The Great Sen Family : 6

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Episode : 6
After three days, it was 9:00 am in the morning….. Munmun’s husband was already left for office and her mother was watching a old black-white cinema in her own room while she decided to take a bath to refresh herself. Parveen wouldn’t be available today also…. so that she had to do some household chores and make herself fresh. After that she wrapped her body with a robe and decided to read a film magazine as she had no shooting schedule today.

She came out from her bedroom as she slipped her slim hand through the folds of her robe. Her gaze then moved towards her beautifully decorated garden where Prankrisno was mowing. She watched her stud Cook cum Gardener….. doing his jobs skillfully. At front of the yard, he was pushing the power mower around the plants.

Remembering her hot session with him previous day, she got excited. Her fingers moved between the slick, pink lips of her hot cunt and found her swollen clit. She rubbed it slowly, bringing more slick fluid from within her cunt to make it even more slippery. No…. the fingers aren’t sufficient’, she thought….. then keeping the magazine on the tea table, she moved towards the garage.

Inside the garage, there was her luxury car as she stood beside it…. leaning her body against it. Then she looked through the garage door…. towards the garden where Prankrisno was working. It was just ten feet away from where she was standing. She watched him working throughly for some time and noticed his rippling muscles which made her horny.

She could feel her creaming pussy as it started twitching….. then she called him with a naughty smile, “Kesto, stop your job and come here….. don’t waste time….. show me your cream supplier.” Saying that, she threw her shoulders back and shoved her full tits forward.

Hearing his Didimoni’s urgent call, Prankrisno postponed his job and entered in the small garage and removed his dirty pants quickly. He stood there in the gloom of the garage….. fully naked….. waving his long cock in his right fist as his big eyes were glued to the top Bengalee beauty queen’s semi-exposed big titties.

“Come on, Kesto…. don’t make me impatient.” She grinned….. reaching over, she grabbed his rigid cock between her thumb and finger. She squeezed it….. stroked it sometimes as her pussy started itching and oozing secretions more.

“Ah, good. Nice and hard. Now put it back in your Bermuda until we get inside the house. Today your Dadababu will be late…. so we can fully utilize that…. however if you’re interested in me.”

Prankrisno found his voice trembling in excitement. “Uh, I, ah. Yes, Didimoni.”

He eased his hard cock back through his fly quickly and zipped up the Bermuda. Meanwhile, the beauty queen pulled her robe back around her. She then took her Odisan Cook’s hand into hers….. waiting to be led into the house.

‘He’s so innocent….. Parveen is a lucky girl to have him as her husband’, she thought as they quickly moved towards the main building. Reaching in her drawing room, first she unfastened the knot of the robe at her waist….. then shrugged her shoulders and arms out of the robe. As it dropped over on the floor her, she kneeled in front of him.

Once again she reached for his Bermuda and this time he let her pull the zipper down. His hard cock sprang up….. and out from his Bermuda’s fly.

Still on her knees….. being fully naked, she put her arms around his thin waist and squeezed herself against him. His cock was pressed in between her full tits. She pressed her titties together from either sides and massaged his raging hard-on between the warm valley of her soft melons for few seconds. Then putting her arms around him again, she pulled him against her.

“Tell me what you’re going to do to me now, Kesto,” she said. “Tell me what you’re going to do when we get on the bed…. want to lick my pussy and suck the juices at first? Remember, you begged for that.”

“Didimoni, I can’t imagine.”

“Tell me how you’re going to push your hard cock up my hot cunt and fuck me until both of us cum together. Tell me how you’re going to suck my tits….. tease my clit and make me want you.”

“Yes, I can’t wait for that,” Prankrisno stood there with his hands on her shoulders. His cock was in between her tits as she squeezed her soft cheeks against her muscled belly.

“OK…. then come on, darling,” she released him and started getting up as she wrapped herself with the dropped robe again before proceeding. “Let’s go upstair and get on my bedroom….. then have fun on my bed.”

“Uh… I… ah. Yes, Didimoni…. in your bedroom! I mean on your marital bed.” Prankrisno hesitated.

“Yes Kesto, there on my marital bed…. where your Dadababu made ‘Fulsajjya’ two yrs ago….. isn’t it exciting?” The horny actress grinned as she took his hand and led him over to the first floor.

