Big dicked son has had enough teasing from mom and sis

My name is Richard D., and I have a problem. Well, two problems to be exact. My older sister Sherri, and my mother Anne. The problem I have with them is they love to play practical jokes on me. Let me give you an example or two.

When I was fourteen I’d come home from school after football practice and was totally zonked. I went to my room and fell asleep. Unknown to me, my mother and sister were in a frisky mood, so while I slept they crept into my room and filled the palm of my hand with shaving cream. Then when one of them, I never did find out who, used a feather to tickle the end of my nose, I slapped my face. Of course you can imagine my surprise when shaving cream splattered everywhere. When I opened my eyes there they were, both doubling over with laughter. All I could do was stare in disbelief.

Another time, I think I was seventeen at the time, I’d fallen asleep sitting up on the couch. Apparently my sister thought it would be a good idea to tie my shoelaces together, then have mom scream for help. Jumping from the couch to see what was wrong I took one step and fell flat on my face. That little stunt got me a busted nose. After it healed I actually grew to like the effects it had on my face. It gave my features a rugged look, which I used to great effect against opposing teams. I never did tell them thanks.

Maybe I should tell you a little about me. I’m twenty now and play middle linebacker for our state college. That’s right, I’m one big dude. I stand nearly six-four and weigh two hundred and twenty-nine pounds. All of it pure muscle. I have reddish-blond hair which I keep short, and blue eyes. I know most of you guys will groan about this, but I was gifted with a rather impressive cock too. Nine thick inches of pussy pleasing meat. You like that ladies?

Well,that’s enough about me, let’s move on to mom and sis. Both have shoulder length fiery red hair, and slightly bluer eyes than mine. They’re both tall for being girls. Sherri stands about five-foot eight, while mom is just a tad bit taller at around five-nine. I not sure about their weight, but if I had to guess I’d say they couldn’t be much over a hundred and twenty-five pounds. Each have nice round bubble-butts and B, bordering on C-cup tits. Age wise, mom is forty-one and Sherri is twenty.

Now don’t get me wrong. I didn’t sit still for their shenanigans without striking back. But my pranks were more of a juvenile nature. Loosening of the lid on the salt shaker, itching powder in the talcum powder they both used, and things like that. Nothing serious.

There was this one time, shortly after my eighteenth birthday that will forever remain burned into my memory, however. I had slipped a fake spider onto Sherri’s pillow right before her alarm was set to go off and was waiting in the hallway outside her door ready to bust a gut. I never got to laugh at all, because she came running out of her room, screaming at the top of her lungs, completely naked. To say I was shocked is an understatement. All I could do was stand there with my jaw hanging open as my eyes took in every detail. Her breasts were high and firm, the pink nipples hard as pebbles. Lower, past one of the firmest tummy’s I’d ever seen, her pussy was totally bald. I don’t mean just hairless, no, it was as smooth as a baby’s butt. I was speechless, ready to start blubbering like a total idiot, and probably would have if the situation hadn’t gotten even worse. Mom had come running to see what was going on and she was naked too.

There I was, drool dripping down my chin, as mom and Sherri stood not three feet away from me completely naked. As dumbstruck as I was I didn’t miss the opportunity to compare the two. Mom’s pussy wasn’t bald, it had a trimmed thatch of red bush covering the mound, and although her tits weren’t as firm as Sherri’s, were still better than fine. I think that’s the first time my trouser snake ever got aroused by my family members, but it wasn’t the last.

About two weeks later they paid me back. I had just come in from the pool where I had been laying in the sun fantasizing about Debra Cahill, a cheerleader at school, and yes, I was sporting some serious wood. Just as I started down the hall toward my room mom stepped out from hers and blocked my path, while Sherri snuck up behind me and yanked my swim trunks down to my knees. I don’t know who was more surprised, me or them. I’m going to go with them. Mom let out a gasp as my cock sprang out and pointed right at her. Sherri didn’t know what was going on until I turned to face her, my cock swinging and bobbing between my legs. Her face went ashen, and her eyes damn near popped out as she gawked at my pleasure stick. Before either could catch their breaths I pulled up my trunks, slid past mom and went into my room.

After that incident things changed, because it was around this time that Sherri decided less was more. Clothes that is. She started running around the house in thong underwear and tiny cropped tank tops. No bra of course. Now having one chick running around the house almost naked was bad enough, but when mom joined the ‘Let’s Tease Richard Club’ I almost lost my mind. As you can imagine this drove me crazy trying to hide my erections from them. From the way they’d gasp every once and a while I don’t think I was very successful.

