The Great Sen Family – Ep 4

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Episode : 4
Munmun and her husband went out in the evening to Supriyadevi’s house and had a good time with the veteran actress. However this time no one got drunk and they were both back home by 10:00 at night.

Their maid was there to greet them at the door, like last time, though Munmun didn’t remember what had happened. She gave her husband a peck and said “I’m exhausted and feeling sleepy…. heading up to bed. Don’t be too late, dear”.

As she left the room she turned her head and whispered, “And try to be sober….. since the maid arrives, I notice you always checking her. Control yourself…..and try to remember your position and status. I don’t like any type of scandal.”

Parveen smiled hearing her Didimoni’s caution for her husband. But she didn’t notice that the couple were grinning secretly with her at the same time.

As Munmun left the drawing room, Parveen told her Dadababu to wait for some time. He obeyed as he sat down and turned on the TV. A new movie of his wife ( Boidurjya Rahasya ), just released…… going on as he started watching it. Ten minutes later he noticed movement in his peripheral vision. He turned his head and his throat went tight.

There was Parveen, her long black hair brushed to a shining sheen and down around her shoulders. She had on a jacket… too short. It was made with really some thin fabric that was more ‘not there’ than there. It stopped at her mid-thighs….. too much transparent….. clearly showing what was underneath.

Underneath was a satin lace bra that supported the bottom of the boobs, and
covered nothing. It was deep red. The panties had the same dark red satin around the edges…. everything else was as visible as the thin jacket was.

Through that fabric he could see her light black curly pubes, and two fat pussy lips that had formed a distinct camel toe between the juncture of her legs. On her feet were little slippers of dark black satin with white fluffy feathers on the toes.

Manish chuckled noticing the teen maid’s alluring beauty…… his prick bloomed in his pants. She looked FABULOUS….. positively EDIBLE…… as she felt herself excited. He knew what was running through her mind. She was old enough to be sure as to whether she looked good… or stupid. She knew what this outfit was SUPPOSED to do, or having the effect to others.

“You’re gorgeous, Paru honey,” he said in some hypnotized state.

She beamed and said, “I got it… just for you, Dadababu. Kind of anyway. I mean I can’t wear it at our house.”

“No doubt about that,” he said. “And I want to show YOU something too….. and it’s you which creates this.”

He stood up. In less than five seconds he had dropped his pants. Tonight he hadn’t worn any underwear, just in case he could have a little flirtation with Supriya aunty while she too could have to play with his cock. So when his pants dropped, his cock was proudly jutting out obscenely from his hairy crotch, angled up slightly, ready to party.

“That’s how your beauty have the impact upon me.” he said calmly.

“I did that?” said the innocent maid, gliding toward him.

She knew she’d done that….. her purpose was complete. She’d made a real man excited, a sophisticated handsome man, a man with a beautiful celeb wife…… she’d given that man a real live boner. She felt like a real woman. She was radiant with happiness.

“You did,” he repeated. “YOU are responsible for THIS,” with that he grabbed his dick at the base and began wagging it at her obscenely. “And now YOU are responsible for taking care of it.”

“Oh goody!” Parveen squealed.

Immediately she came up to him and pushed him backward, onto the couch. She pulled his shoes and pants off….. wading between his hairy thighs. She swooped and started the second blow job of her young

Manish lolled his head back on the couch and enjoyed her actions, knowing that this time she’d probably swallow it all. And she did. After five minutes of her hard sucking, when he warned her of his imminent explosion she just continued her sucking and jacked more forcefully.

“Oh shit….. I’m cumming…..,” with a loud groan, he started blasting…… as gobs of gooey cum started splashing inside her mouth.

She swallowed all the sticky cum eagerly until it was all gone in her belly….. except
for twin trickles of white that came from the corners of her mouth and went down her chin. Those he scooped up from her chin with his finger and offered to her. She avidly sucked his finger clean.

“I like the taste of… your cum…. it’s yummy,” she said happily.

