Secrets of Chowdhury Family : 3

Just after two days of that grand party…. it was 5:30 pm and the sun was about to be set down in the west. Supriyadevi’s husband just left for Bombay for five days outdoor shooting while her daughter went back to her in-law”s house with her husband. Lastly her Bouma ( daughter-in-law ) Protibha went to her parents house to look after her ailing mother.

It meant Supriyadevi was now alone in her house as she tried to concentrate on the script of her new film in which her brother Tarun would work as a director. And that’s when she felt something odd as her gaze moved to the main gate of “Priya Villa”. She could see a tall shadow entered the building silently.

She now had clear idea that she wasn’t alone in her house anymore as she felt the main door of her big house was opened quietly by that mysterious person. She noticed the dark tall figure entered the house and closed the door behind him….. and she could immediately guess that he must the same person who had raped ( ? ) her that night.

She would have call call the police instantly but she didn’t take that decision intentionally as she was eagerly expecting his come back since that molestation. Actually she couldn’t forget the greatest pleasure she had received from her molester that day…. and for the last two days, whenever she had sex with her husband, she always dreamed about him in her husband’s place.

It was late afternoon and she was the only one in home….. the mysterious person knew that very well. He knew more about her than she realized. He listened to her moving around upstairs. No doubt, she was performing her maternal duties of laundry. She always did a lot of laundry. He knew that too.

At first, he made his way into the kitchen. He noticed how clean everything was. She was an immaculate housekeeper. Something that reminded him of his mother. He would want her again ’cause he too couldn’t forget the great pleasure he had gotten two days ago in her bathroom.

The scent of clean caught his attention. He turned to see the laundry room door was open. The smell of washing sheets filled his nostrils as he walked closer. He inhaled deeply enjoying the familiar aroma.

She must have put all of the clothes away by now….. even her husband’s dirty clothes which were done by yesterday’s shooting. Not only her husband, she washed all the clothes of her son till now like a caring Bengalee mother….. actually she loved to do most of the household works by herself. Although her son wasn’t a Govt. employee, she had been lucky enough to see him achieving a secure position in the company he worked.

He even smiled when he had seen the way she cheered for her son as he touched her feet to render his obeisance. A real loving Bengalee mother….. he knew that too.

He heard footsteps coming down the stairs and he slipped into the small closet where extra linens were stored. He watched through the slit of the closet doors as she rounded the corner.

There she was, so beautiful. Her long dark hair was pulled up in a clip that he desperately wanted to take down for her. He preferred to see the long curls falling all around her face. Her cheeks were stained a soft rose and she looked delicious.

He felt himself growing harder as he watched her start another load of laundry. Just a simple task, but she did it with a sexual elegance that he’d never seen before. He stole these innocent moments from her.

She walked past him again, separated only by a thin door. The smell of her soft perfume mixed with washed sheets marveled him again. A unique smell that was completely her. When he heard her footsteps climbing the stairs again, he felt safe enough to come out of his hiding place. He took another deep breath…. enjoying the aroma of his lovely lady.

“A really aristocratic lady.” He mumbled.

Very carefully, he made his way to the stairs…. because he knew that when Pritam and Goutam were out of Kolkata, she stayed in the guestroom, situated on first floor at night. He knew he didn’t have a lot of time. It was late afternoon and her brother Tarun would have been coming. Since she had a shooting schedule at Tollygunge studio on tomorrow morning, he might be coming home in the evening so that she could go with him….. yes, he was aware about that too.

He needed to be gone before that happened. He could not be discovered by anyone. Everything would fall apart if he was discovered here by her where he shouldn’t be.

At the bottom of the stairs he paused. The house was quiet. The air was very still. The only sound was the cooler that kept the inside relatively cool than the sweltering heat that lay just beyond the door…. the door he had entered….. the door Supriyadevi didn’t lock intentionally.

That was not a safe move. She should lock her door before someone took advantage of that..The smile that stretched across his lips was soft but true.

