Maid from Heaven – Part 15

Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 14 ). Now let’s continue

A few minutes later she patted Chetan signalling him to come to her. She said “Krishna my pussy is on fire, you know what you need to do”. I got between her legs pushing my cock inside and slowly fucking her while Uma was now giving Chetan a blowjob.

This scene also looked straight out of the movies where a woman takes two men together. After a few minutes she made us swap positions. When Chetan was going to enter her, she stopped him.

She said “here put this on first” giving him a condom. Chetan retorted “why do I need to use this? Didn’t I do you without it earlier? And Krishna also just fucked you without it”.

Uma said “what you did earlier was an accident. You see Krishna has exclusive rights over me and can do whatever he wants, if you want to have me then you will have to use this or feel free to sit there and watch like you have done twice earlier”.

Chetan was bewildered to hear that Uma knew that he had watched us make out twice. She didn’t waste time and while Chetan came back to reality I was back inside her fucking her with renewed excitement watching the surprises unfolding.

I was able to better my previous round with her, guess seeing Chetan sitting helpless watching us making out was my motivation. Uma too orgasmed twice in quick succession moaning very loudly.

She signalled to Chetan calling him, he came closer standing near her face. Uma held his cock and started stroking it. He said “Please Uma, I will do as you say and use a condom also. Please give me another chance”.

She said “what do I look like to you? Consider yourself very lucky that you are still here. Now regarding your chances, you have lost them all forever. What I am doing now is all you will get. If you don’t like it then feel free to leave”.

Now Chetan looked at me, I shrugged my shoulders indicating I was helpless. He stood quietly while Uma continued to stroke him but he quickly lost his hardness. She let go of his cock, Chetan put on his clothes and left slamming the door behind him.

Now I had reached my peak and soon came inside her. Then I sat down on the sofa while she still lay with her knees folded looking at me and smiling. I asked “what was the need for all that drama? Didn’t you want to enjoy sex with him”?

She said “Krishna, yes I wanted to enjoy with him. But before that he needs to learn to respect what he is getting. Don’t you think I deserve some respect”? I nodded in affirmative because she had a point.

I held her feet placing them on my thighs lightly rubbing her undersides. She said “If you want me to behave like a cheap whore who is ready to do anything with anyone you choose then let me know. I will simply do it without second thoughts”.

Again I felt like an asshole for the nth time because I did not think before talking and only thought from my perspective. I said “no no I am really sorry Uma. I did not mean that. You know that you mean the world to me and I would never mean such things for you”.

She said “good then, now that you have understood let me tell you something. You give Chetan 1 week, he will be down on his knees begging you for another chance. After your parents leave, we will call him again. Okay”?

Well Uma was truly a mastermind and she knew how to get a man on his knees also bulldozing his ego in the process. I asked “are you sure this will work and he will change”?

She sipped my beer and offered it to me, she said “give him 5mins now and he will call you to say how sorry he is and if he can come back now”. Soon my mobile rang and sure it was Chetan.

I looked at Uma speechless, she said “quickly answer his call, you don’t want to keep a desperate man waiting”. I answered his call putting him on speaker, he said “buddy I am really sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking. Please get me one more chance with her. I can come right now if you want”.

Before I could say anything, Uma took the phone from my hand. She said “I had some seriously high hopes from you, the way you behaved trashed it all. You have ruined my mood so don’t bother me again” and hung up.

Then she got up and went to my bathroom and cleaned but did not bother to wear any clothes. She cleared up everything and then sat back in my lap with a fresh pint of beer.

She said “let’s not ruin our evening thinking about Chetan. Tell me about Rahul, Zulfi Jiju and Suresh. I am very excited to hear what you have in mind”. I said “well looking at what happened today, maybe we should slow down”.

Uma said “if that is what you want then I am fine with it. Anyway your parents are here tomorrow. Till they leave I don’t think we can do anything at all”. I said “yes, I totally forgot about it, I am only hoping we get enough chances to enjoy while they are here”.

She said “leave that to me, just answer your phone when I call you”. I said “ok, I hope you have a solid plan because 1 week without you I will go mad”. Uma nudged me saying “what do you think will happen to me” laughing naughtily.

I asked “for sure the whole of next week you will not be able to enjoy with Rizwan too then”? She said “don’t worry about me, I will find a way to enjoy with Rizwan and Aslam also”.

