Secrets of Chowdhury Family : 2

Anyway that day at Supriyadevi’s grand party, at one point, Munmun stepped between Sandhya and her husband Tarun where Rahamat too was chatting with them. Throwing her bright smile, she slipped her right arm around Sandhya’s slightly fatty waist and kissed her cheeks lovingly. Sandhya reacted instantly by hugging her and noticed Supriyadevi coming towards them.

“I hope you all are enjoying yourselves.” Supriyadevi commented smilingly…. reaching nearer to them.

“Oh sure Auntie, it’s fabulous,” Munmun laughed wholeheartedly as she noticed Supriyadevi had changed her previous party dress with a beautiful white chiffon Saree and matching blouse. The thin Saree was accentuated her curvaceous body so beautifully that nobody could avert his / her gaze.

“Come on Auntie…. you look gorgeous in this Saree,” Munmun said as the others supported her comment in a chorus.

Naturally Supriyadevi smiled broadly as they greeted her with a chorus of warm greetings and expressed their likeliness with the perfunctory hugs, kisses and kudos for the lovely party. She appreciated their every single word of praise and gave them a graceful courtesy in acceptance.

At one point, she briefly glanced up at her Beyaimosai ( Daughter Soma’s FIL ) and noticed his searching gaze move upward….. from her deep cleavage to her face. The hungry look in his eyes instantly jogged loose some carefully suppressed memories. His dreamy gaze once again moved down to the cleavage of her bosom and naturally she enjoyed his examing consciously.

Her eyes slowly drifted down to his crotch and she could almost imagine his big circumcised cock throbbing in his loosened trousers. Few moments later, she moved to a sparsely area….. corner of that big hall as Rahamat followed her being hypnotized…. constantly fixing his eyes on her jiggling ass-gloves.

Within minutes they were isolated from the crowd, as Rahamat took the opportunity by hugging her in his strong arms. She too accepted her Beyaimosai’s embrace warmly as her hands soon grabbed his bulge and started to massage his throbbing erection through the trousers.

The smooth fabrics of his pliable trousers helped her to grasp over the rigid core with her left hand, as her soft hand stroked the length of his magnificent manhood. Few seconds later leaving his throbbing manhood, she encircled his waist with her right hand. She then stood up straight and covered the flush she felt spreading over her face by taking a generous sip of her drink.

But their romance was hampered as she noticed two guests coming towards them. Quickly she separated herself from her Beyaimosai’s strong arms and moved to the previous gathering where Munmun, Aparna and Sandhya were busy in their naughty gossip.
——- –‐-‐-‐ ——— ——– ——– ——- ——- —– ‐—
The ensuing small talk naturally gave Supriyadevi a chance to catch up on the gossip from the neighborhood and their plans for the coming Puja Vacation. Aparna, Sanjay’s wife, teased both her colleagues, remarking that the only reason they ( Aparna and Sanjoy ) agreed was to get them ( Sandhya and Munmun ) naked on a perfect occasion they had waited anxiously for a long time.

“Why don’t you come with us, Supriyadi? I bet my husband would spring for a ticket just to see you naked.” Aparna taunted the mature actress.

The crude remark surprised her, but she took it in stride and managed to laugh with them. She wondered if Aparna suspected anything about her recent closeness with her Beyaimosai. But, as if reading her mind, Aparna winked at her and smiled warmly as she slipped her arm around Supriyadevi’s waist.

She then leaned closer and embraced her tightly….. whispering into her ear. “Please Supriyadi come on, we both know you drive my husband crazy…” she whispered. “But don’t worry, you drive me crazy too,” She added with a giggle.

As Supriyadevi tried to pull herself away from her tight embrace, Aparna quickly managed to gently bite the older actress’s earlobe in the process. Naturally it caused a shiver of excitement to run down the spine of Supriyadevi.

“No, no, no, no, no. Supriyadi shouldn’t come with us,” Sandhya chirped laughingly from Aparna’s left side. “We have enough trouble competing with all those hard bodies as it is and we don’t need to import MORE competition.”

Supriyadevi smiled….. then paused for a moment and glanced around to ascertaining their level of privacy.

“However… Rinadi ( Aparna’s Nickname ) and I could afford Pritamda in a friendly way and make us all happy.” Munmun grinned wickedly at her mother’s best friend and then gave Aparna a conspiratorial wink.

