drooling down his cock, then slurping it up when she came back down on his shaft. Tammy’s eyes were now watering while she emitted a series of sloppy wet sucking sounds with an occasional gag mixed in.

Jimmy was sitting back on his elbows, his eyes wide, transfixed by the sight of his big sister sloppily gobbling his cock like it was the best thing she’d ever tasted. His thighs and knees were shaking, and his entire body tense.

His cock was twitching in her mouth and hand, and Tammy knew she had him right on the edge. But even when she continued to blow him he didn’t come. His moans were getting desperate again, with those frustrated whimpers in between them.

Tammy’s face was now as red as his from abusing her mouth with his cock, and she didn’t think she could do it for much longer. She slid her hand between his legs and cupped his balls, massaging them as she sucked.

Jimmy’s legs straightened around her and his hips lifted, pushing him deeper into her descending mouth. It caused her to gag and a fresh wave of spit to erupt from her mouth, but she kept going, relentlessly punishing her own mouth and throat in an effort to give him what he needed.

“Oh, don’t stop!” he gasped. “Keep sucking, please keep sucking!”

Tammy rose on her knees, and the next time she took most of his length, she tilted her head, forced her mouth wider and took him all the way until her lips touched the base of his shaft. She gurgled around his cock, drooling, tears flowing down her face and fighting not to gag. Tammy shook her head rapidly back and forth, while squeezing his balls.


Jimmy’s hips thrust and his cock exploded in her mouth. He was in the back of her throat when he did it, Tammy squealed when cum not only erupted from the sides of her mouth, but shot out of her nose.

Her throat sore, and her nostrils burning, she resumed bobbing her head, sucking as he continued to fill her mouth. She swallowed some of it, but the spurts were so thick, more came out of her mouth to slide down his shaft.

She slurped it back up as she doggedly continued to blow him despite her discomfort. She’d worked hard for this and wanted every drop, wanted to drain his balls so he’d be spent and his cock would go down.

“Oh, fuck, sis! Tammy…Oh that’s…oh Tammy!” Jimmy was moaning and writing on the bed as his sister rubbed his balls and sucked despite the cum oozing from her nose and mouth.

Tammy eased back, but kept his head in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it, and shaking her head, working his sensitive tip around her sloppy mouth.

“Okay!” Jimmy’s hips jerked and he gasped each time she gave him a hard suck. “Okay! Please stop!”

Tammy let him fall from her mouth, his tip followed by more cum which joined the mess on her chest and tits, some had even slid down to her stomach. She sat back on her knees gasping for breath, while Jimmy did the same.

“Jesus,” he wheezed. “Sis, you can suck cock!”

“Like you’d know if I were good or not,” she replied, then gave him a smile through her sticky lips. “But yeah, I’ve been told I give damn good head.”

“Imagine Mom and Dad hearing this?”

“Lucky they weren’t home, or mom would be with you at the ER,” Tammy grabbed her night shirt and wiped the cum from her tits and stomach. “Speaking of?”

Tammy looked at his cock to see it was still twitching, but didn’t seem as hard.

“It’s,” Jimmy slowly lowered his head as if he were afraid to look. “It doesn’t hurt and…its going down!”

Even as he spoke, his cock had softened significantly. Being hard for so long and finally coming had his tired flesh quickly deflating.

“Job well done if I say so myself.”

“Thank you! Sis, I owe you big time!”

“Just never tell anyone about any of this.”

“You keep saying that.” Jimmy released a long sigh of relief. “Damn that felt good, and I feel so much better.”

“That was the third time you came?” she dabbed at her chin with a clean corner of the shirt. “That’s the biggest goddamn load I’ve ever taken, came out of my nose, I thought they made that shit up for the movies.”

“You should stop talking,” he told her with a grin.

Tammy returned it, then rose to her feet and sat on the bed next to him. The movement made her realize how wet she was. Her nipples were so hard they were aching the way his cock had, and her clit was throbbing with need.

“You said you’d do anything for me, and you owe me?” As she asked, the small part of her that was still appalled at what they’d done, told her she needed it to end here, but the other part of her, the part that got more than a little enjoyment from sucking off her brother, was in full control.