Slowly he climbed the stairs one at a time. When he passed the stair that would betray him…. he stopped. The sound of Supriya Memsaheb’s shower turned on. Oh, it was his lucky day! Elation exploded inside of him. The beautiful sexy actress was going to shower herself and he would have his own personal showing.

He knew the time was limited, but he needed to enjoy this rare treat. Her door was still cracked open when he reached out and lightly pushed it open enough to slip through. He didn’t bother closing this door behind him. No one else was in the house. What were the chances of that?

Supriya Memsaheb’s bathroom was just through the door on the opposite side of
the room. That door was also left open. He could see a flesh colored shape stepped into the shower and closed the door…… he was rock hard.

He couldn’t resist himself when he slipped his shoes off and then pushed his pants down. He slipped the black T-shirt off and stood in her son’s bedroom completely naked. She started humming one of her favorite songs from her own film “Kalankini Kankaboti”. He had watched her sing it in that superhit film as he sat on the sofa watching with pure fascination.

Yes, it was her favorite song. He knew that too.

Normally after her bath, she pleasured herself on her bed with some toys which she kept in a small box. He also knew the beauty of her harsh voice when that box was opened. He loved her cries of ecstasy, her screams of pleasure, and the way her rose colored cheeks turned even darker as she tried to catch her breath.

As he stepped closer to the bathroom he didn’t dare to touch his penis. He knew one slight touch, even accidental would have this all over. Neither of them wanted that. He watched as her right hand ran a colorful sponge all over her flesh. The curves he loved so much were passionately caressed by the sweet fruity suds she bathed with.

As the shower turned off, he made his way over to the bed. He pulled back the cover and ran his hand along the cool sheets….. the sheets where she slept every night. The same sheets that soaked up her scent.

When the shower door opened, he moved. He noticed her dirty clothes hamper. A Pink panties was laid right on top. He smiled at that memory, but that was for another day. He opened the closet door beside the hamper and stepped inside. Another perfect hiding place he knew too well.

Supriyadevi walked into the bedroom wrapping her curvaceous body in a towel while she used another one to dry that portion of her hair that did get wet. She had so much hair even when she didn’t shampoo…. it would still require a protective wrap while she was in the shower.

His cock throbbed when she stopped right in front of the closet door and dropped her towel. He could feel a bead of sweat run down his spine. She was so close. Both of their naked bodies separated now only by the thin closet door.He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. It was now or never.

He thought he was so clever….. no no, Supriyadevi waited for this moment for the last two days since her molestation and planng throughly to meet with him face to face. Her mission was going to be successful within few minutes…. and her assumption was perfect too…. he was Prankrisno, Munmun’s Odisan Cook cum Driver.
———– ——- ——— —— ——– —— —— —— —
Supriyadevi was more excited and feeling highly aroused than she had been in months….. because very soon she was going to face that memorable night’s disguised lover. This was a brand new game for her, and so far it was hitting all of the right spots.

She played along perfectly. Wanting it just as bad as he did. She was never one to ruin anything. She didn’t give away his secret hiding place downstairs in the linen
closet….. and the thought of him watching her had her nipples hardening.

When he came into the bathroom, she never acknowledged his presence. Even though she knew he was naked and it made her heart beat faster. She did take the extra time to run the thick suds all over her flesh.

Her blanket had been pulled back, and she noticed his clothes out of the corner of her eye. Her breath caught when she heard his slow, deep intake of breath just on the other side of the closet door. She dropped her towel….. both of them were naked….. both of them were so close.

That’s when the closet door burst open and she screamed in mock surprise….. the acting of her fearful expression was so genuine and accurate. Why not….. she’d achieved the fame of the best actress this year due to her splendid performance in the film “Bonpalasir Padaboli”.

“Slut!” He cried out as he grabbed her and threw her backward. Her world went flying as the naked young stud jumped and landed right on top of her. Her heart stopped when she felt him. He was harder than she’d ever felt.

Her pussy tightened as she hissed, “Get off of me!”

“Shut up, slut.” He said and then a loud swat sounded through the air. She felt the sting on her backside. He had spanked her. Why did that make her nipples even harder?