‘What am I doing? Have I any right to cheat on my husband again? Although I had to maintain few relationships with some producers and directors for my profession, but here I’m actually going to screw my lower class Odisan Cook….. just to fulfill my carnal desires?’ She thought continuously.

But she had already started out for the last few days through her seduction….. even sucking him once. She knew she would be powerless to stop until she reached the king-sized bed in her new second-storied building.

She pressed his cool, moist hand against her thigh as she led him through the kitchen and hall. When they started up the stairs, she pushed her robe back so that her nice boobs started displaying.

Slowly, she moved to the stairs….. guiding his arm around her hips. She put her arm around his shoulder…. just like a longtime lover and pulled him over against her. She could feel his cool, sweaty hand just above her hip. His forearm bounced on her jiggling ass with every step she climbed through the stairs.

Reaching into her bedroom at last, she paused at the door and asked, “Do you want to back out?”

“No….. no…. Didimoni, I dreamed for this moment, since I came in your house first time,” answered the Cook, his voice was trembling in excitement.

“Come on, then. Let’s get you out of that pant and fulfill your dream…. OK.” She said as she pulled his arm from around her to get his Bermuda off.

As he stepped out of his Chappal first, she knelt down in front of him again and unzipped his Bermuda. He put his hands on her shoulders to steady himself as he lifted first one leg and then the other for her to remove his Bermuda.

“Didimoni, now it’s your turn,” he said.

Munmun smiled. This illiterate Cook had a sense of right and wrong that defied explanation. With a naughty smile, she untied the sash of her robe at her waist….. then shrugged her shoulders and arms out of the robe.

“Come on Kesto. Don’t you want to get on the bed with me and suck my pussy?”

“Yes, ma’am….. I can’t believe.” Prankrisno nodded with a broad smile as Munmun climbed on her bed….. lying slowly on the luxurious texture of highly expensive bed….. splaying her smooth legs invitingly to her Odisan Cook.

“God!” Prankrisno let out a pleasant murmur as he gazed down at the top Tolly glamour queen’s sopping cunt. Her pink, soft pussylips flared open like delicate butterfly wings. It fluttered in a bush of black curls….. oozing fragrant juices that made his mouth water.

“Ohhhhhh God, you’ve got the sweetest cunt I’ve seen in a long, long time. I’ve just gotta get a taste of that marvelous pussy, too. I could eat your honey up, baby, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

Twisting around, he jumped up on the bed… quickly taking position in between her splayed legs. Munmun was still limply splaying on the bed as he lowered his mouth. He stared at her dense cunt fur for sometimes….. and suddenly his tongue shot out.

“Ohhhh, God! Ohhhhhhhhhh!” The moment his tongue slipped between her pink cuntlips, Munmun’s pussy exploded in a gush of horny cream. It was like nothing she’d ever quite known before…. making her cry out. “Please, I can’t stand it! It feels like I’m going to piss! Don’t, don’t… don’t stop, do… ohhhh!”

Prankrisno would’ve smiled if he could have. But at that moment, his tongue was lashing around between the glamour queen’s hot pussylips….. drinking in the floods of juice that poured from her heavenly pussy.

She’d never before experienced such feelings like a rough tongue that slid along her pussy now. He was tasting every delectable inch…… letting his tongue slither across her small clit to send jolts of pure pleasure….. shooting all through her body.

“Ohhhh, yes!” Munmun mewled, squirming and gazing down at her Cook who was nuzzling between her slender thighs. His tongue glided over her cunt lips, pushing deep into the soft, downy carpet of her pussy mound. “That feels so good I… I can’t help it! I’m really going to piss! I’m pissing, Kesto, I’m pissing!”

For the very first time in her life, Munmun quaked in an eruption of such intense orgasm. Her youthful body wrenched up in a spasm of pure bliss as Prankrisno’s tongue lapped the cunt cream that blasted her tight pussy. Instead of piss, floods of sweet cuntjuice poured from her pussy in wet furious waves.

“Mummm… uhhm,” he moaned.

Licking the beautiful actress’s overflowing pussy-juices to an undulating joy of luxurious ecstasy, he suddenly changed his tactics. While ripples of joy still rolled through her shuddering body, his tongue teased between her soft pussylips.

This was a sensation she’d never known. Still reeling in climax, she felt her cuntlips pried wetly open as something fat and hot slid between them. His tongue pushed into her pussy….. flailing wildly and wiggling like a big frantic worm…. that was trying to burrow deeper.

