Tolly Queen 8

Kader’s stay in Kolkata and the happy moments with Koel and her husband had come to an end at last. He hated to say it that he had to leave for his hometown Dhaka. His friendship and contract with them had been a real adventure and had turned their life upside down.

However he was not really sure how Nispal felt about it, but he knew Koel was on top of the world. His bags were packed and kept at the doorway as he turned to say goodbye to both of them.

He shook Nispal’s hand and thanked him for the wonderful time and then he turned to say goodbye to Koel as well. She stood there looking at Kader for a moment before she dropped to her knees in front of him.

“We can’t have you traveling all the way home with a big load in your large sack…. can we dear,” she looked back at her husband questioningly.

Who was too argue. He has come to learn that she gives the best head in Tollygunge film-industry. And based on his past experiences, things were going to be pretty lonely once he got back at his hometown.

“Bhabi, you know I’m a sucker for your blowjobs. As long as your husband doesn’t have any objections, I’m happy to oblige my hostess,” Kader said.

“You don’t mind if I wrap my lips around your buddy’s cock now and drink his highly protien based cream supplying from his big balls…. do you honey,” Koel said looking over at her husband while she unzipped Kader’s pants and reached in to free his cock.

“I really don’t think it matters…. does it darling? You’re going to do whatever and whenever you want to….. not only Kaderbhai….. anyone you like…… aren’t you?” replied Nispal approvingly.

“Mmmm, now you’re talking like a real husband. You’ve made me the slut in Tollygunge you’ve always wanted. Now that I’m here…. I am going to do exactly what I want. You know I really like sucking this big fat cock of Kaderbhai while you sit and watch,” Koel said. “Why don’t you just take a seat beside me honey and watch how your hot wife sucks a real man’s cock and swallows every drop of his sperm.”

With a satisfying smile, Nispal took a seat as his wife requested. Meanwhile Kader turned his attention to the lips wrapped around his black cock…… Man, this Tolly Queen was one helluva cocksucker.

And knowing that this would be his last for some time, he was determined to make it last as long as possible. Of course, he had less control over his passions than Koel had over his cock.

He could feel the sperm boiling in his balls. He tried his damnest to thing of things over than the blowjob he was receiving. But it was just about impossible. So he surrendered to her lips and tongue and simply got absorbed in the pleasurable feelings.

He gently placed his right hand on the side of her cheek and could feel his dick bouncing off the inside of her mouth. He began to face fuck her a little faster….. a little deeper as his balls began to tighten. He knew his time was near…. so he picked up the pace a bit.

Koel must have sensed his pending climax as she began to massage the hairy balls while stroking his cock. Just as he was about to cum, she pulled his dick out from her mouth. She stroked it while allowing the tip of his dick to rest on her lips.

He couldn’t stand the sensation any longer and dumped the biggest load of the weekend in her mouth. His knees buckled as his face felt flush and his breath was taken away.

As he finished his climaxing and regained control, he looked down to see a mouthful of sperm resting on the slut actress’s tongue. She wiped the head of his cock across her lips and then crawled over to her husband.

Being a cuckold husband, Nispal sat on a nearby sofa stroking his raging hard-on as he watched his famous wife’s blow-job performance. And when he noticed his partner’s sticky cum resting on his wife’s tongue, he couldn’t hold himself anymore. He let loose of his own cum instantly on her tongue as well. Koel swirled the combined loads with her tongue around her open mouth….. then tilted her head back…. and swallowed.

“Mmmm, that was delicious boys and just the right size too. You see dear, although your cum is too big, it’s not sufficient for my large appetite. That’s why I’m going to need more cocks than just yours whenever I’m horny,” the slut Tolly celeb said with a wicked grin.

“I know that darling…. but after Kaderbhai’s departure, you surely miss his bucket of his tasty cream,” Nispal replied.

“Yes, I’m going to miss you badly, Kaderbhai….. please don’t stay away long, will you darling?” Koel said as she stood with her moisten eyes and hugged him goodbye.

“Bhabi, you can count on me being back before you know it.” Kader said as he returned the hug and kissed her on the lips goodbye. He might be forget exactly where her lips had been just moments ago.

Kader then left for his hometown and thought about the weekend the entire way home. He couldn’t get the young Tolly actress out of his mind or her sexual antics. Damn, Noel sure was a lucky guy to have such a slut wife. Just watching this woman in action was more than enough pleasure for most of her fans.
______ ________ _______ _____ ______ _____

The next couple of months were extremely humdrum. Worked sucked, his picturing sucked, and his on-again, off-again relationship sucked as well. In hindsight, he thought, he had gotten spoiled by the excitement at Nispal and Koel’s.

It was just about anything in comparison would suck as well. He spent his nights mentally reliving the events and spilled more than a cupful of sperm…… masturbating to those exciting memories.

