Fucked my chachi and got her fucked by friends and beggar

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Hello friends I am Suresh Sharma this is my first story on sex4stories which happened 3 years back this is my real story where I fucked my chachi Shobha. First let me tell you about my chachi she looks exactly like Vidya Balan colour face cut all but little bit slim from her which makes her more exotic.

Her figure is 38-32-38 now you can imagine everybody will sure wants to fuck her hard she wears saree same like vidya balan below her naval and short and low cut blouse in which her half of the boobs is seen when pallu misplaced from her chest.

Her most attractive part is her ass mainly when she drapes her saree tightly on her ass which is enough to make any man horny in the small town like ours old or young everybody wants to fucks her bad one day i saw mad beggar of our area rubbing his cock by seeing my shobha chachi he is mad but by seeing this sexy women he also knows what to do with her i am sure if he gets a chance he will fuck her bad and fill her up with his hot cum.

We have a joint family in which my father, mother, chacha, chachi her 5 years daughter and me lives. My chachi started to quarrel with my mother unnecessarily from last 3 months but she is normal and friendly with me seeing this I want to take revenge from my chachi in my house we also keep families on rent where one of my childhood friend also lives.

Now come to the story where all this started me and my friend chirag got admission in Delhi’s college after taking admission few days past I am thinking about my chachi how to fuck her seeing me in deep thought my friend asked me what are you thinking he is my best childhood friend so I told him everything he is also interested in my chachi.

He also wants to fuck my chachi so i said first let me convence her then we will gangbang her bad. In winter holidays we went home where I started to set my chachi so i can fuck her.

My room is situated at back side of home one day me and my chachi watching movie on my laptop where some love scene came i am going to forward the scene but she stopped me and said don’t forward so i have not forwarded the scene.

After that she silently asked me do you have any blue film in your laptop by listening this i am in great joy that this can be a chance to fuck her bad. I said yes I have so she said play that bf i played the bf by seeing bf she is getting horny and i can see that on her face by seeing this i asked her chacha is sleeping?

In which she answered yes and said why you are asking i said like this only. We both started to watch bf in which women was getting fucked badly we both got horny my cock was erect which is 7 inch in size i started rub my cock slowly.

My chachi seeing all this and started to rub my cock and started to stroke fast i also started to press her boobs which is 38 in size then i opened her blouse and bra and started to suck her nipples which is light brown in colour for 10 mins and then we started to kiss each other badly then she removed my underwear and started to suck my cock badly she is a very good cock sucker she sucked my balls to.

After getting sucked by her for 15 mins i removed her saree and peticoat she was only in her panties she was looking dam hot then i removed her panties to she was totally nude in front of me then i started to lick her pussy for 10 min by licking she came in my mouth which i drank fully.

After that i spread her legs apart in which she said suresh please do it slowly because yours cock is much bigger than ur chacha by listening this i laughed and said ( aaj teri choot ka bhosada kar dalunga randi saali aur teri choot mein apna beej daal k apna baccha paida karunga by listening this words from my mouth she was shocked) .

I inserted my cock in her pussy but it was not going inside so i put some saliva on my cock and again pushed my cock inside with pressure its gone 3inch inside her pussy she started to screem but i put my hands on her mouth so no one can listen her shouting i still kept my cock inside her pussy started stroke slowly little by little i inserted my whole cock she was crying please remove your cock i can’t bare the pain but i have not listened to her and kept ravaging her pussy badly.

In missionary position after few minutes she started enjoying my strokes so i changed the position to doggy and again inserted my cock inside her pussy and started to fuck her badly in that position she again started to make sound anhhh anhhhh anhhhh but i shut her mouth by my hand and making very rough strokes going to her cervix i also fucked her in cowgirl position i changed many position and fucked her bad and at last after 35 mins i was going very deep inside her she understood that i am going to cum she said please darling pull out don’t come inside me this is my fertile period but i have not listened to her she tried to push me but not succeeded and after 5 mins i came deep inside her i took some pics of her in this position my revenge has been taken from her.

She said why u came in me i can get pregnant in which i replied thats why i came in you shobha chachi i want to make you pregnant with my baby she said what if your chacha came to know about this because he uses condom everytime he fucks me.
I know my chacha comes drunk every saturday he always forgets what happened last night so i gave idea to my chachi that if u get pregnant tell him that u fucked me without protection on Saturday night.

Chachi got convinced from my idea in this time gap my cock again erected i again inserted my cock inside her pussy fucked her bad in all position and also fucked her 38 inch ass for which everybody in our local area is mad i am the lucky person of the day she was virgin from there chacha never fucked her ass she cried badly when i inserted there i fucked her ass for 30 mins after that i inserted my cock again in her pussy and fucked for 15 mins and again came deep in her pussy.

She was completely satisfied from my fucking and said i am your whore now you can fuck me anytime when you get chance i sucked her boobs for some time then she said i am going in my room neither your chacha will get suspicious. Then she has gone to her room and i also slept next day my friend chirag comes to my room and said yaar please execute your plan quickly everytime i see your chachi i want to fuck her bad to which i showed him last night photos by seeing photos he got exited and said you asshole you fucked this randi alone. In reply i said tomorrow no one will be in house chacha is going out of station for some office work and mummy papa is going to my nana’s house so chachi will be alone in house so we can gangbang her whole day and night for 3 days by listening to my words he got exited and said i am waiting for tomorrow i will tear her pussy to which i said you can do what ever you want even you can fuck her without condom to which he got more excited but he said will she agree on this i said she is my randi now i can do what ever i want she has given me permission if get chance i will get her fucked by road side beggars .

This is the end of this part i will write next part in few days in which i will tell you how i gangbanged my shobha chachi with my friend chirag and also got her fucked from my areas mad beggar. So mails me guys on [email protected] and let me know howzz my story.

Any Bhabhi and aunty lives in lucknow (up) can contact me from my mail i can give u extreme fuck of your life. Waiting for your mails.

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