Loss of virginity to buaa/ aunty

Hi guys I am Saurav I am from Ranchi living in Kolkata now. This story happened with me and my paternal aunty Maya.

I met her first time when my grandfather died (my father’s maternal aunt’s husband). My father has to go somewhere so I have to attend the cremation and all those functions. That time I met and talk to her for the first time. After that we met several times as I want to live in Kolkata for studies and job but the destiny doesn’t help me. We also exchange number and stay in connection through WhatsApp and sometime call. Generally we talk about life, politics and other things.

A year ago, I lost my father in cardiac arrest and mother have serious health issues so I have to shift to Kolkata. Within few months I got a decent job. Two years ago aunty also have to admit to hospital and she was in serious condition and she fit several times. Doctors told her that she can’t handle mental pressure. She has to keep herself in meditation now she is also fine. Uncle is a retired engineer in central govt. She have 2 son.

So, one day she comes with uncle and granny for our house visit and told my mother about his son that she is worried about his carrier as so many years passed away and he didn’t make to get a job. I helped him to get a job in Hyderabad through my connections in few weeks. Now her younger son wants to go Kota for his medical preparations. So we all went to board him in the station. We live around 5 km away from each other.

One day when granny when to some wedding and uncle got a call for some inspection work, she want to spend some time with us in our house and have lunch after lunch in evening she is going back to home my mom told me to drop her home and she also insist me to come as they have a coconut tree to give some coconuts. We took a bus and went in her home. We reached her home by 5:00.

They have 2 floor independent house after coming we went to the first floor and she gave me some sweets to eat and went in a room and start changing her clothes. I have never thought of having some attraction to her she is average looking women in her 50s. Though she was athlete in her college time she maintains her figure. She is little brown having 36-30-34 figure size. When she is changing, I can see her in red colour bra and in black petticoat it shocks me I got bulge in my pant. After that she wear a nighty and sit with me. We talk about some issues and then she starts asking me about my girlfriend I told her I don’t have.

Aunty: what you are still virgin??
Hearing this my heart beat change . I never expected such things from her.
Me : yes what can I.
Aunty: you will find someone. If not then went to Sonagachi (red light area).
Saying this she start laughing. I am feeling shy that time.
Me : No i will never go to that area I am not a pervert.
After such conversation I got some courage to speak freely.
Me : Why you are so depressed all time?
Aunty : I have lot of tension.
Me : tension!! tension of what? Everything is perfectly going in your life uncle is earing after retirement dada is also earing Chotu is good in his education. So why you tense all the time.
Aunty : You don’t understand.
Me : please Try to understand me.
Aunty: Okay your uncle I me always have conflict in our thoughts that’s why I got depressed.

Then I collect all the courage and asked
Me : what?? but you have Chotu after so many years of bhaiya I think you have good relationship.
Aunty: We don’t planned for Chotu
Hearing this I got another shock
Aunty: once he visited us that time he have too much work pressure and pressure of bhaiya also so he wants to release it that time I got pregnant and rest is history.
Me : what you don’t have regular relation.
Aunty:what relation
Me : means sexual means physical relation.??
Aunty: no we don’t have after chotu he didn’t touch me .
Then I told her
Me : that’s why you got depressed.
Aunty: what? you are speaking silly thing
Me : no aunty it is true .
Aunty : so you are telling me I have to do sex at this age .
Me : yes
Aunty: but with whom?
Me : definitely with uncle
Aunty: he is not interested in me anymore and we don’t sleep in same bed I don’t remember when we sleep together .
Me : ok then one thing you can try
Aunty: what ??
Me : masturbate
Aunty: what is this ?
Me : what you don’t know about masturbation?
Aunty : no
Me : ok you just have to take your middle finger down there and start to move to and fro in the clitoris region.

