My daughters & husband sexually pleasure me for my birthday

My daughters & husband sexually pleasure me for my birthday

As birthdays go this one wasn’t too bad.

I was prepared to experience some sort of sadness over my fortieth birthday, but as it got closer and closer, I discovered that it didn’t really bother me.

Even when I woke up early this morning and went for my morning run, I couldn’t seem to work up any of the sadness that so many of my friends have felt over this milestone.

I’ve used the years I’ve had so far as well as I could, and even if it all ends tomorrow I don’t have a large list of regrets or things that I haven’t done.

And the life I have brings me a great deal of joy. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, and we’re even more in love now than we were twenty-two years ago when we tied the knot.

I have a daughter named Erin who’s about to graduate from college and get married herself to a great young man named Jeff. And another daughter named Julie who’s all set to start her third year of college.

My husband Robert sold his company a few years ago for enough money to live on for the rest of our lives, and even though I write erotica under a pseudonym it sells just well enough to make me feel good.

And my sex life is better now than it’s ever been. I’m having more sex, in more positions, with more pleasure, more orgasms, more fun, and with more partners, than ever before.

My husband gave me a new bracelet over breakfast this morning, and then his sister took me out to lunch, and we spent the afternoon at a spa being pampered.

And then Erin and Jeff and Julie came over for dinner, and we had a pleasant evening of laughter and cake.

Once both girls were in college our family started a very special after dinner birthday tradition.

And for the first time ever we’re including Jeff, since within a few months he’ll be an official member of the family, and we want him to feel welcome.

My husband drew me a bath and lit some candles in the bathroom and bedroom, turned on some soft music, and let me soak in the tub for an hour.

After that, clean and warm and horny and happy I opened the bedroom door a crack to signal that I was ready, and crawled into bed.

It didn’t take long before the door opened a bit further, and I felt the bed shift as someone climbed on.

I spread my legs and I felt a pair of hands slide up my thighs as a hot mouth covered my cunt and I felt a tongue probe into my hole.

“Oh holy fuck that feels good.” I moaned.

“You’re so wet.” Said my future son in law.

“I’ve been wet all day, Jeff.” I said softly. “I need this bad and I’m glad you’re first.”

“Really?” he asked, climbing up the bed and taking my breasts in his hands.

He took one of my nipples into his mouth and I squirmed under him as it stiffened in his mouth. I wrapped my arms around his head.

“Oh yes.” I whimpered as his tongue sent sparks of pleasure from my breast to my belly. “I’ve wanted to be fucked by you for a long time now.”

“For how long?” he whispered.

I felt his cock against my leg, erect and hot and unyielding as I moved myself against it.

“Remember when Erin brought you to Christmas two years ago?” I asked him. “When we all met you for the first time?”

“Yeah?” he said.

“Yes.” I told him. “She told me how hard it was to get all of your cock into her mouth, and I got soaking wet. I’ve wanted you since that moment.”

“I want you too.” He whispered.

I pulled his head up and put my mouth against his. His fingers slid down my belly and found my freshly shaved cunt. He pushed a finger into my hole, and I closed my eyes and rolled my hips.

“So fucking wet.” He said again.

“Because I need fucked.” I whispered. “Push your cock up in me Jeff. I want to feel you inside me.”

He moved between my legs and braced his weight on his arms as I reached down and took his stiff prick in my hands. I guided his cockhead to my opening and rubbed it back and forth against my slippery lips.

He pushed forward, and I felt him inside me, stretching my cunt as inch by inch he sank into me.

I rolled my hips again and put my hands on his back and pulled his body down to mine.

“Yesssssssss!” I hissed. “So fucking full!”

He rocked his hips, pulling himself out and then pushing in again, this time getting more of himself into my opening. And then he pulled back and pushed in again, and then I felt his pubic hair against my soft lips, and I wrapped my legs around him.

“Slow.” I told him. “Nice and slow. Let it build up.”

His hips started to rise and fall in a slow rhythm, and I felt every inch of his cock slide against my most sensitive nerve endings, causing me to moan each time his cock pulled up against my g-spot.

“Fuck this feels so good.” He whispered.

“For me too.” I whispered against his lips. “You’re so fucking big and hard.”

He started to increase his speed, and I clenched my thighs against his hips to slow him down.

I knew that he wasn’t going to last as long as I wanted him to, due partly to his age and partly to his excitement at getting to fuck his fiancé’s mother.

