Losing virignity with my modest classmate

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I was a total nerd back in my school days. I had lustful feelings but never had the guts to pursue an actual relationship and I satisfied my feelings by secretly watching porn at home and kept my ‘good boy’ image in front of others.
When I was in 11th, we used to have special classes outside of usual working hours. So most of my classmates started taking private buses back home every day as the school bus would leave before our clases ended. Soon, even on days when there were no extra classes, we would all just walk together to the bus stop that was a little off.
Our little group had 5-10 people in it and even though I wasn’t very talkative, I would still tag along, pushing my bicycle, as my house was close to the bus stop.

Arya was one of the modest girls in the group. Not the prettiest but still pretty. She was slim and fair, had curly hair, and had the most beautiful smile to go along with it. Though not the prettiest girl I had known, I was often captivated by her perfect figure.
Her uniform was a salwar kameez that showed off her curves perfectly. Her shawl covered her chest, but I could still make out from the bulge that she was in no way flat. Not voluptuous but very inviting on her thin frame. She was a tad shorter than me but still fairly tall for a girl.
She was very friendly with everyone and didn’t fit into the nerd tag. She was well behaved and no one would have dreamed that a horny slut lived beneath that exterior!

As with any group, my friends started to pair off and getting into relationships with each other. This left us and a couple of guys out as odd ones tagging along while walking back.

Though I wanted to hang out with the guys, I couldn’t fully understand whom or what they were talking about (side effects of being the class nerd) and neither could she. Inevitably, the two of us started to walk back together, trying to make conversation.
Surprisingly, we bonded and though we were already friends we became much closer.
As the months passed and this routine continued, Arya would keep her hand on mine as I held to my bicycle, her smooth skin brushing on my arm every step of the way.

At this time, I noticed how sweet my classmate’s voice was and how good she smelled. I saw a shine in her eyes and fell for her. But I was too scared to tell her this. What I did not realize was that the feeling was mutual.
She would later confess to a mutual friend who then set us up. And just like that, both of us were in the first relationship of our lives! I was scared and excited at the same time.

A few weeks later, we were at the bus stop waiting for her bus. As I saw the bus approaching, I half-jokingly invited her over to my house. Because of my ‘good boy’ image, none of my friends paid much attention to it. But she said, ‘maybe tomorrow’ and ran off. I didn’t have my hopes up.
The next day at the bus stop, my classmate didn’t board the first bus. She said that she wanted to keep talking and the two of us sat there with the rest of the couples.

About half an hour later, when the others had left, she told me that she had lied to her parents that we had an extra class on that day. That meant we could go to my house for about another hour or so.
I was pumped! My parents were both working so there was no one at my place. I don’t know what we were thinking, but the two of us went straight into my bedroom.

We talked for a while longer but the nervousness and excitement were visible in both our voices. We inched closer and closer.
I finally took a gamble and placed my hand on her thigh. She flinched but recovered from the shock immediately. She leaned towards me, her eyes closing slowly. My heart was pounding.
I leaned in, running my hand up to her waist. We kissed! Arya’s lips were soft and moist. Experiencing the taste of someone else’s lips for the first time was unbelievable. Her hands were around my neck and mine around her waist. We fell back on to the bed and lied there silently for a while.
I didn’t have a condom and Arya probably guessed that. Either way, neither of us had the guts to do anything further. But we kept doing this a couple of times over the next few weeks, things getting more passionate each time.
One day, we were lying there and kissing passionately. Our tongues were exploring each other and I was enjoying the taste of our saliva mixing. I was rock hard and couldn’t hold my lust any longer. I took another gamble and slowly slid my hand on to her belly and under her uniform. No response! We were still kissing passionately.

