Sumaiyya First TIme With a Bengali

Hi I am Sumaiyya Qureshi.Yes this is My original name but then, I don’t care since there are thousands of Sumaiyya all across India.
Please dont try to hit Me on instagram since social media is not My cup of tea.

Since this is My first installment of the story, the introduction might take a bit time but I will request you to bear with Me I am pretty sure you will love it.

I remember I was 14 when I came to calcutta with My parents.I looked a bit like hina khan, but not so fair in complexion and certainly not so toned body.
My parents never told Me at all to be in parda and all
(except for certain ceremonies) but are not too liberal like a lot of My bengali friends’ parents.I will be honest here I enjoy the hijab sometimes.
We had this neighbour Mr. Roy who was pretty much into religion. What fascinated Me was, back in Delhi(Earlier we lived there)
mostly if I found a devout Hindu he would be vegetarian but this man – O My God he ate meat(mutton) even more than My dads and uncles,despite being
religious Hindu.This was new and strange for us.They had a son but was he mostly stayed with his aunt. But I must say the Roy family were the ideal neighbours you could wish for.
Mr. Roy was quite younger than My dad, probably around 32/33 at that point of time and Mrs Roy was around 27/28.

4 years passed, I joined and went to Durgapur to pursue My engineering. There were some strikes and some holdiays as well.So, I decided to
visit My parents as a surprise and take advantage of the extended holiday. But to My bad luck(which I thought at that point of time) My parents
were not there and they visited some distant relatives’ wedding. I later came to know they were a bit orthodox and backward because of which
My parents didn’t want to take Me with them. I went to the Mr Roy’s home and Mrs Roy welcomed Me .
I got to peep in bare body with some white dhoti type dress doing puja to some goddess. I never had such thoughts but seeing his masculine body with chest hair,
built shoulders,a tight belly(no abs,blame it on oily spicy mutton ;)) a chill ran down My spine.I felt nervous but I had some kind of adrenaline rush.

Then he came dressed and had a talk with Me and Mrs. Roy. I don’t know but somehow I was feeling shy and also excited talking to Mr Roy.
That Night, My parents returned and I went back to My home. But during My stay whenever I had the glimpse of Mr Roy I used to take a deep breadth
so that My breasts get stretched and in that little stay I saw the glimpses of Mr Roy also changed towards Me.I started to love the attention but was also a bit afraid.
Then after a week or so I went away to My college and was simply waiting for the second semesters to end. I got a phone then.

I returned My home after the semesters ended and I always waited for moments when I could talk with Mr Roy. Meanwhile, I also saw lots of erotic movies
from My female friends in laptop. I wanted at least something to happen between Me and Mr Roy but I had no clue how.
Wait for the correct time and it does happen – I planned with two of My friends Subho and Garima to watch a movie in theatres and to My surprise
they simply cancelled without even prior informing Me.I was at the mall , there I saw Mr Roy. Seeing Me he came to Me and I explained the situation.
He was also buying two tickets for him and his wife for a weekend show. But after telling him, he told he also would lovve to see the movie.
I was so thankful to My fate that moment.

I took a dep breath and I could see the change inhis glimpse. We went inside the hall. Somehow the hall was not crowded and –
I don’t know what happened but I couldn’t stop blushing sitting beside him and I looked at him straight holding his hand and there was this some magic between him and Me.
We stared at each other and he suddenly kissed Me. I simply couldn’t help but hold him and returned the kiss.I didn’t want the kiss to end
but the kiss ended too soon. He was a bit uncomfortable initially bu then during interval I told him I loved our kiss.
When the film began again he squeezed My breasts softly.
I took his number and we went to our homes separately.

My holidays ended and I was waiting for the day when he simply turns Me to woman. We talked over messages.
Initially he did the usual drama like”This might not be good as he is elder to Me and bla bla”
but then I knew his inner desires and we both had the same.
Finally the d-day arrived during our unit test just before practicals.
I called Mr Roy and told him to visit durgapur since I will not go to college to give the test and we can have our time.

