Tolly Queen 4

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( 2 yrs ago, Nispal & Kader’s partnership collaboration in Tollygunge Film-Industry )

After getting invitation more than once from Koel and her husband Nispal, Kader decided to meet with them one day….. without any intimation….. just to give them a surprise. So one sunny day, with his new BMW car, he arrived in the afternoon…. and pressed the calling bell of their mini bungalow, as Koel opened the door and invited him heartily.

But when he noticed that Nispal wasn’t present in the house, he hesitated to enter….. but she persuaded him. So, he went in with her as she closed the front door.

Leaving him to be seated on the sofa in the drawing room, she went to the kitchen to make coffee. Later, she brought a tray with sweets, biscuits, some fruits and coffee. Taking a seat on a sofa opposite and facing him, she talked.

Few minutes later as he stood up thanking her profusely for the coffee and kind hospitality, she enquired about his dinner. And when he informed that would be delivered by the hotel authority….. immediately, she requested him to have dinner with her at her place. As he was about to decline thankfully, she again persisted.

As if trying to help her find reason with, he said: “See Bhabiji, do you think your hubby… I mean Nilay would appreciate if he came to know about it? You shouldn’t put yourself into unwanted trouble.”

She replied gleefully: “Why not? You know, he keeps high regards for you. And, he talks very high of you. In fact, he had asked me several times to invite you for dinner or lunch suiting to your convenience.”

With that she left but returned within few minutes changing her dress to enquire about his dinner menu and asked, “Sorry Kaderbhai, what do you like to take as dinner?”

“Anything you prefer…… I’ve no specific liking Bhabi,”

Once again while talking and sitting on the same sofas, suddenly he noticed a change in her. In fact, it was only at this time he observed her closely for the first time. She left her previous clothes Maxi and Dupatta….. now covered herself in a light blue transparent polyester saree with a matching low-neck blouse which revealed most of her great assets.

He could clearly see her fleshy and sensual neck and the upper portion of the bulge of her fair big boobs with a deep cleavage. A bell began to ring inside his head instantly as he never saw her in such attire before.

He tried to withdraw his eyes from that portion on her body as quickly as it was shot at and started looking at her face only. He guessed he was lucky enough as she probably missed to notice his stare.

That’s when he became aware of another strange aspect. She had no longer kept the ‘Anchal’ ( Pallu ) of her saree… covering her body and head, which she normally did, in presence of her husband.

While they talked, he also noticed, she bent forward more often for one pretext or the other, sending the ‘Anchal’ off from her shoulder….. though she quickly replaced that portion of the Saree,

It had given him ample time to have a clear look at her medium size boobs… struggling to pop out from the clutches of her blouse. Was it not bait, she dangled under his nose? ‘Kader, wait and watch’ he told to himself.

As they continued with their talking, she took a small glass paperweight and began to play with it. He could swear she deliberately made it fall on the carpet once. This time, she bent forward in the shape of an ‘Inverted U’, took a lot more time than required, to pick up the paperweight.

Obviously, her Anchal slipped and fell off from her shoulder. Nearly three-fourth of her fair melons popped out menacingly…. gives him a clear view of the upper portion of her light brown aureoles. He knew his heart skipped at least a couple of beats.

It was embarrassing to him as he wondered if her boobs would come out nude fully. But this time his eyes got transfixed on a spot, which gave a splendid view. He could clearly see a tiny black-mole about half inch above the aureole of her left boob.

Oh..That was a real captivating sight. She was very clever indeed because while still in her bending position, she raised her head and looked up at his face. She could see his eyes were fixed on her exposed boobs. Like the recoil of a gun, he withdrew his eyes instantly.

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