Mistress Isabella takes her pleasure apprentice even further

As with most things that I write this series takes place in a happy alternate reality where people don’t worry about pandemics, std’s, or the need for birth control.

If you read Follow My Sinstructions Step One, you are already familiar with Mistress Isabella and her new pleasure apprentice, nineteen-year-old Gabriella.

If you haven’t read that story, this one will make much more sense if you do.

This story will continue to explore the themes that were introduced in Step One, but will add pee play, peeing desperation, and Gabriella discovering how to orgasm.

If any of that is not your cup of tea, please take a look at some of my other stories and keep checking back because there are lots of other things I’m preparing to submit in other genre’s.

As always, I hope you enjoy reading about some of the things that arouse me in my fantasy life.



From Follow My Sinstructions Step One:

“Are we almost done Mistress?” I asked. “For right now?”

“Why do you need to know?” she asked.

“Mistress, I really need to pee.” I said.

“I know you do girl.” She said. “In fact, I have been counting on that.”

She took a makeup removal towel from a pack on her dresser and approached me, wiping the V off of my chest. She then took the tube of lipstick and wrote PP in its place.

I looked down at my breasts, and back up at her, unsure what MLPP might stand for.

“That’s why Mistresses Little Pee Princess drank all that water earlier.” She said yanking on my leash. “Come with me.”


She hooked a finger in my collar and led me out of the bedroom and downstairs, and through the dining room and towards the garage.

We stopped in the laundry room, her standing there wearing the panties that used to belong to me, while I stood there naked.

The laundry room housed their washer and dryer of course. But what had originally been a large walk-in closet had been remodeled by Mistress Isabella’s ex-husband into a bathroom, with a sink, toilet, and shower.

But it wasn’t an ordinary shower. It resembled something out of a locker room. It was basically a six-foot-by-six-foot square room, open on one side with six showerheads, two on each of the three tiled walls.

Mistress Isabella stepped into the center of the shower and turned to face me.

“As your Mistress I’m going to introduce you to several different ways to experience arousal, power, submission, dominance, and lust.” She told me.

She gestured at me and indicated that I should shut the door to the laundry room and join her in the shower.

“Some of those things you will love,” she continued, “and some you won’t. Others you will learn to love in time. The only way to know if something truly makes you feel powerful, or truly puts you in the path of pure pleasure, is to try it.”

She spread her legs, still wearing the lacy pink panties that I’d come to her house wearing earlier this morning.

The panties that now belonged to her.

“Do you understand all that girl?” she asked me.

“I think I do Mistress.” I answered. “But I’m not sure.”

“Just watch your Mistress.” She whispered. “Don’t touch. Don’t move. Don’t do anyfuckingthing but watch.”

We stood like that for just a moment, and then a dark spot suddenly appeared on the silky pink crotch of the panties.

I stared, startled and surprisingly aroused by the realization that she had just peed a bit into the panties she was wearing while standing no more than three feet away from me.

And then she moaned, and with a sudden gush of piss from her body the panties were soaked, and a flood of her urine ran down her thighs and through the pink fabric, briefly puddling between her feet before running down the center drain.

I stared at her, absolutely stunned that something so gross, so inappropriate, so unsanitary, and so strange could somehow be the most intimate and erotic thing I’d witnessed yet with her.

Her face was awash with relief, and she peed on and on, the urine hissing loudly against the tile floor and her feet as it flowed freely from her.

At long last the flow subsided, turning into a series of trickles that diminished into drips. And then there was nothing else leaving her body, just the steady drips of piss falling from the saturated panties onto the floor of the shower.

I stood still and kept staring, unable to make any sense of the emotions and thoughts swirling through my head. My eyes eventually caught hers, and she reached over and put her hand on my shoulder.

“Perhaps I moved us along too quickly girl.” She said softly.

“No.” I said quietly. “I liked it Mistress Isabella.”

“Really girl?” she whispered.

“Mistress Isabella, I loved it.” I told her.

And I had.

I’d seen others pee in locker rooms and public restrooms before, but never had I seen someone show off their need to piss, and then do it right in front of someone else.

