Seduction of married woman in train

Hi Sex4stories readers, I am Rocky, from Bangalore and I am an average-looking guy. Working for a private company. It’s one of my real-life sex experiences with a married stranger on the train, and this is my first story and real-time experience that I’m sharing here.

Let me start. This incident happened three years ago. I completed my engineering degree in 2018, and after that, I didn’t work anywhere, so my parents suggested I go to Tirupati Temple. At that time, my parents were busy with work, so I went alone. When I was returning from Tirupati, I got on the train, which starts at 9:00 p.m. It was a fine Sunday with a full crowd. I got a general ticket, and on that train, there was no space to stand. I just went to the middle of the couch, and I noticed there was a lady standing.

She looks like a normal, traditional woman who is very cultural. First of all, I don’t have any bad intentions for her, but due to the crowd, I pushed towards her. Then I saw her full figure: she was wearing a purple saree with the same matching blouse; her boob size is around 36; she is wearing an eyeglass on her nose; she also has a jasmine flower in her head; and she is holding a college bag.

Additional information about her: she is married, 36 years old, from Mysore; she has two kids ages 10 and 7; and she is working in the private sector.

After a few minutes, the train started to move, and I was standing behind her, so after some time, I got very close to her due to the crowd, and my dick touched a little bit of her ass a few times. Suddenly, she turned back to look at me, and I got very scared. Then she moved a little bit forward, and I felt very bad, so I stopped my activity for the moment.

After 35 minutes, there is a stop, but Lucky No gets down instead of more claims in a train. The time crown was increased from her side, so he came backward. And again, without knowing it, my dick started hitting her ass, and she didn’t say anything. I got very excited, and my dick got excited too; my dick is like an iron rod. She feels that exactly.

After 40 minutes, we arrived at another stop, and she was given a corner seat. I had noticed people around me all in half-sleep, so this time I just placed my dick in her shoulder, and she was also in half-sleep, holding her bag in her lap, and I had seen your boobs cleavage in a white bra very hot, which made my dick hard. This time, I can’t control myself. I used to press my dick into her shoulder and try to touch her boobs with my dick, but I failed to touch her boobs with my dick. It continued for the next hour, and I again got one more stop.

This time I got a seat next to her, started my game again, kept my bag in my lap, and moved my left hand through my boobs and slightly touched her boobs with my figure. I can’t believe that feeling and the increased touching of her boobs, and suddenly she wakes up from a half-sleep. I got scared again, but she didn’t react to anything, and again she closed her eyes and went back to sleep. This makes me confident after 15 minutes. I pressed your boobs with my full hand and hid them in the bag. I just felt it; it was just thick milk hanging in the cup. I was literally touching her boobs on the blouse, and I guessed she knew everything, but she acted like she was sleeping, so I pressed her boobs completely, and her mangala sutra was hanging in my hand. I was in heaven, and I played with her boobs sometimes, took a break for a few minutes, and again started playing with her boobs. It still went out in the morning at 4:00 a.m., after a train was going to reach the destination at 4:30 p.m., so in your compartment all the people are waking up and they start getting ready to get down. She also woke up, adjusting everything and preparing to get down, and she started interacting with me. She: Which station is this?

me: I just said it’s KR Puram.

She asked me about the train to Mysore.

I don’t know how I got this idea in my dirty mind, I said, but I think there is no train for Mysore early this morning.” Maybe you got it after 7:00 a.m.

She said, “Oh no, really. 

me: And I said, “Actually, I’m going to Mysore only to visit the temple by bus; if you want, you can join me.”

After a second, she didn’t respond to anything.

And a few minutes later, we got to our destination, and we got off the train again. I asked her whether you were coming with me, and she nodded her head. I was just flying inside, and we reached a bus station, and we got a KSRTC bus. When we get on the bus, it’s completely empty. Only a few people are sitting in the seat, and each person occupies a whole seat, so we went back and settled down in a 3-seater seat. It was around 4:47 am, and we kept her in the middle, so I felt all the tension. And the bus had to start at 5:05 am, and when the bus started, within a few minutes, the conductor reached us, collected the bus fare, and went for his I started the conversation about her profession and day-to-day life.