However, Jeff and I would fuck lots of times after tonight, and I wanted him to enjoy our first time as much as possible. That meant that I wanted him to have as intense of an orgasm as he could, so he’d be physically hungry to fuck me again.

“Easy.” I told him. “Let it build until you can’t hold it back. Erin told me you cum a lot and I want to feel every drop fill me up.”

He kissed me again, and I held him tight and felt my body respond to his cock.

Erin hadn’t been exaggerating about his size, and I felt my belly clench with lust as he pushed himself into me all the way.

I was already looking forward to him fucking me again sometime, so I could let him push his thick cock into me from behind.

He moved his hand and clasped it over my breast, holding it firmly without squeezing, and the heat of his skin added to my lust.

I could hear the changes in his breathing and knew that his orgasm wasn’t far off.

“Mrs. Woods?” He asked softly.

“No need to be formal.” I smiled. “Your cock is up in my hot cunt.”

“How can I make you cum Mrs….Emily?” he grunted.

“Don’t worry about me.” I whispered. “Feeling your cum shoot inside me will make me orgasm. Besides this is part of my birthday treat and I want to feel you go off in me just like this.”

“I don’t think I can hold back much longer.” He said against my ear.

“Just keep this pace up.” I told him. “Don’t change your speed and it’ll happen exactly when it needs to, and we’ll both enjoy it.”

He kept pumping in and out of me, and I felt his body become more and more tense.

I knew he was at the point where he could easily cum just by fucking me faster, and that was the zone I wanted him in. The one where orgasmic pressure truly builds.

I kissed him again, licking my tongue against his lips and pushing it into his mouth, feeling his need in the aggressive way he kissed me back.

He started to squeeze my breast, and I moaned into his mouth as his breathing became more intense.

“I’m going to cum.” He whispered.

I stroked the back of his head and rolled my hips against him.

“Go ahead.” I whispered. “I want your sperm, Jeff. Give it to me.”

“Fuck!” he grunted.

I felt his cock suddenly flex within me, and then it started to throb as I felt the warmth of his hot load begin to spurt into me.

“I can feel you cumming.” I panted as he started pumping faster.

I let him control the speed now, as his orgasm caused his cock to spasm over and over again deep inside of me.

I couldn’t believe the volume of cum that I felt gushing into my hole, and I clenched myself around him as my own mini-orgasm started, triggered by the feeling of his liquid heat filling me up.

“I’m cumming Jeff!” I cried, humping up at him.

Our bodies twisted against each other as our genitals throbbed, giving pleasure to each other, and taking physical gratification.

My orgasm rolled through me, leaving me even more aroused as Jeff became still on top of me.

I held him as he caught his breath, kissing him and savoring the gentle tickle of his cock as it began to soften slightly.

He kissed my neck softly while I stroked his neck and the back of his head.

“Holy fuck.” I said. “You drenched me Jeff. Do you always cum that much?”

I could feel a puddle running out of me, and I felt like my insides were positively coated with his cum.

“Most of the time.” He said softly. “At least the first two times I cum.”

I clenched my cunt around his semi-stiff cock at the mention of two times, and he shifted against me. I was definitely looking forward to playing with him again.

“Well I loved it.” I told him. “A lady likes to get filled up.”

“I couldn’t help it.” He said with a chuckle. “You’re so beautiful. And you’re completely shaved and that really got me going.”

“Remind me to keep it this way then.” I whispered. “Because I want your cock again. And soon.”

He kissed me softly, and I licked my tongue against his.

“Happy Birthday Mrs. Woods.” He said softly.

“Welcome to the family Jeff.” I said with a smile. “But since you just pumped me full of your sperm, I think you can start calling me Mom.”

He pulled away from me, and his cock sliding out of me caused my cunt to tingle with need.

It was a good thing that my birthday treat wasn’t over.

He got to the edge of the bed and stood up.

“Thank you.” He whispered. “I’d like to stay a bit longer, but I know the others are waiting for their turns.”

“I know.” I told him with a smile. “Next time.”

“Happy Birthday,” he whispered, “Mom.”

He took another long look at my body before walking away from the bed and out into the hallway.

I rested my head back against the pillow and felt a drip of his cum against my cunt lips. I flexed my thighs and felt another surge of warmth spread through me.

I needed another orgasm again, and I could tell that the next one was going to be incredible.

