Tolly Queen 5

Koel ignored Kader entirely….. not in really….. but in mockingly. Too much…. her husband Nispal thought, ‘she was trying too hard’. Ironically, it was the first sign Nispal had that she might go for it if he persuaded a little. That’s when the band started to warm up.

Kader didn’t know the others well, but was talking to Satabdi on his left. Occasionally he would glance sideways at Koel. Nispal was pretty sure that his wife would do it… he was certain that Kader wanted it too. Husbands could guess it when another guy is attracted to their wife.

It took a while, but after dinner and a couple of drinks, there was a break in the set and conversation picked up. Koel still didn’t talk to Kader, or even look over at him. At that moment, Shrabanti, Swastika and Satabdi got up to go to the bathroom as Koel followed them.

Three of the other guys went to the bar for another round of drinks for everybody. Another side, Koninica and her husband went to check with their baby-sitter. Meanwhile Kader and Nispal were alone at the table. Nispal had to decide what he was going to do.

“Do you like Koel?” Nispal asked him suddenly in the middle of their conversation….. might as well get to the point and find out. And once he had gotten that out, it got easier.

“Of course. She’s great and talented with lot of qualities…. I think she is a great asset of Tollygunge film-industry.” Kader praised a little too fast….. was he a little flustered?

“That’s not what I mean. I mean do you like the way she looks? Does she do anything for you?” Nispal queried looking at Kader’s eyes directly….as he leaned back a little in his chair and looked wary.

“Yeah, she’s no doubt a knockout….. you know that verywell. A classy lady….. you’re a lucky chap to have her as your wife…. sometimes I feel jealous of you.” He looked right at Nispal. Might be, he wanted to make it look, like he’d never had an impure thought about her…. Too deliberate…. He wanted her.

“I think you would like to see her in bed too ….. just like the other actresses, like Dolondi, Sreelekhadi, Rachanadi, Indranidi……,” Nispal offered.

“I bet,” he laughed, and then thought better of it. He rocked back again in his chair slowly, as if to get away from the idea. “Although we won’t go there!”

His laugh was supposed to be casual, but it was a little too forced…. a tad too strained. He picked up his beer nervously to take a gulp, but it was empty. He put it down and stared at it. Nispal signaled to the waitress for a refill by pointing to his glass.

“Why not go there?” Nispal asked. “Don’t tell me you’ve never thought of having my wife in bed.”

Kader jolted upright. “Whoa! Not me! Not something I think about!” but he had definitely blanched. And he tried to take another drink from his empty glass. He was a big-time nervous for sure.

“I doubt if that’s true, Kaderbhai, and I’m not sure I’d be happy about it if it were. Do you want to say you’ve never thought about fucking my wife?” Nispal had said the word ‘fuck’ so bluntly. He couldn’t misunderstand what they were talking about now.

Kader slammed back in his chair, clearly flustered now. “No! No!”

A pause, his face screwed up in discomfort. Nilay / Nispal just looked at him, smiling a little…. waiting. But he didn’t say anything.

“No! Well, sure, I guess,” Kader stammered, “Sure, in the theoretical, a fantasy kind of way……I guess so. You know not only me…. a large no. of her fans dreamed that too…. I mean fantasizing about fucking your wife. She’s a hot lady….. anyone would want her. Like her, I mean. I mean, you know. No offense, of course. I’d never hit on her.”

Nilay waited again…. saying nothing.

“No doubt, your wife is gorgeous,” Kader continued, “And smart….. funny….. interesting. I’ve daydreamed it, maybe. Who wouldn’t? But I’d never even think about it for real. No way.” He paused. “You really are something, Noel. Don’t hurt a guy.” He tried to make it sound funny, but it was a nervous joke.

Noel smiled at him….. he didn’t want to spook him. He relaxed a little as Noel picked up his beer and gestured toward Kader as if offering a toast. “To liking my wife,” he said, and laughed.

Kader had no choice, of course, except to raise his glass and answer, “Yes for your beautiful and sexy wife.” But his was still empty….. he had forgotten…. and he was flustered again.

“How about we make it something real other than a daydream?” Noel suggested as they put their glasses down.

He could just barely back out now if he laughed, if he made it a joke for himself. He looked up at Kader and held the gaze. He then made his decision. “How about if I invite you over to our house after this to fulfill your dream…. will you accept my proposal, dear friend?”

He recoiled in his seat this time, like he’d been shot in the face. “What are you talking about? I’d never do that. You gotta be kidding, Noel! Insallah! Do you know what are you talking about? What would your wife say if she heard you say that silly offer? No way, friend!”

“Well, I already know that my wife wants to let you enjoy her,” Noel answered calmly. “We talked about it all the week after your first visit in our house when I was outside. Even she agreed to let you do it tonight.”