Before she knew what it was, she was straining upward in response….. arching in glorious abandon as his tongue slithered between her plump cuntlips and wedged inside her. She cried out as it started to glide bank and forth like a softly fucking cock….. sending her heated pussy into new spasms of delight.

“Yes! Yes, oh, yes, Kesto, eat me! Eat me up! Make me cum all over again! That… oooh, that’s so fucking nice! Faster, faster!”

She was squealing as his greedy tongue plowed in and out of her cunt…. lapping her juicy inner walls and plunging deeper for more. He honestly couldn’t remember when he’d ever tongue-fucked a cunt quite so snug or sweet.

That fact made him probe hungrily up her drenched pussyhole just as if it was his stiff, sore cock…. stabbing into her pussy. Giving a muffled groan, he burrowed between her out flung legs and swallowed the juicy stream that flowed from her bucking cunthole.

It took only a few furious strokes to have her climaxing again. She wailed in sheer abandon as she soaked up the first cunt-eating she’d ever had. She couldn’t have stopped now if she’d wanted to. Fresh spasms ripped, through her and she hunched in obliging frenzy.

“Eat me, Kesto! I’m cumming again, ohhhh, I’m cumming! Cuuuu… mmm….. iiinnng!”

A series of earthquakes seemed to erupt from her tongue-filled pussy. She flopped back on the bed with a frantic upsurge of her hips. It plastered her cunt to his face as tremors rippled again and again throughout her spasming body. It was more than she could stand.

“Aaaahhhhh!” she moaned in slow gasp.

She writhed and twisted in a fury of gleeful release, no longer caring if her husband or mother walked through the front door. And that was exactly how Prankrisno wanted her.

At last, he lifted his juice-slickened face… grinning wetly from ear to car. She was slumped in a gasping heap before him… eyes fluttering in the throes of climax. This was the moment he’d patiently awaited. Yes, now he could see his favorite heroine panting and twitching in front of him. Her long legs were lolling wide apart and the inflamed pussy was sinking open….. glistening with a mixture of cream and saliva.

And right now, his cock was throbbing with painful stiffness, just begging to be eaten up by her sweet, tight pussy.

“Oh, God! You beautiful fucking bitch!” His voice came out a croak, and he had to swallow hard. “Now it’s time you found out what that cunt of yours is for, and I’ve got just the explanation your need, right here.”

Rising onto his knees as he spoke, he let his prick swing up like a thick tree branch swaying in the breeze. It rippled in hardness….. jutting out more insistently than ever. As he moved forward, Munmun’s eyes fastened on the sight….. they bulged in realization.

She pulled her knees up and invited, “Oh, come on Kesto. Get up here on me…. and fuck me….. no more taunting. Use that big cock of yours. Push it up in my hungry cunt and screw the hell out of me.”

Prankrisno started forward. He wondered where he could put his hands to let himself down. He wanted to put them on either side of her but her knees were pulled up…. her thighs and legs were in the way.

He looked down at her cunt, a large nest of curly black hair with a wet, pink slit down the middle as she raised up and caught his arms. She pulled him down with her as she fell back on the bed again…. his head landed on the pillow of her tits.

Without even thinking he moved his mouth around…. until he could flick out his tongue. He rubbed across her swollen nipple with the tongue few moments before he pulled it into his mouth. He sucked it as he circled the firm nub with his tongue.

“That’s it, honey,” sighed Munmun. “Suck my tit. Get me all wet and hot for you.” She pressed his head to her with one hand while she ran the other back and forth across his shoulders.

Slowly, tentatively, Prankrisno clamped his fingers around her other nipple. And, finding no resistance, he opened his hand and moved it down so that he could cup the tit. He squeezed hard…. making her titty tip stand up, as he moved his mouth over to close around that nipple.

“Kesto, honey, you’re making my pussy so hot. Aren’t you ready to put your hard cock in me yet? Let me get it in my hand and I’ll guide it in.” She pushed her hand down between them. “I’ve got it. Oh, God, such a big cock. Slip on up a little…. yes, that’s OK…… let’s slide it into my cunt.”

Prankrisno wiggled forward, his tall muscular body slithering up over Munmun. The tip of his cock now touched her slick cunt lips and then slipped through….. sliding it slowly in…. without any resistance. She moaned…… pulling him up until his hard cock was all the way in her hot pussy.