Then it will remove you depression and you get immense pleasure but not like sex but near to it .
Aunty: really. let’s me try this then wait here

Telling this she went to washroom

After few minutes she comes and say it didn’t work nothing happens.
Me: So the i should share some videos with you that will work.
Aunty : no I don’t believe in those kinky things
Why shouldn’t you show me.
Hearing this I got stiff for some time
Me : how can I do that you understand nah
Aunty: it okay plz help me to decrease tension. Plzz and today no one is there in the house.
Me : ok then where should we do that ?
Aunty : why not in bedroom
Me : ok

In bed room I told her that to uplift her petticoat and put her on the bed side so that her upper body is in bed and lower hanging so I can direct. At first she also feel shy then she want to do it and told me to not say any thing about her masturbation to anyone. I also assured her about it.

Then she uplift her petticoat seeing her thighs I got erect on my pant . I control my mind and told her to remove the panty . She is wearing a cherry red panty
See that I feel my cuck will broke my pant but I still control my urges . Then I spread her leg and stand there.

She feels shy to remove it then I told her that I will aside it to see the cunt she agreed.
When I aside the panty’s middle/cunt portion of the panty then her hairy pusssy comes out it is just like bushes very dark this is the first time I am seeing a pusssy in front of me I keep my fingers and start rotation within seconds she starts to moaning and shaking her body within 2 minutes she squirt. It got on my T shit and some drops comes to my pant also . After that she told me that she feels awesome and want to do again I removed my tshirt and pant this time comes in under wear in front of her she can only see my upper body I put those in washing machine my tshirt got fully wet from her squirt and came back and put my hand in her tummy area and push her panty down I can’t control myself after tasting her juices.

I spread her legs more and put my head in her cunt it smells mixing of sweat and urine .
It made me crazy I just can’t control myself from sucking her cunt i continue to move my tongue in her clits and my right hand is pressing her thighs and left hand thumb is pressing her anus. She is in cloud 9 the room feel with her moaning and groaning again she is ready to cum as her thighs starts to squeezing my head and vibrant a little i understand that that time she hold my head and try to insert it in her pusssy but neither I want to remove it I want taste the Skene’s glands which are coming from her vulva. It tastes mixture of salt sweet and sour and it smells awesome. I drank most of it keeping some in mouth then stood up and put my lip on her lips and flow the liquid in her mouth he didn’t say anything and swallow that. I got hot that time I want to fuck her this time. So I start smooching to her neck area and rubbing my dick in her hairy area then she told me to get away but am not ready to listen i continue to do so she push me away and got up I am taking deep breaths she took her panty while is fully wet and put that in the wash room and started peeing in front of me as I can clearly see her from outside she doesn’t wash her pusssy and comes out I feel she is teasing me I got up and grab her from her waist and push her in the wall and start smooching her neck portion and start
caressing her hips with one hand another in her boobs she stop to do so the i forcefully hold her head and put my lips on her and want to give her a kiss after seeing that I am not going to stop she also ready and give support to my by giving her tounge out I suck it well I took her in my arms and take her to the room there i removed her nighty. She is the in her petticoat and red bra she looks damn hot her stretch marks on her belly make her more beautiful. Then I lift one side of her boobs and stated sucking her then I put one hand on her back and remove her bra her upper body is fully naked now I am biting and licking her nipples and areola region vigorously which made her hot . Then I put my head in her aimpit area it is also hairy and swaets are dropping from there I suck that from both side in put my lip on her and started to exchange saliva I took almost saliva in my mouth and remove my brief now she can see my 7.5 inch and 10 cm thick hard rock penis her eyes got up see that she say so much thick it will tear my pusssy. She say I can’t take it but from inner she wanted that I put my hands on her belly to oper the string of her petticoat and open it and push that down ward in which she fell on the bed and in started kissing her thighs and lick her pusssy which have urine particles in it then move my tongue in her navel and again in her boobs to her aimpits then my mushroom is touching her pusssy which starts deeping liquids .
She continuously denying to take my dick in her but in one thrust it enter her and she sream quite loudly I am suck her nipples then then again in another thrust it enter the hole as it is dipping it get easier to enter we are in missionary position and is enjoying that she is give or pressing but butts using her legs and I and smooching her boobs and pit vigorously. I am feeling the heat in the walls of her vagina after 10 minutes I am ready to cum in that period she cum twice. I told her I am ready to cum she didn’t respond as she fully exhausted by Cummings so many times the i continue my stroke with more speed and in few minutes I feel her muscles start contracting in my penis and shoot my load in her pussy she is totally wet in her pussy my cum my our saliva in her boobs .

