Lots of learning about sex

I’m pretty sure that it is okay to post my first experience here on s4s now since I’m 19.

As a young girl I was always looking for ways to please my mom and dad, they have always been the greatest people in the world. My mom is a nurse and my dad is a motorcycle mechanic. They definitely come from different backgrounds but there is no doubt that they love each other.

Being the only child I got into mischief and still do sometimes. Its usually mom that is tough on me but dad has me wrapped around his big tough badass biker finger and of course him around mine.

At the motorcycle dealership where dad works a new rookie mechanic as dad called him got hired. Dad liked the guy right away, he was like a younger brother to dad and I thought he was cute too.

He was about 6 feet, slim with dirty blonde hair and as little goofy. He always made me laugh with his jokes and the way that he got down on my age level and connected with me. He has twin sisters about a year older than me. He was most certainly the brother that any pre teen would love to have.

This one evening I had my bedroom window open on the second floor. I could hear dad, mom and Lucas talking. It seemed pretty intense with Lucas upset and dad trying to encourage him as mom the nurturer was rubbing the top of his hand try to comfort him. What I could make out was Lucas’ girlfriend broke up with him. I imagined Lucas as my boyfriend. Kissing him, laying next to him, having his baby and letting him touch me where mom says nobody should touch.

Immediately I got on my laptop, yes I was spoiled. I had a tablet, cell and a 48 inch big screen in my bedroom too. I typed in,”how to be the best girlfriend ” .

Millions of sites listed. I did a bit of reading and discovered that sex was a big thing. I didn’t know anything about sex. I got the idea about reproduction, but the more that I read the more I understood that guys like their girlfriends to take their clothes off and to make them ejaculate or cum. I didn’t know what that meant but the tingling that I felt between my legs I knew instinctively that it must concern sex. The next word that came up was handjob. Ew, gross at first but look at all the different penises. And the pics that they showed of women giving men handjobs were very arousing. I learned that all men have different size penises and for some reason I discovered a woman sucking on a man’s penis. The more that I read that article I began to understand that most men love blowjobs. That was it, I was going to give Lucas a blowjob. I could only wonder what Lucas’s dick tasted like

Now it was time to watch videos. I needed to learn and understand how to give handjobs and blowjobs. It was important that I did it correctly. It was so arousing to watch. My pussy got all wet. I began to understand the importance to sex between a woman and a man. How they give each other their bodies to please each other.

I noticed some of the women playing their own pussies so I wanted to try. I locked my bedroom door and got undressed. I had to look it up but I found a good spot called my clit. It was amazing how such a tiny spot drove me insane when I played with it. The pleasure was so intense that I melted afterwards.

My chocolate kiss size titties were tingling too. Just to run my fingertips over the nipples sent sexual chills through me. I soon found my hole, but I couldn’t get my fingers in very far then I played so much that I later found out that I had an orgasm from me masturbating, I’m not embarrassed to say so, most girls like playing with their own pussies but won’t admit it. Not to mention guys who jerk off 2 or 3 times a day.

I thriving for more information. The videos were okay but I wanted to watch mom and dad. After all they are supposed to teach me, right?.

So I snuck in through the hallway, into their bathroom. Then peeked in on them in bed. Dad likes the lights on so I got a good show. I watched mom suck dads penis and dad lick moms clit with his tongue, I fingured my clit as I watched them. I watched dad put his penis inside mom’s pussy. Mom had about three orgasms but when dad ejaculated, it was in moms mouth. I could almost taste it myself. That’s what I wanted, was to have Lucas ejaculate in my mouth and maybe lick my clit too so I would orgasm.

The following Saturday it was mom and dad’s anniversary and dad had big plans so he asked me who I wanted to watch me. Of course I said Lucas and he agreed.

I wanted to go to the mall and watch the guys reaction so I wore a sleeveless blouse, when I bent over men and boys could see my tits from the side. I also wore a miniskirt with no panties. I had some hair around my pussy but just not a whole lot. Obviously I have a full bush now that I shave bald. But I was going to make sure that my pussy was seen by many guys. When driving to the mall and Lucas wasn’t looking I would lightly run my fingertips over my pussy to make it wet and I liked the feeling physically, sexually and emotionally. I felt like a virgin whore, I liked my pussy being touched. I couldn’t wait to show it off.

