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Hello everyone I am praveen 25 years guy from Bangalore. 

I am starting this story from the middle. The hour needle in the clock has touched 12. It’s midnight. Vidya was breathing and moaning heavily in a pitch-dark room. We are in Vidya’s friends flat. Vidya had boozed and was on top of me, thrusting her hips.

Oh god, what a beauty! I am the luckiest man to have her fully for myself. This is 6th time we are meeting. Hottie Vidya was addicted to me because, after every meeting, we bid goodbye, never to meet again. Here we are again, hungrily enjoying fulfilling each other’s bodily cravings.

I can smell alcohol and our sweat. Vidya was mercilessly shaking her round, firm ass taking my cock completely into her pussy. My cum drenched cock was feeling every bit inside her. My eyes were never fulfilled with seeing her milky body.

Vidya is moaning louder, her medium-sized boobs shaking as her body jerks. I had to pick her up from the Pub once again. She started playing and stroking my cock over my pants in the car itself. Vidya, a Brahmin hottie, had boozed high. Thanks to her friend to have kept the flat door open for us.

We sneaked silently into the second bedroom. All along, from the Pub to the flat, Vidya had tempted me so badly that the moment we were inside the bedroom. We started kissing as if we were meeting for the very first time. The kiss was intenser than the last time.

The bodily hunger for each other had never been lost. I madly kissed her, eating and sucking her juicy thick lips. She had her hand into my hair as she hungrily dug her tongue into my mouth to suck dry.

While continuing to suck my lips, Vidya moved her hand over my pant onto the erection. I grabbed her round sexy ass cheeks over the jean and squeezed them hard, saying, “Oh, Vidya, you have got a yummy body.” We fell onto the bed with continued kissing.

Nothing feels like fulfilment. We are still hugging and wildly kissing each other like the first time. In no time, Vidya hurried to pull my pant and underwear low. My eagerly waiting giant cock popped out into her hands.

Hurriedly she removed her top with her white boobs popping out (She wasn’t wearing any bra). Vidya became so bold these days that she was roaming to the Pub without a bra. My eyes have adjusted to the darkness.

I could see milky medium-sized melons with small dark nipples. I quickly grabbed them, pinching the small poking nipples which were erect. Vidya was so horny that she positioned my cock into her pussy and sat in a cowgirl position. Vidya was vocal as she started to moan in pleasure.

Coming to the start of the journey, the heroine of this story is Vidya. Vidya is a Mysore born, 22 years old, studying in Bangalore. She was doing her MBBS at Ramaiah Medical College when she contacted me.

Vidya belonged to an orthodox Brahmin family. Her father was in a government post at Mysore. Her mother was a professor at a college. Vidya had an elder brother doing his masters in Germany and a younger sister who had just finished schooling.

Vidya was very traditional and strictly followed the guidelines of her parents. She grew to be a very reserved and studious girl. Bangalore life was new to her. At first, it was depressing and frustrating to adjust to hostel life.

The girls in her batch from many parts of India made her feel inferior. Vidya was stamped as an innocent and bookish girl in her class. As days progressed, she decided to break out of innocence to face the world.

Vidya decided to explore the thrills. Her first venture was with her roommate by tasting alcohol at the hostel with non-veg. Vidya loved it and was uncontrollable. In the kick, Vidya spoke too much. She liked and enjoyed the kick of the drink.

As days progressed, she occasionally visited Pubs of Bangalore with her new friends.

September 16: After Pub and booze, Vidya sneaked into the hostel and hit the bed without changing into a night dress. She was horny thinking about all those lusty and hungry stares of men at the Pub. She undid her high heels, which fell next to the bed.

She unlocked her phone and started browsing. She scrolled through Indian sex stories scanning for an erotic title. Vidya had always liked and self-pleasured reading stories on ISS. She loved foreplay and build-up to sex.

She started imagining herself in the character of the story. Vidya started to touch her body. She squeezed her small melons and tweaked her sharp erect nipples over the tight T-shirt.

