Tolly Queen 4

( 2 yrs ago, Nispal & Kader’s partnership collaboration in Tollygunge Film-Industry )

After getting invitation more than once from Koel and her husband Nispal, Kader decided to meet with them one day….. without any intimation….. just to give them a surprise. So one sunny day, with his new BMW car, he arrived in the afternoon…. and pressed the calling bell of their mini bungalow, as Koel opened the door and invited him heartily.

But when he noticed that Nispal wasn’t present in the house, he hesitated to enter….. but she persuaded him. So, he went in with her as she closed the front door.

Leaving him to be seated on the sofa in the drawing room, she went to the kitchen to make coffee. Later, she brought a tray with sweets, biscuits, some fruits and coffee. Taking a seat on a sofa opposite and facing him, she talked.

Few minutes later as he stood up thanking her profusely for the coffee and kind hospitality, she enquired about his dinner. And when he informed that would be delivered by the hotel authority….. immediately, she requested him to have dinner with her at her place. As he was about to decline thankfully, she again persisted.

As if trying to help her find reason with, he said: “See Bhabiji, do you think your hubby… I mean Nilay would appreciate if he came to know about it? You shouldn’t put yourself into unwanted trouble.”

She replied gleefully: “Why not? You know, he keeps high regards for you. And, he talks very high of you. In fact, he had asked me several times to invite you for dinner or lunch suiting to your convenience.”

With that she left but returned within few minutes changing her dress to enquire about his dinner menu and asked, “Sorry Kaderbhai, what do you like to take as dinner?”

“Anything you prefer…… I’ve no specific liking Bhabi,”

Once again while talking and sitting on the same sofas, suddenly he noticed a change in her. In fact, it was only at this time he observed her closely for the first time. She left her previous clothes Maxi and Dupatta….. now covered herself in a light blue transparent polyester saree with a matching low-neck blouse which revealed most of her great assets.

He could clearly see her fleshy and sensual neck and the upper portion of the bulge of her fair big boobs with a deep cleavage. A bell began to ring inside his head instantly as he never saw her in such attire before.

He tried to withdraw his eyes from that portion on her body as quickly as it was shot at and started looking at her face only. He guessed he was lucky enough as she probably missed to notice his stare.

That’s when he became aware of another strange aspect. She had no longer kept the ‘Anchal’ ( Pallu ) of her saree… covering her body and head, which she normally did, in presence of her husband.

While they talked, he also noticed, she bent forward more often for one pretext or the other, sending the ‘Anchal’ off from her shoulder….. though she quickly replaced that portion of the Saree,

It had given him ample time to have a clear look at her medium size boobs… struggling to pop out from the clutches of her blouse. Was it not bait, she dangled under his nose? ‘Kader, wait and watch’ he told to himself.

As they continued with their talking, she took a small glass paperweight and began to play with it. He could swear she deliberately made it fall on the carpet once. This time, she bent forward in the shape of an ‘Inverted U’, took a lot more time than required, to pick up the paperweight.

Obviously, her Anchal slipped and fell off from her shoulder. Nearly three-fourth of her fair melons popped out menacingly…. gives him a clear view of the upper portion of her light brown aureoles. He knew his heart skipped at least a couple of beats.

It was embarrassing to him as he wondered if her boobs would come out nude fully. But this time his eyes got transfixed on a spot, which gave a splendid view. He could clearly see a tiny black-mole about half inch above the aureole of her left boob.

Oh..That was a real captivating sight. She was very clever indeed because while still in her bending position, she raised her head and looked up at his face. She could see his eyes were fixed on her exposed boobs. Like the recoil of a gun, he withdrew his eyes instantly.

She regained her sitting composure. He was now feeling ashamed to see her smiling at him meaningfully. As if to change the focus and attention to camouflage his stupidity, he said: “I was wondering if I could pay you a compliment. To be nearer the truth, I could not garner enough courage.”

That surprised her. “Why not, you don’t need to feel any shy or shame to tell me anything,” she replied.

Kader guessed, she encouraged him enough to muster courage to tell even if what he wanted to say was going to be too much intimate.