So what about my father you ask. Where is he while this was going on? Well that bastard went out the door one day when I was six and never looked back. Too bad for him. If he would’ve stuck around for nine more months he would have found out that mom’s parents were loaded. Apparently my grandfather was a shrewd investor and had bought stock in both Intel and Microsoft when they first went public. Anyway, after they died in a freak plane crash everything was left to their only child, my mother. And that’s why we lived in one of the ritziest neighborhoods in town, and mom doesn’t need to work.

Anyway, enough background, let’s get to the present. I was home for the summer break, looking forward to just relaxing by the pool, and basically lazing around. Unfortunately Sherri had decided instead of spending her summer off traveling with friends, she’d come home and spend time with her family. It only took three days before mom, and I learned the reason why. It seems her boyfriend had dumped her for her bestie, an unforgivable sin in Sherri’s eyes. So here she was, licking her wounds, and prancing around the house damn near naked most of the time. This of course had the usual effect on my cock. Only this time I decided I wasn’t going to hid my erections anymore. If anything I’d flaunt it and see which way the wind blew. Little did I know that it would light a spark in not just Sherri, but my own mother as well.

It was about ten in the morning, I was stretched out on a lounge chair near the pool, taking in some rays and sipping on a tall glass of iced tea when Sherri made an appearance. And what an appearance it was. She was decked out in a snow-white string bikini that left little to nothing to the imagination. The tiny triangles that were supposed to cover her tits barely hid her areola from view, while the bottoms hardly covered her mound. When she turned around I saw that the back of her bottoms consisted of a string that disappeared between her round cheeks and tied at her hips.

“So, dress much sis?” I teased. Yes, under my sunglasses my eyes were drinking in the heavenly sight.

“Oh please, you like it, and you know it,” she shot back in her usual flippant style.

I was just about to say I’d love it, if it were on anyone but her, but didn’t get the chance. Because at that very moment mom decided to join us. My cock went from semi-hard to rocket ready for launch in a split second. Mom was wearing an exact duplicate of my sister’s outfit. Talk about double jeopardy! They must have conspired to see which one could give me a heart attack first. Both almost did after they dove into the water, swam around a bit then come out. The water must have been a might chilly, because each of their nipples were as hard as diamonds, but that wasn’t the worst of it. The water had turned their suits transparent. My cock grew painfully hard in my swim trunks as I eyed both of them like some lecherous old man at a nude beach. Sherri’s areola were still the pink I remembered, but mom’s seemed to have gotten a little darker with time. They were a pale brown color that contrasted starkly with the white of her top. Further examination revealed that mom still maintained a nicely trimmed bush, the red hairs clearly visible. Sherri however showed no such growth, so I assumed she still waxed her’s.

I guess I had been staring too long because Sherri tapped mom’s shoulder, pointed at me and squealed, “Look, he’s got a boner!”

Their raucous laughter followed me all the way to my room. Of course we all know what I did after I slammed the door shut. That’s right, I went into my en-suite and spanked my monkey half silly. Did I feel guilty, or remorseful for whacking my pud with thoughts of mom and Sherri swirling around in my head? Fuck no! I figured since I wasn’t actually poking them, then no harm, no foul. Let them feed my fantasy, it was going to be a long summer anyway, may as well enjoy it. I slept like a rock that night.

The next morning I came downstairs for breakfast dressed in just my boxers. Mom and Sherri were already there seated on stools around the kitchen island and grinning at me when I entered. Sitting open next to a vacant stool was what appeared to be my laptop.

With a chuckle mom pointed at the laptop and said, “You might want to check your Facebook page.”

I pulled the stool out and sat down then turned the laptop so I could see the screen. It was already loaded onto my home page, and right there in living color was a recent photo that had been added. It showed me lying in bed, obviously asleep, with my arm draped over a life-sized blow-up doll. The photo was captioned, ‘My Girlfriend’ in bold print. I could feel the anger welling up inside me. Turning I glared at them.

“What the fuck! You have any idea as to what you two have done?” I growled.

“Relax dear, you can always delete it,” mom calmly said.

“I plan to, but by now half my team has seen it. I’m gonna be the laughing stock of the locker room now, thanks a lot!”

“Come on, Richie, it was just a harmless prank,” Sherri said.

“Harmless? Maybe to you guys, but not to me,” I told them.

Mom stood and came over and hugged me around the shoulders. It wasn’t until she stood that I saw what she was wearing. She had on one of Sherri’s tank tops that didn’t even cover her ass and a black lace thong. She casually stepped up to me and placed an arm around my shoulder, her left boob real close to my face.

“Honey, we were just having a little fun,” mom cooed.