“You young guys are so bad…. and naughty too,” Supriyadevi groaned as all three of them reacted in unison, with an “uh huh” so perfectly timed it appeared to be choreographed.

They immediately burst into laughter mixed with a few not too subtle remarks that hinted the rumors were correct. Strangely, their left-handed invitation to join them in their escapades excited Supriyadevi as did Aparna’s little confession. Her curiosity was peaked.

Hell, she was actually flattered in a way. She fanned herself, feigning an overheated libido and gulped down the rest of her drink. “You guys should be more careful what you wish for,” She remarked with a wink. “I just might take you up on your offer.” With that remark, she decided it was time to go mingle with her other guests and headed off to find a refill for her drink.

She slithered through the group around the bar and discovered her son-in-law Rahim’s dearest friend Sanjit, who was serving pitcher of whiskey. “Save some for the hostess,” She chimed over the chatter as she eased up to the rail.

Sanjit, noticing one of his masturbation fantasy-idols in front of him filled her glass dreamily. Supriyadevi watched his eyes sweep over her synthetic saree covered lush body slowly as a wicked smile spread over her face. A quick glance downward on his crotch revealed that she was putting on quite a display for the handsome young actor.

The front portion ( Anchal ) of her thin white Saree had moved aside as her low-cut blouse-covered right tit displayed openly in front his eyes. The ripe melons tightly covered in the sheer half cups of her bra-less blouse. She knew he could plainly see her brown nipples through the gauzy material and that thought alone made them begin to harden.

She brazenly looked into his lustful eyes and smiled wickedly….. letting him enjoy the view of her semi-exposed tits for a moment longer. She then discreetly leaned back behind a table and adjust the ‘Anchal’ of her expensive Saree properly to cover up her large bosom. Then feeling a slight pressure at her abdomen, she decided to go her bathroom.
——— ——- ——— —-‐– -‐‐—‐— -‐-‐-‐‐— —‐‐— —
( Few months ago in Munmun’s party )
“Beyan ( Mother-in-law of son / daughter ), you looked almost the elder sister of your daughter.” Supriyadevi heard someone’s comment from behind and hearing the voice she could immediately recognize her son-in-law Rahim’s father Rahamat Sheikh.

Before she could react, she suddenly felt his muscular arm slide around her waist and tug her gently back against his equally muscular and hard body. She leaned back against his chest and looked back at him….. laughing at her handsome Beyai, her daughter’s father-in-law.

“Flattery will get you everything, Beyaimosai.” Supriyadevi smiled generously as her Beyai grinned and kissed her gently on her right cheek.

She liked her Beyai very much. She had seen him first during the shooting of her last film and after that a mutual understanding slowly began to grow between them which ultimately turned with the marriage of her daughter and his son. However after the marriage he tried to impress her several times in which she herself supported his double meaning innuendo and flirtation silently.

Although he was now in his early forty, he had the charm and poise of a man far younger and looks that even made her pussy tingle at times, especially when she had the chance to study his body secretly. Even through in his fashionably loosening trousers, she could tell he was well endowed.

She had even fantasized about him pumping his thick circumcised cock in and out of her hungry cunt while she was sucking her husband’s cock. She knew that was just the wishful thinking of an older woman, but she thoroughly enjoyed his flirtation that had become common between the two of them.

“But, why would you want with this old lady…when you have your pick of all the young beauties in Tollygunge film-industry?” She asked laughingly in which he whispered in her ear.

“This spoken by the sexiest lady in Tollygunge,” He teased. “But I have a feeling you already know what I would do.”

She blushed at his remark and began to feel the warmth building between her legs again. This was different and quite bold she thought. Was it the liquor talking or was there an underlying seriousness in the sultry tone of his voice.

Supriyadevi was curious, a little nervous too and flattered at the same time. She knew she should politely slip away, but she was curious as to how far he would go.

There’s no doubt that her husband really loved her…. but she could feel her Beyai and son-in-law both wanted her physically. And very recently, she noticed a crude hunger in Sanjit’s eyes and she could guess that he wanted her too in bed… even Aparna for God’s sake. And now, her Beyai was sniffing around like a mad dog. What was going on around her? Was she wearing a sign on her back that said, “Come… fuck me?”

She felt his right hand flatten against her stomach and slowly moved down on her abdomen. He gently pressed against her mound over her thin Saree….. as his fingers were dangerously close to her pussy…. lightly tapping it. What the hell was HE thinking? More importantly, what the hell was she thinking?