He said: “Bhabi, you are very beautiful, ravishing and radiant. For ethical reasons, I would stop qualifying you as ‘desiring’ or by another adjective which would be most appropriate.”

He was hinting to call her ‘very sexy’. However, by the way she smiled at him; he thought she guessed what he meant.
________ _________ __________ _________ __

Koel and Nispal ( Nilay / Noel ) had been married for about three years ( still now without any children ) and both had have some sexual fantasies. They had sort of stumbled onto the fact that talking about having other men fuck her while they were making love, was a big turn-on for both of them.

She wore provocative dresses in most of filmy parties and had done some flashing for high end producers or directors. And she did that with the full support of her husband. However she did a little more than flashing on a few occasions….. letting them touch her tits…. even allowing them often to put their fingers inside her pussy.

Later this celeb couple found out it was fun to have her flirt with those valuable great persons, they knew very well. She’d brushed her tits against them playfully….. letting them see down her deep-cut blouse or up her dress.

Even sometimes she’d let them know, by a look, that they knew….. that they had seen her do it, so that they would know she was doing it on purpose….. yes, it surely had created a favorable impact among those filmy personnel to acquire the leading roles in their films.

This couple always had great sessions in bed after they had been out with other couples where there was a little friendly flirting going on. It clearly aroused Koel being the center of attention.

Yes, she really was a glamorous sexy Tolly Queen at 5’5”, 56kgs, a perfect figure of 36″-25″-36″, with exotic dark eyes and long deep blackish hair. Her husband was always preferred to having all eyes on her as they walked into a room….. and so was she.

Her flirting was always the playful kind of thing anyone do among friends, not too obviously serious, but real. The naughty husband had daydreamed about watching her with another man and found it oddly exciting. So one night while he was fucking her, he teased her about the relatively new Bangladeshi film producer cum partner of their “Koel Film Production”.

“I think Kaderbhai obviously likes you… lusts after you, really…. and had been coming on to you a little more than usual, when you were flirting with him”.Nispal grinned.

She surprised her husband by saying out with a smile, “I know. I think he’d like to fuck me.”

Nispal’s cock jumped.

He found it instantly hot to think about Kader’s hands on her tits….. or him fucking his wife. Koel also seemed to have liked her husband’s mentioning “Kader’s Name” during their love making. And he too could feel her cunt growing wetter as he glided his cock in and out of her.

So he followed up by asking, “Did he say that? Would you want to let him fuck you?”

She wiggled off the hook with a light moaning, “Well, he really wants to. It’s flattering.”

She hadn’t said she wanted to, but she hadn’t denied that she did either. Noel also found himself very aroused by that…. as he increased his pounding suddenly….. his cock became stiffening even more. He was surprised at his own excitement, as he felt himself nearly ready to explode with the thought of her opening up her legs for Kader.

He could feel himself getting ready to cum in her pussy, so he pressed on, asking, “Well, would you want to do it or not?”

“Would you want me to?” Koel too became highly aroused by the prospective illicit affair. Suddenly she increased the lifting of her hips to meet her husband’s thrusts, and her pussy became even more slippery, obviously liking the perverted fantasy.

Noel could easily guess his wife’s sudden increased passion as he decided to go for it. “Yes, I’d like you to fuck him….. and you know, we both would be benefitted from this. Naturally he would favor us in the next films…. you as a heroine and me as the director….. What do you think? Would you do it?”

“Ohhhhhh…… yesssss…. I want to,” Koel gasped as her cunt-muscles started spasming excessively.

Noel too felt her cunt gripping his steel-hard cock…..contract in a spasm as she came as hard as she ever had. He was about three strokes behind….. pumping a huge load into her pussy. As soon as they had caught their breath, he had rolled off and spooned her.

She pulled the plug, “It was just a fantasy, you know.”

“You came pretty hard for it, though.” Noel counter attack….. although she didn’t say anything.