Ten minutes ago I’d have never listed seeing someone urinate as a sexual thing. Now I was wondering if I could get her to do it again. And I was wondering what it would be like to pee in front of her.

“Did you girl?” she asked with a grin.

“I’ve never peed standing up before Mistress.” I told her. “It looked so…so…so fucking sexy.”

“Then I want you to pee for me girl.” She told me. “Pee in front of your Mistress.”

I’d peed in countless public bathrooms over the years, but no one had ever watched me.

“I want to.” I said. “I need to. What’s happening to me Mistress?”

Nothing that I’d experienced today had been expected, and several parts of the morning had touched upon things that I’d never even really contemplated or considered.

But this sudden desire to pee with her, to pee for her, and to pee in front of her was probing into corners of my psyche that I hadn’t ever explored before.

“You are feeling your sexual power girl.” She said.

She reached out and stroked my cheek with her fingers.

“Even as you want to please your Mistress you’re feeling the power that you have over others when it comes to physical and visual pleasure.” She continued. “It’s something you and I will keep exploring together until you are a master.”

“Yes Mistress.” I said, unable to keep from breaking into a smile.

She reached for my hand and pulled me closer to her, and then she wrapped her arms around me. I felt her hands in my hair and with a sudden jerk she pulled my head back and we were staring into each other’s eyes.

“Pee girl.” She said. “Right here, just like this. Be Mistress Isabella’s Little Pee Princess.”

“Yes Mistress.” I said.

I closed my eyes as she grabbed my arms and turned me around to face the tiled wall of the shower.

She buried her face against my neck and bit my shoulder. Her nipples grazed against my back, and I felt her hands slide along my belly and press against me, making my need to pee even more intense.

One hand stayed on my belly, and the other pushed along my slit and I felt her fingers pushing along my lips.

Surely, she didn’t want me to pee on her fingers?

Or even while she was holding me?

But the rest had been so incredibly erotic with her that I suddenly wanted to pee just like this, with her holding me just like this.

It was more than just something I wanted though.

I fucking needed to pee with her holding me.

“Piss girl.” She commanded. “Piss for your Mistress!”

I gave a push and felt a shiver of pleasure roll through my body as I suddenly opened up and started to thunder my piss down onto the floor of the shower.

Mistress pushed her hips against my ass and I felt her fingers spread my lips apart, and I stared in shock as she aimed my piss. My flow arced up away from my body, hitting the wall of the shower three feet in front of me.

I pushed harder and felt a surge of powerful lust as the jet of my hot liquid rose even higher, splashing against the wall waist high as her fingers moved and directed my flow.

It ran down the shower wall and I felt it splash around my feet as it ran towards the drain, and as my flow began to lessen and splash lower and lower against the tile, Mistress bit my shoulder again and I cried out, making a sound of pure primal pleasure.

And then my piss was covering my thighs and feet, before she stepped back away from me and suddenly slapped at my ass as hard as she possibly could.

I shrieked in surprise and pain, another big torrent of piss spilling out of me at the surprise crack of her hand against my flesh.

And then she was unhooking my collar and turning me around, as the last dribbles of pee ran out of me.

She reached up behind herself and hung my collar over one of the showerheads.

“We’re just Izzy and Gabriella again.” She said quietly, staring into my eyes.

She put her face to mine and kissed me, her lips soft and wet against mine, and then she licked her tongue against my front teeth, and I opened my mouth, and our kiss became passionate and greedy.

I wrapped my arms around her warm body, and her breasts were hot against my own. She pushed me towards the wall, and I yelped as my back hit the cold tile, and then she had the water turned on and scalding spray washed over us both.

She pulled her mouth away from mine and reached over my head and came back with a bottle of soap that smelled like strawberries.

I felt like I was floating as she scrubbed me from head to toe, moaning as she worked her fingers carefully against my overly sensitive cunt lips and stiff clitoris.

“Tonight Gabriella.” She whispered. “I promise. Tonight.”

And then she was washing my hair and wrapped in big towels she took me back through the house to her bedroom, where she blew my hair dry and brushed it, and then gave me a pair of yellow cotton panties to put on.