“Name it. Chores, favors, money, anything you want.”

“Eat my pussy,” she said softly.

“Sure, I’ll…what?” Jimmy stared at her, his mouth hanging open.

“I’ve been super horny since Rick, and getting you off has me so wet. I need to come and you should return the favor and help me.”

“I don’t know how,” Jimmy said nervously. “I never did anything with a girl before.”

“I’ll help you, and this way when you are with a girl, you’ll know how to make her happy.” She whistled. “Not that your dick won’t have her eyes rolling, but you should know how to please a woman.”

“I…” he looked down at his cock, which even soft was impressive. Kid was a shower and a grower. “What if I get hard again?”

“That’s why we should do this. You get hard we’ll figure it out. But what if you go in your room and fall asleep and have a dirty dream about, I don’t know maybe your hot sister, and you’re hard in your sleep?”

“And if I don’t wake up and I sleep too long…”

“You could hurt yourself.” Tammy nodded, then sliding back to the middle of the bed, spun on her ass and lay back so her head was on the pillow. “Let’s make sure we have it all out of your system.”

She spread her legs, then reached down with both hands and spread her lips, wantonly exposing her pussy to her brother. “Just think of it as kissing your sister,” she giggled. “Right on the lips.”

“Fuck, that’s,” he nodded so fast his glasses slid down his nose. “Yeah, we should be sure I’m okay.”

“Then come stretch out between my legs.” She tapped her clit. “And give me that kiss.”

Jimmy rolled over onto the bed, sliding up between her legs, until his face was inches from her pink slit.

“Let me have these.” Tammy plucked the glasses from his face and put them on the nightstand. “If they steam up you won’t see anything.”

Jimmy didn’t reply, just stared at her pussy.

“Right here, she pinched her clit between her thumb and forefinger. “Lick it, nice and easy.”

Jimmy eased forward placing his hands on her inner thighs and tentatively flicked his tongue across her swollen button. Tammy released a sharp breath and her hips jerked, pushing her pussy into his face.

“Damn, I’m worked up. Now go head and lick, you can go up and down or side to side, be fancy and do it in a circle. Nice and light feels best.”

Jimmy fluttered his tongue over her clit doing as she said, up and down then side to side.

“That’s nice,” she slid her hands up her stomach and cupped her breasts. “You’re doing just fine, little brother. Just nice and easy, you know, like your sister sometimes,” she giggled.

Her giggle turned into a moan when he traced a slow circle around her clit, then resumed the soft flicks over and around it.

“Hmm,” Tammy sighed contentedly as her brother’s tongue danced across her excited flesh. “Feels good, baby.”

Jimmy smiled up at her. “Like you calling me, baby.”

“You are my baby brother after all,” she moaned when she took her nipples between her fingers. “How about you lick lower? Use that tongue between my lips.”

Jimmy licked her clit then pushed his tongue down through her moist lips. He licked and swirled his tongue, probing the folds of her pussy as she played with her nipples, her hips rocking gently as her brother explored her.

“Little lower, then push with your tongue,” she guided him.

He did as she said, moving his tongue lower, then making it rigid and pushing. They both gasped when his tongue slipped into her hole. Jimmy moved his tongue around inside her, his eyes going wide as he got his first taste of pussy.

“Move your head back and forth, tongue fuck me.”

He was good at following instructions and Tammy groaned and squeezed her nipples harder was he plunged his tongue in and out of her.

“See how wet I am?” she asked softly. “You got me that way. Got me all hot and horny asking me to play with that big cock.”

Without being told, Jimmy slid his hand between her legs and removing his tongue, replaced it with his finger.

“Bad boy,” she purred. “You fingering your sister?”

“Yes,” he whispered, then made her jump when he pressed his face to her pussy and inhaled deeply. “Damn, that smells good.”

“You say the sweetest things!” Tammy giggled. Wow she was way down the forbidden rabbit hole at this point. “Put another one in and push them nice and deep.”

He eased another finger in and she released a low moan as he slipped them all the way. She contracted her pussy around them and giggled at the look on his face.