That was it for a couple of days ago, but he couldn’t get it out of his mind. Every time they made love, he thought of it but didn’t want to bring it up. He didn’t know what her reaction would be and didn’t want to press her too far, too fast. He really knew now that he wanted to have her take another man inside her again, and to watch it happen.

A couple of days later they were again out with their new production team, and he made sure so that Kader too was present. Having seen him look at Koel all the times, he was pretty sure he wanted her. At this outing, once again, Kader’s attentions amounted to a little more than the usual casual flirting.

Noel noticed that his wife too was allowing a little more of it, being a little more explicit in her replies and responses. It seemed that she was now relaxed a bit in front of him….. however obvious enough to arouse much attention from the others. But he noticed the difference….. a little more tension….. a touch of more acceptance….. more nervous laughter.

About half way through the evening, Nispal caught her looking over at him. Then glancing away right after, she had been engaged with him…. talking and laughing more.

She did it again a few minutes later, and this time he thought his wife looked a little flushed, like she does when she’s ready for sex. A little later Kader asked her to dance…. no big thing in this group…. and they were gone for three numbers.

Noel caught a glimpses of them on the floor, and noticed there was nothing out of the ordinary….. nothing too obvious. However he noticed that his hands were on her waist a few seconds or maybe a couple of inches too high so that his wrists grazed the undersides of her boobs on some of the turns.

He thought he might have brushed her ass once or twice, too. No big deal; they were all friends. But when she got back to the table, he saw the unmistakable signs of her arousal with slightly reddened cheeks. Her chest was heaving in excitement and there were more nervous laughter than usual, and a couple of furtive sidelong glances at him.

But that was all. Nothing more happened that day. They went home and got into bed. It was very late, later than usual, maybe 11:00 PM, before they turned out the light. Usually she fades before midnight, so he is used to having her fall asleep without sex.

Normally after being at a party, if they’re out that long, he just snuggled with her. That day, after a minute or two, she rolled on her back and sort of did a little jerk…. a shake, a kind of silent pout.

He asked her what was wrong and she said, “Aren’t you interested in me tonight?”

“Of course,” Noel said, and immediately slid down.

He separated her legs to lick her opening, her favorite beginning. He was shocked at how wet she was, how good her cunt smelled with all her juices running down. How slippery her pussy was as he put his fingers up inside her.

She was even more into the licking than usual, and a little noisier about it. He suspected that her heightened state of arousal was due at least in part to the time of dancing and flirting with Kader….. of course. But instead of jealousy, he found himself unbelievably aroused.

Within minutes, he slid up over her on the bed and positioned his raging hard-on at the opening of her cunt, rubbing her clitoris with the bulb. She moaned, tossed her head to the side and back with closed eyes. He then pulled her legs back by putting her arms inside her knees and holding herself open….. waiting to be impaled.

“You want it, don’t you?” Nispal asked as he rubbed the tip of his member on her gaping hole. She was so wet….. could feel her juices running down her inner thighs…. making her slippery all the way….. to her small dark anus.

“Yes,” Koel moaned breathlessly as she tossed her head again side to side and humped up a little trying to invaginate herself. “Put it in…… deeper”

“Not yet,” her husband taunted.

He wanted her to ache for it as he had a wicked idea. She turned her head sharply again and exhaled hard……. bucking her hips up a little as if to protest. He pulled back as she thrashed a little in frustration. He rubbed the entire underside of his mighty Punjabi shaft from tip to base…. up along her spread-open labia and along her clitoris.

“Oh, God!” The hot Tolly Queen Koel Mallick hissed in growing lust.

It was involuntary. She wanted it in…. she was aching for it…. more than her husband had ever seen her. And he too was ready for it.

However he also knew that his wife was hot not for him but for the Bangladeshi producer. And he liked her horny state as much as because he was about to slide inside her. And that made him both a little jealous and horribly aroused.

It was a delicious and confusing mixture of emotions to Nispal. And it made him even more excited as he was now sure that his wife was thinking of having her labia parted and her womb filled by Kader’s cock instead of him.

“You want it in you?” Nispal asked again.

“Yes. Put it in me,” Koel answered, a little more insistently.