I’m Radhika, working in the private sector, and my husband is working in a call centre; he is a manager, and I have two kids, a girl and a boy.”

me: I can’t believe this, because you look like a 25-year-old girl.

She laughed and said, “No, but sometimes my friends will only say that.

She: And you—where are you working?

me: “No, I recently completed my graduation, and now I’m looking for a job.

She: congrats! You will get a good job very soon.

me: Can I ask you something, if you don’t mind?

She: Yes

Me: Do you remember anything that happened on the train?

She: What happened?

me: “Nothing.”

She said, “Tell me.”

me: “Nothing.”

She: Okay

me: “After a few minutes, I couldn’t wait for it.” I said, “I was touched by you on the train due to the crowd.

She said, “Okay, fine, I can understand the situation.

me: I like you,” and she didn’t say anything. She started to sleep again, then took her bag and placed it next to me.

me, and I placed my head on your shoulder.

She woke up again and asked me to move away.

I got scared; I just moved my ass, and I started touching her.”

She looked at me and said, What do you want?

me: I’m really sorry; I have not done this before, and I thought you would enjoy it.

She is holding a silence while all the people are in deep sleep on the After a few minutes again, I just touched her boobs slowly.

This time she didn’t react to anything, and I went close to her, pressed her boobs against her blouse, and tried to remove her saree.

She hesitated to remove her saree, which I understood, and I slowly kissed her neck. Holding her boobs in one hand, she is breathing deeply. Then I kissed her sins and lips, and I went down on her boobs and kissed her over the saree itself. Then I unhooked her blouse. It’s a white bra. I took up one blouse and one bra, placed my mouth on one side of my boobs, and started sucking her slowly. While she closed her eyes, I kissed her a little bit, and she moaned, “Haa, it’s making me more excited, and I’m not comfortable in the seat. This time, she was under my control, and I pressed my left boob over the bra in one hand, and I sucked my right boob like a baby, and I took her and placed her on my dick, holding my dick but not doing anything. And after I drag her into my lap while I open my pants zip, I ask her to suck my dick. She is accepted to suck, and she tells me I have not sucked my husband himself. Then I start kissing her lips, pressing her boobs, and sucking, and slowly I sleep in her lap and kiss my pussy over the saree. I feel like she is wearing pants, and she can’t control herself. I put my finger inside her pussy; it was fully wet, and I did a hand job on her. After a few minutes, I dragged her again, and I put my dick in her mouth, but she didn’t suck my dick. I fucked her mouth for 2 minutes, and I cummed out in her mouth. Then she cleaned everything, and after 20 minutes again, my dick was at 90 degrees. I started again, removing her saree from her shoulder. This time I would be like mad, kissing her neck and pressing sucked like anything. Now she’s also very moody, and she bit my lips, and she lifted her saree, and I placed my mouth in her pussy. I tasted her hairy pussy a little bit; it was already watering, and then she gave me a wonderful blowout for 8 minutes, and she took my cum and put it in her mouth, and then she spit it out through the window.

Now that the time was 7:40 am, she was dressed properly because we were going to reach her very soon, and suddenly, I don’t know what happened to her; she dragged me and kissed me for 8 to 12 minutes, and I pressed her boobs again over the blouse.

Finally, I asked her if she enjoyed it; she didn’t say anything. She is laughing slowly at herself. I understood, and then we reached her destination. We both said goodbye to each other and got off the bus, and she took a local bus and went. It was a fantastic experience that I will never forget.

I hope you can enjoy it. If there are any mistakes in grammar, please forgive me. If you like or are interested in Unsatisfied Girls, Women, or Indian Wives, you can contact me through the mail or ping me at [email protected] or It will be kept fully secret and secured.

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