Elder Sister’s Deal with twin brothers – Part 2 – One Time thing

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Elder Sister’s Deal with twin brothers – Part 2 – One Time thing

Hello everyone, hope you enjoyed the first part. Let’s get to the story quickly.
From part 1 you know my current situation, I am lying in my twin brother’s bedroom, with my top raised above my breast, boobs spilled out, my brother Pranav sitting with his hard-on between my boobs and my other brother Prakash ready to remove my shorts. I could literally sense that they wouldnt leave me with a good fuck. But i am so strong that dont want to fuck them

Me(shouting): Prakash….. don’t do it, It’s not our deal
Pranav : But we gave you a good time right, it’s only fair that we have a good time.
Me : Guys, I don’t want to have my first intercourse with you. Please stop this, let me goo.

I started to shake my body and get loose. But they were holding me tight.Meanwhile, Prakash slowly started to remove my shorts, which made my well maintained thighs and black panties visible

Pranav : akka, believe us we will take good care of you while having sex, Give us a chance we’ll take it slowly and softly. No man will care about you like us during penetration.
Me(determined) : Pranav, Prakash. I don’t want to do it with you.But if you are gonna fuck me, go ahead and rape your sister.

They were shocked by my words. Pranav got up and Prakash left my shorts.They both were silent for sometime.I got up , adjusted my wet shorts, hooked my bra and pulled my top down.I was outraged, Even though the gave orgasm a few minutes ago, both of them tried to rape me. When I was about to leave. Prakash blocked the way,

Prakash(with a sad face) : akka, Please listen to us , we only wanted all three to have a happy time together. We didnt intend to rape you , We thought that if we seduce you using this chance we would be able to fuck you. You know that we both are very shy so we didn’t have luck with girls. You were the only girl with whom we are comfortable. That’s why we decided to lose our virginity with you. We would really be happy to fuck you but at the same time we want to enjoy it too, but things didnt go as planned. We are so sorry that we behaved that way. Please forgive us.

Pranav(with heads down) : Me too akka, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable

(But I was so enraged, I couldn’t forgive them.)

Me : So this was your plan from the start, both of you have decided to fuck me and when things dont workout, you give me stupid reason, You know what, the deals over, I am not doing this with you both again.

I went to my bedroom and decided to sleep , but I was sleepless. So I called Swathi and told about everything. First she was surprised that I let them suck my boobs( i didnt even allow Swathi to suck my boobs), then she asked me whether I enjoyed it.
I reluctantly said yes, She asked how much did I enjoy,

Me: I squirted way more harder than that time when you fingered me in the hostel bathroom.
Swathi : what ? bro you splashed a ton of juices that day.
Me(touching my vagina) : Yeah I could see a huge wet spot in my shorts and my panty is completely drenched.
Swathi : Bro, send me a picture of your panty
( I lowered my shorts and took a snap of my drenched panty and sent it to her)
Swathi : Damn, what did your brothers do to you? You came this hard just from sucking .You really must be simulated. If I was there I would have stuffed your panties in my mouth.(She loved my fluids, But i never allowed her suck my vagina.When I am about to cum , she would be kneeling down with her mouth open and tongue down. I would raise one leg and place my cunt just above her mouth. I would finger myself to climax as she drinks my dripping vaginal juices).
Me : Girl, tell me what should I do in this situation?
Swathi : Well why didn’t you allow them,
Me : Bitch, i told i didn’t want to…
Swathi : Tells the girl who let her brothers suck her boobs dry. I mean look at you, I am pretty sure, with a bit more seduction, you would have let them fuck you.
(I was silent)
Swathi : speak bitch
Me: Yeah, I would have, My lust was so intense I barely came out from the situation. But believe me if I let them penetrate me,things would be awkward.
Swathi : Tell me how will it become awkward
Me(vaguely): You wont understand, but things won’t be the same.
Swathi : Well girl, It’s your life, But I would have enjoyed it a lot if I had brothers like them.

We talked about some stuff and I slept late at night.The next morning, my brother’s birthday. I woke up at 9 a.m. Shit, i forgot to make breakfast, I was worried whether my brothers ate anything. Well I was still angry at them, as i opened the door, i could see my brothers sitting on the dining table. They ordered breakfast for me which was on the table. Pranav kept his head down as I came towards them. I simply sat in the middle of both of them and started having breakfast.

Prakash : Akka…
Me(frown faced) : what??
Prakash : Nothing,
(After a gap)
Prakash : So are you still angry??
Me: What will you do if I am angry
Prakash(shyly) : Nothing.
(Even though they tried to fuck me yesterday, i have always loved their shyness, they looked cute.But I still love them,as they gave me one hell of a night to remember)
Me : Fine guys, Today is your birthday. I dont want both of you to be sad today. So I forgive you. Let’s enjoy today.
(Both of them were very happy, they hugged me and kissed me on the cheeks)
Me : Happy birthday my lovely brothers, let’s enjoy today.
(Pranav took the chance and)
Pranav: akka, please allow us to suck you again.
Me(irritated) : No way, you……
Pranav(interrupting) : akka, please we won’t make the same mistake again, we will obey your words, if you tell us to stop, we will stop,Please give us another chance.
(I looked at both of them, they kept a childish face)
Me(laughing): Fine, but this time if you don’t obey my words, there will be no next time.
(Both their face lit up and came near me to grab my boobs)
Me(moving away):Heyyy… Go and wait in your room, I will take a bath and come.
(I could sense their eagerness in their faces.After finishing my breakfast I took a bath, and wore a tank top and shorts without inners and came over to their bedroom. My heart was beating fast.They boys were readily sitting on the bed.I came and laid down without any instructions.When they were about to touch my top. I held their hand. I signaled them “no”. They became sad, I quickly raised my top over my breast, I could clearly see their sad faces became filled in lust in an instant while my soft boobs were hanging around. But still they didn’t make any move.