Sherri stood and gave me a view of her outfit. It was a plain white t-shirt that barely covered her ass.

“You guys are like two peas in a pod. Both juvenile,” I barked, pushing mom away and standing up.

“Come on sweetie, don’t be this way,” mom said, using her sexy voice.

I stood there glaring at both of them for a bit, then said, “You know what, I’ve half a mind to treat you two like kids and turn you both over my knee and spank your asses.”

“You better bring your lunch when you try that, butthead,” my sister laughed.

Mom didn’t laugh, instead she slowly backed away, then made a break for the front room. That left Sherri and I glaring at each other. Just to test the waters I took a quick step in her direction. As I figured, she too bolted from the room. After deleting the photo I grabbed my laptop and went back to my room, where I promptly changed the password to my Facebook page.

I guess I had scared them, because a week went by without any further shenanigans from them. Did they still wear provocative clothing around me? Yes. Did I still get hard looking at them? What do you think? Of course I did. But I’d actually grown to like that. Hell, who wouldn’t like two scantily clad women running around in front of them. The only sad part, from my perspective anyway, was they were related. Closely related. If it weren’t for that one fact, I would have bent both of them over the back of the couch and fucked the shit out of them.

I guess I let my guard down. Sunday evening, after backing in the sun for most of the day, I went to my room and hopped in the shower. After thoroughly washing the chlorine off my body I used my favorite shampoo to get it out of my hair. Stepping out I dried my face first, then when I pulled the towel from my face it was smeared green.

“What the…” I squawked.

Stepping over to the sink I looked into the mirror and almost passed out. My entire head and shoulders were the same green as the towel. Now I’m no genius, but it didn’t take me long to figure out what had caused this hideous transformation. Grabbing my shampoo bottle I pour a little out into the sink and just as I suspected the fluid that came out was green also.

“Fuck!” I bellowed, then wrapped the smeared towel around my waist and went looking for payback.

Mom and Sherri were in the front room sitting on the couch, both dressed in those tiny white bikinis of theirs, when I barged in. Their eyes got as big as saucers when they saw me standing there looking like the fucking Hulk, water still dripping from my body.

“You!” I shouted, first pointing at Sherri, then mom.

They looked at each other, then looked back at me and busted out laughing. Adrenaline rushed through me as I dove over the back of the couch and basically tackled them. We rolled off the couch and onto the floor in a tangled heap, with me not even knowing the towel I had wrapped around my waist had fallen off in the melee. When we stopped rolling I was on top of mom, her legs almost wrapped around me, while Sherri clung to my back with one arm around my neck. It didn’t take long for me to realize that my towel was no longer covering my cock, the feel of soft flesh rubbing against it a dead giveaway. To make matters worse, the heat radiating from mom’s crotch was causing my cock to become hard. The more we struggled the harder I got. Using my considerable strength I placed my hands on the floor and lifted until I was kneeling between mom’s splayed thighs and Sherri had fallen off my back.

Staring down at mom, I barked, “Remember what I told you two I’d do the next time you pulled some shit on me?”

Both started giggling like little school girls.

“Think this is funny?” I growled, grabbing mom by the hips and lifting her ass off the floor.

“Oh please, Richie, we all know you don’t have the balls to carry out your pathetic threats,” Sherri giggled even harder.

I guess two years of being pranked and teased by them had finally taken its toll on my psyche. Add on the fact that I had been flogging my hog all that time because of how they dressed around me finally tipped me over the edge. I glanced down at mom and let my eyes roam over her body before coming to rest on the tiny strip of cloth that covered her pussy. Faster than she could react I reached down and tore the suit bottoms from between her legs.

“No balls, huh?” I said, grabbing my stiff shaft and running the bloated head of my cock up through mom’s slit.

“Richard?” mom whispered, a quiver in her voice.

I could feel mom was wet. Extremely wet. The feel of her labia caressing the tip of my penis sent shockwaves of pleasure up and down my spine. I continued to slide the head of my cock through her slit for several long seconds.

“See, told you so, no balls,” Sherri teased from somewhere behind me.

I’ll never know if I had planned to go through with what I was threatening them with. At the exact same moment that the head of my penis was perfectly lined up with mom’s entrance, Sherri slammed herself against my back. Her weight forced me forward causing my dick to plunge six inches into one of the hottest cunts I’d ever encountered.

“Oh fuck!” mom and I cried out in unison.

Stunned, I looked down to where we were joined, the sight of my cock sticking in my own mother releasing something primal in me. Pushing my hips forward I watched as the rest of my cock disappeared into her velvety tunnel.