She felt his hand slide down enough to make her swallow her breath as she quickly took a large gulp of her drink. She was deciding to move away but the unfulfilled desire of sex took over her mind….. she turned her head and looked at him coyly.

“Beyaimosai, Oh no. I have no idea what you would do.” She giggled like a teenage girl and continued. “Are you going to tell me?”

She knew she was taunting him now and had just tossed her hat into the ring. She wondered how long it would take before he backed away. She smiled in anticipation of an easy victory.

Rahamat laughed softly, realizing he was being put on the spot. But he seemed to take it well. He paused as if carefully selecting his words. Finally he leaned down to her ear.

“I would carry you off to the woods and have my way with you.” She could feel his hot breath against her ear as he spoke and that tingling between her thighs began again.

“Have your way, Beyaimosai?” She taunted again.

Supriyadevi was enjoying herself. It was exciting to tease him, push him to his limits. Honestly, how far would he go? After all, she was the mother-in-law of his only son, and he was playing it quite safely.

She wondered if he had ever sparred with an older woman this way. She had him in a corner and decided to push his buttons. She arched her hips slightly; subtly pressing against his hand and stretching her body up to whisper in his ear.

“I need more details, Beyaimosai. What does have your way really mean?” She whispered…… waiting and grinning impishly.

Her eyes watched his face carefully as she waited for him to figure out a way to get him out of this rather awkward situation. But, suddenly the tables were turned. Rather than back down, he became the aggressor. His well-hidden hand moved down further to her mound as he cupped her pussy firmly over her thin Saree.

As she was without a Saya under her Saree, it became easier to him to slide his right hand inside through a folder of the Saree. His middle finger pushed her panties up into the slit. His expression was calm and confident as he whispered back.

“It means I would rip your clothes off, push my face between your thighs and eat your pussy till you begged me to stop. Then, I would turn you over onto your hands and knees and fuck your cunt from behind. And when you thought I was through with you, I would fuck that perfect ass of yours until you passed out…is that clear enough?”

Supriyadevi stood there…in shock. The stunned expression on her face said everything she couldn’t. But Rahamat suddenly turned….pulling his hand out from under her Saree and slipped away, leaving her confused and dazed. Her only reaction was to lift her drink and swallow it down completely.

It wasn’t until she set her glass down on the table and started to move away. Did she realize that Munmun’s Driver Prankrisno was standing next to her and could easily see the hot interaction between them. Oh my God, she thought. She could only hope he hadn’t heard a thing. She forced a weak smile to her lips and felt highly embarrassed. But his expression confirmed her worst fear as he grinned devilishly and walked away.

The impish grin on his face instantly brought a pang of shame and she quickly rushed towards a guest room. She couldn’t believe how she had let things get so far out of her hand. My God! she had almost offered herself up to her Beyaimosai right at the party. What the fuck was she thinking? With a bewildering state, she stood there sometime and then refreshing herself, she came out from the room and moved to a group where her few co-actresses were chatting laughingly.
—– ——- ——- ——– ——– ——– ——- ——- —–
( Now Come Back to Supriyadevi’s Party ) Suddenly, the lights went out and before she could turn around, a large hand slipped over her mouth as her body was roughly shoved against the wall. She felt his hand slide down her thigh. Fuck…Her Saree was quickly pulled up to her waist and before she could react, her panties were torn from her body.

“Who are you….. please leave me,” She tried to push him away and at the same time, wanted to know the attacker’s identity.

At first she thought it might be her Beyaimosai….. no, he had sparse hair on his head while this unknown molester’s head was covered with short curly hair. Even she could guess her attacker was slimmer and more stronger, younger than her Beyai.

But without answering her question, the unknown attacker, gripped her with even more strongly and pressed herself behind the wall. Quickly he put his left palm on her mouth to stop her screaming and continued his molestation. Within moment, she felt the swollen head of his cock press against her puffy pussy-lips.

“Oh my God,” She whimpered as the huge knob parted her labia and with one slow and deliberate thrust, her cunt was stretched around the largest cock she had ever known.

Supriyadevi felt as if her pussy had been ripped in half….. as she felt a sharp pain in her cunt. The huge shaft plowed deep into her wet folds, brushing her cervix before pounding against the back of her pussy….. turning up and wedging the bulbous head in a furrow that never before reached.