I recollected that she had met both of them today afternoon and we had still not discussed that. So I asked “tell me what happened today afternoon after you spoke to me”?

Uma punched me hard in my gut and said “it was all because of the way you shouted at me Krishna. Did you even realise how agonised I was feeling after your call”?

I said “I am really sorry Uma, see I called you so many times after that but you didn’t answer”. She said “what was the point? If I answered your call, you would have continued shouting more. So I ignored and went to my room and cried”.

I hugged her tightly and said “I am really sorry Uma. I was under pressure to attend my meetings so in haste I blurted something I should not have. I promise I will never do that again”.

From here on read in Uma’s words:

So I went to my room and lay on my bed crying and sulking thinking what did I do so wrong that you shouted at me like that. I don’t know when I slipped into sleep. Then my phone rang, I first thought it must be you so ignored it.

Then it rang again and again so I looked at it, it was some unsaved number. I answered the call, it was Aslam. He said “madam I have been told to get the grocery list from you so I can deliver everything”.

I said “how can I give you the list on phone? There are too many things I need”. He said “madam, if you are available at home now, I can come and collect the list from you in ten minutes”.

I unsuspectingly said “yes I am at home only, please come”. Soon the doorbell rang, I saw thru the eyepiece. It was Aslam, I welcomed him inside and sat him in the hall.

He was very excited to see me. I was sure it was because of the blowjob I had given him the last time. I served him water, while taking the glass he openly stared inside my blouse top.

Btw I was wearing a bright yellow top with a black skirt with yellow inners you bought for me. I didn’t mind his staring at all because he had already seen my naked boobs and sucked my nipples the last time.

I stayed in the same position because I too was enjoying the tease till he emptied his glass and put it back in the tray. I was also feeling very good again especially after you ruined my mood earlier.

I asked “do you want to drink more”? He said “yes madam, but I want to drink your juice which you gave me last time”. I said “see Aslam that was clearly a mistake.

I already told you that. So please don’t ask for it again”. Then I sat with him explaining the list of things I wanted to him. Suddenly he took my hand and placed it on his bulge.

He said “madam please do something, you are my first and the only woman I have ever been with. You really made me feel like heaven the last time. please only once, I beg you”.

To be honest the feel of his big cock thru his trousers reminded me of Rizwan cock making me highly aroused. So I said “I will do it only if you don’t tell anyone especially Ahmed about this”.

He said “madam I swear, I will not tell anyone”. I asked “how much time do you have now Aslam”? He said “don’t worry about time madam, if I don’t go back soon then they will simply tell someone else to make the deliveries”.

I unzipped his pants trying to take out his cock but it was difficult because he was sitting. Seeing me struggle he got up and quickly removed all his clothes. Except for Rizwan’s grey hairy chest, Aslam was a carbon copy of him.

He sat back next to me, I held his cock and began stroking it. Aslam said “madam please remove your clothes also because I am dying to see what I relished last time”.

Even before I could register he was already pulling my top to my neck exposing my boobs held in my bra. Since I was also crazily horny now I did not stop him. Because of the tightness of my blouse I was scared he would tear it.

So I stopped him and unbuttoned and removed it myself. Then he tugged at my skirt, I got up and removed that too. He reached behind me and quickly undid my bra and removed it completely.

He grabbed my panty from the sides, I knew what was coming next so I raised my butt to make it easier for him. We were both in our birthday suits now. Unable to control myself I hugged and smooched him passionately.

He didn’t know kissing so he copied my actions and did a pretty good job. Now I resumed stroking his cock while he fondled my boobs for some time. Aslam said “madam I cannot control my urge to suck your beautiful boobs, with your permission can I”?

I said “yes Aslam, I too want it”, saying this I got up and sat in his lap straddling him. Now he was sucking my boobs driving me insane while I continued to enthusiastically stroke his big meaty manhood.

He was very good with his mouth on my boobs and in a short time gave me my first orgasm. I hugged him tightly crushing his face in my boobs till my orgasm passed.

When I released him, he got up carrying me in his arms and lowered me on the diwan (similar to a backless sofa or couch). He got between my legs and again went crazy eating my pussy till my next orgasm ripped thru me.

I remained lying reminiscing the awesome pleasures he had given me while he got up and came near my face. I held his nine-inch meat and started sucking him.

To be continued….

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