“Well, I imagine I’d like the taste of you too” he said. “Would you let me do that?”

“Me?” she gasped. “You mean you’d put your mouth on my…”

“Pussy,” he finished for her. “You bet I would. I’d love to, in fact. It’s the same as what you just did for me…. isn’t it?”

“I guess so” she said meekly. “It just seems… I don’t know… but I’m just your maid….. and muslim.”

“So what…… you’re a beautiful girl and now let me worry about that. I just want you to feel good like you made me feel good.”

He then arranged her on the couch and she nervously let him slide the pretty jacket and thin lacy panties off from her hips. She snapped her knees together when he got them off.

With gentle pressure he parted her knees… first a little bit…. then more and more…. until his hands pushed them against the edge of the couch.She was now completely exposed to him. She flamed red.

“I feel so embarrassed” she moaned in unexpected excitement.

“But you look so beautiful in this way,” he corrected. “Now let me start from here,” he said as he brushed her jacket back.

Quickly he snapped the cutest lacy bra…… thereby exposing her budding tits. He leaned down and sucked her left nipple into his mouth. She gasped in a huge breath of air and let it out slowly as he suckled.

“Ohhhhhhh! Dadababu…. it’s so nice…. I can’t imagine,” the teen maid moaned softly.

He played with the nipple for some time, teasing it with his tongue, nipping it with his teeth….. sucking gently at first and then hard. She began writhing on the couch.

He then put his thumb right at the top of her pussy slit and pressed downward. She gasped as he mashed her hard clit and her hips too bounced up off the couch as he smiled. Next he went back to her other nipple while he kept rubbing and flicking her swelling clitty. She gasped over and over again,

“Oh… oh… ohhh!” She moaned as he kissed his way down her flat stomach toward the prize.

She started moaning to him, “Ohhhhhh… Dadababu, I feel so funny… I don’t know… Ohhh… ohhh… what are you going to… OHHH!! AHHHHHHHAAAIEEEEE!”

She jerked suddenly as his mouth reached her pussy and clamped down. She shuddered and he realized that she had been close to cumming just from his nipple attention. He could guess that once her pussy got involved, she’d tumbled over the edge.

He concentrated on her little teen clitty as she bawled and whined her way through an orgasm for which she wasn’t prepared for. This was so much stronger than her bath time cums and there was almost no comparison.

Her body felt like it was floating on a cloud and raining out love and happiness.The magical mouth left her pussy and she opened her eyes….. staring up lovingly at her aristocratic employer.

“Ohhh that was so wonderful, Dadababu,” she sighed. “Can we do that again, please?”

“I’d love to dear, but doing that, you got me going hard again” he replied.

He then leaned back and she saw his prick… it was rampant again. Now it was only a few inches from her aching pussy. It was gaping open in relaxation after it’s shivers and tremors during that fantastic orgasm.

“Are you going to… put it… in me?” she queried, nervous and excited again. It looked huge, even though she knew it fit her little pussy perfectly.

“I’d love to, sweet chicks” he said. “But I don’t have anything to protect you. And I don’t want to knock you up.” He frowned as she giggled…. remembering what the woman in the shopping mall had said.

“Do you think it would be OK for you to… rub me… with your cock?” she said as her hips wiggled. “You know, where you pushed with your thumb?”

Manish knew he shouldn’t. But he was having a hard enough time keeping from skewering this delightful girl with his cock as it was. But he knew he’d love the feeling of swabbing the tip of his cock around her pussy.

He fisted it and did just that as she cooed and said how much she loved it. He started jacking as he played. His lust was overflowing as she lay spread out in front of him….. all but naked, open, vulnerable and willing.

He dipped the tip into her tight pussy mouth as she made a happy cooing sound. He pushed very slowly….. stretching her little pussy lips around the bulbous knob of his cock. She gazed…… eyes wide open at her pussy as it was stretched.

“Does that hurt you honey?” he asked.

She shook her head “No”, never taking her eyes off what his prick was doing to her pussy.

