Uncle and mom village sex part-2

Hi my name is Samsu . This is the second part of the real story ( Uncle and mom village sex) Which I witnessed my own eyes when I was kid . Story that changed my life completely .

Sorry for the grammatical mistakes .

After the first incident six months passed by still there was no contact between mom and uncle . Mom as usual avoiding him like she used to do before . Mom was filling guilty of all of that happened . She was also afraid what if everyone knows about it . She was also concern about that naked selfie she took with uncle .

After six months dad and whole family planned to make village tour for couple of days during winter vacation . When mom heard about it she got bit concern cause she didnot want to face uncle again in her life . Dad was arranging everything for the vacation . As per plan we left for village two days later. Everyone was so happy to us and uncle was over the moon. He was trying to talk to mom but mom was avoiding eye contacts with him . Not giving him any chance to come close to her . She was getting very uncomfortable and was feeling shy . Couple days passed by like that . Dad had to leave urgently due to business purpose . Mom also wanted to leave with dad but dad requested mom to stay few more days as my school was closed . Dad could not sense the trouble . mom requested him to visit her father for couple days . Which was like 40km away from our village . Since dad was leaving next day he could not take us there . So dad requested aman uncle to drop us off . Mom became pinned of silent . She was so shocked thats she could not even refuse . The more she was trying to run away , she was getting more into it . On the other hand dad was unable realize that he was digging his own grave . Uncle was so happy that he agreed in bit of a second . Mom started to pack luggage’s . Dad left early in the morning and we set to leave during afternoon time .

Uncle would drive us there with his own car .

We finished our lunch early . Mom took a shower and quickly got ready . She wore a black dress . She wore hijab and burqa on the top of her dress . This modest dress was making her look even better . Uncle kept on looking at her . He could not take his eye off.
Uncle opened the door for mom , let her seat at the front and forced me to sit at the back . There was luggage in the back on one side and I was sitting on the other side . Uncle started driving . On the way he was flirting with mom non stop . Continuously trying to hold her hand . But mom kept On refusing to any of his approach . She was not taking to him at all .
Uncle realize flarting was not working . So he started to speak more softly with her . Giving her comfort and showing his love of her . Assuring her that he was trust worthy .
This words were having affect on her emotionally.

I was feeling sleepy . So I closed my eyes for a bit .uncle thought I was sleeping . So he again put his hand on mom hand . Mom was not fighting this time . He put her hand on the gear box and started to change gears together . Mom was enjoying it . After 30 min of drive he found a quit place . Uncle immediately stopped the car their . Mom was shocked and asked him why he stopped the car ? Uncle said nothing to worry , all the glasses were tinted . Ur son also sleeping though I was half awake . I could see them and hear them clearly .

Uncle removed his sit belt and pushed himself on the top of mom started to kiss her . Mom was also kissing with him without any resist . Though I was sitting at the back but both of them seemed zero concern about it . They were kissing each other deeply sucking each other tongue . Mom was ruining her hand all over his hair .

Then uncle started to unbutton her burqa then her dress . Mom was wearing a blue and black color bra . Uncle took the left boob out of it and start sucking it . Mom was moaning in pleasure . She was getting horney slowly slowly . Then uncle took out the right boobs and started sucking it too . Both of them totally forgot about me. They were so into it . Mom started to kiss him again . Certainly mom phone started to rang . So they broke kiss . Mom picked the phone and saw it was dad calling her . Mom adjusted her self covered her boobs , took a deep breath and then answered the phone . Dad called her casually just to inquiry if everything was okay . Mom replied to him affirmatively. Then cut the phone . Uncle wanted to continue from where he left after the phone . But mom refuse and told him we were getting late .

Uncle was fustrated . He asked her when we can do it again . Mom said when I come back from there in two days. Uncle said I will pick you up . Mom agreed .

After two days again uncle came to pick us up . This time mom was not wearing a burqa any more . She was wearing a yellow dress with black leggings. She was looking very sexy . She also did little bit of make up . Uncle was bitting his leaps after seeing her . He fall in love .
We started our journey again , as usual mom was seating at the front with uncle . He was holding her hand . After driving for a bit he stopped the car again in same spot . He started to kiss mom again. Her lipstick was all over the place . Uncle was kissing mom like hungry wolf . Started to press her boobs and legs .

Due to sun light people could see them through the tinted window from passing by vechile . They started making comments and wired noises . Uncle did not bother but mom was concern after that happened couple of times . So mom pushed him away . Uncle asked her what happened? Mom told him to look around . Uncle saw that farmers were looking at them from paddy field . Mom quickly checked if I was awake but I pretend to be in sleep . Uncle started driving again . Mom started to fix her make up then helped uncle to remove the lipstick from his lips. They both started to act like husband and wife .

Uncle asked mom can we do it today . Mom said what if anyone sees us , we cannot do it in the store room again . We also broke the bed last time . They both started laughing. Uncle said we could do it in the hill that’s behind the house . Mom was concern uncle said I have arranged a pillow and a bed cover plus anyone hardly visit their so nothing to worry . No one would know . . Finally we reached our village . I was eagerly waiting for the afternoon . As soon as everyone went into sleep after lunch mom quickly left the room . Uncle was waiting for her outside . Mom started to follow him .

She was wearing the same yellow color dress . I started to follow them too . They both started climbing the hills . But I could not keep up with their speed . So I lost them . Though I found them again after 20 min .

