Dirty slag

By the time i got with ann in our early twenties she was already very sexually experienced having

Previousy been in a relationship with an older guy who had intoduced her to all sorts .

Unlike any other girl i had dated she knew how to act sexy the way she dressed and looked It was all very exciting and frustrating at the same time as she woulld flirt madly with other blokes while we where out ,the first time i ended back at her flat she showed me a copy of an adult mags that she had appeared in i was absaloutley turned on she asked if i wanted to see more ,showing my apreciation of her body in the photos as i hadnt yet seen it in the flesh, she banged a porno video on the tele WOW i noticed it was her staring in her very own porn movie of her and her x and a couple of his mates it blew my mind i was only too happy to oblige when she asked me if i liked whzt i saw and asked me to wank myself off while i watched her on the tele

It was only minutes before i came allover my jeans she seemed excited at the result .telling me not to worry as she would soon have me hard again.she slowly stripped to her underwear she removed her bra exposing her nipples as she sat her legs spread either side of my knees insructing me to kiss and tease them ,untill they where rock hard .i didnt even know they did if i was honest .although it happened more or less instantly and she was certainly enjoying it as she moved around on me i was really hard again ,her knickers where the lose silk french type she stood and encouraged me to remove them revealing a mound of black pubes ,it looked amazing she wanted us to watch the rest of the video telling me to pay attention as that was how she liked it .eventually we began fucking she was awsome guiding me step by step on how to make her cum

Several times ,i had never had anyone scream out an orgasm it was mind blowing .i never left and we married having enjoyed a fantasic marriage now in our fifties and to my delight she is still a real looker who puts a lot of effort in the gym into keeping herself fit having had a bit of surgery her favourite been a pair of 38c boobs and lips she has the body of a much younger woman and still enjoys showing it off dressing to atract plenty of male attention .to be honest she never stopped fucking other men .it has led us to some very intresting places over the years

we ended up in our local ann ended up flirting with a couple of young lads one was rob who was the son of a freind of ours from back in the day weirdly enougth he soon told us he knew she had done porn and his dad had been with her as he had heard his mam calling ann a slut when they argued years ago, steve the lanlord had become a regular over the years but had always been discreet earlier in the evening the wife slipped in the sellar behind the bar and given him a quick one .

This seemed to excite her, as he had told her the young lads where after fucking her the conversation became extremely adult after she told them if they wanted to fuck her they had to agree i filmed it ,they eagerly agreed if she promised to keep it private as his wife would divorse him ,all back at ours rather qiuckly she asked me to put some of our home made porn on so the lads could see her in action asking rob and his mate what did it for them, his mate piped up a fucking dirty old slag like you and leave your stockings on ,suprisingly ann took this as a compliment ,as they drank a beer i set the camera up on the tripod eventually the wife came back in the room in a very short see through baby doll hold ups lace top stockings and her massively High indoor bedroom stilettos .

Looking over at the tv she complimented me on my selection telling the lads those blokes really knew how to satisfy a dirty slag nervously the lads began to strip off the wife beamed as they both revealed decent sized cocks ,like many times previously i concentrated on catching the action as i got my fun later ,she looked amazing as she gave them both the full porn star act tell them to fuck her harder se noticed rob was givving her arse a lot of attention she asked if he wanted it as she guessed he didnt get it at home ,he jumped at the opertunity ,demanding he filled her with spunk as he stiffened up to cum she whipped round to perform some ATM asking him if she was dirty enougth for them She had is mate wank all over her fabulous tits as she lay on her back legs wide open she began feeding herself from the mixture of there spunk ousing from her cunt as the lads recovered i called a drinks break turned off the camera the wife took the opertunity and shot upstairs for a shower rob was conscious of the time and shot of as his wife would be on at him

His mate name still unknown had no intention of going ,when the wife returned this time plainly naked asking him if he wanted anything else he had become more aroused and kinky now his mate had gone asking her if she would finger fuck herself ann offered to beat that as she began to fuck an empty beer bottle turning it fat end first once she got going bucking all over the rug faking a massive argasm not that he knew ,this really got him going .he confessed to wanting her to piss allover him we ended up her laid in the bath ann straddled over him as she pissed over his face moving down his body and he loved it .they showered together for an age exploring each other.

She surgested he stay in our bed for the rest of the night so i jumped in the spare .

Ann explaind at breakfast that she had agreed to act out his total fantacy so i was to drive them round town until they found a suitable place place he wanted her naked under her coat as his fantacy was to fuck in daylight in a public place risking discovery ,to me it was obvious any one would geuss ,the short mack she chose showed her stocking tops when she walked .first stop was a glass bus stop next to the dual carriageway they stood behind the coat wide open her he began fucking Her as i filmed the cars passing as they where all honking her face and tits pushed up against the glass was really visible, i let them know a guy on a bike was aproaching but they were to far gone and continued the poor guy nearly fell off .we jumped back in the car and he wanted thw pub in shot they stood in the front doorway this time he took off the coat and threw it over to me i was a bit nervous now as she was really exposed if discovered , no rush this time they calmly kissed as she slid down on him i was filming when she suddenly knocked on the door

Fuck me i was in panic mode ,the door unbolted and there was rob and the landlord they immediately told me to fuck off and come back at opening time ,ann happily waved as the door closed

I turned up just before 12 when they eventually opened the door and threw her out one final humiliation for us was they all gave he a snog and a grope infront of the poeple milling around in the

Busy carpark noisly tugging the coat off her before she set off to the car giving her no chance to cover up when she got in she was covered in spunk all over her face her hair it was every where

She had loved it tasting of spunk as we kissed it would be my turn soon as i love cleaning her up

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