Manish couldn’t resist himself anymore as he pushed harder. The head stretched her more and she took a breath. Then the cock-head popped in and she let a out low moan as she tried to relax her pussy-muscles. Slowly the stress on her stretched pussy lips eased.

“How about now, sweetie?” He asked excitedly as she just gazed at her pussy, now sprouting the shaft of his cock.

“It feels nice,” she said in a soft voice as her eyes came up to his. They were
wide… trusting. “And it feels so good…. far better than my boyfriend.”

“Is that?” He smiled proudly…… putting a hand on her abdomen and said, “Now try to clench the muscles under my hand”

He could feel her pussy move around his cock head and it made his balls tingle.
“That’s the ones. Now, baby, try to relax them.”

He dropped his thumb to her clit and massaged it very slowly and gently. He felt the pressure ease a little on his cock tip.

“Good, baby. Try it again. Tighten them up as much as you can, and then let them relax as much as you can. Soon you will feel the difference of enjoyment that you got from your novice boyfriend.”

He felt her go tight around his cock
head….. very tight. But within seconds the pressure was almost vanished. He leaned forward….. supporting his weight on his arms and kissed her lovingly. As his tongue entered her mouth, he pushed his cock further into her super tight pussy. He felt her tighten up immediately and broke the kiss.

“You have to keep those muscles loose, baby” he said as he licked her small thin lips. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

She was panting, “It… doesn’t….. hurt… exactly. Could you keep rubbing me please?”

“Yes sweetie, do you use tampons?” he asked.

She nodded her head and went through two cycles of tightening and relaxing. If he wasn’t careful she was going to milk him off. He could realize that her boyfriend had already broken her cherry as he leaned in again and thrust more powerfully.

This time he sucked in a nipple as she moaned and he felt her relax her new found pussy-muscles. He pushed harder and got another third of his cock in her before she tensed up again. He lifted up his upper portion so that she could see where they were joined.

“You’re doing so good, sweetie” he praised her. “You’re doing it perfectly. Do you want me to go the rest of the way in?”

She stared at the thing sticking in her pussy and he could barely hear her voice as she said. “Yes… Dadababu, please?”

“OK, Paru darling,” he said lovingly.

She felt herself a lover of renowned personality…… hearing the sweet term ‘darling’. She looked at his face with a heavenly smile and said, “I love you so much, Dadababu,”.

He replied, “I too baby, but remember, we must keep this secret, OK?” He cautioned the maid and continued, “Now I’m going to move it around in you a little bit. I think it will feel good for you, but you tell me if it doesn’t?”

She nodded positively, still looking in his eyes. He pulled it out except for the head and slid that much back in. Her eyes widened. He did it again and she gasped.

“Does it hurt baby?” he asked…. as she shook her head violently back and forth and panted

“No… no… no.” She reiterated…. feeling the unmistakable excitement in her loins.

So he kept doing that, each time pushing it a little bit further in. Her pussy-muscles were moving around constantly now, and he thought she might not be able to control her passion any more.

So he leaned down to kiss her and shoved it all the way in. She groaned in his mouth and her whole body went tense…. including the pussy. He bored in, not relenting, and rolled his hips in a circle to mash her clit. He broke the kiss and rolled his hips again and again…… burrowing the tip of his cock into her cervix.

“Ohhhhhh… Dadababu…. I… I’mmmmm…. cuuummmmmiiiiiinnnnnggg…” with a loud shriek she exploded.

With that warning, she drew in a huge breath and wailed as her hips began a spasmodic jerking….. up and down. Her sounds were a garbled mix of attempts to speak as a raw emotion was pouring out.

Her eyes bulged and her mouth opened wide. She couldn’t breathe as the sensations in her young pussy overcame her brain. She just froze in an arched position. Her pussy tried to arch even further onto her Dadababu’s cock that was giving her such pleasure.

Then the orgasm crashed over her and she relaxed. Her whole body vibrated as she shook….. cried…… laughed….. all at the same time. Her pussy muscles rippled over and over again and he felt the cum being pulled out from his balls as if by a vacuum cleaner.