“That’s it, Kesto. You’ve got a giant cock. It’s in me now. Fuck me. Pump your cock in and out of my cunt until both of us cum all over each other.” Munmun dictated as he raised his ass and let it settle back down. His cock slipped back a little and slithered back in slowly.

“Faster, honey. Ram your cock back and forth real fast. Shove it in and pull it back. Fuck me, faster.” Munmun urged as he pulled back again and shoved his cock back in to the hilt. A moment later he pulled back again and slammed back into her.

“Don’t stop between your thrusts, Kesto. Screw me with steady strokes.” The Tolly heroine hissed….. thrusting her hips upward as the Odisan Cook started fucking with renewed passion. He pulled his cock back and rammed it back home….. again pulled it back and jabbed roughly….. without stopping. On his third stroke he felt her cunt come up to meet him.

“Ohhhhhh Kestoooooo…… Fuck me like that. Fuck me fast…. fuck me hard and I’ll make it good for you, too.” She had her hands on his ass….. urging him on again and again.

Suddenly she felt a warm glow start in her belly and her cunt muscles contracted uncontrollably. Her whole body shook as little electric charges radiated out from within her belly….. then exploded in her head…. next moment, a flow of warm cream gushed out from her cunt.

“Kestoooooo….. I’m cuminggģggg….. Your cock made me cum…. Fuck me, darling.” Munmun panted as her cunt started moving constantly….. contracting around his cock….. pressing against him…… and lastly pulling him against her writhing body.

“Screw me and I’ll cum again. I’ll cum with you. Fuck me, Kesto.” Munmun continued her screaming as the Odisan Cook plowed into her again… and again….. sure of his upcoming orgasm too. He drove his hard cock into her slippery cunt with all the skill of a professional fucker. His smooth prick slipped in without the ripples. She shuddered at the thought of being fucked by such a massive cock for the first time in her life.

And then the angle of his thrusts changed suddenly. He was driving into her with his ass lower…… pushing forward more than up and down. He was breathing faster and fucking faster and she knew he was about to cum. She tightened her arms around his shoulders and pushed her convulsing cunt up higher.

“That’s it, darling. Fuck me faster and just let it happen. Shoot your hot cum up my cunt. Push your cock up in my belly and spray my womb with your white cum. I’m going to cum with you, we’re going to cum together, darling. Go ahead. Fuck me hard and shoot your wad.”

His strong sweaty hands were around her tits as he was squeezing them brutally. She crossed her ankles around his thin waist…. pulling him down to her with her legs to accelerate their frenzied fucking. The walls of her pussy clamped on his cock tightly as it plowed back and forth…. in and out.

“It’s so good, Kesto darling. Your cock is making me feel so good. I’m about to cum again. Go ahead and get it.”

He seemed to loose his sense of timing and moved in jerking, spasmodic lunges.

“Uh… uh… uh,” panted the Odisan Cook. “Uh… I’m… I’m fixing to… uh… fixing to shoot… uh… shoot off.”

He pushed his cock all the way in and held it there…. pressing as hard as he could. Munmun felt the first spurt of his scalding cum as it gushed into the depths of her cunt. She tightened her grip on him as another spurt of cum followed the first.

“Oh, God! Shoot it to me! Fill me up with your Odisan cum!”

His cock kept jerking and shooting as she felt her own creamy juices gushed down too. It oozed out of her cunt around his slender cock.

“Oh, God! So much cum! Hold it in me! Let me feel it as long as you can.” the Bengalee beauty queen moaned for the last time…. tightening her grip even more.

The Odisan Cook couldn’t have move even if he’d wanted to. Cause her arms and legs were wrapped around him and held him tightly. Both of them were sweating and gasping for breath and neither had any desire to move.

Munmun slowly straightened one leg and let it drop to the bed….. then the other one followed. She breathed a sigh of relief and ran her fingers through her Odisan Cook cum gardener’s short curly hair. He lifted his head and looked up at her lovingly.

“How’d you like it, honey?” she asked.

“Gee, Didimoni, that was the best thing ever happened in my life….. I owe you forever, you’ve fulfilled my dream.”

“Then call me Munmun….. no more Didimoni from now.”