Just when he thought he couldn’t stand any more of this pathetic life, the phone rang and it was Koel!

“Well…. Hello stranger. I’ve been missing you ever since you left Kolkata. Quite frankly, my pussy just hasn’t been the same since,” the Tolly heroine said after he said ‘Hello’.

“Damn Bhabi, same to me….. I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind either. The actresses around here just aren’t as liberated as you and life has been sucking ever since. What have you and Noel been up to,” he asked.

“Oh you know my husband very well, habitual worker, I can’t enough of it. Moreover he is now spending more times with Indu aunty ( Indrani Dutta ) and doesn’t have enough energy to satisfy me when he gets home. Even if he could get it up, it still wouldn’t fill me like you and Zaman ( Kamruzzaman, husband of Porimoni ) did. Damn, I miss you both and I need some attention for my aching pussy, ” she said with her familiar husky voice.

“I know what you mean Bhabi. Say, I have a three-day weekend coming up next month, would you like me to come down to Kolkata and visit you two again, ” Kader said hoping the answer would be ‘Yes!’.

“I have a better idea Kaderbhai. I’m making an arrangements to spend some of that hard earned money of ours. I was wondering if you could afford to burn a couple of days with us in Jamaica, however all expenses paid of course!,” said Koel.

“Oh my darling Bhabi, I couldn’t have you pay for my trip but hell yes, I’d love to join you two for the Jamaica vacation!” He said…. ready to jump out of his clothes.

“Don’t worry about the expense honey. Very recently, I got a huge amount of money by signing up a ‘B-grade’ film from a South Indian producer…. so money is the least of our worries. Besides, you know very well that whatever we spend on you, we’re going to get our money’s worth,” she purred.

“Well whatever maybe, I don’t want to feel like a cheap whore Bhabi. And I’m not about to turn down an offer like this. But when do I need to be ready to go?” He asked.

“Two weeks from tomorrow if you can get away Kaderbhai,” she said.

“Count on it Bhabi, whatever it takes, I’ll be there,” he said.

“Oh fine…. and one other thing Kaderbhai, we’re bringing my new girl friend Porimoni along. I think you may know her well…… she is from your country and an established heroine. I’m sure you’ll like her. Is that ok?” she said.

“Bhabi, although she is a notable actress in our country, I never see her in real. If she’s half as nice, half as sweet, and half as sexy as you are, I’d be silly to complain” he said.

“Oh, she’s nice Kaderbhai, real nice. I can’t wait to show you. See you in two weeks darling. Until then, try to keep your hands off of that nice cobra of yours. I want to make sure your sperm levels are at an all time high….. so I have plenty to eat and drink when I see you,” she said.

“I’ll do my best Bhabi. See you in two weeks,” he said.

Damn, he wanted to take his cock out right then and there and masturbate at the thought of his buddy’s hot wife. But then again, he wanted to make sure she got a mouthful of his creamy texture when they met again. Quite a dilemma but pleasing Koel won out over jacking off for then.

The next 2 weeks seemed like 4 but the time finally arrived. Kader packed his bags and drove to the airport ready for another wild adventure. Meanwhile Koel and her husband picked up Porimoni and were flying to Jamaica together.

They were to meet him at Ian Fleming International airport of Jamaica as their flight arrived shortly before Kader’s. The entire flight Kader kept visualizing the damn hot Bengalee celeb fucking and sucking while her husband sat back and watched. His dick was getting hard in his pants just thinking about it.

However those thoughts helped cut the flight time in half. And before he knew it, he felt the plane descend and the wheels hit ground. A small delay in exiting the plane…. then a quit trip to the baggage counter and he was ready to hit the beach.

Down the aisle he walked and at the end of the isle stood Koel and her husband. He quickened his pace and was soon embracing Koel and shaking hands with his old buddy cum partner Nispal.

“Kaderbhai, I’d like to introduce you to my sister like girl friend Porimoni,” Koel said as she turned and face the lovely Bangladeshi actress standing behind her.

Damn, this lady was even more sexy, beautiful and younger than Koel…. with a petite, athletic body that would stop a freight train. He stood there gawking at her until Koel said “Well say hello silly!”

“Oh, I’m, I, I, …….hello Miss Porimoni, my name is Kader….. Abdul Kader Sheikh and it’s a pleasure to meet you!” He finally managed to stutter out.

“Hello Kaderbhai, it’s a pleasure to meet a great person like you….. and I must say I’m eagerly waiting for a long time to work with you in your film. However Koeldi has told me so much about you. I’m glad you could join us and I’m looking forward to spending the next couple of weeks with you and my friends here,” said Porimoni…… radiating a certain level of beauty that only runs into once in a great moon.