Before we got out of the car I wanted Lucas’s reaction. I turned my body towards him and opened my legs a little. When he turned off the engine he looked at me then I pulled up my miniskirt. He got an eyeful then looked me in the eyes. His mouth drop half open. I pulled the latch and got out.

Lucas took off to the hobby shop I headed to the food court upstairs. I learned over the railing. Resting my arms on the rail. I looked around as people walked by. I loved all eyes on me or my titties anyways. What I should mention was when people walked up the stairs they could see right up my miniskirt to my dark brown bush. It was so arousing and so much of a rush. But what sucked was Lucas bumped into his ex girlfriend. When we got home Lucas began drinking. I didn’t want him to, I knew how tipsy dad would get so there was no doubt lucas would too. I really thought that I was going to be the center of his attention all night but he got drunker and drunker and talked more about his ex girlfriend Kelly.

I tried to take his mind off Kelly and more on me so I initiated a tickle fight. We started having fun until Lucas spilt his beer and took off his shirt. I figured if I touched his nipple that he may want to touch mine. It didn’t interest him at first, I guess because I still had my shirt on.

I decided that I would put my lips around his nipple. He looked at me confusingly but I jumped in and said. ” I promise not to tell anyone if you want to suck on mine.”

I got down on the floor and removed my blouse. Lucus’ eyes lit up. I climbed up on his lap so he could suck on my nipples. But I watched him pass out instead. I knew at that moment what it was like to be horny and all alone.

I had to work hard to lay Lucas down and get his shorts off. His penis was long but soft. I could feel my pussy wanting to be pleased. I remembered a video where the woman rubbed her pussy on the man’s penis and orgasmed so I tried it. Eventhough he was sleeping his penis got real hard as I rubbed my wet pussy on it.

I remembered mom on top of dad and dads penis was inside mom’s pussy. I tried but Lucas’s penis only went in a little bit and it hurt. So I resolved to giving him a blowjob as originally planned. I wanted to be raped and molested by Lucas. Actually I just wanted to be dominated by any man. I even thought about Billy across the street who was 17 but it was really Lucas that I wanted to lick my pussy for the first time, I wanted Lucas to fuck me so I could feel his big cock in my young teen twat. That was all I could think about as I sucked his cock like the woman in my tablet sucking that guy’s cock. My hand could hardly wrap around Lucas’s massive hunk of hanging meat. But just the same I pumped it as I fit as much as I could in my mouth. With my other hand I tickled my clit.

Lucas let out a big loud grunt when he pumped my mouth full of his salty tasting treat. He woke for a moment then passed back out.

I laid on top of the sleeping man before deciding that I would just go to bed. I couldn’t believe that I sucked Lucas’s dick and he didn’t even know it. I was do pissed off. I wanted it to be memorable for us both, men can be so selfish

I woke up heartbroken and shamed the next morning, I got up and took a shower then went back to bed naked. I was irritated but it didn’t stop me from masturbating. I wanted to orgasm. I couldn’t stop thinking about Lucas’s dick. I was about to cum but to my surprise Lucas came into my room to check on me. I didn’t stop when he caught me, I wanted him to want my pussy. I wanted him to fuck me. Somehow he must have read me. He knelt on the floor without saying a word. He moved my hand aside with his and slowly touching my clit with his tongue. Immediately I sucked in air, it felt way better than my fingers. I felt like my mom when dad licks her pussy. I moaned and squealed.

I asked Lucas to rape my virgin womb, to fuck me, to treat me like a whore that I felt like I was. I would not tell him no. Lucas slowly pushed his middle finger into my tiny hole . Boy did it hurt, then he used two fingers. He had blood all over his fingers as he brought me to an orgasm. I couldn’t decide if it hurt like heck or felt awesome. We did try to fuck but his cock was too big so I gave him a blowjob.

We kept trying every chance that we could, he got some lubricant but finally Lucas slowly got his cock inside of me a couple weeks later. We tried to keep it under wraps but I think mom may have been suspicious. She kept asking if I know about being safe with sex. Maybe I was just paranoid.

