Son helps Stepmom cope with Dad’s incarceration

Son helps Stepmom cope with Dad’s incarceration

My stepmother, Sandy sat at the kitchen table looking down at the bottle of sleeping pills in front of her. She hasn’t been sleeping very well since dad’s been away. Well incarcerated was more like it. He received five years for embezzlement. He hasn’t even been away for a week and poor Sandy is coming unglued.

She looked over at me, “I’m kinda nervous about taking these pills, Mason.”

“You need to sleep, Mom. The doctor wouldn’t have prescribed them to you if he didn’t think it was necessary. I mean good grief Mom you have not slept in days!”

She brushes back her long blond hair and looks at me with her tired blues, “I know Mason. If I could just stop worrying about Teddy I know I could sleep. But who knows how they’re treating your father in that…horrible place.”

I wanted to laugh but I didn’t. Dad was in a country club prison. How bad could he be having it? “For fuck sake! Take the goddamn pills, Mom.” I snapped, feeling a little frustrated.

Sandy’s eyes went wide.

“And as for Dad, you need to stop worrying about him. He knew this day was coming. He’ll be fine. And so will you. I’ll make sure of that.”

“If your father was here you wouldn’t be using that type of language with me, young man!”

I rolled my eyes, “Believe me if Dad were here, I would be in Florida right now. I only have another week of spring break before I gotta be back to the university. And if these pills are gonna put you on the fast track to getting better, then you’re gonna take them. Do you understand. I CAN’T put college on hold, Mom!”

Sandy put her hands to her ears, “I know! I know! I know!”

I went to the kitchen and took a bottle of water from the fridge and I walked back to the dining room. Then I picked up the pill bottle and dumped two of the tiny sleeping pills into my hand. “Here, take these.”

“But Mason the prescription says that I’m supposed to take one before bed time, not two.”

“You’re taking two, Mom.” I snapped.

She folded her arms and shook her head, “No Mason, I’m taking only one.”

I threw the pills at her, ” Well fuck it I’m done! In fact I’m outta here!” I shouted and I turned around and headed for the door.

“Mason! Honey please don’t leave your Momma like this!”

“You don’t trust me, so why in the hell should I be here?”

“I trust you Mason! Look!!” she popped the two sleeping pills and chased them with the water. “Don’t go please Mason. Dr. Thompson said that I need someone to be here while I sleep. Honey. Please!”

I sighed and turned around and walked back and sat down beside her and I took her hand, “Okay Mom.”

She reached over and pinched my cheek, “You’re such a good boy, Mason. Thank you.”

Good boy, huh? I’m a twenty one year old man, not a fucking boy! I patted Mom’s hand and glanced down at her tits. Sandy was wearing a pink spaghetti strap camisole and the material was so thin that I could see the indentations of her nipples pressing against the underside of the fabric. She has some pointy nipples.

Sandy caught me looking and she sighed, “Mason will you please stop that. It makes Momma feel uncomfortable.”

I nodded and shrugged, “Sorry Mom.” I blushed and looked away. Blame it on Dad he’s the one that paid for those modified tits. I dared to read her bra size one day while doing laundry. Sandy has a set of thirty-eight double “D” breasts.

“You’re just like your father.” Sandy pinched my cheek again and then stood up. She suddenly yawned and gripped the edge of the table, “Goodness these pills are working fast. So I better get ready for bed.” she said and with that she bent down and kissed the top of my head. Make sure you check on me every hour, Mason.

“I promise, Mom.”

“Thank you, baby.”

I nodded and watched her walk to the bedroom, her tight ass twitching back and forth in her Black yoga pants. Sandy was thirty eight but she has a nicer body than some of the twenty one year old girls at my university. “Remember to leave the door unlocked, Mom.”

“I will.” Sandy nods and then gives me a smile before she closes the door behind her.

Wow! I can’t count the times I’ve watched my Dad take her hand and lead her to that very bedroom.

