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Hi friends, I am back with a new and a real story again. To tell you in brief about me, I am a 24-year-old

As usual, I started my search. I started posting Ads in classifieds site, going to chatrooms late in the night and also searching through some online portals. As usual, not many genuine people were there online. Many people would chat in the name of females and then vanish. As it was a time pass for me, I was doing it.

Yesterday, there was one such incident when a girl posted that she had come to Bangalore for a wedding and will come and meet me after that.

After two hours of chatting, she disappeared without saying anything. I thought she was just bluffing, but it was a good time-pass nevertheless. By the time we finished chatting, it was 10 pm and I was about to start my beer. That time one more person came and started chatting.

She was not revealing anything about her but was asking questions only about me. Even though I insisted to share her details, she didn’t do it. After almost 1 and a half hours of chatting, she agreed to come on hangouts.

We exchanged pleasantries in hangouts. Then she wanted to see me and started a video call. I was in the video and she started talking. This was the moment when I realized she was a real woman and not someone who do time pass. We had voice chat for half an hour and decided to meet the very next day.

To tell you in brief about her. She is 30 years old and was dumped by her ex-bf. He was already married but without telling that, he continued to have a relationship with her.

Before their marriage, she came to know about it and the marriage was cancelled. And after that, she never had sex or affection from anyone almost for a year. So, she wanted to try something new with a stranger. I was the lucky one that day who got her.

We decided to meet in a mall the next day (Sunday) in Mahadevpura by 11 am. I reached there by 10:30 am itself. I was a little nervous and wondering whether this girl will really come or not.

I went inside the mall and was waiting for her. The girl from the chat came exactly at 11 and we met. She was white in complexion but looked a little older than 30. She was very silent and didn’t talk much.

We went to buy some clothes for her and spent half an hour in that shop. Around 11:45 am, we started to my place in Bannerghatta road and reached around 1 pm. We ordered food on the way itself.

Immediately after going inside the bedroom, I started to smooch her. I came to know the real beast inside her. She became very active and started to be very aggressive. We were almost biting each other. Then I put my hand inside her dress and started to press her boobs. Suddenly, the doorbell rang and it was the food delivery guy. But she still kept smooching and after 30 seconds, I went and opened the door.

After coming inside, we started to smooch again and I removed her dress one by one and removed mine too. I made her lie on the bed and started kissing her almost everywhere on her face. She removed her earrings and I started to suck her earlobes.

She was getting aroused more because of that and was forcing my head to do it more. We were biting each other’s lips, cheeks, and neck. At the same time, I moved my hand and started to finger fuck her.

She was enjoying much more and closed her eyes in pleasure. She had 34-sized boobs with a very small nipple. I started to play with both of them. While I sucked one, I played with my hands on the other one. She was moving here and there with pleasure. After 10 minutes of boobs sucking, I made her turn to the other side.

I started to roll my tongue on her back from her neck till her ass cheeks. This was the first time she was enjoying something like that and was enjoying so much.

After 5 minutes of doing it, I went down to her pussy. She must have shaved it recently as there was only a little bit of hair in it. I started to lick and suck it. After some time, she kept forcing me to stop sucking and her legs started to shiver. But I kept sucking for 15 minutes at least and then we hugged and smooched each other again.

After that, I inserted my 5.5inch white thick cock into her pussy. Since this girl has not been fucked for a year, it was tight in the beginning. I had to go slowly first and then I increased my speed. She was moaning in pleasure and after 10 minutes of fucking, I shot my cum on her belly.

Then we took rest for some time, got up and had our lunch.

After lunch, she wanted to sleep for some time by hugging me which we did. Then we had one more round of fun and by around 4 pm, I dropped her in silk board and she went to her place. Ladies like these need more love and she said this was enough for her for a year at least. We planned to meet as and when there was an opportunity
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