Fortunately I didn’t need to wait long.

“Happy Birthday Mom!” someone whispered from the foot of the bed.

I looked up at my eldest daughter and grinned at her as she stared down at me.

“Looks like you got positively fucked.” She said with a grin of her own.

“You weren’t lying about how much he can cum either.” I giggled. “I thought I might drown from the inside out.”

“Well I hope you don’t mind sharing.” She whispered, crawling onto the bed. “Because I sort of want to taste his cum and yours mixed together.”

She kissed my inner thigh and I shivered.

“I wouldn’t mind tasting it either.” I whispered, staring at the ceiling as I felt her tongue lick along my thigh as she moved closer to my wet spot.

“Don’t worry Mom,” she whispered, “of course I’ll share. After all it’s your birthday.”

She put her mouth to my opening and I felt her suck gently as her fingers pulled my lips apart, and I felt the orgasmic pressure within me begin to grow.

I heard her slurp at me, and then she moved on top of me and put her mouth against mine.

I opened my mouth and she made a small ‘O’ out of her lips and started to drool a stream of salty cum into my mouth.

I held it in my mouth as she let a long string of it slide from her own mouth, and I could taste my own cunt mingled in with Jeff’s salty sperm.

Erin then pushed her tongue into my mouth, and I opened wide as she used her tongue to take back as much of his load as she could.

She then put her mouth on mine and pushed it back with her tongue, and as it combined with her own spit the glob of deliciousness became even more copious.

I sat up on the bed, holding her tight, and pushed her down so that her head was in my lap, and I opened my mouth and drooled a fat load of my saliva, her saliva, some of my own cunt juices, and her fiancé’s cum back into her mouth.

She closed her mouth and smiled up at me, and then gave a big swallow and opened her mouth to show me that it was all gone.

Erin was possibly even more of a degenerate than I was, and I loved her for it.

I leaned down and kissed her again, and our mouths stayed pressed together as she pushed me back to the bed, and then broke the kiss so she could crawl back between my legs.

I felt her hot breath on my slippery lips, and then she licked me again, her tongue moving up and down against my lips as I shuddered with need.

“Erin,” I moaned, “Mommy needs to cum. Make me cum with your mouth baby!”

She moaned against my cunt, and I felt her tongue flick up through my lips to touch my clit.

“Fuuuuuuck!” I panted, feeling an orgasmic contraction deep inside my body.

She pushed a finger into my hole and started to twist it, and I spread my legs even wider as it grazed across my most sensitive spot while she licked at my clitoris.

She sucked my clit into her mouth, and I pushed my hips off the bed and wrapped my fingers in her hair.

“Make me.” I begged. “Make me cum.”

She gently bit my stiff nub between her teeth and flicked at it with her tongue while she pushed another finger into my hole.

Usually Erin likes to spend a long time on foreplay, but she could sense my need and was only too happy to oblige.

“Suck it!” I commanded. “Suck my clitty!”

She sucked and pumped her fingers in and out of me, and I opened my eyes wide and stared up into the darkness as I felt my orgasm start to flutter behind my clit.

“You’re gonna make Mommy cum!” I screamed.

Her hand suddenly found my breast and she twisted my nipple roughly, the pain hitting the orgasmic pleasure that was welling up inside of me and lighting it on fire.


I pulled her hair to hold her face tight against me as I started to roll my hips uncontrollably as the spasms within me took over.

I wailed like I was in agony as my body hunched up, my whole existence concentrated on my daughter’s tongue as it pressed against the clit that she had sucked into her mouth.

It surged on and on, my pleasure pulling me apart and causing me to gasp and writhe uncontrollably.

And then with a final explosion it abated, leaving me soaked in sweat and panting with my chest heaving as I took in big gulps of air.

“Holy fuck.” I said. “Holy fuck.”

Erin’s lips were moving gently against my clit, causing sparks of pleasure that were almost too intense to stand.

I put my hand on her head and tried to push her away, but she stayed where she was, biting my clit again and pushing a finger into me.

“It’s too sensitive! Fuck!” I panted.

But she kept moving her finger, licking my clit, and in a flash the rough intensity of my post-orgasmic sensitivity turned into a lustful burst of pleasure, and then I exploded again.

“OHMYFUCKGODNOWNOWNOWFUCK!!!!!” I screamed, bouncing on the bed, and beating my fists and feet against the mattress.