“No no Poriji….. don’t say that…… it’d my pleasure to work with you….,” Kader replied.

“We could talk about that later….. but at first shall we catch a cab and get to the hotel so we can hit the beach before the sun sets,” said Nispal.

“Yep, let’s go,” Kader said eager to get the vacation under way.

He walked a step or two behind Koel and Porimoni….. chatting with Nispal. Actually he was allowing Nispal to chat so that he could throughly examine the two beautiful ladies strut in front of him.

As he watched them, he could swear that there must be some kind of special bond between Koel and Porimoni. Something that stood out in their body language as they walked arm in arm. He wasn’t sure, but his mind was just in the gutter and his imagination was running a little wild.

They caught a cab and checked into the hotel. Much to his surprise, they only had two rooms…. one for him, and one for Koel, Nispal, and Porimoni. Hmmm, very interesting…… he thought.

They each unpacked and freshened up and agreed to meet outside of their rooms in fifteen minutes. He was ready in about two minutes and the other thirteen minutes seemed like hours.

But the wait was well worth it as he stood there and watched Koel, Porimoni, and Nispal exit their room. Both the actresses looked much better in their far fewer clothes. He had all he could do to keep his dick from creating a tent in his trunks.

They rode through the elevator to the lobby and then headed out to the beach behind the hotel. The sand was white, clean and warm to the touch and the sun was ever so inviting.

Nispal ordered drinks as the rest found a spots on the beach to relax. Kader just lay there and let it happen….. his swollen dick given signs that he was enjoying.

“My my….. I can see what you were talking about Koeldi. Kaderbhai seems to have quite a package hidden away under those trunks of his. Do you think we might get to see it without all that fabric later today,” Porimoni asked with a wicked smile.

“Oh, I’m almost certain that if we play our cards right, we might get to see quite a bit of this throughout the entire week Pori,” replied Koel as she allowed her hands to slide up his trunks and squeeze his now erect dick.

“Hey, looks like I’ve been missing something,” said Nispal as he arrived with the drinks.

“Oh no, not really honey,” said Koel, “I’m just massaging a little on Kaderbhai’s joy stick. Come here, let me feel yours too.”

However Nispal was a little disappointed not getting that type of offer from Porimoni. Anyway he guessed her mission was accomplished.

The four of them spent the afternoon swimming in the pool and then drinking on the poolside under the sun while they talked about anything and everything. Kader was surprised to see at how open minded and liberated Porimoni was….. even more than he remembered Koel being. However Koel by now was quite liberal in her thinking too.

“I’m getting quite hungry,” he said, “Anyone interested in having dinner?”

“Yes, I’m starved,” said Koel, “But first, let’s go shower and change….. then hit that seafood lounge down the road from here”.

“Sounds like a plan,” said Nispal and the four of them picked up their belongings and headed back to their rooms.

They rode the elevator to their floor and during the ride Kader couldn’t help but smell the sweet essence of Porimoni as he stared at her bikini-covered tits. Koel was standing in front of her and gently resting her back against Porimoni.

The bell rang…. signaling the arrival of their floor and the four of them got out of the elevator and headed to their rooms. Koel opened her door as Kader fumbled with his key. Much to his surprise, Porimoni was standing behind him instead of following Koel and Nispal into their room.

“Oh Kaderbhai, I’m sorry, I should ask your permission instead of just supposing,” She said, “You don’t mind if I shower in your place…. do you? The shower is only big enough for two and it will be much faster if we share versus waiting for Koeldi and her husband to finish.”

“Uhhh, well, well of course not,” Kader said thinking how stinking lucky could one guy get.

He eagerly opened the door and allowed the young Bangladeshi actress to enter. She wasted no time in getting undressed and headed directly to the shower. Almost as if they had known one another for years.

“C’mon Kaderbhai, don’t be shy, join me in the shower, I won’t bite,” she grinned.

Immediately Kader stripped off his trunks and walked into the shower. His semi-erect long dick was swaying back and forth. Inside the shower Porimoni had already lathered up her body. The soap dripping off her perky boobs and down her stomach…… made his swinging dick harder and harder…

“Oh Kaderbhai, looks like your Nigro rod needs some attention,” with a devilish grin Porimoni said, “Do you mind if I give your big snake some relief?”

“Not at all Miss Pori, my dick is always at your command,” he said.

“Mmmm, I like a guy that’s willing to be a little submissive and please a woman the way she wants to be pleased. I think this is going to be a fun couple of weeks honey,” she said with a broad smile.

With that she grabbed his stiff dick with her soap-covered hands. Then she began to stroke it while rolling his huge sperm-filled balls in her other hand.

Kader too wasn’t idle as he lathered up and began massaging Porimoni’s tits with his soapy hands. He stepped forward slightly to allow his raging hard-on and her hands to be pressed between the two of them.