Now it was out; no matter what happened next, at last Nispal had said it clearly to Kader. But Kader sat there with a stunned look on his face….. mouth open….. dumbfounded….. he didn’t say anything….. yes, couldn’t say anything.

“I know you want to fuck my beloved wife,” Noel continued quietly. He was into it now without a bit hesitation. He was selling his business partner the idea of having him fuck his beautiful wife.

“She too wants you to fuck her. And I’d like to have you fuck her. She’ll let you do it if I set it up…. I mean if I arrange it…. and if I’m there to watch. I too want you to do it, Kaderbhai. Yes, I want to see my best friend fuck my wife….. really.” Noel’s invitation of fucking his wife was something like a pleading.

No reply came from Kader. His face was frozen in utter shock….. he didn’t move. Noel saw some guests coming back from getting the drinks…… carrying several each. The couple Koninica and her husband with the baby-sitter was on the move from the phone. Before everyone reached the table, Noel had to close this out…. lock it down… do something to create the next step.

“Stick around late with us tonight. No pressure on you. No commitment implied. Just wait until everyone else is gone and you can ask my wife yourself. Maybe she’ll back out once it’s for real instead of a hot fantasy….. but I don’t think so, and it can’t hurt you any. The worst that can happen is a little awkwardness if any of us decides not to go through with it. OK?” And with that Noel got up to go to the bathroom.

Just then the guests started sitting down at their table. The three famous Tolly actresses weren’t back then…. from the bathroom. And as he passed the three of them, including his wife, just as they came out of the ladies’ room, Koel looked up at him.

A quizzical expression was splayed on her face. Was she hopeful? He had set it up? Or worried that he had? Or that he hadn’t? He smiled at her.

He then went into a stall in the bathroom, even though he only had to take a leak. He just wanted to think….. to settle his own nerves. He had just offered his partner to fuck his wife, and disclosed that she too wanted to let him.

Nispal was so excited about the prospective cuckolding that his cock was about to burst out of his pants. He adjusted it in the stall so that it didn’t bind against him and pinch.

Even just handling his cock made him realize how close to cumming he was. He thought about jerking himself off right there, but he refrained himself somehow. He thought that there might be more tonight and he wanted to keep himself at the edge.

He needed to communicate privately with his wife, to tell her what he just had done. He was anxious too if he could push her over the edge to do which all three of them wanted. He then took out a slip from his wallet….

It was all he had to write on, “I asked Kaderbhai if he wanted to fuck you. I told him, you too want to fuck him, and that I want him to do it. I guess he too wants to do it. He’ll stay late with us. Let’s make it happen. I know you want to….. yes, we both want it.”

When he got back to the table, the three Tolly Queen were back in their places. Kader was still clearly unhinged with disbelief, but he had recovered enough to be in the conversation.

Nispal then noticed his wife was talking to him… small talk…. nothing important. And Kader was really keyed up. He looked up at Nispal nervously as he approached the table and then glanced over at Koel.

It was involuntary….. he couldn’t help himself. As he realized that Nispal had seen her look over at her, he blushed and turned away…. then looked down….. then up again at Nispal quickly….. then down at his beer and took a sip.

His hand was shaking in excitement. At least he had something in his glass this time….. out of control. Nispal just smiled and nodded at him reassuringly when he glanced up again.

As Nispal sat down next to Koel, he kissed her on the neck from behind. After that he had pulled his chair in and took her left wrist in his right hand. He then brought it over to his lap, where he slid his hand up to open hers.

Gently he put the slip with his note on it into her hand and closed her fingers over it. He held it there with the slip in it for a second while he leaned over to her and whispered in her ear, “I told Kaderbhai you wanted to do it. Read the note when you have the chance.”

Koel looked over at her husband quickly, not quite sure whether or not to believe him. He himself wasn’t sure whether she was mad at the thought. He might have done it or excited by the hope he had.

She glanced down, then up. She took her hand away and looked at the other direction. Nispal caught his wife stealing a glance at Kader, maybe guessing for some clue as to whether or not it was true.

Koel looked down again. But she didn’t blush this time, and she seemed a lot less nervous than Kader did. A few minutes later she excused herself and wandered back toward the ladies room again. She had slipped away to be able to read the note.

Kader then looked up at his partner. Nispal smiled…. nodded slightly, and said in his direction, “We’ll know soon.”

Kader’s face turned red. Everyone in the party looked at him, then at Nispal. He nodded toward the band, which was about to start up again.

“We’ll know whether the band really any good.” Nispal remarked as the second set has their original material.

Kader was telling him how much he liked the stuffs of the band. On the other hand, the guests then went back to their conversations, but a couple of them glanced at Kader….. wondering. He was clearly uncomfortable. The band saved him….. they started to play an up-tempo jazz number.