“How’s that possible? You’re a great heroine, a celebrity in Bengali film-industry while I’m just a lower-class Cook…. No no Didimoni, it’s impossible, I can’t do that.”

“So what? Just remember, you’re a man and I’m a woman, OK?”

“I’ll try….. but not among others….. now can I take my Cook out of you, please? I think I’ve got to pee.” His voice was shaking.

“Of course.” She said as he raised up and backed off. “Use my bathroom. Right over there.” She, pointed toward the door with the full length mirror on it.

Munmun could hear the water splattering in the bathroom as Prankrisno continued his pissing. She lay on the bed….. hearing the strong splashing of his urination which made her shivering. She realized that a huge powerful cock like Prankrisno’s only could do that…. she felt herself relaxed.

The bathroom door opened and he stood there looking down at himself. “I’m all sticky. I’ve got sticky stuff all over me.”

“Come over here, and I’ll take care of it,” said his employer Didimoni. She patted the bed next to her as he went to the bed and climbed up. He crawled over to her and dropped down beside her. His hand went out to feel one of her large tits.

“You’re not ready to fuck again, are you?” she asked as she covered his hand with hers and pressed it to her tit.

“Are you?” He raised up and looked toward her cunt.

“Not quite….. you’ve made it sore as hell, I’ve to take some rest for next session,” She said as she rolled over. She then took his semi-hard cock in one hand and the balls in the other.

Slowly she slipped his foreskin back and forth over the head of his cock. It was almost smooth, no flaring ridge around the back of the head as more mature cocks have.

“Such a fine cock…. Parveen is lucky enough to have it,” she said. “And if you don’t mind, let me enjoy it too whenever you’ve time. It sure made me cum. It gave me the best fucking I’ve had in a long time.”

She lay her cheek on his abdomen and flicked her tongue up and down around the head of his cock. Excited by the taste of herself on his smooth cock, she raised up and took his semi-hard prick into her mouth.

She circled it with her tongue and pressed her lips down toward the base. The smooth, slim shaft slipped easily into her throat. She pulled back and drove her head down again. And then she was beyond stopping. She felt his cock grow fully hard as she deep-throated him until he came again.

“I’m… uh… I’m shootin off again,” he panted.

Munmun didn’t answer. She kept jamming his cock into her throat again and again as she tasted his hot cum and felt it squirting down her throat….. Ohhhhhh, her favorite cream, the unbelievable taste made herself a fan of the Cook. Her cunt quivered and her juices seeped from her slick pussy lips and ran down her thighs.
______ ______ ______ _______ _____ _______

( Now please go back to the party, that was holding in Munmun’s house on occasion of her first Hindi film’s release ) : “Oh Monadi, you really are a great slut,” Sanjit exclaimed in disbelief hearing the sophisticated actress’s torrid sexual adventure with her servant.

“Not only that, after that incident, he dictates the time and place of our love making, I don’t! When I don’t have any shooting schedule….. stay home, then even if my husband is here, I’m fair game. All he has to do is…. look at me in a certain way and I start heading for our garage or the servant quarter, with him holding his massive cock. Once in there I become his slave and it’s just a minute before I have my pussy or my mouth full of his mixed-race cock. He’s only done me in the ass once. As that was my first I can still vividly remember the pain!” She said chuckling softly.

“You’ve fucked your ass too….?” Once again Sanjit uttered in disbelief.

“Yes, it was no easy task for a woman to adjust his massive tool in the ass, but I took it and would take it again, if he demanded it?” She said laughing quietly as they walked into the room where the party was going on.

“But my stud lover and I… well, I really have come to care deeply for him. Plus, we understand one another and we have a little `barter’ system going with his wife Parveen.” She added.

Before they walked too far into the room, a young girl dressed in a school-girl uniform came forward. Her clothes were made up of a short black skirt with a white T-shirt…. the shortness of her skirt no doubt emphasized her long legs.

“Would you like something to drink, Didimoni?” She said looking into her eyes. She kept her gaze for a few seconds with a soft smile on her face.

“Not at this moment, Paru honey, but check back with me later. Anyway I need to ask you something, OK sweetie?” She said.

“Yes of course, Didimoni what ever you say,” The girl in her late teen replied bowing her head down before walking away.

“She’s a nice looking young girl, Didi!” Bumba leaned over and whispered into her ear.

“She is pretty, isn’t she honey? I just got through telling you about my lover, that’s his wife… I was talking about earlier.” She replied with a cat like grin.