The orgasm was so white hot and intense that I literally worried that my heart might stop, and the sensation of painful release washed back and forth over my body until I felt like I was falling.

And then I was aware that I had somehow twisted around so much that I was face down on the bed and biting my pillow and clutching the mattress like my life depended on it.

And then a final explosion caused me to whimper like I was in pain, and I felt Erin press her naked body against mine.

She kissed the back of my neck.

“Happy Birthday Mom.” She said again.

I turned my head and she kissed the side of my mouth, and I could smell my own arousal on her face for a moment, and then she was gone.

I closed my eyes and felt my heart thumping, and then the bed shifted again.

I felt a pair of hands spread my ass cheeks apart, and then a finger lightly flicked against my anus and I felt my body respond to the dirty eroticism of this nasty treat.

“Oh sweet lord.” I murmured, feeling the finger probe my sensitive back hole.

It rubbed on and on, and I tried to concentrate on something besides the erotic tickling feeling so I could figure out whose finger it was.

And then the hands clasped onto my hips and pulled them up, so I was on my knees with my head still on the pillow, and I knew that it was my husband behind me.

He pushed his face against me from behind, and I felt his tongue push against my cunt as his finger pushed into my ass up to his first knuckle, and I moaned into the pillow and pushed back against his mouth.

And then he was up against me, and I felt his cock push into me from behind, and he sank all the way to the hilt in one hard thrust.

“Gaaaaawd.” I groaned.

I grabbed fistfuls of the bedspread as I felt the slight curvature of his cock push against my g-spot.

“Happy Birthday Emily.” He said, starting to thrust rapidly back and forth.

“Oh fuck that feels good.” I said.

I hadn’t thought that I would be able to cum again, but his cock fucking in and out of me in this position always hits my insides just right, and I knew that another orgasm was very possible.

“Have you enjoyed it so far?” he asked, leaning over me to push himself even deeper.

“Oh yes.” I moaned. “So fucking much.”

“I’m glad.” He said. “You deserve it. We all love you so much.”

“You’re so fucking hard.” I moaned. “You’re hitting me just right.”

I felt him grab a fistful of my hair and pull my head up, and then his hand made a tight fist in my hair and pulled my head back as far as he could.

Pain lanced through my scalp, and I gasped as my cunt clenched in response to the erotic triggering of my body.

His cock stabbed into my cunt over and over, and as he pulled my head back, I arched my back and tightened my hole around him.

“Robert I’m going to cum.” I whimpered. “Your dirty cock is going to make me cum again.”

He started to pound against me, and I could feel my clit start to twitch at the forceful stimulation.

“You’re so fucking wet.” He said. “I love fucking your sloppy twat.”

“Fuck me.” I panted. “Fuck me harder!”

And then he was grunting and I felt his cock start to throb inside of me as he pushed all the way and held it, pulling my hair as his orgasm took over.

I realized that wasn’t spurting enough cum for me to feel, and I wondered whether Julie or Erin had gotten his first load.

He kept grinding against me with his cock buried deep in my cunt, and I realized that he’d be done before my own orgasm could start.

But the thought of being denied an orgasm by the man I loved the most was a thrill. I knew that he wouldn’t leave me frustrated. He’d either fuck me again or use his mouth.

Or have someone else come in to take over.

He grabbed my hips and turned me over on the bed, and then pushed me up against the headboard.

I sat on the bed like that, with my legs splayed out in front of me and my wet cunt hungry with need. As I looked at my husband, I realized why I hadn’t felt any hot spurts of cum to go along with his intense throbbing.

He was wearing a condom.

I pointed to his cock and looked up at him.

“Why are you wearing that?” I asked him. “You know I love your cum up in me.”

“I know you love my cum.” He said. “In you. On you. Any way you can get it. So I had the girls help me while you were out this afternoon.”

He held the condom carefully between his thumb and index finger and pulled it off of his slimy cock.

“They spent the afternoon edging and sucking me. They built up a load of cum for you.” He said. “My balls actually ached by the time you got home, and during dinner they kept reaching over under the table and keeping me hard.”

He held the condom up and in the flickering candlelight I could see that the reservoir tip was completely full.

I moaned at the sight.

“And when Jeff came up here to fuck you, they started again.” He said. “I’ve never cum so hard in my whole life. And it’s all yours for the next part of your birthday gift.”