Tonight she felt very horny and uncontrollable. She unbuttoned her tight jean pulling them low. She reached inside her wet panty and started playing with her pussy. She typed her first message to me in this condition with her other hand.

She mailed me, “Hi, I read your story. It’s very well written and made me cum.”

Another mail read: “How to reach you?”

At the same time, she even texted in telegram, “Hi, I am the one from the mail, Madhan. Are you there?”

We texted each other from that day onward and became good friends. Vidya became close to my heart, the reason being a Mysurean. Vidya was a milky-skinned, very fair, pretty, and hot girl. From her college days, Guys chased her crazily.

She intentionally hid her charm/beauty by wearing powerless old-fashioned eyeglasses and fashionless dresses. She never responded to guys with wrong ideas. She was a virgin and always dreamt of losing her virginity only to her better half. But things have changed in Bangalore.

She was unable to control her sexual desires. After reading my anonymity rules, Vidya decided to text me, “No real names, no contact details, no emotional connection, and purely bodily pleasure fulfilling desires.”

These days I don’t usually do sext and long chats. Instead, a few chats knowing the expectation, talk, meet, and enjoy. Vidya wanted only sexting and chats from me which I was not interested in. I sorry-heartedly conveyed to her my unwillingness, and our chat ended.

A week later.
September 23: After a few days, Vidya shared a seductive picture (Tight T-shirt and jeans, smiling in a pub with her hand over her top, touching her boobs).

She texted, “Hey Madhan, Don’t you want these? Don’t you want me? My college guys are crazy behind me, and you just ignore me.”

Vidya: I get so many text messages from a lot of guys. You still say you don’t want to have sex chat.

Vidya: I can fuck anyone. I have men following me. Don’t you want this? (She shared a pick with a finger pulling the T-shirt low, revealing her milky cleavage)

Vidya started calling me, but I couldn’t respond. She continuously kept on calling me. I answered. “Hey, Madhan, you are making me crazy.” I could sense wobbly talk and that she was high in the kick.
Vidya: I am Pagal and horny for you. You are in my thoughts. You are so disturbing.

I could hear her slurring words and knew she was drunk. I conveyed, “I cannot just sext. I don’t get satisfied virtually.” I frankly apprised her of my horniness and my needs too. She became silent, and I disconnected the call without further speaking. She typed something, texted me, and deleted it.

The next day. September 24: Early morning, she texted me, “I just noticed the texts. I am sorry I was high.”

Me: It’s okay, but do not share your hot pics like the one you shared with me with anyone else.

Vidya: Thank you for the concern.

I did care for her because she was a very innocent girl. Her bodily needs drive her crazy. She is not ready to cross the boundaries to fulfil her bodily needs. I respect her decisions.

September 23: Vidya had no sleep all night. She slept from 05 in the morning till 02 in the afternoon. She was very restless, and her body felt very warm. She lost all her focus. She found interest in nothing. She slept all day Sunday.

Vidya was so restless that she went for a drink on Monday night, all alone. After a few pegs, she texted me. She told, “I am sorry.”

Vidya: I have given a lot of thought, and I want you to fuck me.
Vidya: I will give my body to you.
Vidya: I don’t care, and I give up my idea of virginity to my husband.
Vidya: I want you to fuck me, fuck me like I am your bitch.

I saw all her messages and knew that she was speaking in the kick of alcohol. I finally texted her, “You are too pretty. I will fuck you all day and night until my dick gets sore.”

There was no response from her after my message. Stopped responding. I was pissed off that she initiated the texting, tempting me for sex and disappeared unannounced. I texted her, showing my anger, and our chat ended again.

(Reason for her being nonresponsive: She received a call from her father. Seeing the call, all her kicks evaporated. She suddenly jumped to reality. She cried, feeling guilty and left back to the hostel.)

A month later.

Vidya texted again, “I am fully drunk and out of control. Praveen, come and take me home, please. I am at –*******– Pub.” I saw the message and drove to the Pub at 10 at night. I texted her, “Where are you?” Vidya walked outside the Pub alone.

You can share all your sexual feelings and fantasies over Gmail [email protected] or telegram @PraveenPandu

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