“Imagine a girl doing that around your dick. Now, get that tongue back on that clit, and move your fingers side to side.”

Jimmy eagerly went back to her clit while wiggling her fingers and Tammy let her head fall back on the pillow staring at the ceiling as she toyed with her nipples and her brother fingered her whole tonguing her clit.

This was what she’d wanted tonight, granted she’d never in a million years imagined it being her brother between her legs, but what the hell? He was doing a pretty damn good job on her. She could still taste his cum in her mouth and as disgusted as she should be by that, it only served to make her squirm harder in his face.

“Suck on it,” she whispered. “Suck your nasty sister’s clit, help me the way I helped you.”

She gasped when he sucked her harder than she expected, but it felt damn good and her pussy tightened around his fingers. Jimmy sucked her several times in rapid succession, then went back to licking.

His tongue was moving faster and more confidently, and his fingers were now thrusting harder into her. Tammy lifted her legs, placing her feet on his shoulders. Jimmy went back to sucking her, his lips smacking into her wet flesh.

“I like that, shake those fingers side to side, I want to hear them working that sloppy cunt.” Where had that word come from? She heard it plenty in porn and in a few erotic stories she’d read, but never said it. Whatever, dirty words were the least of the sins she’d committed tonight.

Jimmy shook his fingers and she moaned at both the feeling and the way she could indeed here the wet fapping sound they were making in her sopping slit. He went back to licking, his tongue now boldly flowing over her in up and down then side to side licks.

Tammy’s breath quickened and her hips rocked faster, her toes curling into his shoulders as her back arched. She tugged on her large nipples, stretching them taut as she rolled them between her fingers. Her thighs tightened and her pussy quivered around his fingers as he worked them harder and faster.

“Yeah!” she gasped. “Like that! Work that clit, baby! Make your big sis come for you!”

Jimmy sucked her clit with an enthusiasm she’d never experienced before, his long slender fingers working her, slapping the walls of her tight pussy. Tammy moaned and arched her back higher while pushing her feet against his shoulders, causing her ass to come off the bed.

“Oh, oh ohhhh!” Tammy squealed as a hard suck accompanied by her giving her nipples a rough twist sent her over the edge.

She released a series of sharp high pitched yips as her orgasm crashed through her. Her pussy convulsed around his fingers as she writhed on the bed, grinding her wet quivering pussy into her brother’s face.

He managed to keep licking, his fingers plunged deep inside her twitching twat. Tammy’s yips turned into a low guttural growl as she came harder than she could ever remember, and her hips jerked uncontrollably, smearing Jimmy’s face with her hot wet flesh.

“Oh, shit,” she moaned as her body went limp, her feet falling from his shoulders. “Wow, that was,” she giggled as she released her tits, and put her hands over her face. “I came so fucking hard!”

“Happy to help,” Jimmy told her, but he didn’t sound as excited as she thought he’d be. “But speaking of hard.”

Tammy pushed herself up on her elbows and saw he was now kneeling between her lower legs. His amazing cock was once again fully erect, despite the fact she’d gotten him off only a few minutes ago.

“Goddamn,” Tammy said quietly. “That shit does its job doesn’t it?”

“It took a lot the last time,” Jimmy shook his head. “How the hell am I going to…”

He trailed off when Tammy slid down the bed so her thighs were around his knees. She grabbed his cock and knowing she was about to cross the ultimate line, but not caring, she pushed his head through the lips of her pussy.

“Tammy, we can…Oh!”

Jimmy gasped in disbelief when Tammy pushed the head of his cock against her wet hole. She groaned as even easing his head between her lips was stretching her further open than she ever had been before.

She wiggled forward until his entire head was inside her and moaned. “Inside, but easy.”

“You’re really going to let me…” he paused as if he was afraid to say it, then added in a barely audible voice. “Fuck you?”

“That dick isn’t going to come by itself, little brother, now don’t think about it, just do it.”

Jimmy blinked like he might be wondering if he were dreaming, but thrust his hips.

“Oh fuck!” Tammy cried out as his girth forced her pussy to stretch around him. “Easy!”

“S…sorry.” Jimmy stuttered. “God, you feel good!”