He moved off the bed and I saw Julie standing behind him, holding a long vibrator and smiling.

“Happy Birthday Mom.” She said with a grin, climbing onto the bed.

“Happy Birthday Emily.” Said Robert, leaning over to kiss my mouth gently.

He had rolled the condom up and held it up in front of my face, and I suddenly understood what he wanted me to do.

I opened my mouth and he pushed it inside.

“Suck it and savor my cum Sweetheart.” He whispered, kissing my forehead.

He turned and left the room, and I felt the tip of the vibrator against my clit.

“Do you need to cum Mom?” whispered Julie. “Because I fucking need to. Real bad.”

“Yes.” I said, with the condom in my mouth.

I could taste myself on it, and the tang of my husband’s cock, but the reservoir tip was still filled. I’d have to work at it with my tongue to get to the good part.

Julie slid close to me, and positioned the vibrator so that one end was against my opening and one was against her own.

She arched forward and I watched one end sink into her, and when it was all the way in she pushed forward again, and the end against my opening pushed into me.

“Fuck yeah.” She said with a grin, reaching down the pushing the button in the center of it.

A powerful rumbling started inside my cunt, and I stiffened at the sudden sensation, biting against the rubbery condom in my mouth.

Julie spit on her fingers and reached over and started to rub my nipple, and I moaned.

“Holy shit Julie.” I whimpered with a mouthful of condom. “That’s so fucking good.”

“Isn’t it?” she whispered with her eyes closed. “Erin got me this for Christmas. We love it.”

We were both rocking against the vibrator, keeping it as far inside each of us as we could, squirming with pleasure and panting with need.

Her fingers went down to my clit, and I squealed.

“I’m gonna cum Julie.” I said. “Your dad got me so close that I can’t wait.”

She opened her eyes and stared at me.

“Do it Mom! Do it!” she urged. “Jeff and Erin have me ready to pop too. Let’s cum together!”

“I’d like that………fuck……” I panted, my body tightening as my orgasm approached.

“I’m so close.” She panted. “Watch me cum Mom, and I’ll watch you.”

“I will Julie.” I said, my cunt starting to pulse along with the toy. “I want to see you cum.”

She reached down and pushed the button again and the toy shot into overdrive.

We both lifted off of the bed, pushing up with our hands and staring wide eyed at one another, moaning together as we each felt the same sensations.

“Mommy I’m gonna…….” She whimpered.

“Me too!” I gasped around the salty condom.

“It’s…’s…….NOWFUCK!” Julie screamed.

“CUMMING!” I wailed.

I bit down on the condom and suddenly the musky flavor of semen burst into my mouth.

I groaned loudly and lurched forward against Julie. I pushed the condom with my tongue and held it between my teeth, pushing it against Julie’s lips so she could taste her father’s cum.

let the condom fall from my mouth before pushing my tongue against hers and sharing her fathers cum with her.

She screamed into my mouth as my clit jumped against the buzzing vibe, and my orgasm started again, roaring through me like a tidal wave.

I hunched and screamed, and let the condom fall from my mouth as I kissed Julie, her tongue slippery with salty sperm.

She collapsed onto the bed and pulled me with her, and I stared down at her with white strings of cum stretching from my mouth to hers.

I lowered myself to her and we kissed again, she wrapped herself around me as the toy slipped from both of our tender holes and fell to the bed.

I lay on top of her for a moment before rolling to my side, and she groped for the toy and it went silent.

She kissed me, slowly and with deep passion, licking the semen from my lips and chin, and I closed my eyes and melted against her.

We held each other for long minutes, kissing and licking each other’s faces and chests.

Finally, she sat up.

“Happy Birthday Mom.” She said again. “Was it a good one?”

“I loved it.” I giggled. “All of it. And all of you.”

“Good.” She said softly. “Take all the time you need, but we’d love for you to come downstairs for some champagne. If you’re up to it.”

“I’m pretty wore out.” I said. “But I think I can manage.”

“Good.” She said softly. “Because we put the mattresses from our rooms down in the basement. We thought maybe we’d all sleep in one big pile tonight.”

I grinned.

“Maybe I should have a birthday again next weekend.” I said.

She bent down and feathered a kiss on my nipple, ending by licking it before sitting back up.

“Why worry about next weekend,” said Julie, “when this one is just getting started?”


Thanks for indulging this short story.


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