Few seconds later, he moved his hands behind her and squeezed her soft ass cheeks…. pulling her closer to him. Being excited, Porimoni increased the tightness of her grip and began to stroke his cock even faster. At one point, she released the balls and lowered her hand between his ass cheeks.

Quickly she found his dirty anal opening with her fingers. At first she inserted one of her soapy fingers and then two in his tight rectum which made him jump with sudden excitement. Then she began stroking her fingers in and out of his slippery asshole in rhythm with the stroking she was giving his cock.

Next moment a third finger of Porimoni found it’s way in his anus and that was just about all he could take. He unloaded his first load with throaty groan in several weeks….. all over her belly and in between her tits.

She pressed her body against him as she continued to stroke his cock and pull out her fingers from the ass. The unbelievable sensation made his knees buckle and just about made him faint.

He kissed her as he hugged and thanked her for the heavenly pleasure given by her. He asked her if he could recipicate but she said there’d be much more time for that later. Right now she simply needed the dinner.

So they finished up as Porimoni returned to Nispal and Koel’s place wrapping herself in a towel in order to get dressed for the evening.

They had a wonderful dinner together with Koel on one side of Kader and Porimoni on the other. The food was great, the drinks were great, and the company was out of this world.

Kader couldn’t think there was a single moment at the restaurant where one of the ladies didn’t have their hand on his bulging crouch. At one point, their hands met in the middle….. then together they massaged his dick and balls in unison. He sat through the entire meal with a raging hard-on and was surprised that he didn’t shoot his load.

After dinner they hits some bars where they consumed more drinks and did a little dirty dancing. Koel and her husband took the dance floor followed by Porimoni and Kader.

At one point they switched partners and when Nispal tired of the dancing, he left Kader to dance with both of the horny celebrities together. While each of these hot actresses were alone….. hot enough for any man, the two of them together must be a double-trouble.

Kader had enough to drink to not care what anyone thought. Even he didn’t feel to bother hiding the obvious tent in his pants. He was sure he got a few awkward stares as the three of them exited the floor, but he simply didn’t give a damn. He was soaking up the attention like a cheap whore.

Koel suggested that they headed back to the hotel and hit the hot tub which he thought was a great idea. Nispal took the wheel while Koel and Porimoni joined Kader in the back.

Once the car start moving, Kader couldn’t help but to turn to Porimoni and plant a kiss on her full lips. As he did this, he let his hands explore her firm boobs while Koel encouraged them on.

“Pori, be careful what you start here…. remember honey, Kaderbhai is a live wire,” said Koel.

Porimoni just moaned but didn’t break their sensual kiss. As Kader let his tongue explore the insides of her mouth, he let his hands squeeze her boobs and gently twist her hardened nipples.

At the same time, he could feel Koel was pulling his zipper down and freeing his already rockhard meat. He raised his ass off the seat when she opened his pants, so that she could easy free his dick without pinching it the zipper. And from driver’s seat, Nispal was occasionally glancing in the rear mirror….. catching glimpses of the backseat activities.

Meanwhile freeing his dick through the fly, Koel instantly lower her mouth and consumed it as Kader began unbuttoning Porimoni’s blouse. Her boobs barely contained in the black satin demi bra she was wearing.

So with the opening of her bra’s hook, the boobs popped out easily. He was amazed at how long her brown nipples were…. at least half an inch and very erect. He lowered his mouth on her juicy nipple and took a nipple in his mouth immediately. One by one he worked her spiky nipples in and out of his mouth as Koel continued to blow him.

From the bump in the car, Kader could tell they must have pulled into the hotel parking lot but he was not about to stop until he was finished. He was very very close and just as the car came to a complete stop, he erupted in Koel’s greedy mouth.

Three…. four….. five powerful blasts of cum flooded her mouth as she continued to suck him dry. And at the same time, she was massaging his large testicles to empty them fully. As his climax subsided, he opened his eyes and noticed a mature couple walking past their car…. they were staring at them in disbelief. Man! That was one helluva climax and his second one that day.

“We’re here,” declared Nispal as the four of them busted out in laughter.

They stumbled up to the room where they went to their respective rooms to change into theor suits for the hot tub. When he was ready he went over to the other room. He expected to find the three of them ready to go.

Instead, he noticed Nispal was sitting in the corner chair….. staring towards the huge queen size bed. He couldn’t see what was going on, but by the sounds of it, it sounded awfully good.

He stepped into the room and closed the door behind him and was greeted with every man’s fantasy. The two lovely silver screen celebs of two different countries were naked in a 69 position on the bed. He had no idea that Koel was into this kind of stuff.

But now was not the time to question it….. as the bulbous head of his circumcised Nigro cock started rising quickly once again.

To be continued……

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