When I had dressed in my own clothes again, we were standing by her front door and she kissed me softly on the lips.

“Come back here tonight as soon as you get out of work.” She said. “And remember what your Mistress told you earlier. No masturbating. Savor your need, but don’t allow yourself to relieve it.”

“I don’t think that will be a problem.” I said. “Those are easy directions to follow.”

“What do you mean Gabriella?” she asked. “How so?”

“I’ve tried it.” I admitted. “I’ve just never gotten it to work like it should. At least I don’t think I have.”

“You mean…masturbation?” she asked, her eyes big.

“Yes.” I said.

“You’ve never made yourself cum?” she asked.

“No I haven’t.” I admitted. “I’ve tried. And I think I’ve been close. But I’ve never been able to figure out how to get myself over the edge.”

She looked at me sympathetically, and then leaned in and put her arms around me.

“We’ll get you over the edge Gabby.” She whispered. “I promise. Give us some time together and you’ll be the master of the edge.”

“I hope so.” I said. “Because just thinking about what I saw earlier and what we did…I’m already dripping through these panties.”

She kissed my neck.

“Tonight sweet Gabriella.” She said. “Tonight.”


“Hold onto the railing girl.” Mistress Isabella told me. “I’m right here with you.”

“Yes Mistress.” I said.

Placing one foot in front of the other I tentatively went down the stairs, feeling the air become cooler with each step.

I was blindfolded, naked, collared, and leashed.

I’d gone through my shift at work like a zombie, unable to really concentrate on anything except for the steady pressure of my clitoris as my slippery cunt lips slid back and forth with every step that I took.

When my manager asked if anyone was willing to leave early to save payroll I’d practically sprinted to my car, I was in such a hurry to return to Isabella’s house.

When I’d knocked on the door I briefly wondered if she might have changed her mind as the day wore on and grew suddenly afraid that she’d greet me with regret or anger.

Instead she opened the door and pulled me inside, pushing me against the closed door and pawing at my body while her lips found mine.

For several minutes we kissed like that, our mouths hardly breaking contact as she reached under my shirt to unhook my bra, and unsnapped my pants and pushed her hand down inside them to cup my swollen and sensitive mound.

“You’re fucking wet.” She panted with her lips against my mouth.

“Yes.” I moaned, feeling my entire body throb as I pushed myself against her hand.

Eventually she broke apart from me and taking my hand she led me to the laundry room.

When we were standing in front of the shower, she pointed, and I realized that my collar was still looped over the same showerhead she’d put it on this morning.

“Are you ready to go further?” she whispered.

“Yes.” I whispered, squeezing her hand.

“If you really are, get undressed and put your collar back on.” She said. “I’ll be in the kitchen when you’re ready.”

She squeezed my hand back and kissed me on the cheek, and then left me alone.

I undressed, putting my clothes on one of the laundry room shelves, and then stepped into the shower and picked up my collar.

With a pounding heart I snapped it around my neck and then walked towards the kitchen.

Two steps outside the laundry room door however, I felt her hand on my shoulder and before I could respond a blindfold was wrapped around my head. It left me in total darkness, and I felt her snap the leash onto my collar.

“If you are really needy for this follow me and do as you are told…slut.” She whispered.

“Yes Mistress.” I said.

“And for tonight at least,” she told me, her breath hot against my ear, “you are going to be referred to as slut instead of girl. Because all day I’ve been in the mood to taste the wet snatch of a slut.”

“Yes Mistress.” I said, my belly tight with lustful anticipation.

I felt a tug on the leash and moved forward, realizing that she was just a few inches ahead of me.

I took short steps, and heard a door open and then she took my hand and placed it on a wooden railing.

“Hold onto the railing slut.” Mistress Isabella told me. “I’m right here with you.”

When we reached the bottom she pulled me several steps away from the stairs, and then pulled my hands over my head and placed them one at a time on a bar that felt like it was attached to the ceiling.

“Do not let go slut.” She told me. “Or you will hurt your wrists.”

I felt something close around each wrist, and realized I was fastened to the bar above me.