“Ohhhhhhh….. Maa!” She shrieked….. feeling another slap on her big ass.

He then turned her onto her back. His face was determined, but he looked so fucking hot with that wild streak in his dark brown eyes. She knew she had no chance, but she acted struggling anyway. He captured her wrists beside her face and his thick arms strained against her. Was that force, or was it a reaction to pull back so he didn’t actually hurt her? Either way it looked hot!

When she wrapped her legs around his slim waist she felt his massive cock against her cunt. Their eyes met in the dimly lit room and for just a moment he stopped. The thunderclouds were gone. But not for long.

“Get off me!” She acted in mock anger and pushed him. It seemed like a movement to get him away, but all it did was push her onto him.

“FUCK!” He roared feeling her pussy slide down his cock.

“No!” She hissed….. trying to remove herself…..but she could feel her pussy was rapidly moistening and it felt too good….. just like that night’s molestation. Suddenly his rockhard prick found it’s way and with a quick jerk of his thin waist, it penetrated her slippery tunnel. His hips moved and started pounding down into her. Her body accepted the deep rhythmic strokes as her mind raced toward the pleasure.

He bent down and took one of her turgid nipples into his mouth. She cried out in ecstatic joy when his teeth sank into the sensitive flesh and she felt the painful
pleasure take her higher.

Then he made the mistake of letting one of her wrists go as he pushed his hand between them and teased her clit. She found the opening and grabbed his curly hair. She pulled as hard as she could and he released her nipple as he cried out himself.

The action took him off guard and she rolled over….. sending him flying off of her. He stumbled back, and she felt empty again. She rolled and tried to crawl away, but he grabbed her ankles.

“Don’t try to run from me, slut!” His harsh voice did things to her that she would never admit out loud. And that’s when she could recognize him fully hearing his voice.

“Ohhhhhhh…… Kesto you….. yes….fuck me….!” She screamed and then he spanked her again. Hard! SWAT! That was new, and she loved it! He pulled her back to the edge of the bed by her ankles. Her hard nipples scratched along the sheets and covers now. He pulled her thighs open and then he was inside of her again.

“Oh, you like that?” He asked and swatted her ass again. “Fuck. It makes your slutty cunt tighten around my cock every time I do that.”

“MMMMM……..” She just moaned unable to find words. Then he pulled her hair thrusting her head back as he pounded into her again. The entire bed shook with the force as he took what he wanted and she felt the pleasure so close.

“You think you can tease me and get away with it?” He snarled as his hips snapped forward again and plunged deeper. He was bare and he was deep. The two things she craved for in the moonlight night. This wasn’t night though.

“Ohhhhhh….. Kesto.” She finally got out.

“Then why do you do it, Memsaheb? Why do you look so fucking delicious when you’re in a film singing? Why do you look so irresistible when you act in a film in the role of a pious mother? Why must you tease me?”

“Ohhhhhhh….. FUCK ME hard Kesto!” Already identifying her molester, she now wrapped him forcefully without any inhibition. And at last she surrendered herself fully to Munmun’s young Odisan Driver.

She cried out when he slapped her ass again. She pushed back against him this time…. impaling herself on his large cock. She heard his pleasure as she raced toward her own orgasm. Everything around her faded away except for her body slamming back onto his.

Prankrisno grabbed her hair and yanked it again. Then his other hand slapped against her thick ass cheek. He loved the way it would jiggle underneath his hand like that. He never expected those slaps to cause her perfect cunt to drip even more and clench his invading cock like a tight glove.

She discovered that Kesto had already realized her submissiveness and he’d never get enough of it. He could guess she had the most reactive pussy and he knew what to do with her. He could feel her nipples were always a hot spot for her, and the forbidden things she would admit while he was pile driving into her were the worst.

He loved it actually….. and his assumption about the mature women were accurate….. yes, they were always the best fucks.