“Then feel me, but slow, baby. Maybe I’m a little easy sometimes, but I’m not a damn porn star, you need to feed me that thing a little at a time.”

“Feed you,” Jimmy stared down at his cock partially inserted between her pink lips. “You’re so hot.”

“Then feel the heat, little brother, get me used to that dick so you can have your first time.”

“Maybe tonight isn’t so bad after all,” Jimmy said as much to himself as her, then eased forward, slowly working his length into her.

“Fuck that’s …oh fuck,” Tamm repeated as he fed his cock into her.

She reached back over her head, bracing her palms against the headboard so she wouldn’t slide up the bed as he pried his thick cock into her tight pussy. Her eyes went wide, and she whimpered as he entered her.

As slowly as he was going, it was still uncomfortable, but when he stopped she shook her head. “Keep going, I want it all, baby. Every inch of it.”

Jimmy obliged easing deeper into her. He was whimpering softly at the teasing sensation of being inside a woman for the first time, but only a little at a time.

“So hot, so fucking tight,” he moaned.

“Jimmy, I think just about any girl will be tight to you.” She lifted her legs, spreading them wider and putting her feet on his chest, to open herself more for him, took a deep breath and said.

“Go ahead, all of it.”

In his excitement he thrust his hips hard, plowing the rest of his cock into her.

“Oh god!” Tammy squealed as her pussy felt as if it were stretched to the breaking point.

“Sorry!” Jimmy eased back, but she gasped.

“Just fuck me, I’ll get used to it.”

Jimmy hesitated, but only for a second before he drove back into her, and this time continued to pump his hips.

“Deep!” she moaned. “So fucking deep!”

Her fingers slid around the rungs of the headboard, gripping them tightly as Jimmy fucked her. Her eyes rolled back, and her mouth shaped in a wide O as he pounded her tight pussy with his uncomfortably thick cock.

“Shit this feels so good,” Jimmy moaned as he put his hands on her knees, his hips thrusting faster. “Better than I ever dreamed of!”

“Glad you like…Oh!” Tammy couldn’t finish the sentence; all she could do was lay there helplessly as his cock battered into her.

As wet as she was, it still hurt, but she let him keep going. She knew she’d get used to him, but more than that, they’d already done so many things they shouldn’t have, she wanted him to have her.

His first time, something he’d just admitted to dreaming about, something he’d always remember and treasure, and she was the one who could give it to him. Yes, she was his sister, yes it was wrong, but she was doing something nice for him, and after this maybe he’d be more confident with other girls.

“Oh yeah,” Jimmy breathed, his hands sliding over her knees and down her thighs. “You feel so good, you look so good.”

He ran his hands back up her legs to her ankles, he lifted her feet and surprised her by kissing the soles of her feet, then sliding his tongue along her toes. It tickled and her feet jerked, but she was still more focused on her body’s efforts to accommodate him.

“I like this in the movies.” Still holding her ankles, he spread her legs wider.

Tammy yelped when the move was accompanied by him fucking her harder. She gasped and groaned as he had his way with her helpless pussy. He didn’t even seem to be going all out and it was the hardest fucking she’d endured due to his size.

As if she’d jinxed herself his hips moved faster, his strokes longer and more forceful. Tammy’s tits were now bouncing, and she saw his eyes darting between her breasts and his cock plundered his sister’s slit.

He released her legs which dropped by his sides and leaned over, bracing his hands on either side of her shoulders. Jimmy lowered his head and she moaned when he sucked her right nipple into his mouth.

The size and weight of her breast made it hard for him as it kept moving so she released the headboard and brought her arms down to cup her breasts for him. Jimmy sucked eagerly on her tit, then switched to the other nipple.

This increased the speed and power of his thrusts as the thrill of sucking her tits fueled his desire. Mercifully, her pussy was able to spread around his girth and it was being less painful, allowing her to revel in the sensation of being stuffed like she never had before.

Jimmy went side to side working each nipple as she moaned from the touch of his tongue and the increased pleasure she was now receiving from their fucking. He lifted his head and slid up further, so he was looking down at her.

