Tolly Queen 7

The Bangladeshi producer Kader followed his partner’s gaze to Koel’s bottom and reached over to put three fingers into her slippery asshole. She shifted her position a little to make it easier for him. So Kader get his fingers inside her rectum easily as she looked back at him and smiled.

Then turning his head towards Noel, he smiled, “Thanks, friend. I loved fucking your hot wife…. the best. And I’d love to do it again….. however if you don’t mind.”

”Absolutely….. no problem,” Nispal answered. “But before that I want to see my wife to suck you off and swallow your cum…… and I can’t wait until you cum in her ass, too.”

Hearing her husband’s comment, Koel laughed, “Yes dear, but I wanted Kaderbhai to cum in my pussy the first time….. like on a honeymoon, you know?” she teased. “And I’d love it if you’d cum in my ass right now.”

Nispal realized that his wife was talking to him. He was ready. He got out of his clothes as quickly as he could and got between her legs.

“Bhabiji, let me help your husband,” Kader offered as he scooted around above her head.

He pulled her legs back and down to lift her bottom up for Noel and open it. Her anus was still dilated a little from Kader’s having been in there. So there was no resistance at all as Noel slipped his nearly-bursting cock into her and sank it in all the way.

Koel then reached up with her hands for Kader’s now-flaccid penis. It was dangling just above her mouth as he knelt in front of her to hold her wide for her husband. She took Kader’s cock between her lips, as her husband watched her suckle his cock.

Noel noticed his buddy’s cock was hard again in his wife’s mouth as he started to thrust his cock in and out of her tight silky backdoor. At that time, Koel tilted her head back more to get a better angle for Kader’s cock.

Her neck arched up and bulged a little… each time she swallowed his cock in, taking him deep into her throat. Her little choking sounds mingled with the liquid sound of her husband’s thrusting in her ass.

“I’m cummingggggg……. again,” Kader gasped suddenly…… unable to bear the slut heroine’s mindblowing blow-job.

Realizing that Koel quickened her pace and pulled him into her mouth more. She gagged a little as his salty cream jetting down her throat. But she continued his sucking and swallowed the tasty discharge fully….. using her fingers to recover what escaped from between her lips.

It was too much for Nispal as he watched his partner filling his wife’s mouth with his viscous cum. Instantly he shot his hot load in her rectum as she licked and sucked Kader’s softening cock clean.

He was rewarded with the feeling of her sphincter contract around his tingling member as she convulsed in her second orgasm. Completely spent, they sprawled exhausted on the bed together, all three of them, being Koel in the middle.

“God, that was terrific,” Koel exhaled. “I’ve never been so well fucked. Thank you dear husband…. no no, thank you both.”

She then rolled over and kissed Kader, tonguing him deeply and fondling his huge dangling sack. After that she rolled over and kissed her husband, tongue probing deeply inside him, with her hand on his cock now. She put her head in the crook of her beloved husband’s arm and snuggled in….. sighing with the feel of absolute love and protection.

“Kaderbhai, please make sure the door to the front is locked when you leave?” Koel said, still nestled on her husband’s shoulder.

Her eyes were closed in peace as her husband felt her very much with him. She was telling Kader indirectly that it was time for him to leave. Noel felt a surge of love, and maybe relief too, that even though Kader’s semen was inside her, she was for him…. only for him.

“Sure,” Kader answered as Noel heard him get up and get dressed.

He patted Koel on the ass as he left. “Thanks Bhabi, for this wonderful night,” He called out as he headed for the door. “And you too Noel….. to enjoy your beautiful wife….. see you tomorrow.”

“Um hum….. be sure, don’t forget to come tomorrow,” Koel answered back. “And when my hubby gets home I want you both to fuck me again. One in each hole….. at the same time,” the slut actress called out with a wicked grin.

She then lifted up her head and turned it to look at Kader as he glanced back, hesitating in the doorway and said, “Of course…. how can I miss you?”

Immediately Koel teased, “But at first, the two of you can argue about who gets which hole.”

The Tollygunge couple then heard Kader going down the steps and the door close. With that Koel turned back to her husband with an exotic sparkle in her eyes that he had learned to love. Koel raised on her elbow and looked in her husband’s eyes.

“It’s what you asked for, isn’t it, honey….. isn’t that what you wanted me to do? Did you mind it too much when I was thinking about him, cumming for him? Because I was thinking about you, too, you know. Thinking about you watching me do it. I love it that you realized how much I liked it, that it was OK for you.”

“No, it wasn’t too much, darling. It’s exactly what I wanted,” Noel assured her. “The sex was great….. and so is this, with you here with me afterwards.”

Koel smiled up at her husband and said, “I’ll always be here with you. I love you, dear. I liked having our partner fuck me. You know that’s only for our career, but I love you the best….. you’re my husband… my dearest husband. Are we going to keep doing it? Can I fuck him again tomorrow? You both said you want me to.”

