My Wife My Life-14

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He stared at me in disbelief and gave in. Within seconds his pants and undies were on the floor and his big cock growing in my mouth. While I continued sucking him I felt his hands in my hair.

I knew he was soon going to start fucking my mouth with his big cock. I was prepared anyway because now I had graduated to quite an expert in deep throating cocks.

And soon he did ramming his full length down my throat with his balls slapping my chin. He kept groaning enjoying the pleasures fucking my mouth was giving him.

I was bloody horny too and desperate for his cock to throb in my pussy. I patted his thighs and he stopped. I quickly undressed looking at Ramesh who was already rubbing his crotch.

I walked up to him and smooched him saying “thank you darling. Hope this gets you over the edge”. I slipped my hand in his pocket taking two condoms. I turned around to look at David who had removed all his clothes now.

I lay down on the bed holding one condom to him. David took the condom and wore it and came on top. I guided his cock inside my pussy, I still saw some hesitation in David’s behaviour.

I said “fuck me hard David like you always do in the car, even my hubby is happily watching us and is enjoying you fucking his wife. Show him how good you can fuck me”.

I held his face smooching him hard while David picked up pace. I said “now that we are on a bed, which other position do you want to take me in”? He said “madam…”, I cut him saying “you always call me Rekha right”.

He said “Rekha I want to take you from behind”, he got off while I got on my knees on the bed. He held my hips and pulled me to the edge of the bed and entered my pussy.

He was fucking me hard standing while I remained on my knees on the bed. The power with which he was ramming my pussy was far greater this time. I said “you are doing good David, now continue fucking me like this”.

I looked at Ramesh, he was rubbing his hard bulge and I knew he might cum anytime messing his pants. I signalled him to come to me, he hesitated. I said “please come here darling, I need you too”.

Ramesh came and stood on the opposite side of the bed. I raised myself up on my hands, I said “kiss me darling”. He got on the bed crawling closer to me, finally he held my face and we smooched.

This scene probably drove David more crazy, he started pounding me like I was a weightless sex doll, I asked “who are you thinking about David”? He said “you Rekha, only you. I had a fantasy that I am fucking you while your husband is watching, you made it really happen”.

Now he gave a few more hard strokes before shooting his load inside my pussy. David lay down panting hard on the bed, I unzipped Ramesh’s trousers taking out his super hard cock.

I licked all the precum oozing from it, then I got on my knees again with my butt facing Ramesh, I said “please fuck me crazy darling”. Ramesh positioned himself behind me and entered fully in one hard shot.

I screamed “yes darling, fuck your slutty wife like this”. Ramesh groaned “you are not a slut, you are my loving wife”. I crawled to David’s limp cock and started stroking it.

I said to Ramesh “I just fucked David in front of you, does that not make me a slut or bitch”? He said “no darling, it does not. You fucked him with my willingness. So that only makes you my loyal loving wife, nothing else”.

Our conversation & my stroking was having a positive effect on David and his cock began to regain hardness. I started sucking him while Ramesh was pounding me with the same intensity like David did earlier.

I was eager for a double pounding now but I also knew Ramesh would not last as long as David. So I made Ramesh lie down and started riding him in my pussy.

I looked at David who was stroking his hardness looking lustfully at me. I pointed to the 2nd condom, he wore it. I said David, I want to experience you in my ass. Can you please fuck me there?

David looked at me puzzled, I called him closer and held his cock and guided it to my butt hole while Ramesh waited holding still. David was big and surely filled my butt to the max like John.

After getting accustomed to both the hard cocks in my holes, I moved my bottom. Both my lovers started rocking me with everything they had. Having my own husband in my primary while my other lover in my secondary was extremely thrilling.

Within a few minutes of this double pounding I experienced a strong orgasm. Because my pounding continued, I recovered quickly. I was basking in the joy that despite me sleeping around with so many men, Ramesh still loved me and considered me his “loyal loving wife”.

I don’t think even in a million years I could be so lucky to have found a husband like him. He was encouraging me to enjoy with whomever I want, however I want, as long as I remained a loyal loving wife to him.

All I can say is Ramesh not just my darling husband but also my real life god. A god who is impossible to find in today’s world. By now Ramesh was pounding me hard while David was pounding me full speed.

The most enjoyable part for me was neither of them were showing any signs of cumming despite fucking me non-stop. These two had sent me over the threshold of my pleasures multiple times triggering strong orgasms.

Finally, my biggest surprise, my stud lover David came in my ass while my darling hubby Ramesh was still going strong. I held Ramesh and kissed his entire face with wild passion.

I thought this is all I ever expected from Ramesh, maybe if he kept up this consistency in bed with me then I might never find the need to look outside again.

Honestly, though I was being double penetrated, I derived much more pleasure from Ramesh. Now while I was lost in my thoughts, Ramesh held my face smooching me hard and I could feel his cum shooting inside me.

This sent me too over my threshold and I came very strongly this time. I remained lying on top of Ramesh with his cock still inside me while regaining my breath.

After a few minutes when our breathing normalised I got off him and lay next to him. So now David was on my left and Ramesh on my right. I turned towards David, I asked “so lover boy, did you have fun today”?

With zero inhibitions he lovingly held my face kissing my lips, he said “yes Rekha, you are the most incredible woman I have ever met. I will forever remember you”.

I said “we will think about the future when we get there, let’s talk about the present. Do you think we can do this more often till we are in goa”? He excitedly said “yes Rekha, if I can get another chance”.

I turned to Ramesh, I said “so hubby darling, did you also enjoy today”? He too very excitedly said “yes dear, this was incredible”. I said “then we have a deal that whenever I want, you both will not disappoint me”?

Both screamed “yes Rekha” almost in sync. I sat up on the bed holding their limp cocks in my hands squeezing and stroking them. I said “I am not fully satisfied yet, are you both up for one more round”?

Both nodded yes, Ramesh pushed me down making me lay on the bed. He said “David you handle her while I finish some business down below”. I saw Ramesh was going for my pussy, I said “stop Ramesh, it is dirty, let me go wash first”.

He said “darling, it is only our juices, now you lie down and enjoy”. David leaned on me trying to suck my boobs while Ramesh opened my legs to eat my pussy.

For some unknown reason the moment Ramesh touched his tongue on my clit, a strong pleasure shock jolted my body. It was so intense that I grabbed David’s face and kissed him breathless.

Ramesh continued to finger and eat my pussy and ass while David was busy showering my boobs with his love. Having two men simultaneously fondling your body is not just double the pleasure, it is exponentially multiplied pleasure.

I could not control myself and came again within a short time. Both my lovers continued to relentlessly work on my body arousing me again to my peak. Now Ramesh came up showing love to my boobs while David got between my legs.

To be continued….

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