“Not that it’s any of my business Didi, but are you getting any of that?” He asked coyly.

“That’s what I told her….. I have to talk to her later. I originally wanted her to stay the night to have something to `play’ with. I get horny as hell when I drink!” She replied.

“Yes…. I can guess that,” Bumba said.

“But since that sweet little sister of yours is going to be here, I’ll just see Parveen another time. All I have to do is give her husband a note and he sends his wife over here within minutes. Like I said, he and I have an understanding” The glamour queen Bengalee heroine replied with a smile.

Then they approached towards Bumba’s little sister Pallabi. She was sitting alone on a sofa with her head thrown back and her eyes half closed.

“Oh look at her….. the poor girl, she really is zonked, isn’t she Bumba?” Munmun asked.

“Yea, like I told you earlier, she has three pegs of Royal Challenge!” He said as he put his arms around Pallabi to get her up to her feet.

“Well I really feel sorry for her, she’s going to feel terrible in the morning. But I have to say, the greatest fun I’ve ever had with a girl was one that was in the condition she’s now. Normally they’re a lot more cooperative, when they’re like this!” She leaned in close to him and whispered with a mischievous grin on her face.

After that Bumba and Munmun wrapped their arms around the teen and helped her to walk out of the room. When they approached the entrance to the large living area, Munmun’s husband Manish walked up there.

“Is there something seriously wrong with her, Bumba?” He queried looking back and forth at his wife and Bumba with a quizzed look on his face.

“No Manishda, she’ll be fine with a little rest, I’m sure.” Bumba replied.

“Oh sure she will, dear. But Bumba has to leave early in the morning for his shooting. I suggested that Pallabi should spend the night here with us, in one of our guest rooms.” Munmun told her husband and then continued, “But he was worried about the fact, he’d been putting us out by doing that.”

“Well Sanju Bhai, it’ll be no bothering to us. Your sister’ll be in good hands here.” Manish told him slurring his speech a little. He was doing so due to the alcohol he consumed.

“Oh, I’m very confident she will be in `good hands’ Manishda!” He said…. having a hard time holding back from laughing. However when Sanjit caught Manish’s gaze, he said, “I really appreciate the fact that you and Monadi are being so helpful,”

Manish nodded….. being pleased by his comment. However few minutes later, Munmun and Sanjit walked out of the large room…. with Pallabi’s limp body between them……. to their bedroom. Once in the bedroom, Munmun closed and locked the door behind her.

“Just help her sitting on the edge of the bed, for a little bit, honey. I’ll pull back the covers…. then we can take her clothes off and make her comfortable.” Munmun told him.

Once she had pulled back the covers, she said, “Here let me just hold her seated up for a little while.” She then took the teen girl’s slumping body into her arms and laid the girl’s head on her shoulder.

“You’re not feeling very well, are you sweetie?” She asked…. looking at Pallabi’s face whose eyes was still closed.

She put her free hand under the girl’s chin and lifted her head so that she could look her in the face clearly. But all Pallabi could manage to do was shake her head from side to side slowly. However the teen mumbled something in a muffled tone of voice.

“That’s alright baby. I’m going to take real good care of you tonight. You’re going to be just fine, honey.” She said with a smile. With that, she laid the girl’s head back on her shoulder and embraced her tightly. At the same time she was rubbing her back with her hand in small circles.

Then turning to Bumba, she said. “Her body is nice and toned! She must be doing exercise of some sort?”

“Yeah, she’s always been conscious on keeping herself in shape,” Bumba replied eagerly as he watched Munmun push the hair from his sister neck and started planting soft, wet kisses behind her ear. Next she brought her hand that was rubbing the teenager’s back to the front. She started unbuttoning the top of her dress as she continued to kiss and lick all along her long slim neck.

Blood started to surge into Bumba’s cock as he watched the live lesbian show in eager anticipation. He noticed a grimace came onto his sister’s face. She moaned deeply, when Munmun slipped her hand into his sister’s unbuttoned tank top and caressed her nubile body. She squeezed firmly one of Pallabi’s tits though her bra.

“Did that hurt just a little, honey?” Munmun whispered softly into the young limp girl’s ear, but got no response from her….. other than a deep moan.