Meanwhile Koel came back to the table and sat down. She leaned in to whisper to her husband, “Did you really do this?” She sounded mad, but there was no way out now. He didn’t answer, but nodded and glanced over at Kader.

Koel turned to look at him, and his eyes were on the couple. He flushed visibly and fidgeted in his seat. Now she knew it was true. She turned back to her husband, again whispering, “Are you sure you want this?”

Noel looked at her steadily and nodded with ‘Yes’. She didn’t say anything…. she didn’t blink. Rather she turned back to the table and soon started an animated conversation with Kader.

Nispal couldn’t guess what she was thinking. She had seemed to be mad all evening, but as it wore on, it appeared that she was having a good time again. Eventually there were only five of them left and finally the last couple excused themselves around 11:00 pm.

Now it was just the three of them. Kader was still with them….. he was going to do it….. if Koel really wanted to do it.

There was an awkward silence after all the guests had said goodbye to them….. and the trio watched them walk out the door. The three excited celebs turned back to the table….. Koel’s eyes looked down….. Kader looked at Koel…. Noel’s eyes wondered….. from his wife to his partner.

“I think we all know what’s going on here,” Noel / Nispal broke the silence, “I’ve talked to you both about this and I’m sure you both want it. I’m the only one who could object, and I don’t. I want it as much as you both do.”

No reply from either of them, but now they both knew it was true. Noel had talked to them both about their fucking, and they both knew that.

“How about we head back to our house and do this?” He asked.

“Are you sure you want this to happen….. and in front of you?” Koel asked, turning away from Kader and then towards her husband. “I should agree I wanted it too, but it was fantasy.” She looked at Kader.

“No, Koel darling, it wasn’t a fantasy that you wanted to, was it?” he queried. It was up to her now.

“We really don’t need to do this, guys,” Kader interrupted, not waiting for Koel to reply. “I’d love to, of course, but I won’t ever say anything if either of you wants to call this off…… it’s probably not really a good idea,” Kader tried to persuade the couple. He was talking to his partner….. then to Koel, “If you don’t like this idea, I’m outta here…. no harm done. Really”

“Be quiet, Kaderbhai,” suddenly Koel ordered him, shooting him a look. It sounded like she didn’t want to let Kader off the hook….. didn’t want off the hook herself.

“Yes, my husband was telling the truth. Kaderbhai, I told him that I wanted to do sex with you, and I do. Now you know that….. but at the same time I don’t want to lose my marriage over it.”

That was the point….. Noel realized the logic instantly…… so he decided to close it now before they got cold fee. “Guys, we all three know that now, and it’s out in the open. Yes, you’re going to fuck each other and I assure you both, there wouldn’t be any harm in our marriage.”

Hearing Noel say the word, ‘fuck’….. jolted them both. No ambiguity….. no hesitation anymore… about what they all were thinking. Koel looked up at Kader and the two held the gaze for a long moment. And then she broke the tension by smiling at Kader.

“OK,” she said. “Let’s go and do this if you’re interested, Kaderbhai.” She had made her decision. He flushed, but nodded. He paid the check and the trio headed out for the parking lot.

Noel was holding the door for his wife to get into the car. Kader was a few cars away in the next row, and Noel shouted over at him, “See you at our house in a few minutes. Don’t be long.”

“Oh, I don’t think so, dear friend. Keep your wife warm for me,” he said, emboldened now by the thought that it was really going to happen. He had made his decision, too. Noel closed the door behind his wife and walked around to get in the driver’s side and started the car.

“Are you really sure…. you want to do this?” Koel asked again as the car came to life. “If we do it, once again another man will have fucked me… will have fucked your wife. You can never have it back once someone else has been inside me. I admit I’ve been dreaming for this since I first met him, but I won’t do this if it bothers you.”

Noel heard her, but he was thinking it was too late already. And even though it gave him a hollow feeling in the pit of his stomach, it also made his cock hard. His heart was pounding to think about to watch his wife fuck another man.

“I know,” Noel answered. “I can’t believe I want this, but it’s amazingly hot and I must do it….however If you do.”

It was a kind of ping pong game. Actually they both wanted this to happen, but were nervous that the other would get cold feet. Would she back out now, or was it really going to happen?

“I don’t want to lose my beloved wife over it either,” Noel told her as calmly as he could, but then continued, “Actually when I get to know your sexual relationship with some producers and directors just to get a role in their films, I could hardly wait to see you with them in real. Yes, now I’ve got a golden opportunity to fulfill my dream. Please darling, cooperate….. I want to watch your live porn. I’ll be OK with it if you will, and it won’t ruin what we have together.”

“As a devoted wife, I must cooperate you to fulfill your dream…. but you have to tell me you want it at least as much as I do,” she wanted to be sure about her husband’s intention. “I’m not going to have you regret it tomorrow, or ever.”

