Morning walk – Brother and sister first time

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Hey, my name is sahil patel. My sister is damn hot sexy and have curvy and attractive body with boobs size 32 33 34 . I always used to watch my sister and many times I watch my sis naked. I daily used to watch porn and think about my sis and do masturbation. I think she also watch porn and she also have some attraction toward me. As you know we are bro and sis. So we touch each other.

One day at the time of summer it was very hot so I remove my underwear and I just wear a shots. She also remove bra and underwear and wear a tshirt and small size shots.and we watch a movie and she put her head on my lap, the kiss and scene is going on a movie. By seeing that scene I got errection and my penis was fully errect and it was of 7 . She can feel it easily but she got sleep. So I feel relax but she just put her hand on my penis at sleep and start rubbing and she lick my penis but my shots on and she stop licking and got awake . And start laughing by seeing my shots and telling you urinated by listening that I jumped on her and we start fighting and while fighting I touched my penis to her pussy and I pussed my penis into her pussy over her shot and I also wear a shot and she shouted and pushed me and she stand up and she get fall on my penis and my penis got stuck inside her penis over the shots And we try so much but it was so painful. And I am gonna cum. I start moaning. By listening my moaning she pushed itself away and finally my penis out from her pussy and I cum on my shots. She got angry and go from there.and she stop talking to me, after two week she do registration for fitness exam (it include high jump, running etc) but she wash weak in sport, she came to me said me to train her next day morning I wake up and make her wake at 5:00 and we went park nobody was there and she wore a little top with no bra and shots with no under wear And we both go for running.

She looks to hot today. And when she ran her big boobs bounce by seeing that I got errection and for distract my mind I check her phone where I see watch history it full of porn and then I check her notes there is one folder name my diary. Here she write all about out accident on two week ago. In that diary she wrote all about her experience on that day how she feel and she wrote it was the best feeling ever and she want real sex.damn she fall down she tries to jump and she fall and her top get up and her boobs got appear and my penis become errect and I touch her boobs and she pushed me and start kissing me. I can feel her tongue fight with my tongue her lips are too warm. As you know we were alone at that park.

She remove my t shirt and her top. I feel her hot boobs on my chest. We kissed for 10 min non stop then I pull her shot and I start licking her pussy. She feel so Exciting as she start jumping and I continue licking. And I remove my shots and she got shock by seeing my penis and she start giving me blow and hand job after 20 min I cum on her mounth. But my penis left errect and she swallowed my cum and sit on penis and start getting up and down I moaned (oh di you are crazy you feel me excited oh oh oh oh….. You are the best make it faster di di) and she start doing start. She take her both hand and grab her own hair and her boobs bounce up and down and it make me more horny then I pushed her down and start pushing my cock into her pussy and do in and out too fastly she cry (oh bro oh its amazing 😍👍 oh oh oh ohhhhhh……….. Ha hah hah oh oh ho………) And she shouted loudly and she cum and I am also going to cum. The I asked where should I? Then she said on her mouth. She like my cum taste and we wore are dress and we back home at that day we both do sex more than 2-3 times and we do sex daily more than 2 times and she win her race and know she got married with subham mishra but she got pregnant🤰🤰🤰🤰 of my child but subham thinks the child is his.

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