Don and my destiny

I kept a secret that I have been wanting to share for 22 years but now that I am way of age I discovered s4s and I love the stories especially the one titled “I Miss Burt“.

I can relate to how Julie feels because I miss the man who used to have sex with me when I was younger. His name was Don. I met him when I was about 9 or 10, he was a senior in high school and very handsome. His girlfriend Suzanne was beautiful and sexy in every way.

My mom who was about 29 was dating Kenny, Don’s best friend. Don and Suzanne stopped by the house one evening, just before dark. The tall handsome man took my breath away. He wore Jean’s and a matching Jean jacket, a white tshirt and black cowboy boots. He didn’t walk across the floor he moved across the floor. I could tell that he was a tough guy and a bad boy, Kenny seemed like a wimp standing next to him. Don was definitely the Alpha.

I wanted to sit on his lap while he sat on the loveseat with his girlfriend , I think he was flattered, Suzanne acted like it was cute so I pushed my limits and kissed Don on the cheek. She didn’t seem to mind.

I don’t think Don did it intentionally but he rested his hand on my bare thigh. I was wearing shorts. I could feel the heat of his hand just a couple inches from my coochie. I know that I was young but I suddenly wanted him to touch my coochie. I have played with it in the bathtub and in bed and now I wanted Don to play with it.

I unexpectedly got my chance. My mom wanted to show Suzanne something in her bedroom and Ken went to the bathroom. I quickly placed my hand on top of Don’s and slid his between my legs. He looked in my eyes. I told him that I like that. I pushed his finger into my crack and he began to finger my coochie. I could feel myself getting wet then I grabbed his dick. I don’t know how big it was but it seemed big to me. He whispered. ” Do you want to play with it?” I was so excited I nodded my head with a big smile. He said. “Let’s go to the store. ”

Don announced to everyone that he was going to the store to get a soda. I asked my mom if I could go since her and Suzanne were busy talking. She said that I could.

Don drove to a big parking lot behind a big building and parked with no other cars. I pulled my shorts and panties down and let him run his fingers all in my coochie. It felt so amazing. He played with my clit, my body felt so good, Don said that I had an orgasm. I undid the zipper on his jeans and pulled his dick out. I had to struggle with it, it was so hard.

I’ve seen my mom suck on Ken’s dick so I asked Don if I could suck on his. It barely fit in my mouth. He showed me how to use my hand to pump it. I liked the taste of his dick and the clear stuff that was seeping out. Don told me that about a teaspoon full is going to come out and asked if I wanted it in my mouth to swallow it, he said it’s called cum and it tastes a little salty. I didn’t care what it tasted like, I just wanted it. He did warn me and I felt it blast into my mouth. But it tasted so good. J wanted more but he said it has to wait until next time.

We went to the store then home. Nobody seemed to miss us.

A couple weeks later. My mom and Ken were going out of town for a night and asked if Don would keep an eye on me and that Suzanne could stay too.

It didn’t take too much convincing Suzanne to let me sleep with Don and her but she told me that she sleeps naked and gave me permission to do so too. I was a little confused and concerned about Don. I asked Suzanne if Don was going to sleep naked too. She asked me if that was okay. I smiled and nodded. I learned later that the car ride was Suzanne’s idea beforehand because she knew that Don likes school girls.

Suzanne left the light on while we all got undressed and climbed into bed. I whispered to Suzanne. “His penis in nice.” She asked me if I wanted to touch it. I was so excited that I laughed when I said yes.

Don laid between us as Suzanne showed me how to play with his dick.

We all had sex together. I sucked on Don’s dick, Don rubbed and licked my coochie. Don showed me where and how to lick Suzannes shaved pussy. I watched Suzanne get on top of Don . I fingered my coochie as I watched Suzanne and Don fuck. I wanted Don to put his dick in my coochie. He said that I was too little, maybe when I am 13.

I kept spending time with Don and Suzanne. They eventually got married and Suzanne got me a dildo so I could break my hymen by the time that I was 13. But by that time ken liked my boobs and mom was okay with me having sex with Ken. He taught me that a dick was a cock and a coochie was a cunt. Ken would lick my cunt all the time but I was saving my cunt for Don’s cock.

It was actually a big thing and Ken never pushed me. In secret I think Ken was afraid of Don. My virginity belonged to Don.

When I turned 14, Don and Suzanne felt that my body was matured enough to be fucked by Don. But at that point I turned into a little bit more of a bisexual.

Suzanne was showing me the safest and easiest way to shave my pussy and we began to have sex together.

I didn’t care about the boys at school, I was fucking Don about 3 times a week, Suzanne was usually there too. It had been months since Ken and I. I think it bothered my mom because she was pregnant.

When I turned 16 I wanted an orgy. Me, mom, Ken, Don, and Suzanne. Don had told me that he wanted to fuck my mom and Suzanne wanted to fuck Ken. So on my 16th birthday we had a fuck party. I dont think that it caused any problems but Ken and mom decided to just keep their sex to themselves after that and Suzanne was at the point in her career that she wanted children of her own.

When I was a senior I put a stop to being a sex toy when I met Mike. Don and I fucked one more time and parted ways.

Mike and I have a normal
Sex life and got an apartment together after graduation. Suzanne and Don are our friends but Mike does not know about my past. But I really do miss getting fuck by Don. I married Mike at 20 but we waited until our careers were solid before children. Mike and I enjoyed being naked and adored each others bodies. So when we were home, we were naked and that didn’t change after children

I noticed as our daughter began to develop into a young woman that Mike was showing interest towards her growing boobs and the dirty blonde hair thickly accumulating between her legs. He told me that he liked what he saw but wouldn’t do anything with her. But he did tell me that he would like to have the opportunity to be sexual with some if her friends.

Recently my 8th grade daughter has been asking me a lot about sex consideing that she was always seeing her dads hard cock. She was no stranger to masturbation or orgasms but it was a lonely life for her sexual. I decided to ask Krystal if she would like to have sex with Mr. Don’s 17 year old son Jon in hopes that she would lose sexual focus on her dad and feel a young man’s touch. She became so excited.

I sat and had a long talk with Mike. I finally told him about Don and Suzanne. He seemed to be turned on so I mentioned Krystal and Jon. I could see the disappointment in his face. He told me that he would love to have sex with Krystal at least once and a young teen.

About that time Krystal came into the room naked. She stared at her dads boner. I whispered in her ear. She nodded her head and asked, “yes please. ” I told her to go ahead. She climbed up on the recliner with Mike and rested her pussy down on his cock. She rubbed her cunt all over his cock. I told them just to promise me that it would be the only time.

I didn’t watch but father and daughter had oral sex. Krystal was fine with it but Mike beat himself up a little bit. He said that a dad shouldn’t be having sex with his own daughter.

I set up a lunch with me, Don and Suzanne. Considering our history they liked the idea of Krystal and Jon spending time alone to see where it goes. Then I asked them about Mike and their daughter Courtney, Courtney was a sexually curious 7th grader with a gorgeous young body. They agreed. I had two more questions to ask. One, I wanted to fuck Don again. But I had to find a toy for Suzanne , so keeping it between our families she asked me about Kevin, my 15 year old son.

Don hid a video camera in Jon’s bedroom. It was less than 15 minutes before Krystal and Jon were naked, Krystal had Jon go down on her. Watching my daughter cum was such a turn on for me. But the best was watching my husband Mike cum in Courtney’s mouth after Suzanne had a similar talk with Courtney about Mike. It was nice to see Mike get his sex toy. There was no way Kevin denied Suzanne. They fuck almost every day. and in the end I got the cock that I always loved the most, They guy that started it all, Don.

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