“Ohhhhhhh my sweet baby darling,” he groaned. “Gotta pull out baby… gotta pull out NOW!”

He grunted again and again as he tried to drag it out of her. But her hands slapped to his ass cheeks with a stinging CRACK to prevent him doing so. And her legs came up as they wrapped around his waist with a vise like grip.

“NOOOO……… fill my pussy with your hot cum….. I want to feel it!” she grunted.

Her lips sought his and she kissed him hungrily as he continued to get his dangerous prick out of her vulnerable clutching pussy. He came up on his knees and drug her butt off the bed with him. He’d succeeded in getting about half of it out of her.

“NO….. no….. Dadababu….. fill my pussy with your hot spunk….. I want it splashing in there….. make me pregnant with your sophisticated spunk!” she grunted again as her hands went around his neck.

There wasn’t anything he could do as his sigh off, “Ohhhhhhhhh my Paru honey,”

It was the sound of surrender as his cock bulged and spat a huge glob of thick seed into the mouth of her womb. His own instinct caused him to plunge back in with a violent thrust as the cockhead suddenly plunged in her womb. And with that the second….. third…. fourth….. fifth….. and so on spasms of his cock started. Naturally they sent more streams of silvery pudding inside her hungry womb.

He knew they were getting inside her baby chamber. But he wasn’t worry about that because he couldn’t be able to fertilize this cute baby girl. Yes, over the last six months the Sen couple was trying their best to achieve their parenthood status….. but failed for the low sperm quality of Manish.

Anyway, he felt that till then Parveen’s pussy was sucking him dry….. begging for every drop of his frothing spunk. He groaned and gave it to her.
______ ______ _______ _______ ______ _____

For the next two days Prankrisno worked with the same vigor as Parveen. But neither she mentioned about her new found sexual adventure with her Dadababu to Prankrisno nor she commented on Prankrisno’s little stunt. However she did make more small talk with him.

He realized that he and Parveen had a lot in common. She liked the same music as him and the same movies. He felt like a giant next to her. He being 6′ with75 Kgs while she looked just 14 with only 40 Kgs in weight.

She had now long jet black hair with big brown eyes and a sweet, happy laugh. They stayed in the same servants quarter during daytime when they took some rest after usual work. That particular day when they were busy in the kitchen for preparing the food, Munmun returned from her shooting schedule…… pulling up her car in the parking lot. He noticed that as his heart beat loudly in his ears and Parveen too focused her gaze outside.

“Are you ready to make another special toast for our Didimoni?” Parveen asked with a wicked grin.

His mouth was dry, but he nodded excitedly as ‘Yes’.

Parveen then said, “Good, I’m going to see her what she needs, but don’t start without me, today I want to help you preparing her special food.”

He nervously nodded again and headed into the kitchen. A minute later Parveen rushed to his side and said, “She wants the same special toast again. Get your cock out…… quick.”

He paused for a moment, then fumbled with his Bermuda’s fly in trembling fingers.

“Here let me help you,” Parveen said briefly as he tried to stop her.

She smiled up at him, “It’s okay Kestoda,
I’ve already had a good look at it that day…. so don’t feel shy.”

With that she pulled down the chain of his Bermuda….. pushing her small hand inside the Bermuda through the open fly. Quickly she grabbed his already hardened and pulled it out of his Bermuda. She then started to rub him….. stroking the hot shaft of his long cock. Next she held one of the slices just below his throbbing purple head.

“Not too loud,” she cautioned him.

He grunted hoarsely and within minutes, he started spraying his sticky semen all over the slice. Parveen watched in amazement as each whitish blast covered more of the slice”s surface. She used her middle finger to spread it evenly, then smiled at him as she licked her cum stained finger clean.

As soon as he was finished cumming, he quickly pushed his still hard cock back into his Bermuda. He then expected her to just complete the task, but she had her own twist to add. He then watched her as she lifted her small white skirt suddenly.