The hard and sudden smack of her hand against the tingling flesh of my bare ass rocked my whole body, and I struggled to hold onto the bar above me.

“Jesus fuck.” I moaned.

I felt the collar around my neck pull back behind me, causing me to stand a bit straighter.

“What?” asked Mistress Isabella. “What the fuck did you say slut?”

“Just that it felt good Mistress!” I said.

“That’s right slut.” She whispered in my ear. “You always address me as Mistress when you speak while wearing my collar. Right?”

“Yes Mistress.” I answered.

“As long as my slut understands my rules.” She continued. Her breath was hot against my ear. “Otherwise, we will stop.”

I felt her fingers slid along my thigh and I shuddered, taking in a deep breath as she tickled them across my swollen pussy lips.

“I think you’re ready for it.” She whispered. “Aren’t you slut?”

“Yes Mistress.” I said through clenched teeth. “I am. I’m ready for it. Please Mistress.”

“If you’re really ready we can move forward.” She said, licking my earlobe. “But if you’re just teasing me, I won’t really be satisfied, and you don’t want to disappoint me, do you?”

“I’m ready Mistress.” I promised. “I want it. I need it. I need it so fucking bad Mistress. Please let me have it Mistress.”

I felt her fingers suddenly pinch my nipple, and pain lanced through my chest and feverish lust exploded in my belly.

I struggled to stand still, my feet on the cold concrete of the basement floor, and my hands holding onto the bar above me that I was handcuffed to.

I struggled to listen, unable to see around my tight blindfold.

Suddenly I felt the collar pull upwards tightly, and the bar I was cuffed to was moving. I was pulled backwards, and then I felt the back of my knees touch some sort of furniture.

I felt her hands on my shoulders, and her hot breath against my ear.

“I’m going to push you backwards onto a mattress.” She said. “Do not panic slut.”

Before I could respond I felt myself fall back and then I was on my back on the mattress. I felt the bar pull and I scooted to keep up with it, pushing myself along the mattress with my feet.

And then something clicked loudly, and I suddenly felt something close around my ankle and pull my leg, and within seconds I was secured on the bed, with my legs spread and unable to move, and my arms over my head.

“Lift your head slut.” Mistress Isabella said softly.

I complied and felt a pillow slide under my head.

“Now lift your ass slut.” She told me.

I felt another pillow push underneath me, and I felt my hips angled up off the mattress.

The tension on the collar eased and I felt the mattress shift as Mistress Isabella positioned herself beside me. I felt her finger start to trace a circular pattern around my belly button, and I moaned, trying to roll towards her.

“I did not tell you to fucking move, did I slut?” She scolded.

She gave my hair a rough yank, and I gasped and froze on the bed, eager be as still as possible to undo my error.

She pulled on the leash again, the collar tightening around my throat. This time she kept it tight and grabbed a fistful of my hair as well, forcing my head back.

“What was that?” she said, her voice loud against my ear.

“I’m sorry Mistress.” I apologized. “You’ll tell me what to do Mistress.”

“And?” she followed up, pulling the leash harder.

“And when to do it Mistress.” I groaned.

“Fucking right.” She said.

She let go of my hair and I felt the collar relax, and then her fingers were gently stroking my cheek.

“Now slut, I am going to allow you to speak and make noise.” She said softly. “Your body belongs to me, and I want it to be verbally and vocally appreciative of my attention.”

Her finger was back on my belly, and I felt goose bumps break out on my skin as I shivered with lust.

I felt the erotic rush of the cool basement air against my sticky and aroused cunt lips, and I felt her mouth brush across one of my nipples.

I shuddered again, feeling another lustful thrill course through me.

“Are you cold slut?” she asked me.

Her fingers had begun to lovingly stroke my thigh, and I felt my body respond to the tender touch.

“Not cold Mistress.” I answered. “Needful. I’m needful Mistress.”

“Slut, that’s good.” She said. “Because I’m in a giving mood tonight.”

She suddenly pressed herself against me, and I felt her breasts against my own. I hadn’t realized that she was also naked, since she’d been fully dressed when she’d left me in the laundry room.

