Maid from Heaven – Part 17

Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 16 ). Now let’s continue

Nevertheless, I was thoroughly enjoying the pounding he was giving me. After he had given me a few orgasms I became more adventurous and daring, I now wanted to feel him inside my butt.

I asked “are you close to cumming dear”? He said “no madam”, I said “I have one more hole which I want you to invade”. He excitedly asked “which one, where”? I disengaged from him and positioned his hard meat at my rear.

I said “Please don’t start pushing till I tell you”. I myself pushed back against his cock wanting to get him a few inches past my anal muscles. I felt stretched like a baseball bat had been pushed inside my ass.

After staying still for a few minutes and my muscles adjusting to his size, I said “now start slowly just like you drilled my pussy the first time”. Aslam obediently followed and soon his thighs were touching against mine.

I had never ever taken something so big in my rear, yes Rizwan also has nearly the girth as him but Aslam was much longer”. Despite this he was soon driving me crazy pounding me hard with his cock.

He said “madam I never imagined that anal sex could be so much pleasure. I hope you are also enjoying as much as I am”? I said “yes dear, I too never experienced so much pleasure till now. Now hug me please”.

He hugged me from behind sticking my back to his chest. I held his palms and placed them on my boobs. He understood what I wanted and went on squeezing my boobs while his nine inches continued pounding my ass full steam.

I had lost count of my orgasms because they kept crashing on my shores one after the other. Even after very long time my overly hung stud did not show any signs of tiredness or slowing down.

A short while later he hugged me tightly giving a few very hard thrusts and filled me with his cum. We stayed like that only for a few moments, then I pulled him with me and lay on the bed.

He was still on me with his meaty cock still buried inside my butt. I turned my face sideways and asked “did you enjoy Aslam”? He loudly exclaimed “madam Yes I really enjoyed and will never forget this day”.

I said “yes I too feel the same”. He said “madam you have taught me so much today and made me experience the most incredible pleasures many times. You have made me your slave for life.”.

I said “me too Aslam, I have never experienced so much pleasure while having sex till today. I really enjoyed with you. Thank You”. Just then my phone rang, it was Rizwan.

He said “Madam I am really sorry for last time, please give me one chance to correct it”. I said “give me 5 minutes, I will call you back” and hung up. I said “Aslam please hurry up and leave”.

We rushed to the bathroom and cleaned. Then we got dressed and he left. I called back Rizwan, he said “madam thank you for calling me back. I am really missing you. Please I want to meet you once. I will come wherever you are”.

I saw the time, it was nearing 5pm so I was thinking what to do. You already know that I have a weakness for Rizwan. So I replied “Rizwan I am at home. But sir will be back anytime so I cannot meet you today”.

He said “madam, please understand I really need to meet you, I promise I will be gone before sir comes”. I knew if he comes then what will happen, that got me crazily aroused and my pussy got very wet.

I was not longer thinking from my head, I said “fine come quickly to my place” and gave him my address. He came in less than ten minutes. I answered the door letting him inside.

We both locked in a bear hug with lots of wild kissing. After the kiss I asked “so what do you want Rizwan? Why were you so desperate to meet me”? I already felt his big bulge pressing against my crotch because I was wearing heels to match his height.

He said “madam, you already know the reason. I am sure you also agreed to have me here for the same”. I knew what he meant and he was right, I was also equally horny to enjoy with him.

I said “come with me” and took him to my house. As soon as I locked the door we both jumped on each other. He unzipped his fly taking out his big hard cock. I too opened my blouse and removed my panties and got on my knees sucking him.

He said “madam today we don’t have time for this”. He pulled me to my feet and made me lean against the wall. Then he pushed his cock in my pussy from behind and started fucking me furiously.

I was prepared for this and wanted it equally bad so I was enjoying it to the hilt. He was pounding me the same way as last time only difference was that this was his first round.

Rizwan was good and within minutes gave me my first orgasm. He said “sorry madam in a hurry I forgot the condoms”. I said “its ok”. Now he pulled out and pushed his cock in my butt.

He resumed his furious pounding like before and thanks to Aslam, Rizwan’s cock easily slid inside. I was thoroughly enjoying my second lover of the afternoon and was basking in sexual ecstasy.

After a while of non-stop pounding he filled my ass with his cum. Then he sat down on the couch with me on his lap. I asked “did Mary come to you today”? He said “yes she came twice”.

I asked “did you enjoy with her both the times”? He said “yes madam, she herself was so desperate and was begging for it”. I asked “then why are you so desperate for me when you already enjoyed with her”?

Rizwan said “madam please understand, the enjoyment I get with you, I don’t get with anyone else, not even my wife. Earlier I used to to fuck my wife once every night, now after meeting you I fuck her three times back to back imagining you. But still something is always missing”.

I said “from tomorrow till next ten days I have guests at home so I will not be able to meet you. Then what will you do”? He said “please don’t say such things madam, I know you want me as much as I want you. So I am sure you will find a way for us to meet like here in this terrace room”.

I said “I will try my best Rizwan but cannot promise you anything”. He said “madam please try hard because I cannot live without you and I will go mad if I don’t meet you”.

I said “don’t worry. Just leave it to me Rizwan. Now can we go and clean up”? He said “madam looks like sir is late today, can we please try once more”? I saw it was 5.45pm now.

I was also feeling very adventurous to take a chance to do it again before you come home. So I said “it is very risky Rizwan, but if you can finish quickly then I am willing to take that risk”.

I was on his lap with his cock between my legs, I saw he was already hard and raring to go again. I got off and gave him a condom. He laid me on the couch and mounted me.

We fucked wildly like two horny animals loosing track of time and place, totally lost in each other with burning passion. Finally, after a long session he stiffened and released his juices.

We both ran to the bathroom fearing you would arrive any moment. Then he left from the external staircase and I went and took a shower. Then I got dressed and saw it was just past 6.30pm.

I went back to my chores and then you arrived a while later. I can see that listening to how I spent my day has gotten you really hard Krishna. Can I help relieve the pressure in your cock”?

I said “phew that was something Uma. Despite me screwing things up for you, you still seemed to have enjoyed as much as before. What do I say”.

Uma said “don’t worry Krishna, no matter what I do and with who I do, I will never hide anything from you. I owe you my life and I can do anything to make you happy”.

I said “you don’t have to say that, I already know it and I trust you equally”. She said “let’s go to your bedroom for one last time because once your parents arrive tomorrow your curfew will begin”.

We got comfortable on my bed, I said “if you can plan how to be with Aslam and Rizwan, why can you not plan for me”? Uma laughed and said “do you think I will wait for you to tell me this”?

We both laughed followed by two rounds of wild sex before going to sleep. Next morning was routine with my wake up sex with Uma followed by two rounds with Mary.

I told Mary that next ten days was curfew time and she was not happy to hear about it. Then we cleared the house disposing all the empty liquor bottles. My parents were expected to land by 2pm flight today.

So after one more bout of wild sex with Uma in the shower, I left to the airport. I had only one thought running in my mind. How was Uma going to juggle me, Rizwan and Aslam during this time?

To be continued….

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