“Aaaeeeeeeiiiiiiiii,” mom wailed, her hands coming up and grabbing my forearms.

At first I thought she was going to try and push me off. Imagine my surprise when she used the hold on my arms for leverage so she could actually buck against my invading meat. The way she rotated her hips caused my cock to twirl inside her cunt like a swizzle stick in a cold cocktail. All sense of morality on my part flew out the door as mom worked her magic on my pulsing cock. Soon I was pulling back then pushing forward, stuffing all nine inches deep into her slippery slit. Sherri appeared at the side of us and watched wide-eyed as my cock plundered our mother’s cunt.

“It’s about fucking time,” she remarked as her hands came up and pushed mom’s top from her tits revealing those luscious stiff nipples. Watching Sherri fondle mom’s tits drove me crazy.

“Suck em, Sherri. Suck Mom’s tits,” I almost pleaded.

Sherri looked me in the eyes, and I could see the glee in hers. Slowly, almost as if she wanted to tease me some more, she leaned over and latched her lips on mom’s left nipple. As my sister suckled I noticed the bottom of her suit was missing. Reaching out I placed my hand on her hip and nudged her. She knew right off what I wanted her to do. Keeping her lips glued to mom’s tit she shuffled sideways until her hip was even with me. Wasting no time I slid my hand over the smooth firm flesh of her ass cheek and squeezed. This garnered a soft moan from her. When I moved my hand between her legs and stuffed a finger into her sopping wet pussy she squealed, lifted her head and glanced up at me.

“Roll Mom over so you’re on the bottom,” she snarled.

Lying fully on mom I rolled us both over. Mom immediately sat up and continued to ride my cock, while Sherri moved up and straddled my head. I watched as she slowly lowered her smooth bald snatch onto my face, the intoxicating aroma of aroused pussy almost overwhelming. The first tentative licks from my tongue caused her to shiver.

“Ohhhh fuck!” she screamed when I jammed my tongue as far up her twat as I could get it.

For several more minutes Sherri rode my plunging tongue while mom slammed her pussy up and down on my stiff cock. Mom had a way of squeezing her cunt around my shaft that left me almost delirious with pleasure. Add to that the sweet tangy taste of my sister’s pussy and I knew I had died and gone to heaven.

“Want a turn on this big cock, baby girl,” mom asked.

“Oh hell yes!” Sherri exclaimed, quickly raising her dripping cunt from my face. I forced back a laugh when I saw her crotch was just as green as my face.

I watched, almost in a stupor, as mom rose off my cream-coated cock and Sherri placed one foot on each side of my hips and slowly began to lower herself toward my throbbing piece of meat. A shiver ran through me as mom held my pole pointing up while my sister lowered the outer lips of her pussy onto the head. Gently, as if afraid to go too fast, Sherri sank lower and lower until a good six inches was buried in her extremely tight tunnel.

“Ugghhhh shit, it’s so fucking big!” she cried, placing her hands on my abdomen for balance as another inch slipped inside.

“Don’t force it, sweetie, just let your pussy adjust to the size first,” mom advised.

What I was witnessing was so surreal. Mom was kneeling next to Sherri, her left hand cupping my sister’s tit, while her right hand was kneading my balls. Electrical currents flowed through me as I watched the determined look on my sister’s face as she tried to take all of my cock up her cunt. Fascinated I watched her pussy slide up and down my slick shaft, her inner labia sinking in then clutching my shaft on the upward stroke. I knew that if I kept watching I’d shot off like a roman candle. I had to distract my mind if I wanted to prolong the inevitable. Reaching out I slid my hand along mom’s flank then over the round cheek of her ass that I was able to reach.

“Mom, sit on my face,” I whimpered when she looked at me.

A huge smile appeared on her lips as she maneuvered into position. I thought she would just sit on my lips but instead she turned so she was facing Sherri and stayed on her knees. This left her pussy about an inch from my mouth forcing me to lift my head enough to run my tongue through her wet slit.

“Oh yessssss!” she hissed as I made the first pass.

Satisfied that eating mom would take my mind off the sensation of having my sister ride my cock I began to tongue her in earnest. I couldn’t tell what they were doing, mom’s succulent ass blocked my view, but if I had to guess judging by the sounds I was hearing I’d say they were kissing. Grabbing mom’s cheeks I parted them and ran the tip of my tongue over her rosebud. This garnered another moan from her. Mom must have been pretty primed, because in less than five minutes she was mashing her cunt on my lips and yelling for me to chew on her clit. When I did she began to shake and grind against my mouth erratically. Without warning I felt fluids gush from her cunt and cover my chin.