He gave her a shy smile, then without warning lowered his head and kissed her. Despite the carnal acts they’d committed together, him kissing her was a shock. They’d engaged in acts of pure lust, acts of mercy, she was helping him dammit!

But a kiss was a sign of affection and nothing to do with his problem, the big problem that was currently buried balls deep in her pussy. It took her a moment to react, and when she didn’t immediately kiss him back, he removed his lips from hers.

“Sorry, I just…I always wondered what it would be like to kiss you,” he gave her that little smile again. “You’re so beautiful sis.”

The words, along with the way he looked at her, no boy, not even Rick who supposedly loved her, had ever looked at her like that, melted her. She reached up and taking his face in her hands pulled him back down and kissed him.

Jimmy moaned into her lips as she kissed him hard and with passion. She slid her arms around his neck, keeping him close while sliding her soft full lips over his. Jimmy tried to do the same, but he was inexperienced, and not a great kisser.

But Tammy found that endearing, and slowed her kiss, allowing him to take the lead and control it. He gave her several quick pecks before trying for a long lingering one. Tammy sighed into the kiss, as her body, now fully adjusted to his size, relaxed, welcoming each pleasure inducing thrust.

Tammy once again took the reins of the kiss, opening her mouth wider, devouring his lips, and then plunging her tongue into his mouth. Jimmy gasped, but it only took a few seconds before his tongue was dancing across hers.

She wrapped her legs around his hips, crossing her ankles over him, and drawing him even deeper, as they probed each other’s mouths with their tongue. Jimmy’s mouth slid from hers and she moaned in appreciation when he nuzzled into her hair and kissed her neck.

He licked and sucked with surprising gentleness, mixing in several quick, but sweet little kisses. Tammy cooed in delight when he fastened his lips to the soft skin of her throat, sucking lightly before easing his lips to the other side of her neck.

“So pretty,” he whispered into her neck. “So sexy, so amazing.”

How did this kid never have a girlfriend? He was cute, sweet, and as she was learning, smooth without realizing he was being smooth. Let alone that cock! The one currently filling her to the bursting point and feeling better than anything she’d experienced before.

She noticed him breathing harder into her neck, and his face was hot against her skin. His strokes were getting shorter and harder, limited by her having her legs around him.

“Can you come like this, baby?” she asked softly.

“I…I don’t think so, I think I need to go faster.”

“Roll to your left,” she told him.

She urged him on by pushing against his shoulder, rolling to her right, Jimmy went with her until she was now straddling him, her thighs around his hips. Tammy yelped as her weight impaled her on his cock, but that didn’t stop her.

Grabbing the top of the headboard for leverage, she bounced up and down, riding him hard and fast. Jimmy groaned and grabbed her tits, fondling them as she repeatedly rose then drove back down on his long cock.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Tammy yelped as she hammered his cock deep inside her.

Jimmy groaned and whimpered beneath her as she rode him like a prize stallion, his hands on her tits, fingers stroking her nipples. Tammy threw her head back, crying out in pleasure as she went to town on his cock.

She grabbed his wrist, shoving his right hand down between them, and pushing two of his fingertips to her clit. Jimmy rubbed it side to side and Tammy grabbed the breast he’d let go of, pinching her nipple.

“How’s your sister look riding you, baby? Like watching my titties bounce? Making me squeal with that big dick?”

“Hell yeah,” he whispered, his fingers working her clit.

“I’m going to come on your cock, bro!” she told him. “Going to come so fucking hard with that dick inside me! Then I’m going to get on my knees and you’re going to fuck your big sis until you come again!”

“Doggy?” Jimmy’s fingers pressed harder into her aching button. “Fuck yeah!”

“Hmm, you are a bad boy! You want your sis on her hands and knees? Grabbing my tight little ass and just taking her? Fucking her sloppy cunt until you empty your balls for me?”

Her words were coming faster as her legs tightened around him and her body tensed in preparation for another orgasm. She shifted her grip from the headboard to his chest, leaning her weight on him as she pumped her hips hard enough to make the bed shake.

Her nails looked good on his chest and the look on his face as she stared up at her while his fingers stayed busy had her getting closer and closer.