But anyways I got to love Lucas’s cock in every way that I physically could. Except anal, yuck. I had become a sexually curious little fucker. By the time I was 14 and developing nicely I had been with Billy across the street. Two boys from school and uncle Steve. were began to wonder if sucking and even fucking dad would be appropriate. I mean I caught him checking me out. When mom wasn’t home I took off my panties, I wanted daddy to see my pussy I just knew that dad would love to have his cock smothered by his little girls pussy.

I may have been a little big and too old to sit on daddy’s lap, but I did. I wore a mini skirt and no panties as usual. Dad was in his boxers and tshirt. Mom was at work. I thought that I would be clever. I told him that I had a pimple and asked him to look at it. With concern he accepted my request. I pulled up my miniskirt and opened my legs. He was speechless. I shaved my pussy bald.

I took his finger and put it to my clit. He tried to pull away but I told him no.

Daddy started playing with my clit on his own But many times he tried getting out of it but I wouldn’t let him. I couldn’t believe the look of accomplishment in daddy’s eye when he drove me into an orgasm.

I slid my hand through the ⁴hole in the front of his boxers. He was hard but not as big as Lucas. I told him to have his way with me. He whispered to me. ” I was accused by your mom about a year ago about having sex with you, but she didn’t seem upset. ”

My pussy accepted daddy’s cock perfectly. His attention was on pleasing me. Daddy and I fucked slowly. I put a foot on both sides of him and let my pussy suck his cock inside of me. He licked my clit, fucked me over and over, teaching me different positions but I really impressed him when I swallowed his white salty treat.

I told daddy about Lucas but he wasn’t surprised. A few days later I was the fuck toy that dad and Lucas got to share. Yes daddy and his friend had sex with me at the same time.

I had a talk with Lucas about his sisters Stephanie and Jessica. I wanted to have sex with another girl. I knew that if I could get them to experiment with having girly sex together that I could get them to be willing to let big brother have sex with them too.

Lucas seemed worried. He told me that the fantasy with his sisters were just that, a fantasy. He was terrified because he knew his dad would kill him. It didn’t make me desire licking Stephanie and Jessica’s pussies any less. I mean they both had long blonde hair, blue eyes, boobs a little bigger than mine, Stephanie was the quiet one and Jessica was very adventurous so I talked to Jessica. Small talk first but she wasted no time asked me if I ever had sex before. I told her that I experimented a little bit with a boy but was I was curious about girls but so was she.

I spent the night at Lucas’s parents house. Their parents went out. Jessica and I had amazing sex as Stephanie watched. but I’m not getting into details except that Jessica eventually convinced Stephanie to let me lick her pussy and she licked mine.

Stephanie felt dirty so she went to take a bath. I slid 2 fingers inside Jessica’s pussy and told her that I wanted to fuck her brother Lucas. She moved her hips like a cock was inside of her. I asked her to come with me to her brother’s room with me. She was reluctant at first but the more I finger fucked her the more she wanted her brothers cock and accepted the invitation.

Lucas was sleeping on his back when we went in his room. I reached in the hole and pulled out his penis. Jessica watched as I sucked her brother’s cock while fingering her pussy. A moment later Stephanie walked in. Her chin dropped at the sight of her brother’s cock. She removed her robe and climbed up on the bed. She licked her fingers and played with her pussy before she stood up and squatted down on his cock.

Jessica and I were speechless at how his big cock slipped into Stephanie’s pussy. Lucas woke to a dream come true to watch his sister orgasm on his cock.

It took a little bit more for Jessica to stretch her cunt with his cock putting her through pain. She fucked him as tears streamed down her face but her face turned to ecstasy as she orgasmed.

Lucas laid there as three young beautiful women sucked his cock but I felt that it was time for him to fill my womb with his seed, especially in front of his sisters. I admit that I over exaggerated when Lucas came inside of me but I wanted Jessica and Stephanie to desire their brothers cock. It worked because they fucked a lot after that day

I discovered that Stephanie and their dad had been having sex for a couple years. I decided to let their dad fuck me too

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