“I’mmmm cummmiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggg!” she screamed, then with one final quiver she rolled to the side and lay in a fetal position.

I didn’t have time to savor the view of mom’s leaking pussy just inches from my head because Sherri began to really pound down on my cock. Looking to where her cunt met my rod I saw that she had finally been able to take all of me inside her stretched twat. The look on her face was one of pure triumph. Unable to resist the temptation of fucking her silly I placed my arms around her and pulled her down on top of me. With her body resting on mine I lifted my knees, then planted my feet for leverage and began to hammer into her.

“Oh Shit! Oh Shit! Fuck me you bastard!” she screamed, her teeth sinking into my shoulder stifling her screams.

Faster and faster I plowed into her, her tits scraping against my chest as the force of my thrusts rocked her body. Sliding both hands down I cupped her ass and squeezed.

“Uuuuugggggggghhhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Sherri squealed as her orgasm exploded.

The feel of her cunt muscles rippling up and down the shaft of my throbbing cock, along with the sensations of her juices trickling onto my balls sent me over the edge. With a roar I jammed my cock as deep into her pussy as I could get it and flooded her love tunnel with spurt after spurt of my thick creamy spunk. When my cock finally stopped twitching my hands slipped from her sweaty ass and dropped to the floor. Sherri just lay limp on top of me as we both tried to catch our breaths.

“That was absolutely beautiful,” mom sighed, still lying on her side with her pussy pointed toward my face.

After a bit Sherri rolled off me and lay on her back staring blankly at the ceiling. It was a good two minutes before anyone talked.

“Oh my God, I’ve never been fucked like that before,” Sherri said to no one in particular.

“What the hell just happened?” I managed to croak when my senses came back to me.

Finally mom sat up and looking at Sherri asked, “So was it as good as I said it would be?”

“Better. His cock touched places I didn’t even know existed,” my sister breathed.

“Yeah…” mom sighed.

My curiosity piqued I sat up and stared at them.

“Am I missing something here? Did you two plan for this to happen?” I asked.

“Damn Richie, did you get hit in the head too many times on the football field?”

Mom followed by saying, “Of course we planned it. It just took a hell of a lot longer than we expected it to.”

“I don’t follow,” I told them.

Mom looked directly into my eyes, and said, “We’ve been trying to get you to fuck us for two years now. Why do you think we ran around with hardly anything on? It was to get you all hot and bothered, but for some reason you wouldn’t take the hint.”

“You what? But why?” I asked totally clueless.

“God, you really are a dumb jock.” Sherri snickered.

“It was because of the size of your dick, Richard. When we first saw what you were packing we’ve done everything but rape you to try and get you to give us some,” mom answered.

“But you’re my Mother and Sister,” I stated.

“And that’s why we couldn’t just come out and ask you to fuck us. We knew it had to be your choice to cross that line,” mom explained.

“But you’re my Mother and sister,” I stated once more.

“Richard, sweetie, my mama once told me, that just like the heart wants what the heart wants, so does the pussy, and when we saw that beautiful cock of yours our pussies wanted it. Your sister and I don’t have any quims about who it belongs to,” mom said.

“Damn, I wish I would’ve known that two years ago,” I replied.

“Why, what difference would that have made?” Sherri asked.

“Because, if I would’ve known you guys didn’t have a problem with incest, I would’ve fucked the shit out of both of you a long time ago,” I answered, my cock starting to show signs of life.

Mom and Sherri both stood up, and mom said, “Well it’s never too late to try and make up for lost time. But first I think we all need a shower.”

Sherri then reached out a hand and helped me to my feet while saying, “Don’t worry about the green shit, it’s only body paint, it’ll wash right out.”

And it did, with a little help from mom and sis. They took turns scrubbing the paint off while the other demonstrated their oral skills on my cock. When it was my turn to get the paint off their pussies I returned the oral favors, only I didn’t stop licking until they came into my mouth. By the time we stepped out of the shower my cock was once again hard as a rock. When I pointed it out to them Sherri said her pussy was too sore so mom, being the good mother she is, told us she’d take care of both of us. And that’s how I found myself behind mom, my rampant rod sawing in and out of her clenching cunt, while Sherri lay on the bed on her back with mom’s tongue soothing the hurt away.

My name is Richard D., and I have a problem. Well, two to be precise. My mother and sister are both insatiable nymphos that are dead set on fucking me to death. It’s only been three weeks since we started or little foray into the world of incest, but in that time I haven’t had a moment to myself. If my sister isn’t riding my cock, then my mother is. I guess my only solace, if they succeed, is knowing I’ll die with a smile on my face.

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