Then turning to Sanjit, Munmun said. “See honey, how your sister responses to my caressing….. a beautiful deep moan. Don’t you love it, when a girl moans like that,
baby? I know I do!” Munmun told him with a devilish grin on her face.

“It’s like a dream Didi, I can’t believe I’m actually watching you play with my sis….. like a cat plays with a mouse…. before it decides to eat it!” He told her excitedly.

“It means you’re enjoying the show, aren’t you, honey?” She said smilingly as he could see the movement of Munmun’s hand inside of his sister’s top. She gently cupped and caressed each full tit in turn.

“Am I ever imagine this? Oh Didi! I’ve never seen something so erotic, even in foreign porno magazines!” He exclaimed excitedly as he stroked his cock through his pants.

“That’s what makes for great sex, Bumba Sona… the excitement of it all!” She said as she pushed the material of the dress to one side. She exposed one of Pallabi’s swollen tits encased in her white bra.

“Oh honey, these are so beautiful!” She whispered hoarsely as she cradled one of the bra encased tits in the palm of her hand. She gently lifted it, feeling it’s weight and firmness.

“Her titties are already full…. they’re passed being just firm…. and almost hard,” She said excitedly. Next she hefted and weighed the first one…. then the other in the palm of her hand.

“I think it’s getting late, honey. I’d better let you go ahead and give our pretty maid a good fucking, so that you can get home and get some peaceful sleep. I’ll have all night to enjoy your sister, after the party’s over and my husband asleep.” She told him as she gently let Pallabi lay back on the bed.

“Aren’t you going to… I thought you were going to suck my sister’s beautiful tits…. making love with her…?” He asked as though he was disappointed unable to watch the hot blue-show farther.

“Honey believe me…. I’m going to save that for later, when I can take my time for such an intimate moment. I like to savor the taste and feel of her big nipples,” Munmun told him eagerly.

“It won’t be the last time, honey, I’ll be sucking her sweet juice from her pussy for a long time after tonight and you’ll be able to watch or even join in. But I want the first time to be the kind of intimacy only two women can share. You don’t mind…do you, honey?” She asked in a tone of voice that was more of a statement than a question.

“No…no of course not, what ever you say is fine with me, you know that, Didi?” He replied with a slight tone of dejection in his voice.

“Bumba dear, I know you’re disappointed. But I’ll make it up to you sweetie, I promise. Anyway, as I earlier said, I’ll let you fuck Prankrisno’s hot young wife tonight, would you like that?” She asked. It was like extending a peace offering in exchange for the exclusive use of his sister for the night.

The teenage hero’s face lit up in joy as he said elatedly, “Really…you mean it, you could arrange that too, Didi?”

“Honey, consider it done!” She said getting off of the bed and walking over to him.

“Really! You’re so sweet Didi,” Bumba exclaimed….. he couldn’t believe his luck.

“You’ve made me really happy tonight, Sona and you’re my Bhai, a real Didi can do anything for her Bhai…. even you can take this as a small gift for the celebration of coming ‘Bhaiphnota’ occasion. So I think, you too deserve something special for that. Moreover it’s my obligation that good things must happen to those people who make me happy!” She said with an insightful look on her face.

“Oh Didi, you’re so great…” Sanjit replied excitedly.

“Thanks Sona, but why don’t you see about getting your sister’s clothes off…just the dress Bumba. I’ll take care of the rest later. Now let me go hunt up Parveen and bring her back here for you, OK sweetie?” She asked with a grin.

“Great Didi, you really think she’ll let me fuck her?” He asked being highly enthusiastic at the proposal, as he quickly started taking his sister’s clothes off.

“No baby….. You just do what I tell you and I’ll take care of the rest.” She reminded as she started to leave the bedroom.

“I’m sure you won’t have any problems with her. She’ll do what ever you say, she loves being told what to do!” He told her confidently.

“I have no doubts about that, Bumba. It’ll be much easier on her, if I don’t have to be too `persuasive’ with her, when you’re gone!” Munmun told him.

“Yes Didi….. I think she’ll follow each and every instruction of you,” he said confidentially.

“I think so…. however there would be a lot less `moaning’ that way. I’m sure you understand what I mean. But either way, is fine with me. I don’t like to hear `no’ from a girl or a woman if she doesn’t show any interest. So it’s no surprise when you see her again.” She said emphatically, with a grin on her face as she walked out of the room.

To be continued……..

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