I feel by her side and kissing her in cheeks after few minutes I woke up and went near the freezer and took a bottle of water and drink she tell me that she also want some water I feel my mouth with water and put my lips in her and rinses in her at that time she stood in front of me her thighs are filled with semen which are flowing through her pussy. She gave me a back hug and start kissing my back that cause another erection she is happy now to take it but at first she gave me deep 5 minutes of French kiss this time I am sitting in the bed and she is standing she put all her saliva in my mouth then I took her her and rotate her and put her on my lap my dick is just behind her pussy and in a second i feel my dick is wet due to mixture of my semen and fluid then we start again in cowgirl position in few minutes she said she can’t do it anymore in that position so it tell her to be in doggy style then I put my dick in pussy and start stroking. I put my left hand on her bubbly butts and slapping and pressing the fats of the belly region and upper hip region and my right hand middle finger in her anus it’s damn tight she told me that she never had assfuck.

So I put some saliva in her anus and put right hand middle finger in that and start in and out now I don’t want to fuck her pussy it’s time for ass as I put out my dick she say behind me keeping her back in my side I took out the finger and put it in her mouth she smells it and leak it then I stood up in the bed in put my dick in her mouth without telling anything I put it in depth of her throat she got chocked I put out then she start leaking my dick like a bitch and my balls too I have some hairs on my balls after that she leaks my anus too after that I took her hairy and start pushing my dick in some short of time she puking water short of things her boobs got fully wet by it she stood by my side holding and stroking my dick gently and giving me kisses on my lips my body got wet due to kissing and her puking I took her on my hands and put my dick on her pussy after some strokes she told me it’s hard for her to do so it best we do in doggy style we started in doggy style any giving her thrust and caressing her boobs from behind and biting her lips to she put some saliva on my mouth and I put that on my mushroom and on her ass she understands that now her virgin ass will going tear up she spread her legs and give me a good position in her ass I hold my dick and push it in her ass though it tight as hard but due to saliva and cums it get lubricated she is shouting hard but this I stop few seconds and then do again in 3 thrusts and it took around half an hour to put the hole dick in her ass I am pressing her boobs and something holding her hair or her mouth around after half an hour I filled her ass fully with cum I got up and put myself in between her armpits and boobs.

Around 1/ 2 hours later which is around 9:40 I got a call from home asking where am I? I told them that I am hanging with my colleagues so I will be in home by an hour after that she started kissing me on my faces and my chest then ride me and start doing so due this her pussy lips are creating friction against my dick which got raise again and this time I do hard fuck her in her pussy and anus when it’s time to cum I put out my dick from her anus directly to her mouth she is enjoying it and sucking it in 2-3 strokes i fully shots my load in her throat. She can’t able to do anything. I suggest her to swallow it and again kiss her giving a French kiss after few minutes we both woke up and went to the washroom and help washing each other while so I saw that her pussy and anal region got swollen due to heavy fucking with such a huge dick . That time she told me that she like the sexual experience with me. She told me that I should behave with her like a whore next time. She sat in front of me to piss I also need to piss I took her face and release my urine in her face. She tried o keep her face aside but she cat move as I hold ger tightly. After completing she asked me why I did that. In reply I slap her and give her a bit kiss in lip and told her you are my mistress now. She is breathing heavily and give a smile and hugged me and washed me.
My clothes got dry in the washing machine I wear those and went home I got so exhausted i directly sleep that day .

After this incident me meet many times and have fun .

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