Hindu Muslim Sex War

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The story is ficticious and contains disturbing events.

The Hindu and Muslim rivalry had taken a sexual turn. Women were raped and tortured.

At the very same time 1 man dressed as a muslim enters a mandir and a man dressed like a hindu enters a mosque.

The muslim enters to see the idol of Shri Ram and sets his eye on a young milf. She wore a thin saree with a tight blouse. Her pallu was tucked aside. Her navel showed clearly and her waist folds formed at every movement of her hip. She went in front of the idol and bent down to touch the feet and felt a hard slap on her ass. Her lust ran over her head and she moaned out of pleasure. The man grabbed and twisted her waist and pulled her to him. He snatched her pallu from her chest and grabbed her hair. He slapped her and made her remove his pants. He pushed her on the ground and fucked her face. She signalles for him to stop but her eyes showed her enjoyment. She sucked harder and drained the mans cum in her throat.

In the mosque the man walked in to see all women in burkhas. He found a woman with a huge ass and boobs which stood out through the burkha. Her eyes were the only part visible. Her nipples were erect and the burkha stuck to her pussy. She sat down to read namaz and bowed her head. All of a sudden she feels air on her ass. The man lifted her burkha and saw she had no clothes under. He rammed his cock into her ass and she took a huge gasp and squealed. Her back arched and her ass jiggled at every thrust. Her boobs rocked back and forth. She tried to cover her joy but her smile gave it away. The man kept fucking her till he came into her asshole.

Both the men took the women to a warehouse.

The hindu woman craved for more cum to quench her thirst. She tore open her blouse and dropped her saree. The man tied her to rods and lay her on the floor.

The muslim woman wanted another beating of her ass. She lifted her burkha and tossed away her hijaab. The man tied her the same way.

Both the men met in the middle of the warehouse and left wild and hungry dogs onto the women. The dogs ate them live. Limb from limb, bone from bone, the floor was flooding with blood. Their screams and cries were deafening.

After 1 hour of their death. A video of the hindu woman being eaten alive was sent to other hindus while a video of the muslim womans death reached other muslims.

The hindus marched into the houses of muslims and tied the rest of the family and fucked their women in front of them. The same happened when muslims went into the houses of hindus. The hindu men tore the burkhas and molested the whole body scarring them, while muslims ripped the sarees and left their mark inside every woman.

The men took the naked women with them. They tortured the women. Muslim women were forced to live between pigs and eat pigs and strip dance in mandirs. Hindu women were forced to kill and cook cows and be a dancing slut in the mosques. After a week the government had to legally bind them to release the women.

There were 2 men leading this battle. Basheer and Abhay. Both of them were blessed with daughters. Saniya (Basheer) and Tanisha (Abhay).

6 months later

Saniya and Tanisha studied in the same class. An unknown man came in and asked them to strip. The ties, then the shirts, they stood in bras and a their skirts. The cocks in the class harderened. Controlling tears they removed their bras. Reavealing their growing boobs with tiny nipples. The sir asked both of them to get on the bench and continue stripping. The girls dropped their skirts. Their small panties were visible to everyone. They were forced to drop them too. The young teen girls had little hair on their pussy. Both of them were called to the front of the class. The teacher fucked them in front of the class. Every student fucked them 1 after the other and the girls pissed all over them after making them lick their little clits. By the end of it both of them lay on the floor with bleeding cunts and violated bodies.

The school made special calls to all the mothers of all the children. All the other students were taken to another branch. Just Saniya and Tanisha remained. After all mothers came the naked girls were brought outside by a masked person. Both of them were known to be the daughters of Basheer and Abhay. They were tied to a wall and both of them were whipped. The girls cried. Their skin was given small cuts part by part. This enraged the women. Each of them called their husbands. The men fought and killed each other outside the school gates. While in the other school branch all male students and teachers were massacred. They were lined up and stripped of their clothes. Their mouths and assholes were spread and insects were let loose in them. They went all around the body. Eating them from inside. All males lost their eyes, their stomach, their whole body and finally their hearts and brains. All fed to insects.

All the females were transported back to the school. They were put with their mothers and Saniya and Tanisha were also free for a while. All hindus were taken to 1 side and muslims to another. Pastors came through the school gates and half naked nuns brought boxes. A set of boxes was given to the hindu women. In that there were blouses and sarees. No pallu, no bra, no panties. The nuns ordered them to strip and change into the clothes that fit them. Any woman who objected was whipped till her clothes fell. All hindu woman were dressed in special clothes that had holes on the blouse to show their nipples and their sarees had a hole that showed their vaginas. The muslim women were given different clothes. They were given special bedlahs. The bedlahs didnt cover any body part. They had beads that encircled their nipples, pussies and ass. The only part with cloth was where a connection was required between the beads.

All the women were smuggled out of the country. They were put against each other to dance for the wealthiest man in the area. The women shaked their boobs and twerked their asses and fondled their pussies to impress a new rich brat every night.

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