He released her hair and turned her over. The desperate look on her face had him throbbing and he slammed his cock back into her. She threw her head back and screamed at the ceiling….. experiencing a massive orgasm with a shriek as he fucked her and reached down to twist her large, elongated nipples

That sharp shriek of Supriyadevi filled the room as he pulled on them and her tight channel flooded around him. He fucking loved when she came that hard. Her long, painted fingernails gripped the bedsheet and her legs tightened around his thin waist. The time had come and he was going to make sure she remembered this fuck… like their previous fuck session.

“Fuck me hard, Kesto! I’mmmmmm….. cummmmmmmmingggggg…….!” She sang and he felt her cunt-muscles tightening the grip around his sensitive cock. He was so close. He was going to cum with her. A rare treat for both of them.

“Priyadi ( Nickname me of Supriyadevi )?” A deep voice suddenly came from the doorway…. the door Prankrisno forgot to close. They both were shocked hearing the voice coming from the doorway as they turned at the same time to recognize the person. The look of sudden shock spread on his face as he stood there in the door way.

It was Tarun….. Supriyadevi’s brother who came to her to discuss the screenplay of the movie “Sonar Horin” which was going to be screened from nextday. He arrived at his elder sister’s house few minutes ago….. but without getting any response from anywhere and not seeing her in her bedroom, he decided to go to the guestroom. Not only that, the peculiar sounds coming from the guestroom made him even more curious.

“Shit.” Prankrisno cursed himself but didn’t move. They had been caught red-handed. What was he supposed to do? Would he remove herself from her? Then he could feel it….. yes, Supriyadevi tightened around his sliding prick as her orgasm continued to race.

“Kesto….. you! But what are doing here?” Tarun asked as he tried to adjust his eyes in the dimly lit bedroom.

“FUCKKKKKKK…..!” Supriyadevi screamed and both Prankrisno and Tarun looked ar her face. Prankrisno knew very well what was happening and he was beyond shocked. He did the only thing a red-blooded man would do. He continued to pound the fuck out of her squirting cunt right in front of her producer brother.

“Oh Memsaheb…. you’re just like a filthy slut. You like knowing your brother can see you fucking with other person?” He grinned….. thrusting harder as her squirting pussy convulsed around him. It was the sweetest sensation he’d ever felt as her orgasm washed her away.

This was beyond unexpected. This he did NOT know.

“Priya, are you OK?” Tarun’s confused voice came again, but this time he was closer…. could clearly understand what was actually going on. Prankrisno looked up as he was losing himself and could feel himself so close towards his orgasm. However in that peak moment, he could see Tarun now on the other side of the bed…. watching the hot action closely. And Prankrisno then could notice the huze tent in his pyjama.

“Look at that, Memsaheb. Your brother was highly excited….. he got a huze hard on for seeing you fucked by me.” He said wickedly as she clenched him even tighter. He then turned to her brother who was intently watching his 49 yrs old elder sister being fucked by a Odisan Cook-Driver.

“Dadababu, if you don’t mind, please take your clothes off. Your darling sister wants your help.”

“Oh God!” Supriyadevi gasped…. hearing his wicked words.

Prankrisno thought he had to stop moving or he was going to shoot before this really started. He was momentarily proud of the restraint that he had not to completely lose himself.

Both Supriyadevi and Prankrisno watched as Tarun quickly stripped out of his clothing. Actually Prankrisno had worked as a Driver at Tarun’s house for six months at first and when Munmun requested him for a reliable Driver, he recommended him for the Tolly-queen. And that’s why Tarun had seen him naked one day when he took bath in the shower without locking the bathroom’s door. So it wasn’t unknown to him what a stud he was, but that was another story!

Anyway Tarun now stood next to his elder sister’s bed…. being completely naked…. while Supriyadevi could barely breathe achieving her tremendous climax. Tarun saw his sister’s enormous tits barely moving as she gave little gasps. Prankrisno noticed them too. How could he not? They were perfect.

“Go ahead, Dadababu.” Prankrisno urged Tarun. “Touch them. Do you have any idea that your ‘Didi’ loves it very much when her big tits are played with.”

Tarun’s hand trembled with the prospect of touching his great silver-queen actress Didi for the first time as he reached out. They all held their breath watching the movement. And Prankrisno felt her pussy flutter along the entire length of his cock as her brother’s hand moved closer.

