Lockdown and Crazy Mother

Many silly things took place in the early days of covid-19. My story is about one such thing. At the start of lockdown in India I got locked with my mother. My father went abroad and he got locked there. As the routine health system faltered everywhere, people started to spread misinformation. One such thing was benifits of cow urine in corona.

I was 22 and my mom was 42 then. She had some extra flesh on her body but her pink skin and big tits made her look sexy. I respected her a lot as she was a religious woman. We used to sit in front of TV during lock down and talk a lot. I started to notice a change in her the behavior slowly. She started to bow down in front of me while serving food or calling me during bath time for a towel. In my eyes she was so clean that I didn’t even thought that she had physical needs like any other woman.

Amid the surge in COVID-19 cases, the claim of cow unire had gone viral as a kind of “home remedy”. My mother was a strong believer of these things and wanted to give it a try. We don’t have a cow so it was not possible to find cow urine immediately. She was not well read so I told her that human urine can do the same. I qouted a former prime minister who used to practice urine therapy. She remembered him more then me. I told her that as far humans are concerned only hot urine is effective and I can give it to her. She said but fresh piss can soil body and dress. I replied that a safe way is to go inside bathroom in less cloths. Later a shower can be taken.

She said, Come on let’s try it. I’m going to give you a glass of water. Then she gets up and brought me a glass of water. Come on, let’s have this therapy, she said to me. I really didn’t know what to do. I started drinking and in the meantime she went to change her dress. An hour later she came in an old cotton shirt and a panty with her plump legs on display. My eyes went straight to the place where her legs were meeting but she had a panty there. I realised how beautiful and sexy she was.

She said:- if you feel the pressure tell me and do not be ashamed. ok?

After a sometime, I started feeling pressure on my bladder so I told her this, she gave me a big smile and ordered me to go to the bathroom with her. She gets in the bathtub and tells me to do it right in her mouth because she wants to drink it all. She tells me: make the piss come slowly otherwise I can’t sip.

I was all red with shame of having to undress in front of her. I dropped my suit and returned with my cock sticking out right in front of her mouth. It was not much hard so the pee began to flow and I made it come out slowly in her mouth and she really drinks almost all of it even if it got dropped a little on her shirt. When I’m finished she licks her lips and said to me: – Come on … how good … it made me enjoy … you have to try it too … promise me.

I answer her: I don’t know if I will like it. And she laughs: you don’t like it hahaha … you will see that you will like it. Then she let me go out and took a shower.

A little later thinking about what happened I jerked off imagining of my mom drinking all my pee. When she did it she seemed to enjoy and almost put my cock in her mouth. I couldn’t resist. Then after a few days my mom said: – do we do it again? I said yes. And we did it again. Like the last time, she got into the bathtub with a bra-less shirt and panties in plain sight. She sipped my piss on her knees whil I kept standing. Only this time I squirted a little more and she was struggling to take it all in her mouth. And so I also pissed on her shirt, wetting her all over. You could see her boobs clear and it got a little hard on me. And she jokingly told me: – what are you doing? does it get hard on me? and she laughed. When I finished she did something she hadn’t done before. She took my cock a little in her mouth to drink the last few drops. Needless to say, My mother was sucking my cock as if she was sucking some sweet lollipop. In between sucking she started caressing my testicles.

I also started grabbing her hair from behind and bringing her mouth forward. I was putting my pestle cock till my mother’s throat. Soon my cock spew its cream by wetting her mouth. My mother gulped down the entire juice without spilling a single drop. She added: anyway you are a nice pig to make it so hard with your mom … she laughed and sent me out.

After her shower she came into living room where I was watching TV. She said to me: – do you want to sip it too? I said: I don’t know … And she said, come on, you have fun. So without waiting for an answer, she took some towels and put them on the floor in the living room.Then she said to me: if you want, keep your mouth half closed but drop it a little in your mouth. you will see that it is good. and laughed. Then she told me to take off my shirt and lie down on towels. She had a fairly short skirt and a shirt. She got on top of me.

She then took off her panties and put her pussy on my face very close. I could smell her asshole and pussy and my cock became very hard.

Then she said to me: – are you ready then? I said yes and then she started to make the pee fall on my mouth and said to me:- come on, open your mouth, drink it a bit. She was wearing a nightie and I could see her whole ass and pussy.

I opened my mouth and she pissed right in my mouth. I swallow without problems. Then when she pissed on me I was about to cum. I was very excited. I saw her slit and her ass very close and she practically put it on my face without peeing. Then he said to me: – sorry now I do. But you drink. you will see that you like it. I could smell the pussy and ass very strong and I liked them very much. It was hard and I touched it. And she saw me do it and said: come on, pig, lick everything right. I don’t know what to do and I let my tongue run a little on her. I pointed out my tongue and licking my mother’s clit.

My mother’s sensual hissing started increasing and she grabbed my head and tried to put my mouth inside her pussy. After having a climax my mother suddenly got up like a hungry bitch and both of our lips met each other. So I tore off her nightie and made her completely naked. I started kissing every part of her body and finally kissed near her ears. I put my tongue in her mouth and she started putting her tongue in my mouth.

Seeing her nipples, it appeared as if she was telling me to suck like in childhood, I have sucked them a lot, now I suck to fuck.

I threw her on the couch and she spread her legs. On seeing her pussy, my whole senses were blown away and I grabbed my cock with my hand and set it on my mother’s pussy and started pushing in. But this was my first time, so the cock slipped. My mother again caught the cock and set it in the clefts of the pussy.

After some time, I pushed again, due to which half of my cock reached inside the pussy. Mother also sobbed, for which there were two reasons. One, was the thickness of my cock and other was that mother had not been fucked for a long time.

After adjusting my body properly, I made another push, due to which my whole cock entered the pussy of my mother. It happened that her pussy started taking cock easily.

What was it now… I slowly increased the speed of my cock and my mother’s loving moans started rising.
As I pushed, their sound grew more and more… which I guessed from her nails sticking on my back.

I Put both her legs on her shoulders, and gave her a wild choda. After fucking her for 10 minutes I was about to discharge. I told my mother, I am about to leave, then she said:- put within me and anyway today you have become my husband, so put all the goods in your wife.

Me- Haha Ma From today I am your husband.

Mom:- yeah son, you are my husband from today onwards and I am your wife.

Her saying so was enough to left all my belongings in mother’s cunt. I kept kissing her while lying on her.

Next morning, when I woke up I went towards the bathroom. She was already inside. Despite her protest that she is about to finish I entered. I said I want to piss bad. She was shitting in commode. She turned her back to me and said, you better clean me with your piss. We have to use water carefully. I said, sure? She said do it. I started to pee inside her hips for several seconds. Her ass was raining with my pee. It was fun and my cock was hard.

I rubbed my cock on her pussy and she said don’t let me wait. I sat down on the commode and asked her to sit in my lap in a cow girl position. She took its head inside the lips of vagina and I srarted thursting.

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