“Let me taste your mouth.” She whispered. “But do not let go of the bar or the cuffs might hurt.”

I leaned back against the mattress, feeling dizzy as her soft lips met mine, our tongues touching as I gripped the bar as hard as I could, feeling my body respond with a primal need for relief.

I felt the heat of her breasts against mine, and I rolled my hips against the pillow under them and groaned in agonizing anticipation.

“You may let your body respond to my love.” She whispered. “I like when you move uncontrollably.”

“Yes Mistress.” I gasped.

Her hands cupped my breasts, and I felt heat spread through my belly as her fingers began to knead my sensitive nipples.

“How needful are you slut?” she whispered.

“So needful Mistress.” I panted. “So needful that I can’t control it.”

“Does that mean you want me to find something to resolve your neediness slut?” she whispered.

“Yes Mistress.” I answered. “I do.”

“You do what?” she hissed, pinching my nipples.

I fought the urge to squirm.

“I want you to resolve my neediness Mistress.” I said.

“Slut, stop being so fucking unclear.” She said. “You want? Or you need?”

“Mistress, it’s need.” I panted. “I need it so bad.”

“How bad slut?” she asked in a sweet and kind voice, her fingers tracing over my stiff nipples.

“My whole body needs it Mistress.” I groaned. “My whole body feels so desperate for it. I’m aching for it Mistress. Please help me with my dirty fucking needs Mistress.”

“And then?” she asked me, her fingers strumming over my nipples.

My eyes were clenched tightly closed behind the blindfold, and I could see colors swimming around as my body experienced tingles and throbs that I had never felt before.

“Then?” I asked, confused. “Then Mistress?”

“Then what happens slut?” she whispered, one of her hands fluttering down over my belly. “What comes after I resolve your dirty fucking needs?”

“Whatever….whatever you want Mistress.” I panted. “I’ll do whatever you want me to do Mistress.”

She grabbed my hair and pulled, causing me to lay my head back on the pillow as her hot breath danced against my throat.

One of her fingers was just barely brushing against my clit, and it felt like a flame dancing against my engorged bit of flesh.

“You are fucking right slut.” She said. “Whatever I fucking want is what you will fucking do for me. Or with me. Or in front of me. Or to me.”

“Yes Mistress.” I moaned. “Whatever you want Mistress. For you. Or with you. Or while you watch. Or to you. I’ll do it all Mistress Isabella. All of it.”

“Are you ready for something to help you?” she asked, her finger pressing against my clit.

“Yes Mistress.” I sobbed. “Please Mistress.”

“You have never felt an orgasm before?” she asked. “Were you telling your Mistress the truth earlier?”

“I don’t think I have Mistress.” I moaned.

“Very well.” Mistress Isabella told me. “I think my filthy slut deserves to feel the sexual power of her body.”

I felt her bite my shoulder, and I gasped at the sharp pain.

Then I felt her mouth move against my throat, and she licked and kissed her way down my chest, between my breasts, down my belly, with her tongue flicking in and out of my belly button as I struggled to control my breathing.

I felt Mistress Isabella moving around and then I sensed that she was between my spread legs.

“I can smell your arousal slut.” She said. “And I can see how wet your hot lips down here are. Is your lustful cunt ready for me?”

“Please Mistress.” I moaned.

And then I felt her tongue, hot and wet and soft and firm, lick the inside of my thigh.

“Is your lustful cunt ready for my tongue?” she whispered.

“Oh fuck please Mistress.” I groaned, feeling my hips move by themselves.

I barely had time to register how delicious that feeling was, when her tongue began to drag itself along the skin of my thigh, leaving a wet trail that caused me to buck uncontrollably.

I felt a finger push between my ass cheeks and push against my anus, and the shock of sensation turned to pure lust as her tongue worked itself against the soft skin where my thigh met my trimmed pubes.

“Easy slut.” Mistress Isabella whispered. “Your Mistress is taking care of you. You are perfectly safe and okay. You and I are both going to enjoy this.”

Her breath was hot against my hole as one of her hands slid back up my stomach and her fingertips began to massage my sensitive nipple.