Meanwhile, my hand ventured higher and her body tightened, still kissing me.
This was it. I went for it and caressed her soft boobs. Arya arched her back a bit and opened her mouth further, allowing my tongue to explore deeper. I could feel the embroidery on her bra and her rock hard nipples beneath it. She was moaning. She was enjoying this.
She broke off after a while, sat up, and took off her top in one smooth motion. I felt a throbbing in my pants as I looked at her perfect body lustfully.

She wasn’t done. She broke eye contact and shyly took off her bra, revealing a pair of pear-shaped boobs. One looked slightly bigger but both very firm, perky and absolutely inviting on her slender body.
I sat up instantly and touched them. She bit her lip and looked to the heavens. Before I could dig in, she reached for my crotch, sending a shock through my entire body. She was still nervous but I could tell she wanted it. Ecstasy had taken over both of us and we were no longer bothered about the consequences.

I unbuttoned my trousers and pulled them off along with my inners. Luckily, I had shaven not too long back so I was fairly clean.
She stared at my dick for a few seconds. It was the first time she saw an erect male organ in person and she would later tell me that she was thinking, ‘will it fit?’
Arya reached out cautiously and held it with both hands. She stroked me a couple of times, gaining confidence each time. To be stroked off by someone else! I was ready to explode. But I had to hold it in.
She paused and took a look at my juices on her hand. And then she licked it while giving me the most lustful look ever!! I couldn’t move. Without warning, she lunged forward and took my erection in her mouth. I let out a loud moan.
Her technique was sloppy but the pleasure it gave was insane! She would quickly learn to use her tongue and hands in tandem and kept slurping down hungrily. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I came into her mouth without warning. She slowed down but did a few more strokes before stopping.

My gf then sat up and wiped her face with her hand. We had made a mess. She swallowed part of my load and the rest was everywhere. I apologized but be she just kept smiling and licking the cum off her fingers and chin. That lustful stare was still there.
It was my turn. I went straight for her boobs, sucking one and squeezing the other. She moaned and ran her fingers over my hair. As my tongue started circling her nipple, she lay back and pulled me down with her. Her moaning kept getting louder, encouraging me to keep doing it.
Then I moved on to the next boob and my hand ventured downward. I couldn’t wait anymore. My hand went straight inside her panties. She was silky smooth down there. She must’ve shaved recently.
My hand explored her wetness and she tightened even more. I sat up and pulled off her trousers. Then, ever so slowly, I took off her panties. There she lay invitingly in front of me.

Now that we were both completely naked, we were both feeling the shyness. She made the first move and widened her legs. That was all I needed.
I dived in and kissed her clitoris. She cupped her mouth to prevent herself from screaming. Now more confident, I started to use my tongue. Her body responded to every stroke. Her juices were flowing and her smell was intoxicating. I was rock hard again.
I stopped just before she came. This was it. We both knew the risks. But there was no turning back. I got back up and poked with my dick a couple of times at her entrance. I was aiming too high. She reached out and then guided my dick in.
I felt a bit of resistance from her hymen. I looked at Arya and smiled. She smiled back encouragingly. I leaned forward to take a kiss as she held my dick in place. She moved her hands upwards to an embrace and I thrust without warning.
She bit my lip and arched her back, but did not scream. I was inside her! Her inside was warm and wet. Arya’s inside was gripping my dick tight and the feeling was addictive.

I started moving slowly and gently picked up the pace. We were still in an embrace and I continued to pump her. I felt her getting tighter as she neared her climax. I was almost there as well.
I used all my energy and pumped as fast as I could and she moaned louder each time. With a long moan, my classmate climaxed and collapsed and I exploded inside of her at the same time.
We then lay there exhausted for a while.
Later, we got up and saw that she had bled all over my bed-sheet. It didn’t matter. We kissed a couple more times before I dropped her at the bus stop.

Luckily, she didn’t get pregnant from that encounter. We were shit scared for the next month.
We continued to make out regularly but had sex only on safe days with me cumming outside. Later, I was able to source condoms and we would have sex frequently. But that’s a story for another day!

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