Romance with virgin sister

Hi, I’m Avi, and I want to share my true story about my younger sister, Siddhi.

This story dates back to a decade ago when I was 24 years old, and Siddhi was 19. After Siddhi completed her schooling in our hometown, it became clear that she needed better educational opportunities that weren’t available there. Since I was working in the city and living in a PG (paying guest accommodation), we decided that it would be best for my sister to move in with me. We rented a small apartment together.

During the weekends, we began to spend quality time in each other’s company. Being newcomers to the city, our circle of friends was limited. Our activities included shopping, catching a movie, and enjoying dinners out together. She was accustomed to wearing traditional outfits back in our hometown, but now, in line with the fashion preferences of her college group, she requested a one-piece and shorter outfit. I agreed to her request.

We went shopping for her, and she found a few trendy outfits she really liked. Among them, there was one piece she fell in love with, but unfortunately, it was only available in a size one size larger than hers. Let me tell you about her figure, she has medium grown 32 boobs 28 waist 30 ass. 5’4 height, 52 KG weight cute little face and curly hairs.

The piece she liked the most was slightly loose around the top part of her body. With our newfound openness and a relationship that feels more like close friends than just siblings, I delicately suggested that she consider wearing a padded bra underneath. She agreed, her cheeks tinged with a hint of shyness, but a smile graced her lips.

We visited a high-end lingerie store and examined the selection of padded bras and other items. The concept of branded garments was a new experience for her, and she was in awe of the innerwear collection. She couldn’t resist and ended up buying numerous pieces for herself.

Until now, I never had any bad thoughts about her. But when I saw her in shorts and underwear, it made me feel differently. Now, we’re getting closer and more comfortable with each other. We only had one bed in the apartment, so usually, one of us would sleep on the floor. But when winter came, and we were already close and comfortable with each other, we started sharing the bed with an unspoken agreement.
I used to masturbate at night, and when I slept alone, it wasn’t a problem. But now that we’re sharing a bed, it’s a bit challenging for me. Before going to bed, we would typically watch TV shows, often opting for crime dramas like “Crime Petrol,” on the laptop. Usually, the laptop would be on the left side of the bed, with her in front of it and me sleeping behind her.

We got cozy to watch our favorite shows. Often, I’d hug her from behind, a comforting gesture that felt natural in those quiet moments. She never pulled away, a reassuring sign. Yet, I could sense a bit of shyness in her, a gentle warmth on her cheeks. Still, we both knew this closeness was special.

Over time, things changed. She felt so at ease with me that she stopped wearing innerwear to bed, opting for shorts and a T-shirt. It showed how close we’d become, how much trust we shared. It was like we had our own world of comfort and understanding, no need for words – our actions said it all.

I believed that this was the opportune moment to take our relationship to a new level. One night, as we were watching a show, I gently placed my hands above hers boobs over T-shirt. I felt that she is not wearing the bra and her nipples were already erect. She accepted it as part of our usual routine without any resistance, but from the expression on her face, I could sense that she perceived it as something special and enjoyed it. Eventually, she closed her eyes to fully savor the touch of my hands. I interpreted it as her giving consent.

In response to her consent my Dick is harden to it fullest, my dick size is normal 6″. while rubbing her bobs I simultaneously started rubbing my naughty boy which was hard to her ass. At that moment, she opened her eyes and locked gaze with me. However, we had reached a point in our actions where turning back was no longer an option. She recognized this as well, and with a sense of contentment, she began to move her ass in and out.

At this point, lust completely consumed our thought, I put my hands in her T-shirt and felt the smooth boobs first time in my life she also experienced a level of sensation she had never felt before, and her breathing became noticeably more intense. With other hand I started rubbing her naval area and moving to down from there. In shorts with lose rubber and without inner It wasn’t difficult for me to reach her uncovered pussy.
The moment I touched her virgin pussy she took my hands out from her shorts. in that brief movement I found that she was too wet and don’t want to reach climax too early.

We stood up and removed her T-shirt and my shorts. I came on top of her. her shorts and my boxed were on. I kissed on chicks, she could not resist and started to kiss my lips. I inserted my tongue in her mouth and our saliva exchange. all over her face, neck, cleavage and lips. while caressing her bare boobs.

That night, we ventured into much more, and the following three years will be detailed in the next installment. Since, I have exhausted while writing this part. I already cum 3 times while writing. hope you also will do while reading.

Hope you enjoyed the story, feel free to write a feedback.

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