“Ohhhhh…… no…. no…. you can’t do that,” She protested continuously.

And neglecting her plea, he drove his cock deeper and harder into her cunt until she was fully penetrated by that enormous cock. Sensing that he began fucking her with a slow, steady rhythm.

Supriyadevi’s pain began to subside and another feeling began to creep into her conscious mind. Without warning, her body began to betray her. ‘My God! what the hell was happening to me?’ She thought as she was being raped….. yet her body was wantonly responding positively to that humiliation.

Instinctively, she began to push back her pelvis against her attacker…. meeting his powerful thrusts. And, each time his huge cock pushed into her now willing and extremely wet pussy, her own excitement began to grow. She was no longer a victim now and was rapidly becoming a willing partner.

That wondrous shaft he buried in her slippery cunt…. ploughing her cunt again and again…. filled her completely, awakening her senses. She spread her legs slightly and thrust her hips to meet his pounding properly. It was her subconscious offering which let him know, any resistance which may have briefly existed, would over soon.

Sensing that he pulled away his hand from her mouth and his both hands gripped her naked hips. He then began to grind against her, rolling his hips slowly… his magnificent cock stirring her hungry cunt as he throbbed inside her. She moaned softly as the slut hidden within every woman began to emerge.

“Oh my God,” Supriyadevi hissed in awe of his sexual prowess. Suddenly her cunt began to spasm and her body stiffened.

“I’m cummingggggg……,” She whimpered. “My Goddddddd…… I’m cummmmmminggggg…..”

The powerful wave of pleasure washed over her with a fury that left her panting and whimpering in it’s wake. But her attacker continued to grind and pump…. in and out of her cunt with even deeper and more powerful strokes.

She realized he had held the full length of his marvelous cock inside her cunt till then. It seemed twice as long, twice as thick and twice as hard than before. Suddenly, without any movement from either side, her cunt began to convulse automatically…. yes, she could feel her second orgasm was wracking her body. Her mind was turning into a ball of overheated circuits as he started pounding her body once again with an ever-increasing tempo.

Then the tingling began once more. She didn’t believe it at first, but she was building to another climax. He plowed his cock into her faster and faster until he suddenly stopped. She could feel his cock throb and suddenly began spurting his hot seed deep inside her womb. At that instant her third orgasm began.

Seconds later, she was alone. He had disappeared so quickly, she briefly wondered if she hadn’t experienced some kind of conscious dream. Had she really been fucked?

Cum dripping down the inside of her thighs confirmed that part at least. She was barely able to stand. Her body was still trembling as she lowered her head to rest on the counter. Had she been raped?

Technically….. perhaps she had been. But in reality, she had just enjoyed the best sex of her life. And rather than guilt, she felt a strange set of emotions clouding her mind. This was what it was supposed to be like. This was every woman’s dream.

This was something that should never have happened. And she knew that she would never rest until she had it again…. that wondrous cock… her phantom lover’s cock. She would find him; though it was more likely it would be he that would find her. She just hoped that it would be soon.

Supriyadevi stood in the middle of her big bathroom in a dumbfounded state….. thinking about the events of the night before. After the “rape” she had managed to freshen up and return to the party. She exited from the bathroom and suddenly remembered her left out panties. She started looking it frantically, but they were nowhere to be found.

She assumed they were now one of her phantom’s numerous souvenirs. The party lasted till the wee hours of the morning and it had been a rousing success.

As she wandered about, she studied everyone’s face carefully….. looking for anything that might tell her who he had been. She chuckled…. remembering how quickly his Beyai had been ruled out that probability. She “accidentally” let the back of her hand rub his bulging cock as his wandering hands made their usual pilgrimage over her body.

Not a chance, she had thought…maybe half a chance. Everyone seemed engaged in the dance of seduction with each other. She noticed a few strange pairings, as people drifted off occasionally then returned with their faces flushed and guilt ridden.

The fabulous three ( Sandhya, Munmun and Aparna ) left early with their spouses. She assumed they would be somewhere more private so they might enjoy their activities freely. Her son-in-law was gone also. However she did manage to corner his father, her Beyai Rahamat for a few seconds.

Her worries were relieved when he teased her about the Odisan Driver Prankrisno. He even warned her to be careful and not look so damn sexy, noting that Prankrisno had had a crush on her since he saw her few months ago in Munmun’s party.