When I found them I was shocked . They were doing romance in an open place . Both of them were completely nakend . Mom was only wearing a yellow color bra . Uncle was hiding his head between her both legs . He was leaking her . Mom was moaning and moving her head like crazy . Grabbing uncle by his hair . This continued for a bit. Remember they doing in open place . Their is high chance of getting caught . But they didnot bother at all . Uncle started sucking her toe and kissing all over her body . He then slowly removed her bra and started suck her boobs. He sucked her left boobs first then the right boobs.

mom got on the top of him . She was giving him blowjob . She sucked his balls . Uncle was grabbing grass with his both hands with pleasure . Mom slowly sit on the top of his dick and started riding it . It was very amzing to watch her white body riding over a black dick . Mom boobs were bouncing as she was riding like horse.

This continued for five minutes . Then uncle rolled over and started doing in missionary.He was going in and out . Uncle was pushsing it hard . Mom was moaning . Their bodies were making claping noises every time he push in . Mom was screaming loudly . Her boobs were bouncing with each move .

This countinued for atleast 15 minutes . Uncle stamina has increased a lot compared to last time . Uncle was ready cum inside but mom pushed him out . he cummed all over mom stomach then fall on the top of moms body . They both were breathing heavily . It was getting dark . So mom pushed him aside . Wanted to get ready . When tried to get up her both legs were shaking . Sex was so good that she could not stand up . Mom started cum . It was draining out of her Vegina. This scene gave uncle boner again . He made mom to lay down. Lifted her both legs on the top of his shoulder and started doing hard fuck . Mom was so devastated she was not even moaning . All I could hear clapping sound and mom request to stop . Uncle had no intention to stop .

After 5 minutes he ejaculate again but this time inside . Mom didnot stop him . Finally uncle collapse on the top of mom . Mom was also very tired . She didnot move . They both remain like that for half an hour . It became completely dark everywhere . Uncle was sleeping on the top of mom . Mom wake him up . Pushed him aside and then got her self . Because of that hard sex session mom was feeling pain on the her lower stomach . She could hardly walk . Somehow she managed to come home . Everyone was inquiring what happen . Mom told them she fall and got hurt . Mom then went her room and fall into sleep.

But from that their affair started. They both were talking over the phone like bf and gf. Mom was in complete love with uncle . So much that she started to ignore dad’s call. Dad could not imagine mom could do any thing like this with a guy who was six years younger than her .

Couple days passed by nothing happened. Mom also recovered . Uncle brought medicine , chocolates and gift for her . He was taking good care of her . After couple of days I again saw them ruining into the bushes but this time I couldnot find them . They found a new spot . After half an hour they came back . Mom hear was all over the place .
After that we came back to our home . Though mom and uncle never stopped talking . They used talk on the phone hours after hours . Like a love bird .

My classes resumed ,so I got busy with my studies. Oneday when I came back from school , as usual I rang the bell . I was expecting mom to open the door but was schoked to see uncle opening it for me . He was only on his boxer . He had no other cloths on him . He greeted me . I also greet him back . I took of my shoes and quickly went to my moms room . I saw mom was comeletely nakend hiding under a blanket . I knew they played that game again . I was too young to understand sex . Mom told me fresh up . She would arrange lunch for me.

Uncle started to stay in our house when dad is not hear . Mom and uncle sleeps in the bed room and they send me to the second bed room . I could hear them having sex every night . They did not take a break for single night . It seemed like they were made for each other .
Couple of months passed by . Everybody in the Scotty started to judge mom . Dad also got suspicious of her behavior. Mom had big argument with him . They were not talking to each other for months .

Uncle was staying with us . One after noon when I woke from sleep I quickly went to the living room . I saw uncle uncle was sitting in the sofa and mom was giving him blowjob . They both saw me. Mom quickly covered his dick with her dupatta . Mom got very angry cause I walked in without any sound . She slapped me send me to my room.
Mom and uncle also had an argument .

Mom was like I told you let’s do it In the bedroom but no you wanted a quickly . Now see what happen . Uncle was like I told you let’s flee away so we would be out of all the problems . Stop thinking about the society . You should think about us and our future . Mom was pinned of silent . She was deep thinking of his proposal .

Couple days passed by like this . Dad also informed us that he was also coming back . Mom became really concern . She was not sure what to do . She talked with Anita aunty . Anita told her, you should do what’s makes you happy .i think Anita aunty gave her signal . Also everyone in the society were looking at mom differently. Deep inside everyone knows that mom and uncle doing live together for three months now.

The very next morning mom packed all of her cloths . Took all the money jewelry and flee away with uncle . Nobody knows where they went . My own mom left me behind . Anita came and took me to her house . When dad came she told everything to dad . Dad was devastated after hearing . He was betrayed by his own blood .

Mom and uncle got completely ditched from the family . Dad remarried after couple of months . Step – mother was giving me hard time . She behaved really rude with me . But I had no where to go . Though my parents were alive but I was like an orphan .

Mom didnot call me for five years . No one knew where they were . Even if they were alive or not . After five years one day mom called me certainly . She was in the town . She wanted to meet me . I was so a very that I didnot want to meet them . But I could not stop myself . So I went to the hotel they were staying . I was surprise to see mom . She was looking completely different .

She was having zero figure and looked more sexy than before. She hugged me very tightly . She also introduced me to my step brother who was only one year old . We talked for an hour . Mom told me everything. She was working for a fashion design company and uncle was working for an ngo . She said , she was very happy with uncle .

She added me to her Facebook . I was shocked to see , she has like more than 3k followers . I reviewed all her pictures . Mom uncle and uncle go for vacation in every couple of months . While going though the picture I found one picture mom was only in white bikinis and uncle was also in white boxer. It was their honeymoon in Maldives. I was assured that mom was happy with him and expected my fate . As I have been this happening slowly slowly infront of my eyes but I could not stop it .

This is the end of true story .tragedy that happened with me. Finally I let it out . I hope you liked it .

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