Her husband poised the tip of his cock right at her opening, which was gaping open. It was shimmering with her wetness, and she made a little moan and lifted her hips almost imperceptibly to take the stroke. But again he changed the angle so that instead of plunging it into her cunt he slid it up along her silky parted pussy-lips.

The bloated cockhead massaged over her pink button, which was engorged and protruding enough for the touch. She groaned, half in desire, half in frustration, and made a little involuntary shudder. She was ready.

“I’ll put it in if you’ll tell me one thing. But you have to be completely honest. OK?” Her husband asked.

“OK! What’s the question?” Her question had been a bark as she was writhing under him now…. over the edge… not just wanting it….. but craving it from deep inside her aching pussy from the seat of her sex.

She needed to be fucked, and she was far way to bear her impatience. She was too desperate for the relief that could come only from having a solid hard cock that drove into her steaming wet cavity.

“You have to answer without thinking about it, instantly,” her husband ordered. “If you hesitate for even a second to think about it we’re done for the night and you don’t get to cum.”

As if he could have done that…. he was about to shoot his load as it was. But Koel was over the top by now, and he was pretty sure that she would do whatever it took to get him to fill her cunt.

She would answer anything her husband asked her now, and truthfully, without worrying about the consequences. She just badly needed to get his pounding shaft inside her….. or maybe any cock.

“Tell the truth, no matter what I ask.”

“Alright! What is it? I’ll answer anything you ask….. but for God’s sake, just shove your cock in me!” Koel surrendered herself.

She now sounded like past her desperation, and her body confirmed it. She was writhing under him, shuddering with each touch. She was indeed hot, sopping wet between her legs, out of control, lifting her hips plaintively to be filled.

“Ready?” Her husband queried last time.

He then poised the bulb of his cock over the entrance to her pussy again. He held it with his right hand so that she couldn’t thrust her hips up and swallow it.

This time he let just part of the crown separate her labia and he rocked her a little. He let her feel the whole corolla start to penetrate before backing off. She was wild for it…. thrashing, bucking…. unable to control her shivering body.

“Yes! Fuck me! Please fuck me!”

“Ready for your question?”

“Yeees. What is it?” She drew out the ‘Yes’… it wasn’t an answer; it was a plea. She was now aching for his cock badly.

“Answer instantly?”


“Do you want to be fucked now?”


“You want a cock in you?”


“You want Kader’s cock in you?”

“Yeeessssss……!” Koel screamed in desperation.

A jolt surged through her husband’s spine. He wasn’t entirely sure she had heard and understood the question, but if she had, he would have what he wanted.

Guessing that, he put the tip of his penis against her vaginal opening and started to slide it in. But again, he tipped it up so that the stroke was external, gliding again up through her sopping wet slit. He let it push her labia open gently until he felt the hard, wet bump of her clitoris at the base of his steel like manhood.

Koel shivered and bucked….. twisted in frustration and desire….. trying to engulf the whole rod that would torment her until it rendered her open and took her womb. Was it Kader’s cock… she so desperately wanted?

“You said you’d put it in!” He asked again.

The Tolly celeb whimpered, as she rolled her hips trying to catch the tip of her husband’s cock deep inside the folds of her glistening labia. She tried to drive up on his shaft herself and end her misery by slamming it home in her gushing cunt. But he took his cock in his hand again to guard against her getting it in.

“You said you wanted to let Kaderbhai fuck you. Is that it? Do you want him to fuck you instead of me? Is that what you’re thinking about? Is it his cock you want inside you?”

“Yeeessssss…….” She was breathless, beyond feeling any type of guilt, beyond caring about the consequences, beyond the little fibs that married people tell each other.

“You want Kaderbhai to fuck you? You were thinking about him?

“Yeees. I can’t help it.” Koel gasped and he realized that she was telling the truth. “I‘m sorry. I want his cock in me. I know he wants me too and it drives me crazy. Please help me.”

Nispal knew his wife meant to help her by fucking her with his partner. But maybe she was asking for something more, too as he asked, “I think he wants to fuck you, too. If you want to let him fuck you I surely will help you to do it. Do you want to do it?”