“Beyan, I heard from a reliable source that he is a hound,” he said grinning broadly “And you are the fox,” he added. Although she could not know for certain, but it seemed to her that Prankrisno might be the top contender. This was going to be interesting.

She was grateful that she had managed to muster up enough energy to satisfy her horny husband that night. He had had a few more drinks than promised and so he hadn’t noticed how wet and loose she was.

She had even convinced him not to wear a condom. She was worried, just in case…to cover the rare chance of the attacker’s sperm already swimming in her unprotected sex did their job. She was even more grateful that “all night long” for her husband actually meant one short burst of enthusiastic fucking…. followed by a long night of snoring.

She had surprised herself… she was a certain shoe in for an academy award. A slight pang of guilt had crept into her mind as her husband pumped into her body. As skillful a lover as her husband was, she couldn’t keep her herself from dreaming that attacker’s animalistic fuck. It was that huge cock which pummeled her squishy cunt…. surging and spurting again and again in her hungry orifice.

Her feigned orgasm was so convincing that Pritam’s ego swelled…… thinking it was caused by his manly efforts. And, as a reward, he slid between her legs and hungrily lapped at her pussy…. bringing her to what he thought was her second orgasm of that night.

However all the time, Supriyadevi continued to wonder how he would react if he knew the truth… actually her husband was eating the cum of that molester. She hoped her tender and well-used pussy would soon return to it’s normal tightness.

After a quick sleep, she dragged herself out of bed at dawn. She slipped on a short Maxi-Gown and wandered into the kitchen. Her first order of business was to start a pot of coffee. Her husband was already in the bathroom for his morning shower and would grab a cup of coffee with her before to begin his routine job.

She prepared a full pot, enough for herself and two for her coffee drinking husband and son-in-law. She prepared those quickly then took a peek out of the kitchen window at the back yard. It was a disaster due to yesterday’s party but she realized the caterers would be back later in the afternoon to clean up and gather up their equipment.
—— ——– ——– ——-‐- ——— —-‐— ——- ——–
When Rahim woke up next day morning, he discovered that there was one thing even better to wake up than the smell of the spl coffee ….. preparing by his Sasurima ( mother-in-law ) at kitchen. Actually a strange sensation he had been feeling were not part of some erotic dream.

It instantly became clear to him that the feel of soft, wet lips sliding up and down the length of his cock was a whole lot better. When Soma noticed her husband was finally awake, she looked up over his stomach and smiled wickedly.

“Well, it’s about time you woke up, dear. I was beginning to think I had lost my touch.” She laughed, but it seemed a bit uneasy. He had a feeling she wanted to see his reaction.

“Lost your touch? It’s wrong, darling…. you’re the best,” Rahim’s remark made her giggle as her soft tongue sliding up the back of his cock which made him gasp. She sucked the head into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, and then pulled her head up.

“Thanks dear, You know I like your long cock very much,” She said giggling.

“I’m getting the picture that saint hood isn’t in your future.” He was beginning to feel that she was leading up to something. “In any case, are you going to tell me how you got so good?”

“Are you going to tell me how you learned to fuck so good?” She countered. She then squeezed her husband’s cock and and pushed it back flat against his stomach….. licking down from the base across his hairy scrotum. His cock twitched.

“OK, OK…Point to be made. But I feel kind of kinky when I hear stuff like that. It turns me on.” His body shivered as her wet tongue moved down and brushed across his hairy asshole.

“You’re a freak…you know that?” Rahim moaned as she laughed proudly

“OK, but don’t get pissed off…understand?” She waited until her husband promised before she began.

“I practiced a lot, baby…on some really big cocks….. like your father and some filmy personnel.” She replied….. looking up to get her husband’s reaction.

Next she let her tongue slide down over his heavy balls and teasingly flick over his asshole. It was getting harder and harder to think and his reaction mainly consisted of a low moan followed by a sharp intake of air.

“I love the feel of it in my mouth… especially when they shoot all that hot sticky cum into my mouth.” Soma grinned as her husband gasped louder this time imagining his wife with some film producers or directors. “And the bigger the cock, the more I love it. But you know something? Actually you know all about myself…. so no need to repeat those… now don’t feel bad…but…”

She stopped, looking into her husband’s eyes. He could feel his cock begin to shrink… no man wants to hear he isn’t the biggest his woman ever had. He was crushed. “Your cock…well…I mean…It’s the longest cock I’ve ever seen.” She immediately broke into laughter.