“Going to make your first time, the best time, Jimmy. Don’t think of me as your sister, just remember this as a hot girl giving you the ride of a lifetime!”

“But…” he gasped beneath her assault on his cock. “I like that my first time is with my sister. I love you, Tammy. This…it isn’t wrong, it’s kind of special.”

As twisted as his words were, they hit home, sending a thrill through her that sent her plunging into ecstasy. She threw her head back and released a howl of raw pleasure as her body exploded.

Her pussy convulsed around his thick cock as she bounced on him, then worked her hips in wild circles. Jimmy moaned as she worked his cock around her tight wet pussy, while it repeatedly contracted around him.

Tammy yelped again and again as the feeling of coming with her pussy completely stuffed with her brother’s cock was like nothing she’d ever experienced. She released a long shuddering moan as the last of the orgasm flowed through her and she slumped over Jimmy, her head on his shoulder, as her pussy twitched and quivered around him.

Jimmy continued to endear himself to her by wrapping his arms around her, holding her close. He kissed the top of her head and hugged her tightly. Tammy remained in his arms as she caught her breath, while thinking about how good it felt to be this close to her brother.

Naked, sweaty, her hard nipples pressing into his chest, her body in the afterglow of orgasm and his hard dick still inside her, it was like nothing she’d ever felt before. But as good as it was, she needed to finish what she’d started.

She’d gotten him hard again, and it was up to her to take care of it. Tammy pushed up and swung her leg over him, moving to his left and assuming the position on her hands and knees. This time Jimmy needed no coaxing.

He rolled over behind her, his enormous cock glistening in the glow of the lamp and grabbed her hips. He pressed his wide head against her, then entered her in one long stroke.

“Oh my god!” Tammy yelled as he tore into her, fucking her much harder than he had before.

“Deep, deep, deep!” she kept yelping the word as her eyes bulged and her mouth hung open.

He gripped her cheeks and spread them open, getting a good view of his cock ravaging his sister’s aching pussy. Tammy lowered herself to the bed, her cheek resting on her forearms as she endured the hardest fucking of her life.

“Thought about this,” he moaned. “You have an incredible ass!”

“Yeah?” she forced herself to speak to help him finish because she wasn’t sure how much of this she could take before she’d have to stop him.

“You like your big sis like this? Face down ass up like the nasty girl she is?”

“Yes,” he moaned.

“Not just any nasty girl, but your nasty girl, right, baby?”

“M…my nasty girl?”

“Yours. Your nasty girl, your hot sis, your first time, your first taste!”

“My first crush,” he whispered behind her. “My first fantasy, my favorite girl.”

“I like that,” she groaned. “I do, baby! Now show me how much you like me.”

Jimmy’s hands squeezed her to the point it hurt and he was drilling her so hard she was afraid the bed would break. How would she explain that to her parents? Jimmy’s balls were slapping against her pussy and for the next couple of minutes the only sound was there flesh pounding together and their heavy breathing.

“Come on,” she urged him. “Come for me, baby. Come for your favorite girl, give it to me! Take me, claim me, make me yours!”

“Fuck!” Jimmy gasped. “Yes, yes, oh fuck yeah!”

“Want my tits, baby? You want…ohhhh!”

Tammy cried out as he erupted inside her. Her eyes went wide as her brother’s hot cum shot deep into her pussy. He kept thrusting, each one ending in another long spurt. She moaned at the feeling of her brother committing the ultimate taboo of painting the walls of his sister’s twitching pussy.

“That feels sooo good!” she purred as he stop moving and she took over, contracting her pussy around his cock, milking several more drops from him. “All of it,” she moaned. “Every drop, Jimmy, you give me every drop.”

“Oh man,” Jimmy groaned, easing his cock from inside her and flopping down on his back next to her. “That was un-fucking-believable.”

“Bro, you fucked me senseless,” Tammy sighed as she rolled over to lie next to him.

“Doesn’t take much,” he snickered.

“I see,” she sighed. “Get what you want, then turn into a jerk. Typical guy.” She turned to look at him and they both burst out laughing.

“Mom and Dad,” he whistled. “They would shit! They’d kill us then bring us back to ground us for life.”