Koel was then bucking and shaking under her husband so hard that his cock was jiggling her clitoris every time she moved her hips. He was afraid that she’d cum and he’d lose the hold he had over her.

So he pulled back all the way and positioned the tip of his cock right at the opening of her pussy. He then tried to match her strokes to keep it out….. pulling back every time she thrust upward so that she couldn’t encunt herself. He held her wrists over her head so that she couldn’t reach down and do it herself.

“I know you’ve special relationships with some producers and directors for your filmy career before our marriage….. so what’s wrong to renew it again. You know it surely would boost up our career in film-industry…… make our new “Koel Film Production” popular. So I badly want you to fuck our Bangladeshi partner….. it’s great that you get this hot for it. Will you?” Nispal explained his planning elaborately.

“If you want me to….you’re my husband and I’ll always follow your advice….. support you in your every activity.” Koel now said it so easily. She seemed to have accepted that her secret relationship with some producers was also out. And now her desire was so much that she was past caring about the consequences.

“I do want you to let him fuck you. You’ll do it, won’t you?” Nispal asked.

“Yes, I’ll do it.” She was calmer, sensing her relief would soon come, her body shivered involuntarily again, and her hips bucked signaling her still unmet need for a cock inside her.


“Whenever you want me to,” she whispered…. gasping now heavily. She then increased her grinding in expectation….. waiting for the searing fire in her cunt to be quenched.

And with that her Punjabi husband put the crown of his mighty rod at her sopping gate. He gave her the whole shaft of his cock in one stroke…. slamming it all the way to the bottom of her cunt….. splitting the silken lips of her sex open and plunging into her gaping female maw.

Koel pushed up her grinding hips further to take his thrusting with a tremulous moan as her desperate desire mixed up with thankful relief. Her husband pounded in and out of her cunt as hard as he ever had, and she too reciprocated his pumping fully.

She slammed her cunt upward to meet each of her husband’s downward stroke…. splaying her legs open to give him maximum penetration. Her soft, undulating whimpering clearly indicated him all he needed to know about her heightened state of arousal. He could feel the sticky wetness that sucked at his cock on each gliding thrust with her accelerated lust.

Still stroking in and out of her cunt, he continued, “Darling, you won’t have to wait long for it. I’m going to request him to fuck you next weekend, and I’m going to watch you to do it. You’ll be a good slut like most of the filmy sluts and spread yourself wide open for him, won’t you?”

“Yes!” She hadn’t hesitated this time.

“When I tell you to open yourself for him, you have to give him the whole thing instantly….. look him in the eye and show him your wet pink hole….. not being coy about it. Take his cock inside your tight cunt and let him fuck you to strengthen our business partnership. If you’re going to let him fuck you, do a good job. Be a good slut for him, and for the betterment of our Production Unit.”

“I will…… as a devoted wife, it’s also my duty and obligation to follow your path.” Koel replied.

It was like a hoarse whisper. Actually her mind was totally involved in her bucking and thrusting….. thrashing and tossing….. lifting her hips as her pussy-juices spilled out…. wetting her thighs, belly and ass. Now he was riding in a slippery saddle, fucking his dutiful wife on the waves of her desperation to feel another man’s cock in her cunt.

“And you’ll cum for him, won’t you sweetheart? A big one, so he knows how you want him.”

“Yeees!” And with that the beautiful trolly queen heaved her hips up once more and exploded in a wrenching orgasm.

In reply to her thrust, his cock exploded inside her cunt with the biggest stream he had ever spent….. pulsing over and over as his hot semen shot into her aching womb.

When it was over, he cuddled her…. whispering, “I’m going to do it, you know, make you fuck him. You want to and we both know it. And I want to see your live porn show. Are you going to do it when I tell you to?”

“Yes my love, Im always with you.” Like a dutiful submissive wife Koel replied.

“I love you sweetie….. I’m proud of having a great wife like you.”