She said, “Hold the slice just below my pussy.”

He did so, amazed firstly that she wasn’t wearing any panties and secondly that her pussy was so smooth and hairless….. having been shaved completely clean. She reached up and spread her compact outer cunt lips, then pushed her small fingers into her hole and fished around inside her pussy.

The seconds ticked by….. felt himself worry and excited both as he started to look around…… hoping their Didimoni wouldn’t come in the kitchen and see what Parveen was doing. Few seconds later, Parveen started to pull out several pickles and some slices of sweet onion from the respective jars. He was marveled at what he witnessed.

Meanwhile Parveen started preparing the meal for their Didimoni as she noticed her get out of the car. With swift movements, she filled her cunt with these foods. Each pickle and slice of onion now glistened with her cunt juices. She was now dripping wet and even some of this wetness flowed out of her pussy…… drenching the semen stained toast. They quickly finished the toast and Parveen served it to their Didimoni with a big smile on her face.

“Didimoni, now enjoy your special toast,” she said.

Munmun, in true supreme bitch fashion, looked at the toast smilingly and started to eat the toast. Both the Odisan Cook and the maid watched in great astonishment to their celeb Didimoni as she was eating it enthusiastically.

The toast had become so soaked with their combination of genital juices. It appeared that it was going to fall apart. But Munmun didn’t seem to notice that….. eating her toast obliviously while reading a film-magazine. She also wasn’t aware of how greasy her lips and chin were getting.

“Look at all the sauce that’s dripped onto her face,” Prankrisno said to Parveen….. lowering his voice.

Parveen giggled, “Kestoda, today I didn’t put any sauce on her toast. All that white stuff is your cum.”

“Oh fuck! She may notice for sure.” Prankrisno looked in a puzzled way to their Didimoni-Employer.

“I doubt it….. cause, I know she loves to suck a cock. I’m sure she would be able to guess the mixed taste of your semen and my pussy-juices.” She then winked at him. “But look at her…… still now she doesn’t question what she’s eating.”

Parveen’s assumption was right. It seemed Munmun didn’t notice that her toast was smothered in with her Odisan Cook’s semen. Even it was obvious that she didn’t notice the flavor of her maid’s vaginal secretions on the pickles and onions. At last when she left the dining hall high-fived, the two service providers then returned to their jobs.

When Prankrisno’s job was over that day, he found Parveen waiting for him in the servants’ quarter.

“That was a lot of fun,” she grinned.

“It sure was,” he said, his cock getting hard again thinking about the kinky act, they just had made. The vision of Parveen pulling the pickles and onion slices out of her wet cunt, still fresh in his mind.

As he looked at her lovingly, he asked, “That was so hot….. you having those pickle and onion slices in your pussy. How did you know our Didimoni would like that ?”

“I didn’t, but from my past experience about our Didimoni, I guess she would.” Parveen replied. She then told him about the incident of Sen Couple’s hot sex she had witnessed during her first time appearance in this house as a maid.

“That’s so neat.” He said before pausing, then added. “Would you be ready for this tomorrow?”

“No, I’ve to stay with my mother.”

“Too bad….. I think it would be waste,” he said.

“Who said it would go to waste?”

Prankrisno looked at her blankly as she smiled at him. “I decide to make a special toast for myself.”

He nearly choked hearing her kinky planning. At last, she asked him if he wanted to come in her room. She said that their Didimoni wouldn’t disturb them for several hours, as she was taking a nap.

Being safe, he followed her into her room as she lead him straight to her bed. Again he felt nervous, but this time it was anticipation of getting another look at her hairless pussy.

She then kissed him, and she lay down on her bed…..”I want you to fuck me, Kestoda.”

Hearing that Prankrisno’s big cock lurched into his Bermuda. She reached over and unzipped him and quickly inserting her hand in his Bermuda, she pulled it free. A moment later she had his cock in her mouth.

As she licked and sucked on him, she herself worked on her Kameez to open it, exposing her tiny braless tits. Her small brown nipples were already as erect as his cock.