“I gotcha,” He shouted….. pulling her body up and laying beside her as she nestled those milk-filled tits into his chest. With that the milk started leaking from her two nipples due to the pressure….. quickly wetting his hairy chest.

She then reached down and slowly began to stroke his cock….. teasing it with the casual familiarity of lovers with much more history. Suddenly, her look turned serious. “I do have to tell you something, dear…It’s important.”

“Out with it darling…out with it,” Rahim growled in a teasing but commanding tone. She looked nervous….. turning her head away as she spoke, her voice a whisper.

“OK. I told you I’ve been with few producers and directors… sorta… kinda… but last night in the party Tarun uncle has proposed me to act in his fun films. I mean you sure could guess about those spl……. “

But before she could continue, the door swung open and her mother Supriyadevi entered the room….. laughing for some unknown reason…… but suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. It took a few moments to let the image of her daughter and her Jamai ( son-in-law ), naked in bed together.

“Shit.” That was the sum of her remarks for the moment as her eyes instantly went to her Jamai’s cock.

She just stood there….. her mouth open… a look of total amazement on her face and her eyes were frozen on his massive cock that just so happened to have her daughter’s hand wrapped around it’s girth. Instantly she could feel her cunt moistening…… at last she blinked and began to shake her head. First a smile slowly appeared, then a grin.

“Damn, when we left the party last night I didn’t think you were talking with Tarun uncle about this. Shit…looks like you……,” Understandably, Rahim was at a complete loss for words suddenly noticing his mother-in-law in their room. There really wasn’t much to say. Soma, on the other hand, had to say something really dumb.

“Maa, yo….you…… We just…” As Soma tried to justify their nakedness, her mother cut her off.

“Yes Maa….. we just…… pe…. lease.” Rahim too wanted to say something as Soma gave him a hard elbow to the ribs.

“Anyway, your father and I bought some cream biscuits from the Mall…they’re still warm. So, if you can manage to get up and put some clothes on, we can all have breakfast together.” She turned around and headed back to the kitchen. Soma and her husband looked at each other and laughed.

“Might as well,” She said with a shrug. Then they pulled themselves out of bed and slipped into the clothes. Quickly they followed the smell of the coffee and biscuits.
—– —– ——– ——— ——— ——— ‐— —‐- —-‐ —
Pritam and Supriyadevi were silent as they entered the dinning room and sat at the table….. feeling shy to look at their faces. Supriyadevi poured them all a cup of coffee and sat down next to her husband. Pritam looked like he was going to wear out his spoon…… relentlessly stirring the steamy brew. Finally, he looked up. He stared at Soma…then stared at his Jamai.

“You needn’t to be shy….. ,” he stated solemnly. “It’s natural for your age….. we were like you also during our younger age,” Soma nearly spit out her coffee while Supriyadevi and her husband broke into gales of laughter. Finally everyone calmed down as Rahim expected earlier this type of reaction. Hell, now they could openly enjoy their leisure.

The rest of the day wasn’t different than any other they had ever spent together. It was normal in appearance but now Rahim could feel that there was a closeness between them all and that was Hallmark Card worthy. Pritam and Rahim took care of a lot of the things that needed repair around the house while Soma and her mother puttered about, doing their chores more like sisters than mother and daughter.

Occasionally, Pritam or his Jamai would slip away for a bit; to find their woman for a tender moment… a loving kiss… or a second or two of intense sexual play. The women would visit them alone or together, flirting at a distance or gently touching them as they passed by.

As the day wore on, both women became bolder, more brazen in the seduction of their man, and inadvertently began fueling the desire in both men. By the end of the day, they were both edgy and on fire.

Because Pritam and Supriyadevi had no need to sneak away to be together, they decided to stay at home and spend the evening with their grandson, daughter and Jamai. At the end the day, Pritam produced a bottle of whiskey and fixed everyone a delightfully strong liquor and coke.

Nevertheless, two males were busy in consuming the potent drinks while Soma and her mother made dinner. It had a distinct effect on the already relaxed inhibitions of them all. They had all showered and gotten rid of their working clothes, opting for more comfortable and less restrictive garb for the rest of the day.

Loosened pants and a T-shirt worked for the guys while couple of pirated T-shirts and some sort of skirt… covered the women. Rahim noticed a subtle rivalry had begun between the two women….. each quietly competing to capture the most attention from both of them.

To be continued……

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