“OK, I will, then. I promise.” They were her last words as she fell asleep in her loving husband’s peaceful embrace.
_______ _________ _________ _________ ____

The next morning the great Bengalee celeb couple said nothing about it….but that evening, Nispal broached it again, saying, “You ready for the thing with Kaderbhai on Saturday?

“Are you sure you really want this, dear? Although it’s a nice fantasy to have sex with him in front of you, but I’m not sure I would really like it. Or that you would.” Koel doubted.

He found himself really disappointed in her answer. He felt himself frustrated realizing that how eagerly he was waiting to watch another man fuck his wife.

“OK,” he replied. “We’ll see it later.”

He didn’t want to press too hard because he didn’t want to scare her off. At the same time, he really craved the kind of sexual passion she had displayed the previous night and he was determined to see it happen.

He mentioned it only a couple of other times during the next few days….. once very casually while he was fucking her on the kitchen table or so later. But he was a little worried about pressing it.

However what he noticed is that her cunt really got wet as soon as he started talking about her having to open her legs for Kader someday. She came almost instantly when he mentioned that. He wondered if she was feeling his dick or thinking about Kader’s dick.

Finally Saturday arrived. They had made plans to go out again, as Koel herself had made the arrangements. On the other hand, Nispal was very much glad that his wife had chosen to go that filmy party with a group they knew, where Kader was also invited.

Her choice of the special dress suggested that she was hoping something would happen….. it was a kind of funky blues joint. At least that’s what he hoped. Even he was confident that he would find out a way to get her to fuck Kader that night.

On the way to Party, he introduced the topic again, testing her interest. “You look sure hot in this dress and I’m sure Kaderbhai wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off from you.”

“Oh dear, you’re so naughty…..,” was all she said.

Nispal realized that was an understatement. But they were both excited as they anticipated about their coming perverted adventure. Koel couldn’t look at her husband as the car moved through traffic…. just stared out the window.

She shifted her legs, crossing her left over her right and tugging down on her green skirt. She had dressed nicely, in a skirt and T-shirt, rather than in her normal saree blouse which she usually wore for this type of party with the group.

He had also noticed that she had put on a new push up bra, and it showed through the thin material of her T-shirt….. anyone could just see the outline of her nipples under the silk shirt, and her tits jiggled just a little with her steps.

She isn’t very big but she has nice tits and it was great to see them move under her shirt. As the shirt was a little loose at the top…. when she leaned forward, anyone could see all the way to her lacy cup covered tits. He could notice that clearly as he had held the car door for her…. the nipples were erect…. not because of the temperature…. surely thinking of the anticipated adulatory.

He had also seen her put on her loose-fitting red silk panties instead of wearing regular panties. With that lacy panties under her knee-high skirt, she looked really hot. She was used to putting her panties on so that she could take them off when needed. She must be thinking her panties would come off tonight while they were out.

Koel had on high heels too. She was a drop-dead knockout….. dressed to the nines and cock bait for sure…. not slutty, but definitely looking on the make. She wasn’t acting like she was hot for her husband right now, though.

She wasn’t talking at all….. she just looked determinedly out the window. Nispal figured she must be thinking about Kader fucking her. Was she looking for her husband to make it happen, or hoping he wouldn’t?

“You know Kaderbhai will be there tonight,” Nispal reminded.

He tried to steer the conversation toward what he was hoping for. He wanted to know if she would do it, or else learn unambiguously that it wasn’t going to happen tonight….. either way he’d know how to act. No answer. But he could see her nipples were still hard. Was she a little flushed? He let it go.

When the beautiful couple reached there, most of the invitees had already arrived, and Kader was there too. There were more than twenty persons, and they all waved them cheerfully over to the two tables, they had pulled together.

Kader was the only single there. The band was just setting up as Koel and her husband sat down to order drinks and dinner. Kader was across the table from them….. one person took a seat to the right of Koel while Nispal was on Koel’s left.

Koel said just ‘Hello’ to Kader…. with a grin, and then looking ahead, she started a conversation with Indu aunty ( Indrani Dutta ) who sat across from Nispal.

To be continued…..

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