“Oh, fuck.” She gasped and clamped down on Prankrisno’s invaded cock firmly when her brother made contact with her tits.

“Didi, I can’t believe it?” Tarun whispered….. squeezing hypnotically one of her massive tits.

“Ohhhhhhh….. Fucking God.” Prankrisno swore and thrust hard into her. The force made the tits bounce as Tarun’s eyes glazed with raw lust. “Go on, Dadababu. Suck it….. I know you’re dreaming this for a long time.”

The 35 yrs old famous Tolly director-producer looked up at the Odisan Cook in disbelief. He couldn’t digest the fact that a great actress like his Didi was enjoying sex with a Odisan Cook while he himself was sharing their illicit copulation. His shaking hand was still on her right tit as Prankrisno thrust back and forth madly….. unable to stop himself.

“Like this, Dadababu.” He asked….. leaning forward and taking a hard brownish nipple of Supriyadevi into his mouth.

She was now tighter than ever as he sucked on it and he felt her orgasm all over his cock when Tarun followed his lead. He leaned in and took the other nipple of his Didi into his mouth. Prankrisno watched his lips close around it and then they both moved in unison…. with a suckling motion.

“Ohhhhhhh…… how nice it baby….. Ohhhhhh suck my nipples harder!” Supriyadevi screamed suddenly and came all over Prankrisno’s pistoning cock again.

“Look at that, Dadababu.” Prankrisno said…. removing his mouth from the nipple and standing back up. “We’re are making your slut Didi cum. Fuck, she’s cumming so good!” Saying that he pounded her with increased speed as her pleasure-filled screams echoed in the room again.

“Stop. Too much. Please.” She begged one point…. unable to breathe.

Tarun moved back a little like he had hurt her and looked concerned as he removed his mouth from his Didi’s nipple. Meanwhile Prankrisno reluctantly pulled out of her and saw her soaking wet pussy-lips.

Supriyadevi looked over at her brother and said, “No Tarun, it’s okay. Actually I’m very sensitive right now.”

Tarun then looked over at Prankrisno who smiled at his earlier employer. Prankrisno saw the wonder in Tarun’s face. Actually Tarun was surprised to see his famous mature actress Didi being naked and getting fucked by a servant….. and getting suck her amazing tits by him.

“Can I…… I….. Didi?” Tarun’s harsh voice came out when Prankrisno met his eyes again.

“Can you what, Dadababu?” He asked feeling himself throb when Tarun looked down at his cock. Could it be?

“You can do anything you want.” Supriyadevi assured her brother….. sitting up and looking at him with a generous smile.

“I’ve always wondered about this.” He said reaching for Prankrisno’s enormous cock.

“Oh God, fuck!” Prankrisno swore when Tarun’s hand wrapped around his thick black cock. He’d never experienced this in his life…. and never imagined to happen it.

He thought he had put the walls up around himself to protect from such lecherous behavior. The walls quickly crumbled down when Tarun began to stroke it though with his right hand. At the same time, he reached down his left hand and stroked his own rock hard erection.

“It’s so much bigger than mine, Kesto.” Tarun said jealously….. stroking his huze black cock as Prankrisno took a deep breath. He thought he had to control himself because Tarun’s looking up at him had him on the razor edge.

“Don’t be embarrassed for that, yours are sufficient big.” Supriyadevi assured her brother…. watching him smilingly. Her eyes were as wide as Prankrisno….. neither of them wanted to blink and run the risk of missing anything when it was this hot.

Then Tarun did what Prankrisno never expected. His chest hurt as he held his breath…. watching the famous Tolly director lean in. Prankrisno bit his bottom lip, so that he wouldn’t shout and scare his previous Malik.

“Yes, Dadababu! Oh God!” Prankrisno moaned as he could feel Tarun’s warm breath on the glistening tip of his cock. His cock was covered with Supriyadevi’s wet pussy-juices. He was throbbing at the insanely hot scene playing out right in front of his eyes.

