My Muslim Tenant and her mangoes

So here Im with the wife and she asked for massage actually I was curving to touch her fair skin. Jus imagine you hold this fair boobs tight they become red while you grab them n those pink nipples 😍 can’t resist right ❤️

I asked her abt her pain, she said she don’t have any but wanna experience the massage. I was okay with that so 1 st time in 3 mnths we where having lunch together she had made biryani and I’m biryani fan ♥️
We had lunch, I was cleaning my plate she stopped me nd gave me look as if you go from here 👀

Tht was ouch then I came back to my room , was doing TP she knocked on my door asked me if I ca give her massage right now as she was abt to sleep till evening. I agreed came back to hall made her seat in the chair told her the procedure of massage nd while having convo I started the massage slowly touched her jet black hair which where in ponytail I grabbed the tight rubber and carefully losen it enough to get access of her full head she was seating comfortably.

I wasn’t using any hair oil coz she had already
applied coconut oil to her jet black hair. I wasn’t wearing undies my D was touching her ponytail but she was in her own world by the time I was going in circles on her scalp then started going down on her neck she was nodding by the time so I lowered my pants grabbed my hard D pulled it out nd kept it on her nape she thought it’s my palm so slowly pushed my D in her hair those tick jet black hair gave me heavenly feeling I was now Holding her head and thrusting my D in nd out her hair I felt so good to Fuck those thich jet black silky hair I blasted on her neck she woke up and turned around saw my D with lust in her eyes

Kissed my D licked it started sucking it’s tip, she removed her top was wearing black bra she winked and grabbed my balls made me so horny I grabbed her hair pushed my D deep down her throat. She chocked I left her pulled her up took her to my bedroom started kissing on neck unlocked her bra those are so delicious 🤤 so white as I imagined she has pink nipples. I kissed n her right boob grabbed the other one while pressing it I was playing with her nipple by my 👅 she grabbed my hair put her head down I could see this is whole new exp for her. I was Switch from boob to boob now both her boobs were red by my grabbing . I came down on her kissing all the way down pulled her shorts, kissed on her thighs from inside she was like ohh ohh don’t she was not ready for this .

As I kissed on her opening her jus grabbed my hair trying to pull me but I didn’t stop I was all in her pussy licking it like wild animal she had her orgasme all over my face she squirted on my face. It was something new for me I gave her some space she was looking in my eyes grabbed my D kept its tip on her opening. I saw saw her into her eyes she had this big smile on her face her hair all over my bed this fragrance of our seat her red juice boobs this was all so tempting I was loving the atmosphere. This was something we both wanted from the 1st day we had to wait for few mnths yes. I thrusted slowly she opened up her eyes wide she couldn’t take the thickness it was jus the tip inside her she had a very tight pussy for a married women.

I pushed little further she grabbed my arm I was going back and forth with every inch I could see the pain in her eyes she was in pain and pleasure. I was amazed to get such tight pussy I was going in natural I could feel her warm pussy grabbing my D tight it felt so seductive we had really good sex way good then I had imagined .

We had 3 round she let me cum inside her all three times I was now on my back she was riding me her boob’s where looking like perfect mangoes big but firm. Her hair bouncing as she rides me daam this felt like dream come true I cum with in no time she pulled out nw she was sucking my semi hard D cleaned it came over me and cuddle me we nw have regular sex expect weekend when her husband is home otherwise we are Like a couple who are in live in relationship 👅😈

Hope you guy’s love the story plz give me your feedback also Grls or aunty who wanna hookup DM on my Telegram ID :- @Icon_98

Here’s my insta ID :- Longhair_Fetishes

See you guys hope you hav fun 💯

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