“And you do too, don’t you?” Noel asked her.

“Yes. I do.” She grinned at her husband. “I really liked it, even more than I thought it would be. Even it was far better than the threesome we made with Indu ( Indrani Dutta ) aunty. Thank you. I do want to do it again. Maybe tomorrow, if I’m not too sore. But we’ll wait for you, no matter how wet I get.”

She giggled, and the contractions of her laugh caused some of Kader’s semen to gurgle out of her cunt. They both looked down between her legs and she opened them some more so they could see that clearly. They laughed in unison as the sticky evidence of what she had done….. of what they had done….. drizzled out of her pussy…… onto the sheets.

Koel looked at her husband and said, “That’s Kader’s cum….. dripping out of my pussy. I’m so glad I took his condom off. I hope you don’t mind. It doesn’t seem like fucking otherwise. Actually I wanted to feel his hot semen gushing directly in my pussy, and to let him feel my insides.”

And then, she glanced at her husband with a start, “Oh, my my……! I hope he didn’t make me pregnant.” What a thought! But after a pause, she calmed down with, “I think my period is in a couple of days, so we’re probably OK.”.

She was quiet for a minute. “Maybe we should have him cum in my ass on my fertile days so that only you can go in my cunt when I’m ovulating.”

“But I’m not worried about that….. I mean whether you’re ovulating or not…. even I never mind about the fact if you’re impregnated by him or others. However it sounds good to me,” Noel answered, and kissed her. “So I think you’ll get both of us in all the three holes of you.”

She laughed up at her husband….. happy….. content….. satisfied and then put her head down on him and slept happily.

Actually he had clearly given up part of his wife to his partner…. part of her sexual side…. her womanhood. But in return, he had gotten back even more. He was now sure that she would always prefer to have sex with Kader…… even she wouldn’t object other men to fuck her.

That was just something she needed sexually, and it clearly didn’t interfere with their love and faith….. or their enjoyment of each other’s bodies. They had sure had a great time together tonight because of Kader’s involvement with them.

He now fully realized how much he wanted to see other men fuck her…. to see her in that kind of need. He was now driven by that kind of lust, even if, part of it, was driven by a deeper desire that had nothing to do with him.

It had been almost as good to see her cum like that with someone else inside her as it was to fuck her by himself. She had been so hot….. she had taken Kader in her ass without any trouble. She had clearly needed to do that….. to fuck someone else, and he wanted it for her too.
__________ _________ _________ ___________

So things had changed greatly after their marriage. Another man had had his wife now….. her cunt….. her anus….. her tits….. her mouth. But Nispal was glad for her…. for him….. for Kader. He liked it, as he watched her fall asleep in his peaceful embrace.

She was not only his wife…… now a real slutwife too, so that other men would fuck her….. would be used freely for their enjoyment. He knew with certainty that there would be others…. many others in Tollygunge film-industry after Kader who would enjoy her and that surely helped to flourish their production unit.

He was highly grateful to her….. proud of having such an adjustable wife…. proud of what she had done for their family’s wellbeing.
____ _______ _______ ________ ______ _____

It’s over two years later now and Nispal never get tired of the sight of his wife spreading her legs for other producers, directors or actors. It’s real and not flirting…… and he is very proud of the fact that she’s never coy about it.

“Wet pink with a hole in it,” as she describes it, displaying herself to her dates.

Her partners were mostly the filmy personnel…. but not too much….. maybe there have been just five during this period. And she never felt ashamed to let them know that she is always ready to be owned…. used….. spanked…. fucked by them just to get a role in their films. However she was even more conscious about the fact that her husband must knew how much she wanted that….. and how much she loved them for letting her do it.

Nispal never got tired of the first instant when she showed another man open her labia. His face was brightened up when he realized that he was once again going to watch his gorgeous wife’s another live blue show. He never failed to be aroused beyond description at the moment when another man’s cock slid into her highly valued aristocratic pussy.

However he liked it most when the cock penetrated her anus….. into her rectum… he had seen it now several times, all good. He loved the little involuntary shudder she made as his penis separated her labia or opened her sphincter and plunged inside. The little gasp that signaled she had her lover’s now, thinking of his cock in her, of cumming for him.

And her husband never felt jealously of watching her spasm as her lover splashed inside her….. watching her lift her hips to milk his semen deep into her pussy or rectum. It makes Noel happy when that person ejaculated his hot load into her tunnel while she contracted in passion to receive his seed.

Noel was still in awe of the aftermath…. of seeing another man’s semen run out of her cunt or ass. It was mixed with the silky wetness that implied she wanted his load inside her. And she gurgled out with a deep sigh of happiness. This visible proof made the perverted husband satisfied that she took his cum inside her most secret place.

Now this Tollygunge celeb couple was habituated with this lifestyle. Even they wouldn’t want to stop this as their “Koel Film Production” was now capable to hold a strong position in Tollygunge film-industry. They both need it.

To be continued…..

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