I sagged against the bed, my wrists suddenly caught in the cuffs over my head as I let go of the bar, and I registered the pain but was unable to gather my thoughts enough to deal with it.

Every bit of concentration I had was focused on the presence of Mistress Isabella and her wet mouth between my legs.

I felt something brush lightly against the tips of my pubic hair, and I realized that the low moaning noise in my ears was coming from my own throat.

“Your depraved cunt smells so fucking delicious slut.” She said. “You are making your Mistress feel very hungry for your pleasure.”

Her mouth was almost touching my swollen cunt lips as she spoke, and for a moment I wondered if it was possible to actually die from anticipated sexual pleasure.

I sobbed as her tongue pushed against my lips, and for just a brief second, they stuck together.

And then her tongue pushed them apart and I felt her lick up and down my hole, as everything down there became hot and slippery. Sensations that I couldn’t describe if my life depended upon it rolled through my body and I trembled.

“Fuck Mistress. Oh fuck oh fuck fuck fuck god fuck.” I groaned.

Something that felt like a sharp expansion of heat started within me, happening in my chest, my belly, my arms, my thighs, and deep inside my cunt all at once.

The tongue pushed into my hole and started to move up and down, and I pulled against the cuffs on my wrists and tried to push myself against the mouth.

“Mis…Mis…Mistress what…what is…is this….is it….oh god!” I choked the words out.

Needles of pleasure that I hadn’t imagined possible were moving through my body, and without ever having experienced an orgasm I knew that my body was about to have one.

The tongue pushed deeper into me, and I felt soft fingers spread my cunt lips apart as the physical fury inside me grew and began to push against every nerve ending between my belly button and knees.

“Mistresssssssssss……” I sobbed, unable to say anything else.

“Slow down slut.” Murmured Mistress Isabella’s voice. “Try to feel all of it.”

The tongue moved slower inside my hole, and that only caused the explosion that was building inside me to grow even more consuming.

“Guuu….gaauuu.” I screamed, unable to stop myself.

“Just like this.” I heard Mistress Isabella whisper.

I tried to respond but I couldn’t make any sound other than another moan come out of my mouth.

I felt a finger press almost painfully hard against my inner thigh, and the pain only made me gasp and shake as it added to the burning fire of pleasure that was consuming me.

I lifted my ass up, and felt hands grab my thighs to hold my cunt in place for the exploring tongue as I tensed my legs and felt the muscles in them clench.

And then the tongue moved down, licking against my hole and then just barely touching it, and then it went lower as I felt my thighs pushed wider apart and my bottom spread open.

And then I felt something soft and firm and small and hot push against my anus, and begin to gently move in a slow circle.

“Oh, oh, oh!” I yelped. “It’s….Mistress it’s so…..so…..”

“I know slut.” She said. “Just feel it. Just be as still as possible and feel it.”

So I attempted to do just that, trying hard to hold my body still, feeling only Mistress Isabella’s soft lips against my cunt and one hand on my thigh while her finger kept slowly touching my sensitive little anus.

The rhythm of the soft finger against my back opening was both agonizing and comforting, keeping my pleasure alive as my cunt hole throbbed with wet need, but refusing to let the pleasure get the traction it needed to consume me.

I felt her tongue slowly licking up and down my swollen lips and I wept with the sheer force of the need inside of me.

I had the ridiculous mental picture of feet trying to gain traction on slippery ice, but instead of taking a step they just moved back and forth, trying and failing to gain enough purchase to take a step.

And that’s what was happening inside my body.

What I knew was an orgasm was trying to happen, but no matter how much it tried to happen it couldn’t reach what it needed, so it grew and swirled and vibrated and just kept trying, while I whimpered.

For several long minutes the finger circled my anus, and her mouth moved against my wet opening, and I could barely register anything except how goddamn good it all felt.

No one had ever touched me in these places, and I hadn’t even considered that a touch back there could feel good, and the mouth against my cunt felt so much better than I had begged my fantasies to allow.

“Mistress, it’s so……so close…..” I breathed, unable to describe what I was feeling.