“Well, do you want to cancel it, Koel Sona? But you have admitted that you wanted to fuck him. Can you really tell me you won’t fuck him anyway, even if I change my mind now?”

Koel was thoughtful for a moment. She had always been honest with her husband, and it was one of the reasons of his deep love for her. So he was sure that she would be truthful now like before.

All the posturing was now over….. neither of them was nervous any more. They were now aroused, horny, hot, but not nervous…. and they both knew the consequences

“OK dear,” Koel answered…. relieved totally from any type of hesitation. “I’m going to do it. Yes, I want too,” she said with confirmation.

“So I’m telling you now, that even if you backs out of it tonight, I’m going to fuck him later if he asks me to. If I hadn’t known it already I would now…. since he decided to come home with us,” Koel paused for a moment, but continued next moment.

“So he’s going to try now, if not tonight, some other day this week at our house, when we’re there alone. And when he does, I’m going to let him take me. I hope this is what you wanted, because I do want him to fuck me and I’m going to let him.”

“I want you to fuck him tonight, darling, in front of me. If I get to watch you do it, I’ll be a part of it. I just want you to love me while you’re fucking him, to think about me and fuck him for me.”

Koel was silent for a moment. “No. Not for you. I love you, dear. But I don’t love him…. I won’t ever fall in love with him or other persons….. you’re my love. But I want to fuck him only for our career. I’m sorry, and I hope you’re not hurt, I have to tell you the truth. I want to fuck him tonight, and I want to be thinking of him splashing his hot cum inside my pussy.”

Nispal looked so glad hearing his wife’s willingness as she continued, “And you naughty, you want to watch him fucking me. Oh, I couldn’t hold myself of thinking about his cock inside my pussy, and when I cum. But I’m going to cum for him too, not for you. I know I owe you something as your wife, so I’m willing to talk to you about it afterwards…. how it felt. But I want him inside me so badly…..I can’t help myself. Will you be OK with seeing that?”

“I think so,” Noel answered, feeling an ache in his belly, but a surge in his loins. “It’s what I hoped to hear; it’s what I want.”

Koel leaned over and kissed her husband lovingly on the cheek….. it was the first really affectionate thing she had done to him that whole evening. She was now fully resolved and satisfied with the arrangement of her fucking with Kader.They were done with the difficult part.

“I’m so excited, dear. I want Kaderbhai to like me. Do you think he’ll want to lick me first….. like you?” She was a little giddy now, like she was getting ready for a big date. Smiling, thinking about what was to come. She didn’t seen to be embarrassed at all talking to her husband about how much she wanted another man inside her.

“I’m so glad he wants to fuck me, so happy that you asked him and arranged the whole matter so easily.” Koel answered now more freely which made his cock jumped.

“This means you’d already decided to fuck him and take his boiling seed in your pussy?” he asked.

She put her hand on his leg as he was driving and answered, “Yes. I had. I was going to tell you. Although I’ve to do this few times before our marriage with some producers and directors, I thought I should do it again….I’d just want to see now what happened. Oh Honey, I like this so much better. Now I don’t have to worry, or hide my extra marital affairs like before. And it’s so erotic that he’s going to fuck me in front of you. God, I’m so wet thinking about that.” She was like a schoolgirl in her excitement over him.

“Yes darling….. I’m so happy for your decision….. yes, I always want to see you happy and enjoy yourself, my love….. ” Noel too couldn’t hide his excitement.

“I know you won’t mess it up, dear? You can stay and watch us if you want, but please don’t interrupt, OK? And no complaining or whimpering about it, once he’s inside me. If you think you might not want to see it happen any moment, just don’t come in the room during our lovemaking.”

This was a little more enthusiasm than Noel had bargained for, but now he was also hotter than he had ever been. And he was pretty sure there was no stopping it now anyway, not tonight, not ever. He knew now that, one way or the other, his wife was going to let Kader fuck her. He felt it through the huge throbbing of his cock between his legs.

When they got to the house, Kader pulled up right behind the couple…. then the Trio moved together and went inside.

“Anybody want a drink?” Noel asked…. opening the cabinet of the kitchen.

“I don’t think that’s what we’re thinking about right now, any of us, is it Kaderbhai?” Koel asked keeping her twinkling eyes on Kader. She was true to her word…. taking charge to get on with it.

As Kader shook his head as Koel proposed, “Let’s go upstairs to the bedroom first.”

The two perverted males instantly followed the hot Tolly actress Koel Mallick…. fixing their horny eyes at her swaying ass as she climbed the staircase. She went through the bedroom door and stood at the foot of the bed. Her hands were on her hips…. legs wide apart and faced them as Kader and Noel fixed their eyes on her.

To be continued…..

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