Me: So are you guys gonna do anything or just stare at it.
They immediately pounced on my boobs and started sucking it. I was instantly filled with lust, my cunt became wet, I started to moan care-free. I held both their heads and started pressing it against my boobs.This time they coordinated the sucking, when one was sucking, the other was biting my nipples or pressing my boobs. Pranav literally took my entire 36B boob in his mouth, their tongue play was so satisfying

Pranav: Do you like it akka??
Me: hmmmm…
Pranav: Tell me if you like it??
Me : i love it idiot, dont stop….ahhhh mmmm…..Yea, don’t stop
(After a few minutes, I squirted again,I didn’t expect to cum so fast, they realized I had an orgasm, and let my boobs go out of their mouth. I was disappointed. I wanted them to suck me more.)

Me: what happened? Why did you stop??
Pranav(pointing at my shorts) : I thought you were satisfied
Me: Yea . I was satisfied, but I thought you could suck it for some time.
Pranav : Do you want us to play with it some more??
Me(blushing): Well , It would be good.

(I could see of Prakash looking frustrated even after sucking my boobs)

Me : what happened Prakash??. Did you not enjoy it?
Prakash(pointing at his boner) : yes akka, I did not enjoy it at all. I really liked sucking on it. But…..this hard-on , I can’t control it, I wanted to cum. I know that we cannot ask you for anything more. That is why I am going to the bathroom to masturbate.
( I could understand his situation but he didn’t even care to look at me lying on his bed with my breast out and covered in his saliva, he went to the restroom and slammed the door.I really did not want to upset him on his birthday)

Pranav(kindly) : Sorry akka, please forget what he said.
Me : So are you feeling the same??
Pranav: no akka, im fine
Me : dont lie
Pranav(with his head down):akka, we really liked sucking your boobs and will surely do it again, But it is very hard for us afterwards, you are the only one who gets to enjoy it with us , while we are stuck with this hard boner. Akka , you are sexy, we are lucky to suck your boobs, but we would like to fuck you for our pleasure. I know that you don’t want to have sex with us, and I respect your decision.But you can….
Me : I Can…..
Pranav(with a pause) : You can give us some oral pressure
Me: So you want me suck both of you.
Pranav : don’t get angry akka, if you are uncomfortable, i will not bring this topic again

(Honestly, i have never seen a dick in real life, plus trying to give a blowjob to these two guys is a good deal, as these boys are reliable. After a long thought,

Me(blushing):huhhh, Fine, I will give you both a blowjob , but remember this is the first and last time. Don’t ever ask me for it again

(I could see Pranav was surprised, he didn’t expect me to accept it so easily, honestly i was so horny and didn’t think straight. Prakash came out from the bathroom, Pranav broke the news, Prakash’s face lit up.)

Prakash : Akka , how did he convince you??
Me : don’t be so happy,It’s just a one time thing.
Prakash : Akka , It’s my dream to get a blowjob from you…. So can we do it now?
Me: not now, we can do the deed at night.
Prakash : I love you, akka. You are the best sister in the world.
Me(seductively) : If you are gonna show your appreciation, why don’t you show it by sucking me again.

Prakash immediately jumped on me and took my entire left boob in his mouth, Pranav immediately rushed to me and started biting the left one.
After a few minutes, I squirted so hard again, this time the fluids splashed onto the bed through my wet shorts as I was not wearing panties. Exhausted ,with stains of pre cum from my brother’s shorts sticking in my thighs, my boobs and navel fully filled with saliva,my shorts drenched, vaginal juices leaking,my top raised and boobs out, I couldn’t move an inch. So I called my brothers.

(Both came near me)
Me: Boys , you really did a good job today, I will make sure to pay you back tonight. Also I’m very tired. I can’t move an inch, so I’m planning to sleep here like this.
Pranav : ok
Me: Just a warning, don’t try to do anything silly while I am in this state and spoil your chances tonight.
(the last thing i remembered before sleeping was them staring at me intensely. It seemed like i slept for 3 hours straight, as i woke up, I noticed something was different, my shorts were pulled down making my cunt barely visible, I could see new bite mark in my boobs and neck, and what shocked me the most was the huge white cum load on my navel)

I was astounded. Did my brothers fuck me when i was asleep??
Stay tuned guys, I will release the next part very soon.


I know these stories are very long but I wanted you all to know that these are true incidents from my life,and I want to express how me and my brothers felt during that moment. I know until now nothing spicy has happened until now but believe me things got so intense between us .Also i got many mails requesting me for a good fuck. Honestly guys, i am not interested to fuck any strangers ,but we can be good friends and share our sex experience and advice. I cant wait to have a lot of buddies

For contact, mail : [email protected]

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