“I know sweet slut.” She said, her lips still brushing against mine. “Just feel it. Feel it all.”

“I feel it Mistress.” I whispered in a quaking voice. “It almost hurts it feels so good.”

“Then you’re going to enjoy this slut.” She whispered.

She kissed me softly, her tongue licking along my lower lips and her fingers pushing up my thigh to my opening as I cried out like an animal howling in pain.

“You taste so fucking good slut.” Mistress Isabella moaned. “I need to taste your hot little clit.”

And suddenly she pushed fingers into my hole, her tongue licking the spot where they pushed in, before licking up along my slippery lips, up and up and up for what felt like forever, until it made electric contact with my clitoris.


I thrashed uncontrollably on the bed, straining against the restraints holding my wrists and ankles in place as the feeling of need and want inside my body suddenly changed, becoming more intense and overpowering.

And I knew that it couldn’t be stopped.

Nothing would keep this from happening, and the only thing I could do was to let go and allow it to consume me.

The tongue began to lap up and down slowly over my clitoris, and I’d never realized that a bit of my body so tiny and hidden could be capable of feeling sensations as overwhelming and powerful as those pounding through me.

Her tongue felt flat and unyielding as she licked up, and gently soft as she used the underside of it to swipe down over my most sensitive spot.

I began to gasp, unable to control any part of myself other than the part of my brain that recognized the anguish of not having orgasmic release.

I twisted my arms above me, flexing my thighs and squirming, feeling Mistress Isabella’s mouth against me as I trembled with unmet satisfaction.

“Puh…puh…puh…” I grunted.

I was trying to speak, but the rasping and incomplete sounds escaping from my throat were all I could manage, as my mouth and brain attempted to work together to plead for more.

“What do you need slut?” purred Mistress Isabella softly.

I took in a deep breath and willed myself to focus.

“Please Mistress.” I groaned.

“Do you want to cum?” asked Mistress Isabella.

“Mistress.” I groaned, nodding my head.

“Do you need to cum?” she asked, pushing a finger into my asshole as the fingers inside my cunt twisted.

“Muh…muh…muhis….Mistress.” I grunted.

“Go slut. Go.” Said Mistress Isabella.

I felt the tongue return to my clitoris, strumming up and down faster and faster.

There were two sets of fingers in my body twisting and rubbing as my body heaved and clenched, and suddenly I felt a great concentration of pressure against my clit, and everything went blank inside my head.

I was aware of a sudden twisting feeling inside of my cunt, somehow connecting my hole to my clit and my belly and even my nipples, and then everything pulled apart for me.

“Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” I screamed.

My first ever orgasm stormed through me, as my legs kicked against their restraints, and my arms pulled and I twisted on the mattress, riding a feeling so intense that I thought I might die.

It roared on and on and on, a tongue against my clit and steady pressure against my slippery opening, and a pair fingers against my anus as the orgasmic pleasure took complete ownership of me.

I screamed and yelped and moaned and thrashed and bucked and spasmed and whimpered and wept as it went on and on.

And then I felt her arms around me and her face pressed against my neck as tears streamed down my cheeks and I sobbed with total ecstasy.

I gave up on everything but feeling my body twitch, and I lay still for several minutes, losing track of everything but my pounding heart.

“So that’s what an orgasm feels like…” I murmured softly.

“You are such a pretty little slut.” I heard Mistress Isabella say softly, as if from a long way away.


I sincerely thank anyone who read this far. I know my stories don’t appeal to everyone, so I am extra appreciative of those who enjoy the same perverted things that arouse me.

And even though you didn’t ask, I’m going to offer this advice anyway:

Please be careful with anal play.

Not only should you never surprise your partner by putting a tongue or finger (or anything else!) in their anus without discussing it first, be very careful about spreading bacteria that can cause unpleasant infections.

Also be careful with leashes and collars and restraints. Not only is consent essential, but safety is also.

If you’re reading this in May or June of 2022, please check my profile for details on a summer story contest I’m offering. And no matter when you’re reading this, I hope you are experiencing a great season in your life! I appreciate you!

There is more to come for Mistress Isabella and Gabriella, so stay tuned!


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