“What they don’t know can’t hurt us,” Tammy told him. “How you doing down there?”

She looked as she spoke to see his cock already only semi hard. “I am good at what I do.”

“The best. Tammy, I know how fucked up all this was, but I’m glad my first time was with you.”

“Hey, big sisters are here to help.” Tammy giggled. “Now you should have no problem talking to a girl because you know you can make one happy.”

“I guess.”

“Not just sex, but those adorable smiles and those sweet kisses and things you said? You’ll make a girl very happy. Then when she sees that goddamn snake you call a dick? She’ll be hooked, no,” she laughed, “She’ll be A-dick-ted!” get it?”

“Why does there have to be another girl?” Jimmy asked her.


“I wasn’t just talking because I was excited. It’s weird, but I did have a crush on you. You’re so pretty, and you’ve always been good to me, stuck up for me even when we were younger. You always helped take care of me, and you were my best friend before I was able to make any friends.”

“Aww!” Tammy cooed and was surprised to feel her eyes welling up. “Jimmy, that’s so sweet!”

“I mean it. I’m sorry I looked at you, and stole your bra and thought dirty things about you. I admit when I came to you tonight that maybe you’d help and things might…I don’t know, turn into this.”

“You did?”

“Well, it was a big stretch, but even if all you did was let me jerk off to you, it would have been something. I’ve been a little obsessed with you.”

“Wow, I just thought you were a little pervy cause you never got any.”

“It killed me when you were with Rick. That piece of crap never deserved you. It bothered me when you had guys around and knew you’d screw around at parties, but that was sex, you tried to be in love with Rick, and that made me mad because you should love someone who loves you back.”

“Would you love me back?” Tammy rolled onto her side, propped up on her arm to face him. “You think you’d love me as more than your sister?”

He rolled over to face her and shocked her with a soft kiss. “I kind of think love is love. I love you as a sister, and a friend, so how different is it to say girlfriend or lover?”

“Lover? You watch too many movies,” she smiled, but saw he was serious. “Jimmy, how could we do that? Mom and Dad, people we know.”

“Well, you kept saying I can’t tell anyone so I won’t.” Jimmy looked at her hopefully. “Nothing will change as far as life goes except we, you know, steal some kisses and sneak into each other’s bedrooms, things like that.”

“That’s…you make it sound easy.”

“Only if you want it that way, though. If not, this was amazing and I’ll always remember it, and not just the sex. I’ll remember that you did this with love because you were helping me.”

“God, shut up before you make me cry!” Tammy wiped at her eye.

“We can talk about it tomorrow, if you want, you know, sleep on it.” he rolled over onto his back, then went to sit up. “I’ll go back to my room.”

“No,” Tammy caught his arm. “You need to stay with me tonight.”

“Really?” he flashed that shy smile, the one she knew she’d give him anything he wanted when he used it, and she better not let him know that. “I can sleep with you?”

“Yes, but!” she put her finger up, maintaining a serious expression. “But just to help.”


“What if you fall asleep and get hard? If you stay asleep too long you could hurt yourself.”

“That’s true.” Jimmy nodded. “And I’ll be dreaming of you so you know it’s going to come up again, if not tonight, in the morning, it’s always up in the morning.”

“Then we should play it safe and make sure I’m here to keep,” she reached down and squeezed his cock. “Checking your condition. If it gets all swollen again I’ll just have to get right on that.”

“I like you on that.”

“Then you stay here!” Tammy kissed him on the cheek, then rolled away from him onto her side. “Pull the sheet up.”

Jimmy did, but remained where he was.

“You should roll over and hold me.”

“I should?” Even as he asked, Jimmy rolled over, slipping his arm around her waist, and nuzzling his head in her hair, his body pressed to hers.

“Yes, this way,” she pushed her ass into his dripping cock. “If this come up, I’ll know about it.”

“If my dick is against your ass, you know it’s going to come up.”

“Well then we’ll have to take that chance, won’t we?”

“Love you, sis.” Jimmy moved her hair and kissed her neck.

“Love you too, Jimmy,” she wiggled herself closer against him. “Just one thing.”


“Don’t tell anyone.”

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