I used to live in a flat so there was no issue as all My roommates have gone for exam.He came to durgapur via his car.

When I saw him I jumped on him . He was just so bad with hindi, so I will be writing our conversation in english.
Roy:Sumi, I missed you so much
Me:I missed you too Roy.
Roy:But are you sure what we are doing is correct.
Me:Come On, we have discussed on this even earlier now dont try to pretend to be a sadhu .

Roy had this mischievious laugh and simply squeezed My right breast. I was going to bring water for him but then he simply picked Me up
in his arms and threw Me to My bed. I was shocked.

Roy: You dont know sumi how much I wanted to tear your clothes from the day you saw Me in bare chest.
Me:You have no idea how much I wanted you tear apart My clothes since the day I saw you doing that puja stuff.
My God Roy simply tore apart My tshirt in one go. I could not even believe what I was seeing. I have always seen him in a patient
mood, a good Bengali gentleman. Then he simply pulled down My jeans(somehow I wore the jeans). I was just in a bra and a panty.
I so easily opened My bra with just two of his right hand fingers. I now started feeling shy.
He bit My right earlobe softly and and started kissing Me hard and I simply came out of all shyness and startedresponding him.
I opened his shirt and vest. He then moved to My breasts and started licking around My nipples aerola I was going crazy. He just used his left hand
and simply tore away My panty in one go and I didn’t even bother.
Roy simply put two of his fingers squeezed the upper portion with the vagina and I gave a moan of pleasure.He wanted to suck Me down.

Me:Roy please dont waste time in all of this. I have always wanted to be your woman. Don’t waste time in all this foreplay .Enter Me Roy.
Roy:I understand Sumi.
And then he kised My pussy and opened his jeans and was tearing a pack of condom.
Me:Roy, I want to feel you inside Roy without any cover.
And he threw his wallet and he was already hard.Hi penis was so intriguing. I have seen kids’ penises but that too circumcised.Even at that time I was extremely young with little idea.
This was the first time I was seeing a non circumcised penis live. At that point I found it strange kinda scary so thick with all Roy’s veins out sticking
hard cylindrical. I somehow felt even he did not want to wear the condom while entering Me.
What he did next was a bit so fast I almost was awestruck.

He simply pulled Me towards him and held My legs-crossed around his shoulders.I never expected this,but he just in one go inserted his dick
inside My pussy. It was so painful, My hymen broken I have turned into a woman but My eyes were watery. I was about to leave a small cry of pain but
Roy kissed Me and stayed inside Me fo some time and tickled My nipples. After around 30 seconds of tickling with My nipples and kissing,
he gave another push inside My pussy. There was little less pain and he started to slowly pound Me. O My God, I started to enjoy the sensation.
Getting fucked by a man double My age gave Me such an adrenalin rush.He increased his speed and started pounding Me so hard. I was anxious about My
first time but I was so elated that I am being loved so much so beautifully so perfect. This big man, although he was shorter than My dad
but he had a great built just pounded Me so perfectly. I don’t remember the exact time but it was after quite some time of pounding he oozed
out fluids inside Me. Ohhh,I simply was in seventh heaven. After completely releasing his fluids inside Me he fell flat beside Me.
I will be honest I was simply blushing in My mind and I I somewhere deeply wanted to become pregnat by this double aged bengali man hahahahah(lol).
But of course I took the necessary steps.
This ultra horny Roy wanted another round but I refued since it was also paining. Also I felt I should not show how happy I was to My partner so he shouldn’t be overconfidet :p
and said that lets bath since after some time My roommates might come. We had some good fun in the showers and he suckedMe between My legs
but didn’t take much time because I was seriously uncomfortable between My legs and also after showers put some medicated liquid which he carried.
I was having some good uncomfort while walking but all of this was negligible for the pleasure I had.

This was the end of the first installment. I will share few of My two other favorite moments with Roy as well in the coming time.
I used to be sexually quite active till lockdown happened, so if I get good support I would also love to share My other experiences.
Please guys let Me know @ [email protected] how you liked to listen to My first
real sexual experience.Please stay tuned.

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