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These are some true events from my past. Some of you might not enjoy them as these are real incidents and call me a sex addict in a sense I think I am. As it contains true stories from my Life I will be changing the the names and locations. The story will be in parts so I will post the remaining parts after the reviews.

Coming to the story I am Rahul 35 year old NRI now. These incidents are from 12 years ago when I was 23 years old and had just done my graduation and was in search of a job in Dehli. One of my neighbors asked me if I could teach there daughter. As I was already teaching my brother and sister and a cousin for some time now I had some experience. I agreed and told her to send her the next day.

The following day she came, I would not say she was hot or like. a model she was an average girl with some good assets. And good complexion. Height 5.5 with huge breasts for her age I would have guessed at the time 30C cup size which I found out some years later was 32C. Her name was Nirmala she was an average student I taught her maths and Physics. I noticed in a few sessions that she was more interested in other activities then studies but as she was a neighbor I tried to resist my urges as well to woo her. I controlled myself and focused on teaching her soon I was running my own tuition centre as the word spread.

I went to USA for two years when I came back she and Some other students came back to ask me to start tutoring again. Which I did she had grown to be a full-blown hotty. So this time I didn’t resist my urges and when ever I got the chance started to respond to her tiny gestures of lust with huge responses. Slowly I started to touch her on her thighs and back when ever I would get a chance. Once I touched her waist which was visible from her kurta.

She looked at me with a smile that day I wrote on her note book while explaining a maths question that she should ask me to give her extra time as she has an important test tomorrow she nodded in agreement and I tore the note from her notebook.
When class time was over and I was letting everyone go she asked me if I can help her with a few more questions as she has a test tomorrow. I was so glad she agreed and i said ok in a manner like I was not happy with that. Once all the other students had left I called her close to me and asked her what she wanted to ask. She said, I asked her to stay so what do I want. I aksed her if she would promise not to tell anyone what I want then I will tell her she promised at once. I looked at her and kissed her on her juicy red lips she looked shocked but didn’t resist at all I kept my lips on hers and held her by her hair to bring her close and kissed her passionately slowly she started to like it and responded by letting my tongue in her mouth.

We kissed for some time I tried to touch her breasts but she didn’t let me. I asked her what was wrong she said she is shy and worried someone will come I told her no one is at home and if someone will come I can easily hear there steps on the stairs. She resisted for a bit but eventually gave in to my constant touching. I had started to massage her boobs above her shirt and kissed her lips. I could see she was enjoying it now.
I laid her on my sofa and put one hand in her kurti and pressed her boobs hard she hissed in pleasure and pain said ” dard ho raha hai” it pains, but didn’t stop me ( all this happened in a few sessions not the same day I kissed her). I removed her shirt and bra( which I had already unhooked) I asked her if anyone had done this to her before she said no ( I didn’t believe her then due to her huge breast which she later told me she used to massage herself) I sucked her boobs one by one she was hissing in pleasure and pressing my head on her nipples which had grown quite a bit by now.

I slowly started to touch her phuddi (Pussy) from above her tights and caressed it and pinched slightly she shivered when ever I pinched her clit while sucking her boobs I tried to put my hand in her tights she held my hand tight and said no please not today. I said why why not today, she said in a shy tone I am not ready yet. I said u are ready I can feel you are wet and ready. I bit her nipple a little bit she hissed and said please let me go today.
I was not going to miss this chance as I had been longing for sex for a while as I had been dry without a pussy for a month or more since my return from UK. So I kept playing with her pussy from above her tights and licking and sucking her nipples. Now I focused my tongue on her belly button while playing with her pussy with one hand and massaging her boobs with the other. She was getting harder to handle every passing second her moans and movements were getting louder and more. I put my hand in one go in her tights onto her pussy lips when she just started to moan she was shoked her mouth wide open and then hummed.

I played with her clit and flowed my finger up and down her pussy lips she started to go crazy and say thats enough. She was oozing out i removed her trouser with my other hand in one go as I had already brought it out from under her butt. She was lying naked in front of me she closed her eyes and said… ap bohot buray ho… you are ao naughty.

I spread her legs and came in between to have a full view of her love hole. Her cheeks turned tomato red. I placed a kiss on them. And came back to her pussy and placed a slight kiss on it as well. Then played with her clitt with my tongue and made her crazy mad for sometime. I didn’t put my finger in as I wanted to put my dick ( and average thickness and 6 inch length) first. She finally said… jo krna hai please kro mei mar jau gi… Please do it now or I will die.

I kept teasing her with my tongue. Now I undressed and she saw my Lun (dick) and closed her eyes I asked what happened she said it’s too big. I assured her I will be gentle. I lay her on the carpeted floor and put a cushion under her head and buttocks, to raise her pussy, and put my tongue deep in her fuck hole. Soon she was in heaven again and arching her whole body and trying to free herself. I put my dick on her lips she hesitated but when I told her how to do it she started to do a great job soon enough. I kept playing with her cloth all the while. Now I took a lot of salivae and made her wet pussy wetter for easy penetration by now I had realized that she was a virgin so I decided to put my whole length inside her in one shot so she can’t stop me as I had that experience before where girls get scared of the pain. I kissed her lips while placing my dick on her pussy and rugby for a while and once I saw she was again fully in pleasure I set my Lund on her pussy opening and while kissing her gave a good push putting my whole length deep inside her pussy, it was good no one was home and I had planned it so as she let out a scream like a loud moan. I stayed on top of her like that for a while kissing her lips and slightly moving around to adjust my dick in her tight pussy and making her comfortable with it inside her like a hot rod. I had seen a bit of blood but didn’t let her see it so she doesn’t get scared.

After a minute or so I slowly started to move my dick in and out of her pussy. She was hissing in pain I could see but I knew if I came out now she might not be able to take it in again so easily and might not let me put it in again. I fucked her at a slow pace for a while once I saw she is out of the initial pain state and moaning I gradually increased my speed and in no time I was fucking her hard.

After 5 minutes of hard fucking I made her into a doggy and fucked her from the back for a few more minutes before releasing my load on her back I always made sure to pull out before I came. After that until my marriage in 2016, we used to have fucking sessions when ever we had the chance. Once I during her periods while she was giving me a blow job I came in her mouth and she liked that as we used to do that during her periods if we got the chance. She swallowed my load sometimes.

That’s how I fucked my neighbor and student Nirmala for 4 years. We would have married but the age difference and cast and my family was a hurdle.

Let me know with your reviews how you liked the story. Then I will writ the remaining parts on how I fucked 2 other students. The phupho (aunt) of my student ( my first sex experience) and how I fucked my real aunt as well…

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