Prankrisno wasn’t idle either as he pulled off his shirt and then pushed his Bermuda down off his hips. Meanwhile loosening the knot of her Salwar, Parveen pulled it off, all the while sucking on the shaft of his cock.

At last, she let his cock fall free from her mouth and said, “Do you want me to suck you off first or do you want to fuck me now?”

“I want to fuck you first,” he gasped….. unable to control his rapidly increasing lust.

Parveen spread her legs wide. Her narrow slit barely parting. He again marveled at the awesome sight of seeing her sweet bald cunt and the thin crease of flesh that separated her inner and outer labia.

He lowered himself down on top of her, then pressed his big, fat cock-head into her fuck lips. Looking down between her legs, he thought that he couldn’t fit inside her properly….. she was so small, and had to be way too tight for his big member.

“Will I fit?” he said softly.

“I’ll make you fit,” she said back, pushing her hips up and rubbing her thin cunt lips across his swelling cock head.

He then pushed down as she pushed up. Slowly her pussy lips parted and he started to push his cock in. Very slowly, his cock plunged forward, as her silky lubrication soaked into his skin.

The bit of friction he felt at first disappeared, and finally his cock pushed through her opening and deep into her pink tunnel. She gasped and moaned as his big cock assaulted her cunt hole.

She was supper tight, the tightest pussy he had ever had. He wondered how she could even have pushed some pickles up inside herself. His mind then flashed back to seeing her digging around inside her box with her fingers to get them out.

Now he understood why it took so long. The tightness of her cunt rapped so tightly around his cock caused him to loss control far sooner than he wanted. Yes he couldn’t check himself too long….. within two minutes, he exploded in her. Drenching her close-fitting pink walls with his hot, sticky cum.

“Sorry,” he said. “I wanted to last longer, it’s just that your pussy is so tight.”

“That’s okay Kestoda….. you could do that next time.”

Parveen then kissed him deeply and rocked her hips forward, still fucking his hard cock. He could feel all his gooey cum sliding around inside her.

“Stay in me Kestoda, while I cum on your cock.” She said as she reached down between her legs and started to rub her clit. Few seconds later it triggered her own orgasm.

Prankrisno felt her cunt muscles clench and unclench around the shaft of his cock and he had a short mini orgasm with her. Both of them were moaning loudly as the sounds of them fucking filled the small room.

When he pulled free of her pussy, Parveen brought her mouth to his cum smeared cock and sucked him clean. They stayed on her bed….. caressing and talking for over an hour. He finger fucked her to a second orgasm, as she had sucked him off once….. taking his big load in her mouth and swallowing it all.

After that they got dressed as Prankrisno decided to finish his remaining job. He kissed her good bye and headed to the garage to wash the car. He couldn’t wait to see her again as he felt a emotional bond for her….. first time in his life….. yes, it was pure love.

Yes, he felt that he couldn’t live without her.

He wasn’t able to get much sleep that night. All he could think about was Parveen and how kinky and hot she was. He would never had guessed in a million years that someone so sweet and innocent looking could be such a slut. A sharp contrast to his Munmun Didimoni, who dressed like a slut, but most likely had never even put out.

Next day, when he arrived at kitchen to work, Parveen was waiting for him there. She kissed him, then took him by the hand and pulled him into the adjacent bathroom. Before that she looked outside and checked quickly so that no one was around.

She locked the bathroom door, pulled his Bermuda down then lifted her small skirt. Again she wasn’t wearing any panties. She jumped up and rapped her legs around his waist, then lowered her dripping snatch down onto the head of his big hardened cock.

He pushed his cock into the mouth of her tight, wet pussy. He had to push hard, forcing himself into her. As he did she let most of her weight down onto his cock. He was sure most of her 40 Kgs body were now being held up by his cock alone.

