Wrong Rest-Stop ??

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Coming back from a golf trip I still had an hour left before I got back home to my moms house. I’m 18 5’5” 110lbs petite body and I’m getting horny thinking about my sweet girlfriend we’ve only been doing 69 no intercourse yet but boy do I love sucking on her pussy as much as she loves sucking on my cock.

I’m smoking a joint getting high when I see the sign ahead Rest stop next exit..
I figured this was a good spot to pee and stretch I was getting stiff from golfing and driving.

It’s late 11pm when I pull into the parking lot only a few cars parked by the restrooms. I drove to the end of the lot no cars i could get out finish the joint and stretch in privacy.
It was a warm summer night no moon dark skies I’m just in my golf shorts and shirt leaning against my car smoking the joint when I dropped the joint and it rolled under my car. I had to go to my knees bending over to get it. Standing back up I was sore and started to stretch my sore body bending over twisting around still smoking the joint.

I noticed a car heading my way slowly no headlights on I could see his dome light was on.
Damn I thought Cop quickly threw the joint away and reached into my drivers window to light up a Cigarette to mask the smell of pot.

I walked back leaning on the trunk of by car trying to look innocent. When car got closer I could see it was just an older guy inside relived I smiled slightly thinking all is cool but wondering why he was driving so slow. When he passed me he smiled at me waved I just nodded my head slightly and he turned around heading back to towards the rest rooms.
Strange I thought maybe he thought he knew me or something but paying no mind I finished the cigarette and started to walk towards the restroom to pee.

It was dimly lit three urinals I just took the middle one seeing as nobody was there but me.
My golf shorts were elastic no zipper so I pulled them down to my knees to pee. When suddenly I heard the bathroom door opening damn I thought i should’ve took the end stall.
Keeping my head down so as not to look at the guy next to me I was shocked when I heard him say..
“ So city boy are you a bottom top or just a sucker “ Confused I looked over and noticed it was the old man who drove by me earlier and just as shocking he was standing there his pants down playing with the biggest cock I ever saw twice the size of my 5”

“ Oh no ..No I..I.. mean I’m not not.. like that.. I.I..I.. I have a girlfriend and and.. sorry mister I..I.. I.. gotta go “ Damn I was stuttering getting nervous kinda scared but for some reason I couldn’t look away from his huge cock i dint look up at him I was just staring it was like I was frozen I couldn’t move.

“ Fuck you fag boy trying to tease me are you I watched you bending over showing me your sweet ass on your knees teasing me like a queer boy showing me your young body when I drove by you smiled nodding your head when I waved at you “

“ No..no..no nothing like that I..I..I.. was just being polite I..I..I.. gotta go “ I whispered still stuttering.
“ Oooh you little cock tease look at you staring at my cock see how big it’s getting just for you now lick your pretty sweet lips bitch you’re so pretty I bet your lips are just like a girls pussy and I bet your mouth will feel like a girls cunt for my cock I know you want to I can see your little cock is getting hard now get on your knees you fucking queer boy and suck your daddy “

“ No..no.. please my..my.. my girl my..my girlfriend I..I… oooh god your so big oooh just.. just once don’t.. don’t tell on me please “ I was shaking my shorts fell to the floor and I slowly reached over and touched my first cock it was like I was hypnotized I heard myself moan as i started to play with it.

“ Good girl oooh yes you want my cock don’t you faggot boy you moaned just like a girl my cock feels good don’t it slut now go to your knees I want to feel your pussy lips on my cock you fucking queer bitch “
He kept calling me dirty names and for some reason it was turning me on and i started to bend down like I was still hypnotized when he pulled my shirt off and quickly picked me up like I was a rag doll and kissed me. WTF .. i opened my mouth to protest I never thought of ever kissing a guy much less an old man like him. That’s when his tongue slipped into my mouth his hand was squeezing my nipple. That’s when I lost it

It felt so good him playing with my tits I moaned loudly and without thinking I was kissing him back French kissing swapping tongues. I’m naked in a public restroom swapping tongues with a dirty old man anybody could walk in seeing me. He lifted me higher and started to suck on my nipples.

“ Oooh god oooh yes oooh so good yes suck on them “ I’m like begging pleading moaning in lust I never been so horny
“ Ooh yes my baby my little slut now go to your knees I want your sweet pussy lips on my cock do it now or I’ll tell that girlfriend of yours “

“ Oooh mister No please don’t tell oooh god your so big “
Like I was possessed i started to kiss licking his cock up n down amazed how big and good it tasted I opened my mouth wide and started to suck on his cock it was like I was hypnotized i started to bob my head up n down not even getting half of in my mouth his cock was hard big warm i started to suck faster morning loudly it tasted so good it was like I was falling in love with his cock.. I couldn’t stop sucking

Look into my camera cunt tell everyone how much you love my cock “
I looked up at him lust in my eyes wondering where the phone came from.
“ Oooh god oooh fuck yes oooh I love your cock it’s so big tastes so good Ooh mister oooh yes I love your cock it’s sooo fucking big “ I’m staring into his phone licking my lips .

He shoves my mouth back on his cock further than I thought possible and I’m loving every second of this being used like a cheap slut I feel him tensing up .. it tastes warm kinda salty he’s cummming in my mouth I try not to swallow savoring the taste of his sweet cum he keeps cummming his cum is leaking out of my lips..my pussy lips I start to swallow I’m so horny I can’t believe how much I love his cock and his cum.

And that’s when I feel something wet splashing on my face my head my back. In a daze i opened my eyes and see three naked guys jacking off on me cummming all over me.
I’m naked in a public restroom four naked older men four cocks I smiled grabbing two cocks while I’m still sucking on daddy’s cock and rub their cocks on my cum covered face. Falling in love being a queer boy cheap slut faggot for dirty old strangers cocks .

Before the night was over I must of sucked at least 10+ strangers so many cocks so much cum. Everyone was laughing at me calling me a cum dump little faggot boy slut cheap whore sissy cunt and all I could do was smile naked covered in cum
“ MORE oooh more oooh yes i in love sucking cocks oooh god more please more “ I’m begging moaning pleading as I find myself alone on the floor cum everywhere I touch my cock and i started to cum hard.. my cum is splashing on my belly I scoop my cum up on my fingers and now I’m tasting my own cum.

I slowly get up looking for my clothes I can’t find them. I have to go through the parking lot naked cum dripping off my naked body and instead of feeling shame I’m so horny want anyone to see me like this not caring that I just became a cocksucking cumloving slut for strangers.

The parking lot is empty I get to my car the keys under my seat I shivered getting goosebumps and start to drive home naked in my car I look in the mirror cum is on my face I lick my lips rubbing cum all over my face.
I can’t believe what just happened all I know is I loved being used as a cock slut by all those strangers. If I was paying attention I would have noticed a van following me it wasn’t until I pulled into my mom’s driveway did I notice the van pulling behind me his bright lights on.

I’m naked in my car I have to get out to sneak back inside I’m wondering who is behind me. I have no choice but to get out and tell this guy to leave cuz I’m home and i can’t let my mom or neighbors see me like this.
“ I’m sorry but you have to go now this is wrong so please go “ I whispered to the man in the van. I look inside he’s naked I look at his cock opening his door .

“ Oooh god yes hurry before someone sees us as I bend over starting to suck his cock not caring if anyone else sees me naked in the driveway sucking on another strangers cock .
He cums quickly I swallow filling my belly with more cum and staggered to my house almost satisfied. When I see another car pulling into the driveway his high beams shining on my naked body by the front door.

Smiling licking my lips I walk towards his car falling in love not even wondering how he found me .

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