I don’t know why but I suddenly felt the urge to masturbate. So I got up and walked to my old room and stretched out the bed. I hurriedly took my tank top off and unbuckled my jeans and pulled them off and tossed them across the room. Then I laid back and began thinking about Sandy. My dick got so hard as I thought about the various positions I wanted to take her in. And that’s when I hear something fall or someone fall rather. I jumped up out of bed dressed in only my socks and I darted to the master bedroom to find Mom lying on the floor at the foot of the bed.

The inside of the bedroom was lit only by a small night light so it was difficult to see if she was conscious or not. I walk over to where she lay, “Mom?”

Sandy turned her head and tried to push herself up with hands, “I fell.” she mumbled but collapsed onto her face again. “I just feel so sleepy, Honey.”

“Let me help you.” I said and bent down and picked her up and cradled her in my arms. He head dipped back as I walked her around to her side of the bed. She was totally out of it.

I gently laid her down on her back and she smiled up at me, “Thank you, Darling.” she reached up and put her hand on my stomach. Then she squinted, “Teddy, are you naked?”

I quickly put my hand over my crotch to hide myself but the head of my dick stuck down past my hand and I quickly came to the conclusion that it was just too hard to hide a hard on. So I just moved my hands.

Sandy giggled and rolled over to face away from me and then she reaches back and pulled the back of her yoga pants down.

Oh shit!

“Make it quick, Teddy, I want to get some sleep.” She chorts and tries to push the yoga pants further down her legs.

She thinks I’m dad!!

“For goodness sake help me, Teddy!”

I climb onto the bed and I gently pull the yoga pants down to her ankles. Sandy tries to kick her feet out of them but only managed to wrap the leggings around her ankles and feet.

She giggles.

I leaned in, “Shhh!”

Sandy giggled again, “Did they teach you this in prison?”

I pushed her hair aside and began gently kissing her neck.

“Mm…That feels nice, Darling.”

I laid down and pushed my body against her from behind, my hard cock pressed the small of her back.

“Oh my goodness you’re already hard, Teddy?” she gasped and wiggled her ass against my groin.

“I bet you’ve missed this hard dick haven’t you San.” I smiled. Dad never called her Sandy, it was always “San”.

“I’ve missed every inch of you, my Teddy bear.”

I growl against her ear. I was rather enjoying this little scenario. So I grabbed my cock and eased it between her buttocks.

Sandy reached back and popped me on the thigh, “You know we only do that on your birthday, Teddy.” She lifted her right leg and draped it over my thigh giving me access to her wet pink vulva.

I pressed the head of my cock against her pussy. And in teasing her, I rubbed the head of my dick against her labia.

Sandy moaned and arched her back, “Oh Teddy Bear. Please.”

I growled loudly and thrust my hips forward and shoved my dick all the way to the hilt. And her tight pussy folded around my thick nine inch cock like a warm wet glove.

“OHHH!” Mom cried out as I began ramming and jamming and twisting my inside her.

I grunted as I fucked her. And I wasn’t making love to her, I was brutalizing her fuck hole. I was owning it!!

Sandy gasped, “Oh TEDDY! You seem bigger for some reason.” she whimpered.

I gritted my teeth and started fucking her harder and faster. “Take it BITCH!” I snapped!


“Do you like it Baby…huh!, I grunted against her ear.

“YES OH GAWD!!!” she gasped clawing and pulling the bed covers to her. “Yessss.”

I felt myself about to cum so I drove my dick to the hilt and I came so fucking hard.

Suddenly Sandy cried out, and her pussy clenched and her body began to tremble and spasm. She was in the throws of a powerful orgasm. Slowly she rolled onto her stomach as her orgasm began to fade.

I draped my arm over her waist and pulled her against me, “That was incredible.” I said breathlessly. Panting as if I’d ran a mile.

She reached back and patted my hip, “So were you, Mason. So were you.”

I smiled and I held her for a few more minutes before she began gently snoring. She was finally asleep.

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