He fucked her hard and fast….. standing on the bathroom as Parveen was hanging from his neck. She encircled his neck with her hands and held his slim waist with her legs tightly as she tried to match his continuous thrust. She was moaning loudly and her tiny tits were smashed onto his hard chest….. swelling from her arousal. They fucked in the bathroom madly in that standing position for several minutes as Parveen worked harder at getting him to cum in her.

“Fill me up Kestoda…… make me pregnant….. I want to be a mother of your child. I need you to cum in me, hurry.” She groaned loudly and that’s all he needed to hear. He grunted and his cock wildly sprayed up gallons of hot lava inside her, flooding her fertile cunt with his thick baby-batter cum.

Few minutes later Parveen climbed off from his big cock and said, “Like our Didimoni, I too love sucking cock and eating the cum.” She then licked him clean and said, “I can’t wait to suck you off again. I want to swallow your tasty cream.”

Prankrisno grinned. He couldn’t wait for the next time. Together then they headed into the kitchen and got to work. As luck would have it, Munmun was just entered in the kitchen and in the process of ordering her favorite toast.

Parveen made sure she was going to fix their Didimoni’s meal again. She grabbed two pieces of sliced bread and stood in front of Prankrisno and handed it to him.

He said, “Sorry Paru, you know I can’t produce right now.”

Parveen smiled at him, “I know Kestoda, but I can.”

She then lifted her skirt, reached between her legs and pulled her thin pussy-lips apart and said, “Hold it here,”

She pointed to a spot directly under her fuck hole as he held the slices under her cunt. She then put her right leg over a wooden chair and pulled her cunt-lips wide apart. Insanity a creamy discharge formed at the mouth of her cunt, then started to drip onto the slices.

The slimy mixture of semen and pussy-juices soaked the slices. As he had squirted a great deal of cum into her pussy, so it took awhile for her cunt to drain it fully. Long stings of mixed cream dripped from her fuck-hole onto the slice’s surface. Once her cunt had emptied enough, they quickly finished the toast off as she rushed towards Munmun with it.

She was sitting on a chair in the dining room and took the toast from her saying, “Thanks for preparing my favorite meal.”

Parveen smiled back, “Thanks Didimoni…. now enjoy,” was her only reply.

Again Prankrisno and Parveen watched the show…… enjoying the sight of their Didimoni eating the cum soaked toast. Only this time Munmun paused for a second after the first bite. She lifted the top slice off the joint toast, then took the mixture off from the lower part of the toast. She looked at it for a second, then brought it to her nose and sniffed.

Prankrisno and Parveen, both held their breath in sheer excitement as Munmun again handed sniffed it and smiled mischievously. She then took a bite of the bun happily and savored the new taste of the toast with great delight. She got up and marched right up to where Prankrisno and Parveen were standing.

“Can I help you, Didimoni?” Parveen said calmly.

“Yes, I want more of the sauce that you put on my toast today….. it’s so delicious.”

“I’m sorry Didimoni, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Munmun put her hands on her hips and said politely, “I’m not taking no for an excuse. I know Kesto very well and he could make me special food with new flavors. Next time I want it for Rinadi ( Nickname of Aparna Sen ) too.”

Parveen smiled, “I’m sorry, but we’re all out of that special sauce at this moment. But I will be sure we would get more for you both tomorrow.”

“But remember, you both can expect to be fired if you don’t have it for me and Rinadi.”

Parveen glanced back at Prankrisno and replied, “Don’t worry Didimoni, we’ll make sure so that you have lots of that creamy sauce for you and Aparna Memshab.”

Wordlessly Munmun marched away.

Parveen hugged Prankrisno laughingly, looking up into his eyes, “I hope, now you are going to like fucking me all evening and most of the day. We’ll need a lot of our mixed cream daily if we don’t want ourselves to get fired.”

His cock pulsed in his Bermuda….. insanity forming a tent….. at hearing those words. Thanks to their Didimoni’s obsession of their mixed juices. He realized that he would have to propose to Parveen for marrying him. After that he was going to get more fucking than he ever thought possible and provide their Didimoni sufficient amount of her special cream.

To be continued…..

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