Closer…… Prankrisno clenched his fists and bit down harder on his lip. He was going to lose his fucking mind if it didn’t happen soon. He summoned all of the will power he had to keep from shoving right into Tarun’s mouth and shooting his seed straight into his throat.

“FUUUUUUUCK!” Prankrisno couldn’t hold back anymore. He threw his head back, the moment he felt Tarun’s mouth close around his cock-head.

“Oh my God.” Supriyadevi breathed with eager excitement….. watching as Prankrisno pulsed and her brother pulled off. Prankrisno started to shoot in his mouth, and then he covered his face with his whitish gooey cum.

Prankrisno forced himself to look back at the sight. He would never forget the seductive droop of Tarun’s eyes and the way he moved in again and sucked the sensitive tip for the last spurt of cum.

“Daaaadddaaaabaaaabuuuuu………!” He shouted in animalistic grunts and thrust his hips.

He couldn’t help it. It was just too fucking much. Tarun choked when Prankrisno felt the back of his throat. He pulled himself back slightly….. not wanting to hurt him but it was a Herculean task to do so! He should win a fucking award for the restraint he was showing right then.

“You tastes so good, Kesto.” Tarun smiled and licked his lips where a thick drop was resting.

“Fuck! Come here Tarun.” Supriyadevi said…. leaning back and spreading her legs wide. Both the guys saw it. She was soaked, her swollen pussy-lips were inflamed and ready to be taken…. stretching around her opening. “Fuck me, Tarun.”

“Goddamn it!” Prankrisno uttered.

His stomach clenched again at the incredible sight he was witnessing. He wasn’t going to miss a single moment! He moved beside her and kissed her deeply as Tarun set himself between her legs. He felt the moment it happened. Supriyadevi’s body shook with it. She gasped as Prankrisno turned to see Tarun had thrust completely inside of her.

“Careful Dadababu.” He cautioned the great Tolly producer and turned to Supriyadevi. “You okay, Memsaheb?”

“Sorry Didi. Did I hurt you?”Tarun asked with an anxious smile.

“No, it’s okay.” She sighed…. feeling her 49 yrs old mature cunt being filled by her 35 yrs old brother. It made the Odisan Cook’s prick shoot back to full length once again.
“Just be careful Dadababu. Your Didi is still sensitive.”

“Feels so good, Didi…… at last, my dream is fulfilled and for this I’ll owe to you forever.” He said…. expressing his deep gratitude to his famous actress Didi as he pulled back and instantly pushed back in. Watching the brother-sister’s incestuous fuck, Prankrisno moved up beside her head and pushed his dick into her mouth.

“Fuck! Getting a blowjob from my fantasy queen and her brother.” Prankrisno hissed….. his balls boiled as she took his huze black cock deep and moaned around him.

“DIDÌIIIIIII…….. !” Suddenly Tarun cried out and he thrust harder. “I’m going to cum!”

“Fill her up! Fill your Didi’s hot pussy with that load, Dadababu!” Prankrisno urged.

“AAAAAHHHHHH… Diiiiiiiiiddddiiiiiiiii……!” He screamed and shot deep into her. Prankrisno watched as his previous employer’s cock pulsed and emptied into her with every thrust he kept giving to her.

Prankrisno saw it happen….. yes, Supriyadevi came again as she squirted! The squirting wasn’t as strong as before, but it was still coating her brother’s cock and balls. And watching that, Prankrisno fired his load into her mouth as they all shared the orgasm in unison. A small stream of cum slowly flowed down her lipstick coated glossy lips. Tarun watched his Didi swallow the Odisan Cook’s hot cum before he himself pulled out of her.

“My God.” Prankrisno gasped….. collapsing next to Supriyadevi and her brother as she pulled them both in her arms lovingly. Tarun reached for Prankrisno’s cock again and he knew they were far from over.

After half an hour, before Prankrisno left her house, Supriyadevi invited him in pleading eyes…. taking his hands….. to come again so that they could enjoy another hot session in which Prankrisno gladly accepted her invitation.

To be continued…..

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